JUNE 2005

Updated JUNE 2, 2005


"Here we stand, poised on the brink of a great adventure,
that we, ourselves, have called forth to be."


June is one of those months which enters quietly and exits resoundingly. Instead of leaping into the month, we tentatively dip our toes into the water, delicately feeling the underlying currents and contemplating our next step.... until suddenly the Big Waves come and sweep us into the swirling ocean.

The beginning of the month requires an internal balancing. We need to find any of the seemingly different elements within our being which appear separate or contradictory and find a way to balance them. Some of these disparate elements may seem impossible to merge, but if we Look Larger we will discover that nothing is impossible. We need to bring these conflicting elements together in balance and Oneness, so we can proceed into the month with focused intent, using our whole beings.

We also need to balance and merge all the different aspects of ourselves into one unified being. This includes all the roles we currently play and have played in the past such as mother, father, child, sister, brother, healer, lover, husband, wife, warrior, high priestess, king, queen, peasant, beggar, sorcerer, artist, as well as the roles we presently assume in our jobs and careers. All these fragments and delineations need to come together so we simply become One. We are multi-faceted crystals, but our main focus must be on the crystal itself and not a few of the predominant facets.

Some of us might still be carrying the residue of beliefs that "We can't have it all." and that we must choose between two elements. Well, this simply isn't true anymore. It's essential that we balance and unify all of our hopes, dreams and responsibilities into one unified purpose. We can "have it all" and more.

The same is true on a personal, internal level. For example, there might be a part of us which wants to stay home and be quiet and creative, while there might be another part of our self which wants to go out into the world and establish a new career. This is a simplified example, but we all have some kind of inner conflict of seemingly opposing viewpoints within ourselves. Now is the time to locate them and bring them into wholeness.

Another thing that is highlighted at the beginning of June is the combing through our internal belief systems and finding any blocks we carry that hinder our own personal fulfillment. We are entering a time when personal fulfillment is possible. This is personal fulfillment on a scale that is beyond our present imagining. There might be times when we lose hope and want to resign ourselves and give everything up. These are always opportunities to locate hidden deposits of resistance within our beings and to finally transform them. These blocks of resistance come in many subtle forms and are found stashed away in little hidden pockets of our beings. The most common ones are beliefs that we are unworthy or unready to have it all. Fears of the Unknown and fears of change. Fears that we won't be good enough and will fail if we are given what we truly want.

We need to bring these illusory beliefs and fears into the daylight and allow them to dissolve. Only then, will we be free to step fully into the New.

Many of us are feeling the need to purify our beings in preparation for the times to come. Not only do we need to recalibrate and repattern our environment, but we must detoxify our physical bodies. We can do this through fasting, exercising, refining our diets and by consciously choosing our physical activities, weeding out what isn't real and true.

We can also purify our thoughts and mental processes. This sometimes requires mental discipline to make the resolution within ourselves that there are many old emotional and mental patterns that we now need to let go of, once and for all! We can simply choose not to go there anymore. They no longer serve our highest good.

Another thing to look at are our old vows and contracts. We have carried these vows and contracts for innumerable lifetimes and many of them have gone past their expiration date. Since we've carried them for so long, it has become a habit with us; we just assume that they're still valid. But are they really? Once we take a good, clear look at them, we will discover that it's time to let many of them go. They are the vows and contracts of duality that we made when we were living there, but we don't live there anymore. Letting go of these outdated vows and contracts will be extremely liberating.

We might also want to start incorporating some "spiritual practices" into our everyday lives. I put the phrase "spiritual practices" in quotation marks because first of all, the word "spiritual" is a concept of duality. It denotes a separation between the "spiritual" and the "non-spiritual" realms such as the physical. In truth, everything is spiritual; everything is sacred. It is this knowing of the inherent sacredness of everything which we need to incorporate into our lives. We can do this by treating everything and every act we make as sacred, putting our full consciousness into it. When we do this, we create beauty and serenity all around us. Everything is embraced with Love. By doing this, consciously, we move ourselves onto a new level.

This is vitally important because we don't have much time in June before some really Big Waves come rolling in. Once they kick in, the month will be strong and fast and full. The Wheel of Destiny will start to turn. We are going to experience a huge activation of our purpose. This purpose may be vastly different from what we've previously perceived as our purpose. But when it is activated, it will feel unquestionably right. We will know that this is the correct direction for us. It will fill us with excitement and a new surge of creativity will flow through us.

The Winds of Change will be blowing in some surprising elements, shifting us in ways we wouldn't have imagined possible. Wild Cards will abound, suddenly appearing from out of the blue. Each time that we are dealt a Wild Card, we will undergo a quantum leap. Eventually, Wild Cards will become normal to us as we get used to living our lives with a more complete deck containing Greater Reality cards.

Throughout June, there will be manifestations of Right Time - Right Place when we make significant connections. We will continue to encounter new opportunities that take us in unexpected directions which end up being where we most want to go. We will align with people who have important roles to play in our lives. Some of these could be our new true love partners with whom we will share not only an alignment of essence, but most importantly, an alignment of purpose.

If you haven't yet found your life partner, and if you want one, know that they will be coming in any time between now and the end of next year. So get yourself ready. Clear out any remaining old baggage and prepare for your life to totally change. When we finally unite with these true love life partners, the changes are going to take us right off the old map and into the uncharted realms of the deeper Invisible. We will no longer be doing separate activities or pursuing different careers. Everything is going to align into a unified purpose. Since there is such a profound alignment of purpose, we will discover that our new unified purpose is on a much vaster scale than we can presently imagine.

At this time, the physical level is the most highlighted. It is our main playing field. It is where we are bringing our full beings and anchoring the Greater Reality. Once we do this, we will discover that there is no longer any separation between "spiritual", "mental", "emotional" and "physical". They are all part of the One and are all present in everything.

All of the fragments of our being merge and become One. Our being resides in the One Being. Past, Present and Future fold into the Now. The infinity of space and the illusion of distance fold into the Here. ONE. HERE. NOW. That's all there is and that's the Greater Reality.

June has a strong element of risk taking within it. We will need to be courageous and fearless as we boldly step into the Unknown. Creativity is going to erupt out of us, spilling forth with minimal effort. Love will be all around. We are going to connect with our purpose and bring it forth on the most physical levels. June will be a great adventure, fun and exciting and full. Our whole being will be riding the surfboard into the New. ONE. HERE. NOW.




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