Amua Mandala

My first 2012 Mandala: 'A Mu'a

Birthing Authenticity


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June was a somewhat challenging, yet Turning Point month. Right at the beginning of the month, we noticed that the 'A Mu'a energies had gone far below the surface. And so did we.... During this time, our focus was on working with 'A Mu'a on deep inner levels. We were plunged into a profound silence, even when we were in the midst of outer activities. Some of us became sick, which forced us to stop many of our outer activities. Our dreams were intense as we worked with the 'A Mu'a energies and cleared the path for them to emerge onto the physical.

With our drawbridges pulled up and being in a deep, quiet, internal place, communication became difficult. This immersion into deep inner levels and lack of communication often made us feel disconnected from the world around us. We even felt disconnected from some of the things we most care about. At the same time, more layers of expired behaviors and beliefs were removed from us.

Near the end of June, the 'A Mu'a emerged onto the surface and things started to noticeably move forward. We lowered our drawbridges and stepped back out into the world. A burst of fresh energy came in. Clear communication started flowing again. New elements are entering our lives that we've never seen before. Because of the intense inner work we have done with the 'A Mu'a, we have received some shining new threads of our beings. These new threads of our beings give us a stillness and confidence. There is the feeling of acceptance of our Trueness, that everything is unfolding in its perfect timing.

Finally, the energy is here to get things done! We leapt into action and brought some unresolved projects to completion. Some, but not all. We still have much to do and July will give us the opportunity to bring more to completion and make some needed steps forward into our True Lives.



The energies of 'A Mu'a have burst out into the world and are now making their presence felt on the physical. This will enable us to move forward. The Winds of Change are blowing mightily, sweeping away the old and expired and aligning us with our True Positions. Huge changes are coming into our lives. Some of these are completely unexpected and might be shocking when they first happen. But soon afterwards, we will be able to see their rightness. We are now entering a super Fast Track. Get ready to Zoom!! Many elements that were stuck or tethered into their old positions are now being set free.

When the waves of 'A Mu'a crash upon the shores of our lives, they often create patches of Choppy Surf. Choppy Surf is always erratic and unpredictable. It can slap us hard if we're not careful. Choppy Surf contains extremely mixed energy that is like the old three steps forwards, two steps back. When Choppy Surf is present, we need to be ultra alert and try to do things as smoothly as possible.

During our transition from the Library into the Forest, it's not that the Library disappears, but that the two worlds are greatly rearranged until they merge with each other, creating a totally new landscape. We are becoming increasingly familiar with this merged landscape. We now know that some of our books are located in the branches of a tree and that squirrels are storing their nuts in the library's pencil sharpeners. If we open a book and a bird flies out, it doesn't surprise us. We simply greet the bird. We are now inhabiting an off the map, mixed up world and this makes every day an adventure.

July feels like a blank canvas. It's not easy to see what is ahead. This makes some people frustrated and impatient. This Pregnant Emptiness makes them nervous, so they start frantically grabbing any paints they can find and throw them on their blank canvas. This is exactly what we should not do. We need to wait until the colors appear on our canvas, without trying to influence the outcome. We need to center ourselves in our Heart's Knowingness, trusting that what will appear will be perfect for us and that everything will manifest in its right timing.

If the changes that we most want don't appear to be happening in our lives, we don't need to become frustrated or bitter. The rearranging of our internal and external landscapes is extremely intricate, amazingly thorough and multi-dimensional. This process often utilizes a lot of our energy, sometimes leaving us little energy to cope with daily life.

At the same time, we are still carrying experiences and expectations from the old world that we know so well. They tell us that certain things should develop at a certain speed, but this isn't what is happening right now. Our newly rearranged, merging landscape of Library - Forest has a different time frame. Some things in our lives may feel very slowed down, but if we perceive the full magnitude of what is really going on, we realize that nothing is slow. It's all in Zoom-Mode. It's just moving so fast that it appears to be slow.

Let's say that we were on our way to do some simple errands. We have a shopping list for the supermarket in our hand and a stack of books that we are returning to the library in our other hand. To do this, we only need to go two blocks. While we are walking down the street on a journey that should only take us two minutes, we encounter construction areas with the irritating sounds of several jackhammers and huge clouds of dust. There are also several people to greet along the way. Next, we are pelted by a sudden hailstorm which appears out of the blue and rush to take cover. There is an unexpected student protest along the way that we must dodge, not to mention the herd of cows that is ushered through the streets.

"Gee, why is it taking so long to get to the supermarket?" "I should have been there by now; it normally only takes me two minutes." Well, these are not normal times, are they?

In this kind of situation, we can't focus on just one task. We also can't avoid anything in our path. All we can do is simply surf through it in as graceful manner as possible and try not to get pulled into distractions. We can't even hold onto our chosen priorities because our priorities are constantly shifting. It's more like trying to walk on wildly undulating ground during an earthquake, never knowing where the next crack in the ground will open up. Or when the next juicy Melon will land.

The profusion and sheer magnitude of what is going on can be overwhelming and confusing at times, or it can be exciting and awesome. It depends on our point of view and on how strongly we cling onto the Way Things Used To Be. This is the chaos that precedes birth. Some of us have a natural aptitude for navigating chaos, while others find it much more challenging. When we flow with the changes, we feel optimistic and that "Life is good." When we resist them, we are filled with bitterness and rage and think that "Life is tough." Much depends on our attitude and perceptions of what is going on.

We are now living off the map of the Known where the Unexpected is the New Normal. We may think that we are going to the supermarket and end up in a parade. Each day is an adventure into the Unknown. And that's perfectly OK. That's just how life is right now.


Expanding our Creativity

We are entering a time when creativity is expanding into every aspect of our lives. New creative possibilities are being presented to us in every moment. These are possibilities that are aligned with our Heart' Knowingness and lead to the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

Leaping into our creativity can bring up some of our old blocks and fears. "Will I be successful?" "Am I good enough to do this?" "Will people like what I do?" "Will the creative source flow through me?" Just like we clean irrigation ditches so the water will flow freely to water our crops, we also need to clear the path to our creativity. Part of this process is clearing out our old self judgment. It's also clearing away the feeling that we can't have, or don't deserve, what we really want.

Each of us has our own unique style of creativity, just as each of us has our own unique singing voice. Creativity cannot be measured or compared to others. It simply is. It's important that we accept our unique expression of creativity.

Stepping into our New Lives doesn't mean just doing new things in new places. Living a True Life as a True One means doing everything with our full being, as a True One. True Lives are happening NOW, not at some undetermined date in the future. Our True Lives are lives filled with creativity. Creativity is in everything that we do, not just in what we consider "Art". True Lives are Art -- the Art of Living as a True One.

Living True Lives as True Ones is not so much what we do, but how we do it. How much of our True Self is doing it. Our attitudes to every aspect of our daily lives are a determining factor. We live our life as the creative expression of a True One, putting Love and Trueness into everything we do. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we walk upon the Path of Love.

This is a photograph of a sundial constructed by Jean Salin in 1980 that is in South-Eastern France. At first glance, it looks chaotic and ugly. It was created so that on the Solstices, the word Solstice appears and on the Equinoxes, the word Equinoxe appears. This is a good example of the precise alignments that are now taking place. These rare alignments are becoming less rare, not on this sundial, but within our lives.

These intricate match ups of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE are created by the emergence of the 'A Mu'a into the physical.

The time we are in right now requires that we demonstrate our Trueness with every step we take. It's like walking through an ever changing maze; everything we do requires very intricate precision. Every step has to be a true one. We need to match the energy of the moment with the activities we do.

The way I do this is to have a To Do List close by me. I check this list several times a day and see which tasks are aligned with the current energy. If I can't do any of them, I go do something physical, like cleaning the house. Physical tasks are highly effective right now. They clear the energy and prepare us to do some of our mental tasks.

Some things that are normally difficult for us to do are now surprisingly easy to achieve because the energy is here to do them. All we need to do is to surf the energy with openness, Trueness and alertness. It's an art to match tasks with the energy that is present. It's highly creative. And this has never been more important.



July is the beginning of the second half of 2012. It represents not only a quickening of our pace, but our priorities continue to undergo dramatic shifts. The first half of the year was similar to the Master Number 11. We incorporated the new energies of the 11/11/11 RESET into our lives. We stripped away layers upon layers of our beings. We seeded the 'A Mu'a to help everything move forward.

The second half of 2012 is like the Master Number 22. Now we will bring everything into physical manifestation and build upon the New and True. The second half of this year brings many momentous events including the final 11:11 Gate Activation and the birth of the Heart of AN.

During this time, there will be lots of action, movement, decisions, changes of living places, completion, stronger and deeper love, creativity, surprising new opportunities, Green Lights, physical manifestation and ever increasing synchronicity with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

Some of us begin July in a state of expanded vastness. This makes it possible to work on the level of pure energy, yet makes us feel somewhat blank when we try to do mental tasks. We are in a state of profound No-Mind. For me, making a new mandala or washing dishes is much easier than gathering my perceptions to write this Surf Report.

We are in a perpetual state of letting go. The 'A Mu'a can close doors to our old situations so that new doors can open. When this happens, it's important that we accept these changes and know that they are happening for our benefit. If we are willing to be true to ourself and accept what is not working in our lives, or what no longer belongs there, now is a profound time for closure. It's also time to let go of all forms of lying: to ourselves and others. We have brilliant opportunities to fearlessly release our tight grip on any outdated or untrue elements of our lives that we hold onto for a false sense of security. Then we will be able to catch with open arms the wondrous opportunities which will then appear. It's a wonderful time to live fearlessly as a True One.

During July some of our alternate possibilities will be removed, narrowing the field of known options. This is part of the process that leads us to our True Home. There will be many unexpected occurrences and opportunities coming to us in July. These will be possibilities that we didn't see before.

Our Love is ever growing and deepening. New components have been added to the Sea of Love. It now has a different and more highly enriched composition. We can sustain the heightened energies of PURE TRUE LOVE better than ever before. Living in this state of deepened Love and embodying it wherever we are, whatever we do, is dramatically altering our lives. We are increasingly feeling more comfortable and confidant with openly being our True Selves. We now perceive our lives differently than before. We listen more to our Heart's Knowingness. We can see the extent that our priorities are changing and we embrace these changes.

We are paddling our boats at super speed, while being stretched way beyond our old comfort zones. We are moving through our Perfect Storms and the Melons are falling all around us. We are juggling not only oranges, but worlds, entire cycles of lifetimes, our True Purpose and Wildest Dreams, along with All that We Are and All that We Have Ever Been.

We are on the Fast Track now and speeding forward on a direct trajectory into our True Positions. We stand strong in the centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. We are ready!

With 'A MU'A LOVE,


With deepest gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Anaku, Arbaline, Emanáku, Inger, Katja, Malcolm, Maria T, Radha.


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