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The Year 2013 Surf Report: Expanding into a New Reality

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June was a powerful month of profound transformation which presented us with numerous breakthroughs. The surging energies of the 'A Mu'a Reloaded propelled us forward into the New Reality with great intensity, throwing everything up into the air and realigning everything in its path. A succession of Green Lights illuminated our open doorway into the New Landscape.

Many things moved into their true places and clicked into position with an astounding sense of rightness. At the same time, many old doors closed and new doors opened. Some familiar elements such as people, living places and jobs, started to move out of our lives. Even when we didn't see this coming, after the initial shock, there was an undeniable rightness to it.

June was strong, extremely challenging and at times profoundly poignant, with some life or death situations. All month long there was a multitude of momentous events that continued to push us out of our old positions. More layers of corruption and abuse of power were revealed. Masses of people in several countries came together as One Being and put their lives on the line to call forth change, trueness and freedom. Floods, tornados, wildfires and other natural disasters continued to demolish old structures while bringing purification and renewal.

The energies of June often felt super intense and out of control. There was a sparky intensity in the air that made everything feel highly charged. This often made us feel extremely stressed and overstretched us far beyond our previous comfort zones.

It felt like everything in our lives was going along a certain path and then we made a totally unexpected, surprise turn and then suddenly everything started going into a new direction, as if our internal compass had flipped over and reset itself, revealing a new map and new plans.

June was wide open to potentials and visions we have long held in our hearts, and they are finally starting to unfold and manifest. This called some of us to make important decisions so we can finally live True Lives and manifest our Wildest Dreams.

Navigating Mixed Energies

One of the biggest challenges that we are currently facing is that there are several completely different realities that are constantly competing for our attention. This requires us to strengthen our seriousness of purpose and align ourselves completely with our Heart's Knowingness. The key to successful navigation through this difficult period is to fully be a True One and to incorporate our integrity, honesty and love in all we do.

Our old world is not what it used to be. More and more skeletons are tumbling out of the closet of our collective psyche. This is triggering increased alarm, panic, insecurity and fear in some, while bringing a great awakening to others. The world of duality is dramatically collapsing all around us. Things that always felt secure and stable now feel uncertain, precarious or hollow. It's like traversing a landscape laden with hidden land mines; we are walking a fine line between Life and Death, between illusion and what is real. It takes tremendous focus, clarity, trueness and courage to navigate through it.

As much as we might like to, we can't ignore what is going on in the world around us. There is no more separation between what is happening in our own lives and what is happening on the other side of the planet. For example, if our food supply is being taken over by genetically modified seeds, this will eventually affect everyone. Because of this, it's important that we are aware of what is going on in the world of duality, but it's also vitally important that we don't allow ourselves to get sucked in by it. In the drama of swirling chaos that is currently playing in the theatre of duality, we have to train our mind and emotions not to jump on the horse of fear and let it run away with us. This is NOT who we are or why we are here!

Living in a world where so many energies are all mixed together can be extremely tricky at times. If we haven't already, we all need to be very clear as to which reality we are inhabiting: the dying world of duality and separation or the wondrous New World of Love and Trueness that is being born.

Some of us are being severely challenged by the return of manipulative people who harmed us in the past through deception, divisiveness and distortion. They are once again trying to sabotage what we are doing by influencing those around us, pulling them into a state of separation. We need to be ultra careful that we don't let these "Demons of Duality" hook us back into duality by polarizing us. Instead, we must remain True to Who We Are and maintain a clear focus on what we are doing. This is also how we can stay in the creative surge of 'A Mu'a.

Some people are dealing with tremendous loss right now. Loss of loved ones, homes and livelihood through natural disasters, accidents, shocking events, political upheavals and death. Deep loss is actually a Fast Track to greater freedom, but it takes an expansion of our awareness for us to see this. By stripping away important components of who we thought we were, deep loss gives us an opportunity to completely reinvent who we are and why we are here.

The home that we lost, the loved ones who are no longer with us, now live within us as shining threads of our being. These threads form an indelible part of who we are now and have made us what we are today. The best way to honor these losses which now reside within us as new threads of our beings, is to live a True Life as a True One.

If we have experienced a deep loss, it's essential that we expand our beings far beyond the gaping hole of our grief before we can embrace the magnitude of our newfound freedom. If we don't do this, we might become stuck in the quicksand of our sorrow. Every loss contains a precious seed of a brand new plant that is, in this moment, of an unknown variety. Like any plant, this seed needs to be nourished in order to grow. Our buckets of tears can water it, but it also needs to be nurtured by sunshine and love. As this seed grows into a healthy plant, it will reveal to us the fruits of the new life that it brings.

June and July are months in which many of the people, situations and expired elements which are no longer working for us will be removed from our grip. As we get rid of the wrong people and wrong situations in our lives, a noticeable shift will take place and the right things will start to happen with our right people.

Right now, the veils between the worlds are very thin, beckoning those who wish to leave the planet. This is especially true of the First Wave who have been here for such a long time. Some of them are profoundly weary from all they have experienced and this is quite understandable. Yet, it's important that their decision to leave is a conscious one, rather than a default decision based on their tiredness. There are many who need to make a conscious decision whether they want to stay on Earth or to leave.

The New Paradigm that we all worked so hard to birth, is now here. In this New World, there are new roles. This is especially important for the First Wave to know. It's all right if you choose to leave the planet, but please know that there is a place and a new role for you in the wondrous New World that is being born.

Making the Shift into Fast Forward

We've been in a holding pattern for quite some time, like airplanes circling an airport for years waiting for a signal from the tower that we can finally land. Now it feels like our airplanes have been miraculously refueled with supercharged turbo fuel and have set off on a completely new trajectory to a totally new world. Even if our new destination is still unknown to us, we know that we now need to be our stripped down True Selves; without doubts, fears, hiding, ego, pretending, ulterior motivations or masks.

We can strongly feel that we are passing through the border crossing between two very different worlds. This is not a static position as there are constant movements and upheavals transforming the landscape around us, causing everything to flip over. Everything is moving at hyper speed. The doors to our old world are closing quickly behind us, while the doors to our New Landscape are bursting open right in front of us.

Many people are opening their eyes as if for the first time and finally seeing what is really happening on multiple levels. This is when we align ourselves to the frequency band of the New Paradigm. There's a quickening and intensifying of whatever we are doing. There's an acceleration of the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams and a rising to the surface of hidden issues. The waves become bigger and faster, quickly transforming into gigantic tsunamis, signifying that it's time to surf with our biggest surfboards! At the same time, illusions and false truths are becoming increasingly transparent. This is turning many of our old perspectives inside-out (right-side-in) which feels extremely liberating.

Once we actually feel the energies of the New Landscape, there is a deep sense of awe and gratitude. "WOW! This is it. It's absolutely brilliant and so clear!" Suddenly the pathway into our New True Lives opens up before us, illuminated by brilliant Green Lights, revealing its shining magnificence. A powerful creative surge grabs us and propels us forward into manifesting our Wildest Dreams.

Once the flip-over into the New Landscape occurs, a massive shift takes place. We are now completing a major life phase. The Fast Forward is in effect and the new MUA has begun! A significant passing of the sceptres is taking place. The main emphasis of our life is dramatically changing. We move from a very long phase of searching to a new phase of creating and manifesting. Our years of searching are now over. This is a complete switch of gears that causes a significant change of track. If we were searching for our True Home; the search is now over and we are getting ready to build it or move there. If we were looking for our True Purpose; it suddenly appears with a stunning rightness. There is also a passing of sceptres in the sense of what we are leaving behind: people, places and jobs. This shift of tracks is a huge thing.

Can you imagine for years yearning to move to a new country, like say Tahiti. Everything that you do for all those years is preparation for that purpose. Then suddenly you move to Tahiti and the entire focus that has motivated you for years -- preparing to move to Tahiti -- is gone!! You are now living in Tahiti!!! This is the moment when your focus shifts from the cycle of searching to the new cycle of manifesting your Wildest Dreams.

For me personally, I have spent over two and a half years searching for my True Home. I was already in my right place of Peru, but yearned to live in my True Home. Last month, we finally found the right land and bought it. Now, all my focus has dramatically shifted. I don't need to search anymore. But I do have to get extremely organized and focus on manifesting our True Home and creating a sacred space for the Heart of AN as quickly as possible. This is a huge change of tracks.

Once we shift tracks, we are pulled along by the most intensely powerful creative surge we have ever felt. This is when the wildest of Wild Rides begins!

Leaping into Accelerated Time

Many of us have a nearly impossible mountain of tasks to achieve in a short period of time. When everything is happening fast, furious and extremely wild, we have to constantly remind ourselves that everything is unfolding perfectly and that everything will get done within its perfect timing. ALL IS WELL.

I strongly feel that all the things that need to happen to manifest our True Lives are going to happen quicker than usual. This is going to happen because we are going to step inside Accelerated Time with everything that we are doing.

The Wheels of Time are spinning out of control. They are turning so rapidly that Time itself is collapsing. This makes one month pass by in the time that used to be a week and each week is like a day. Time can now expand and compress itself as needed. Since Time is an illusory construct created in the plane of duality, it is less rigid and far more flexible than ever before. What we now need to do is to harness this energy of Accelerated Time and align ourselves with it.

This is similar to the jump rope that we used to play as children. Remember standing outside the rapidly spinning rope that two children were holding. We would stand beside the rope until we became one with it; then we would leap inside. As the jump rope increased its speed, we were able to jump quicker and quicker.


Many years ago I was living in Boston where I had a shop called Tawa on Newbury Street full of amazing world treasures. I also worked part time as a Contributing Editor at the East West Journal. When I heard that the brilliant French mime Marcel Marceau was coming to Boston, I tried to get tickets to one of his performances, but they had immediately sold out. I also tried to get an interview with him, but was told that he wasn't giving any interviews. This was somewhat disappointing.

Yet late one afternoon as I was working in our shop, two men entered our store. As they descended the stairs, the first man paused and said to the second man in a strong French accent, "Ah, there are very good energies here." It was Marcel Marceau and his son Michel!! We welcomed them warmly into our little world.

For the next hour or so, we all played with the various items in our store. They put on Tibetan hats, silk ikat chapan robes from Afghanistan, brandished beaded African spears and danced with hickory shepherd's crooks to the sounds of the world music that was playing in the store. During this magical interlude, no other customers entered our store.

Marcel Marceau asked if we were coming to one of his performances? When we told him that we hadn't been able to obtain tickets, he told us that there would be tickets waiting for us at the box office for that evening's show. When I got up my nerve to ask him if I could possibly interview him, he graciously consented and invited us backstage after the performance. They then departed, laden with purchases, as well as the special gifts we had given them.

We went to the performance and it was truly brilliant. Afterwards, we went backstage where I was able to interview him for the magazine. My first question was how he had become a Master of Time. (This was obvious by some of the things he did on stage.) He told me that when he was first studying pantomime, it became obvious that he must learn to Master Time and that it was actually easy to do. First he became one with Time. Once he and Time were on the same wave length, he was able to speed Time up and stretch it out, as needed. Marcel said that although it sometimes appeared that he was doing things very fast, that in reality, he was actually doing them quite slowly. Then he invited us to return the following night so we could see some added elements in his show which demonstrated the Mastery of Time. Marcel Marceau was a great being, real, humble, compassionate and beyond brilliant. I was deeply blessed by our encounters.

I strongly feel that there is a different measurement of Time in the New Paradigm. And that Mastery of Time is an important element of inhabiting our New Landscape. It's a bit different from how Marcel Marceau did it, but it does require consciously stepping into Time, rather than being unconsciously affected by it. If we can align ourselves and all the myriad tasks and projects that we want to achieve with the Acceleration of Time, they can be done at super speed and ease. This is how we enter the Fast Forward.

in June's Surf Report I wrote of a day we had in Cuzco where we fit in a lawyer's appointment, visits to the Immigration Office, two spontaneous dental appointments, a hair appointment, a coffee break, bought baskets, books, etc. in just a few hours without any stress or rushing around. It just happened naturally and easily. This is an example of how we can jump into Accelerated Time and get myriad tasks done in an impossibly short period by simply surfing the creative surge on our biggest surfboards.


July brings us a messy mix of varied elements. It's like there are opened cans of paint in all the colors that have been thrown all over everything. Beautiful, vibrant colors of New Life are splashed randomly, while over there are patches of the murky colors of a dying, distorted reality. Our task is not to just choose the pretty, bright colors and ignore the dark ones, but to paint a new picture with the vibrant colors of the New World that incorporates the murky colors of duality in such a way that it creates an entirely new dynamic.

We enter the month stretched way beyond our comfort zones, feeling overloaded, excited, super creative, deeply grateful that the energy is moving forward and sometimes exhausted. Many things feel very hard and uncertain. We also feel a deep poignancy and tenderness at all that is happening. Yet while there are extremely mixed energies all over the world, our New Life in the New Landscape feels tremendous exciting.

July requires lots of focus, organization, planning and effort. We are planning, revising our plans and refocusing our priorities so that we can make a huge leap in our lives. Like a general who organizes their army, making sure that they have enough food, supplies, blankets, weapons and saddles for their horses, we now need to become highly organized. This is especially true for the first three weeks of July. After that, the Super 'A Mu'a kicks into a new phase and everything goes zooming forward again.

At times, there is a crackling intensity and strong tension in the air. This tension is created by a variety of sources. There is the tension that is felt right before a serious or far reaching event. There is also the tension that we feel before we make a life-changing decision. Or the tension that is present when there is a multitude of things going on. This tension can be felt in our physical bodies and may create physical problems, especially with digestion. The knowingness that ALL IS WELL greatly serves us in dealing with these tensions.

This month has much emphasis on our True Homes. We may find one, be pointed in the right direction, or make plans to start building one. July together with the cancer energy makes this month a True Home month: changing homes, planning, building, organizing. The True Home is a reflection of the True Essence that we are.

We are in a time when important decisions need to be made. Each decision that we make calls forth its family of related, smaller decisions. Being faced with such an endless stream of decisions can produce much stress, even when we know that our original decision was the right one.

While some people feel that July will be a quiet month of rest and integration, I feel that perhaps this is wishful thinking. We might yearn for quiet time in which to align ourselves with the new energies, but we will have to do this while in the midst of many activities.

Many of us are shifting from the victim state of "Poor Me!" to embracing the New Landscape with a welcoming "Pour It On Me!" If we allow our past experiences to make us a victim, we are in the state of "Poor Me!" But this feels so terrible that we can't linger in this for very long. If we leap into the frequency band of "Pour It On Me!" we enter the Super 'A Mu'a where we can live the lives we have always yearned for and fulfill our True Purpose!

We are in the midst of so much intensity and action; it's easy to get stressed. We may have moments of deep sensitivity, moments when we feel strongly present and others when we just feel weird or not at all like ourselves. We may be flooded with love and compassion or we may feel vulnerable and tender, as if we had practically no skin. We may feel periods of deep loneliness, not necessarily because we are physically alone, but because we feel unseen.

Every morning, we may wake up with the intention to stay grounded, focused and aligned with our True Self; then the energies become so strange, unbalanced and intense that we have to stop everything and deal with them. Or we may be called to cease all action, lie down and reconnect ourselves with the core essence of the New Paradigm.

It's like building a most sacred temple, but while we would love to devote ourself to embodying the holy energies and watch it effortlessly take form, what is required is that we go down into the mud and dig the foundation. Next, we might design the shape of the spire that will go on top of the temple so that it can be built, then we must decide where the toilets will go. Nothing is happening in a linear, logical manner, but everything is necessary.

In our daily lives we may be riding the creative surge with great excitement, making plans on what needs to be done next, then be suddenly confronted with a murky energy that needs to be immediately cleared up. Or we may receive news that a dear old friend is gravely ill. Or hear from someone whom we haven't heard from in years. Absolutely anything can happen! Sinkholes can appear anywhere and so can breakthroughs. This requires us to learn to stay focused while surfing myriad waves, large and small, choppy and smooth. And even though we may feel somewhat stressed, overstretched and tired, we are happy.

It's very exciting to open the book of our New Story and pick up our pen. There is a creative surge which is pushing us forward which brings exciting us new adventures. There is a strong, absolutely brilliant flow of wondrous events taking place, one after the other, which have a feeling of complete rightness. The Sleeping Giant of our One Being is coming to life all over the planet. The Aslans are on the march. The huge Wheel of Destiny is turning, faster than ever before. We are zooming into living True Lives as True Ones on a massive Fast Forward. This is truly an amazing time.... Wow!



With deepest Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Agartha, Anna Maria, Antares, Barbara, Bradley, Carolyn, Darity, Denise, Emanáku, Henriette,
Inger, Jana, Kalasara, Karen, Lucy, Merrilyn, Omar, Petra, Rosy, Verna


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