Solara's June 2006 Surf Report


Turning the Tide

During the final days of May, a noticeable Turning Point was reached. The clouds parted and revealed a bright, shining sun. We had almost forgotten how beautiful the sun could be....

2006 has been a full and challenging year so far. It's been similar to traversing a minefield; we have to be fully conscious with each step. We simply can't do things in the old ways anymore. There has been a continuous procession of elements, people, tasks, responsibilities, attitudes and perceptions leaving our lives.

For the past few months, many of us have been going through the Fires of Initiation. This hasn't been easy at times, but it has been extremely effective. The drawbridges of the past and of our old ways of being have burned to a crisp and no longer exist. There is no going back to the "Way Things Used To Be". NO DOWN- NO RETURN has intensified.

No matter how busy we have been, we have continually been thrown back on ourselves. Most of us have had to deal with the issues before us by ourselves. There has been a constant sorting out of the people around us based on issues of integrity and values. We have learned what kind of energies we can't be around anymore and what qualities we most value.

We have also experienced a parade of people from earlier in this lifetime or from further back in our past lives returning for that final round of completion. Each time this happens, it gives us another petal on our Lotus and makes us more whole and free.

Our beings are becoming much truer. We are more stripped down and real than ever before. All of this must happen before we are able to launch ourselves fully into the New. This is why there have been so many birthing pains to bring forth the New. Very little has effortlessly glided into position, even those things which feel so right.

In fact, the elements which feel the most important have been the ones most delayed. No matter how hard we tried, they simply didn't fall into place like we so fervently wanted them to. It hasn't been a matter of rightness; we unquestionably know that they are right. It's just that the conditions haven't been ready for them to manifest.


It's important to understand that we can't passively wait for the conditions to change. This will not happen on its own. It is our responsibility to create the new conditions so they can happen. However, we don't create the proper conditions by running around trying to force things to happen; rather, we do it by changing our inner selves to a new level and then bringing this through to our outer environment.

The first four months of this year emphasized inner transformation. In May, we finally started to apply the deep core level changes we have been experiencing all year to our outer lives. This will continue throughout June with promising results. The more we incorporate our true selves into our everyday lives, the more our needs will be met and our lives will transform into what we really want. Now that the Tides are Turning, emphasis has moved to transforming the outer. This will be in effect for the rest of the year.

During the last week of May, we could suddenly see a path of shining stepping stones before us. Although the entire path is not yet fully delineated, we can at least see some steps in front of us. If we follow these stepping stones, they will lead us to where we most want to go. We need to walk with openness and sureness. Placing our feet only on the stones which will bring us true nourishment. They aren't that difficult to find because they have a totally different energy than the elements that are leaving us. There is a feeling of support rather than heaviness. There is a sense of newness and joy.


All year long we have been in the midst of a process of deep self cleaning and purification. This is touching all levels of our beings. Much of this is caused by our approach to the next 11:11 Activation, the opening of 8th Gate which heralds our entrance into the Lotus World, the realm of purest True Love.

Lotuses constantly clean themselves and their environment and this is exactly what we are learning to do. This is why many of us are being called to clean up our living spaces, not just the usual tidying up, but by an in depth going through of the hidden corners and neglected places within and without. This is done efficiently with a lack of resistance or struggle. We are finding and clearing out the skeletons in our closets, washing the windows, getting rid of more piles of old stuff, then painting, rearranging and recalibrating everything until it shines with newness. Each time that our inner beings move to a new level, we need to reset and recalibrate the energetic fields of our immediate environment.


The deeper we enter the Lotus World, the more we discover that we can no longer live in the realm of drama. This includes drama that is caused either by us or by others. This drama free world is part of NO DOWN - NO RETURN. It is a world without gossip, without manipulation, without innuendo, without emotional distortion.

We need to release any old misunderstandings and perceived slights that we are still holding onto. Otherwise we will get stuck in the black hole of endless processing which merely feeds the distortion and becomes a net that entraps us. We are not victims; that is one of the illusions of duality that must be let go of right now. Holding onto old hurts simply keeps us small and keeps us hooked into duality.

Forgive anyone whom you feel harmed you. Forgive yourself. Let it all go and turn your attention back on your own self and onto embodying your full potential. This is a critical time when we are all greatly needed in our full presence. Let's stop looking backwards and stop giving our energy away to any distortion or drama. NO DOWN - NO RETURN.


Throughout June, there will be occasional disturbances caused by patches of Choppy Surf which stir up the sediment of our beings and bring everything up to to surface, often in a distorted and magnified manner. This is when there are sudden misunderstandings that are blown up way out of proportion. When this happens, we need to watch that we don't get drawn into thinking that they are real, because they are not....

Some of the larger waves of the Choppy Surf will feel like a cannonball has suddenly been thrown into a still pool. It will knock everything out of balance and create huge waves. Even though we might be temporarily knocked over by the waves, it will be surprisingly easy to pick ourselves up and restore equilibrium. These disturbances act much like earthquakes, bringing sudden, unexpected energetic shifts that are greatly needed. And there will also be actual physical earthquakes to do this as well.

Most of the month we will feel quite positive, with an underlying sense of excitement that something amazing is about to happen, although there will be times when we are struck with a feeling of rising anxiety. This happens whenever we remember that we are traveling on a rapidly melting iceberg that is floating out to sea. There is no need to panic, although we could all come up with several logical reasons to do so. Our melting iceberg is necessary to get us to our new places.

June will be a busy month full of activity. It will take our focused effort to further complete the old and move into the New. Often it will feel as if we were traveling through a birth canal with that sense of concentrated pressure and the need to push through any perceived obstacles. If we give it our all, we will be astounded at the progress we have made by the end of the month.

And even though there is much to accomplish, we will still experience moments when the fog of inertia rolls in upon us and brings all activity to an immediate halt. Inertia is still fulfilling a purpose so we might as well accept it for now.

The best stance is to follow the path of clearest energy and do what we are able to do. Often, these are not the tasks which we consider our highest priority. They are not our obvious next step. But here they are, standing right in front of us. Two examples from my life are:

1. I was getting ready to finally go to the beach and rummaging through my bathing suits when I discovered a cockroach nest in my drawer. Suddenly my priorities shifted and the entire drawer was emptied and thoroughly scrubbed, all the bathing suits were washed and my beach trip was postponed. It felt really good to discover this energy that I hadn't known existed and clear it from my bedroom.

2. I was writing a Surf Update when I heard a large crash from another part of my house. Obviously, my cat had knocked something over. Instead of running to see what it was, I finished the Update. Then I discovered that a fountain had been knocked over in the entry hall which was now totally flooded. It took me over an hour to remove all the furniture and mop up the floor. But now my entry hall is shining with the cleanest floor in the house.


Part of June's Turning of the Tides is a major loosening. This frees up many elements which have long been stuck. Once the resolutions finally arrive, we will be amazed at how natural they feel. We will realize that we have found the perfect resolutions and that they were worth waiting for.

The Winds of Change are blowing again, sweeping away the old and bringing in the New. The Winds of Change will bring in some strong bursts of positive energy. Around mid month they will intensify and that's when we'll experience major breakthroughs. The Winds of Change will create a Quantum Surf. Everything will accelerate. There will be some surprisingly changes coming into our lives. Some of these might be in the BIG THREE categories of Relationships, Careers & Residence.

Many of us have a yearning to break free of the past and our old limiting behaviors once and for all. We are ready to embrace the New, if only we knew how to get there. People who have long been hermits are longing for companionship and love while those who have been surrounded by people are yearning for some time by themselves. Many of us feel ready to unite with our One True Loves, if only we knew where they were. (This is a natural occurrence once we go deeper into the Lotus World.) We are ready for new, more fulfilling careers. We want to move to our rightful place. We want to be fully supported on all levels.

The Tides are going to Turn in June. More stepping stones will be revealed. New connections and new opportunities will appear when we least expect them. No matter what, remain open and open hearted. Be spontaneous. Don't make small choices, for they will only lead you into a dead end. Allow the Winds of Change to reset your internal compass and perhaps you just might find yourself led to a wondrous new direction.




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