The Air We Breathe

The Year 2014 Surf Report: Into Trueness

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May was a month of much needed integration. Although we were still in full action mode, we felt a new internal calmness. We gained a deeper acceptance of and confidence in being a True One and living True Lives. There was a new creative surge that made everything easier. Spurring us on was the increasing visibility of the results of our actions.

For some of us, May was somewhat tumultuous. This was especially true when there were duality-based elements coming up that needed to be dealt with and released. But it has become increasingly obvious that the more we let go of the old world, the more we are freed to inhabit the wondrous New Landscape.

May brought in a completely new component which is the element of clicking into position. Even though we are still busy and the energy is still intense, things are now coming together in totally new ways. This new component will be with us for many months as we manifest our True Lives and fulfill our Wildest Dreams.

It feels to me as if we have been traveling through a seemingly endless labyrinth and that we have finally entered the innermost part of it. This is the place where the cylinders start turning, like being in the center of a magical lock. Everything around us begins clicking into position.

It's like one of those magic locks in a fairy tale computer game. As hidden symbols align, they light up, causing some pins within the lock to move outwards, while others move inwards. All the while, the multiple rings of the cylinders spin around, constantly clicking into their new positions.

The right people come together; we move closer to our True Homes; our True Purpose is revealed. We find the help we need. New doors open. Wondrous new opportunities are presented to us.

With every turn of the lock within the centerpoint of the innermost labyrinth, there is a noticeable refinement of our clarity. This strengthens our Trueness and enables us to further step free of duality and go deeper into the New True Landscape.

With every rotation of a cylinder, there is a new acceleration. Many things move forward towards their completion. They might move from 10% done to 95% done in one week. We can see that there are only a few more needed clicks until they will be complete. And although these final clicks may not happen instantaneously in a linear manner, they  are already in motion.

By the end of May, the magic locks had opened for many of us -- enabling us to move deeper into the expanding New Landscape.

The Air We Breathe

All year long, I've been having trouble breathing the air of the old world. The stale air of duality doesn't contain enough nourishment or life force in it for me. There's a missing component in it that I need. Because of this, I've felt a strong urgency to birth the New and True so that I could fully inhabit the New Landscape as soon as possible.

Now, something has noticeably changed. I can feel that the fresh air of the new world is impermeating more and more of the world around us. The air isn't yet totally new, but it is far more enriched than before. I can't get enough of these new energies, for they provide me with the nourishment I most need.

For me, the Heart of AN in Peru represents these new energies more than anything. I stare at the photos of the Heart of AN, sometimes for an hour or so, even though the land isn't far from where we are currently living. The more I immerse myself in these energies, the more they come alive within me. I am profoundly grateful that the time we have long yearned for is so close.

The New Landscape is immeasurably deepening and expanding. It might sound strange, but the New Landscape has the quality of Mother's Milk -- something so deeply familiar, extremely comforting and full of nourishment, yet at the same time, there are absolutely new, completely unexpected elements within the New Landscape which are super exciting!

These new, unforeseen elements are revealed in strange new corners that we didn't see before. They are completely unexpected. They come from Off the Map of the Known. Because of this, it's important that as we create the New, we always leave room for the unknown.

We just realized this while building our house at the Heart of AN. There is a large opening above my office which we just filled with glass blocks. At first, we laid out the glass blocks in a nice pyramid design. It looked lovely, but something didn't feel quite right. Then we realized, that it's better to leave things more open and undefined, so we changed the design to a less defined one.

The same is true in everyday life as we deal with a multitude of practical details. We are constantly trying to be aware not to impose old definitions, meanings, perceptions, symbols and responses on whatever we are doing and on what is happening around us.

Since creating the New and True requires us to deal with so many details, this forces us to either create things in new ways or in a way that leaves openings for the new to enter. We are learning to keep everything expanded and undefined until the new meaning or symbology becomes clear.

The construction of our house is proving to be an excellent metaphor for what is going on within us. It seemed to take months to create the foundation. Then came the rough looking adobe walls with their earthy honesty. More of the skeleton was created with the addition of concrete and wooden beams. Then came the brand new electrical wiring and the plumbing, all essential to the smooth functioning of our house.

After seven to eight months of intense work, our house was finally ready for a thick coat of yeso plaster. Suddenly everything transformed, becoming soft, organic and refined. This isn't simply a superficial layer of paint, but a thick coating of the New and True which goes over the basic structure, the foundational bones and circulation system of the New, which allows the true essence of what we have been creating to finally be revealed. And it is stunningly beautiful. It contains both the Mother's Milk familiarity of something that is deeply in alignment with who we are, along with the Off the Map qualities of the totally unknown.

The same thing is happening within us. We've stripped ourselves down to what is true and real. We've laboriously built new foundations and now our true beauty is starting to shine through.

We are increasingly seeing how the physical manifestation of the Heart of AN is clearing the path for the New and True. Now other projects all over the world are coming alive. Many people are moving to new environments that are closer to their True Homes and are being magnetically pulled into their True Lives. Many people from our past are weaving into our present. There is a strong emergence of the Family of AN in many parts of the planet. And it feels very much like we are all doing this together.


"Everything is Sacred."

"Every moment is the Chance of a Lifetime."

June is a very practical, down to earth, fast paced month, with much emphasis on getting things done. Much effort will be required all month long, but the results will be well worth it. Our new foundation of Trueness is spreading out from the core of our beings until it is visible on the surface, affecting all aspects of our lives. Our spiritual practices have now been embedded into the myriad small details of our everyday lives, which is helpful since many of us no longer have time to do separate "spiritual" practices. This is because, "Everything is now sacred." Many things are visibly moving forward, pulled along by a compelling momentum of Trueness that feels almost unstoppable.

The changes are so rapid and tangible that every few days we can see and feel solid progress. Solutions are coming quicker than before. This is truly a time when actions speak louder than words. We are surfing a massive creative surge which keeps getting increasingly stronger, making the things we do both fun and deeply fulfilling as we implement our new creativity into our various practical tasks and projects.

Even though we haven't yet completed all the tasks and projects that we're doing, June will give us some new projects to plan, organize and achieve. While it feels nearly impossible to take on anything else, these new projects will manifest surprisingly smoothly and the needed help will be there. This is because a progression of Green Lights are shining brightly and there is a clear path before us for our True Lives to fully manifest.

As June begins, we are still very spread out on the evolutionary spiral. Some of us are actively clearing the path into the New World that is being born. Others are still unhooking themselves from their old attitudes, perceptions and lives. Some of us are grieving for the loss of loved ones. A few are letting go of everything, including their True Purpose, so they can dive unencumbered into the new energies. Some are feeling the shifting sands of duality falling away from under their feet, while others are now standing on the solid new foundations of their True Lives. No matter where we are on the spiral, it's important to remember that we are all woven together as One. If the spiral turns for one of us, it turns for all.

In many ways, it feels like we are finally coming to the end of a long, dark tunnel. If we haven't yet fully emerged into our full True Lives, we can now clearly see the light streaming in and we know that soon we will be fully inhabiting the exquisite New Landscape. This journey has taken so long, but now we are converging in totally new ways on a completely new level. It had to happen this way, so we could be totally new.

The vibrant colors of the New Landscape are not only becoming more visible, but they are coloring our lives, what we do, how we feel, what we focus on, how we act. These vibrant colors bring with them the new information that we've been waiting for so we can inhabit the new level.

The prolonged transitional period that we've been going through has been removing lots of expired elements. After the raging bonfires of the past several years, we realize that some deeply cherished parts of ourselves are also missing. They've been burned up in the bonfires along with the elements that we no longer need. These are things like the solace of aloneness, quiet communion with nature and the tender lover within us which all used to be a great source of nourishment. We don't know if any of these qualities will ever return, but we hope that they will. They don't need to be the same as before; they can return on a new level in a new form.

In the New Landscape these empty places within us will be again filled and it's exciting to see what they will be. The danger comes if we expect them to be the same as before, because if we do this, we might miss something wonderful and surprisingly new.

June brings major revisions, course corrections and unexpected changes. June's changes will greatly accelerate towards the end of the month. In-depth revisions are necessary now because many of us have finally let go of our hesitation to fully embrace the New and True. We no longer want to cling to our expired comfort zones and we know that everything within us which is still based on the illusory level of duality has to go and that only heartfelt authenticity rings true.

Because of this, we are constantly realigning and recalibrating ourselves from the old level to the new one. This requires frequent revisions. We may write an email and then two minutes later suddenly realize that what we wrote was coming from the old energy, so we need to quickly write a new one that comes from a truer place.

When this old stuff comes out, it's highly magnified so it feels wrong and is more obvious that this is a duality-based response. We are clearly seeing how we are influenced by this illusion. Whenever we react, we contract. These old, duality-based energies take a while to get out of our system. This is why June's Mercury Retrograde isn't just a normal one. It's a heightened revision process. It's like being inside one of those old fashioned toffee pulling machines; we are being pulled and stretched in all directions so we can remove all our remaining limitations.

Whenever we become aware that we are acting or reacting in an untrue manner, it's important that we correct it as soon as possible. Don't worry about what other people will think if we change our position. Don't get anxious whether we are good enough. None of that matters anymore. Duality-based responses are like fragments of old, dead skin that are hanging off of us, ready to be discarded. We need to let them go as quickly as possible, without any resistance.

June also has an emphasis on True Relationships. During this time, we might go through a period of deepened union, then we are unexpectedly plunged into a feeling of painful separation. This is just the toffee stretching of our hearts. We will experience, explore, refine, and adjust the various threads that link and weave us into One Being. Some connections are on a level that can't be diminished by distance or time, while others may no longer serve us. Like turning a kaleidoscope, in June the tapestry in which we're all woven may shift into new and unexpected configurations.

June is very potent when it comes to solidifying whatever we are choosing for ourselves in these times. We need to stay super alert and ultra aware of how we use our energy, what we give our attention to and what we choose to focus on, as the importance of being true to our choice of what kind of world we want to live in becomes increasingly visible.

It often feels like time is moving too fast -- everything is happening at once, dreams are being quickly manifested and our True Life is HERE and NOW! And yet, time is just an illusion. It's like we are in a bubble and everything outside of us is moving fast and inside the bubble there is No-Time. Our bubbles are smoothly floating towards our True Places and True Purpose. At the same time, many of us can feel that something really huge is on its way, and it is.

June is a strong month full of revitalizing energies. We will be taking big steps into our New Directions with sureness and confidence. The New Landscape expands into new territory that was previously occupied by duality and becomes increasingly tangible. We feel totally at home here and know that this is our true place. This is where we belong. The air we can breathe....



With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Alanah, Ann, Antares, Arbaline, Carolyn, Denise, Eliana, Emanaku, Inger, Karen,
Leslie, Lors, Malcolm, Maria, Path, Ryan, Sumi, Viola, Yuliya


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