The Shifting Templates

Mandala of The Shifting Templates by Solara
This shows us how uncomfortable it can feel when things haven't quite clicked into position.

Emerging Into A New World




May was a powerful transitional month with extremely changeable energy that brought us lots of Choppy Surf. As many hidden pockets of duality cracked open, much was brought to the surface to be dealt with, completed and released. This included scandalous behaviors, subtle manipulations, deeply imbedded corruption and misuse of power. The cracks also showed us many parts of our own selves that we have kept small. Some of these weren't pretty, but we had to deal with them anyway. The same is true of the people we know. An old friend may surprise us when their long hidden resentments are suddenly revealed. These are elements that we never saw within them before. And it often marks the end of the friendship.

We have been sorting through many elements of our lives, making numerous adjustments and simplifying our lives in every way possible. We are realizing that we don't need so many things cluttering our lives. This has enabled us to let go of unnecessary possessions and activities. And since this is in alignment with the time we are in, it has been easy to release them. We have been seeing with much greater clarity the roads that are now closed to us. This motivates us to move beyond our old lives, our old ways of being and our old ways of doing things.


May brought us a powerful immersion into the Far Distant Worlds. The pull of Far Distant Worlds has never been stronger. Some of us slept day and night, while others were incredibly overstretched with myriad things to do while experiencing the state of Far Distant Worlds. The thread that held us onto physical existence felt exceedingly thin at times, especially for those of us who were living by ourselves. The reason we get pulled into this deep state of Far Distant Worlds is because our energies are needed somewhere else. When this happens, our ties to the physical realm of HERE and NOW become very tenuous. At times, this can be very challenging.

Near the end of May, the Far Distant Worlds finally receded and we returned to the HERE and NOW as wizened survivors. This is when we start noticing that while we were immersed in the Far Distant Worlds, significant movement had taken place in the HERE and NOW. This has happened because we didn't have our attention in the physical world. The movement was able to take place unhindered by our interference. More elements have moved into their rightful positions. New elements have appeared. There's that "Aha!" sense of discovering something new and wondrous that has been here all along; we just didn't see it before. A new sense of rightness to what is happening is suddenly revealed. This is because we can see more of the vast overview of what is truly going on.

At this time, many of us are activating in totally new ways. When we are activated, we not only become more of our True Self, but we become keys. When our keys are placed in certain physical or energetic locations, we experience a Major Intersection on a core cellular level. This has already happened to a few people I know. It happened to me in May when I sat on top of the ruins of a small temple in Palenque, Mexico. This temple is one of the oldest in Palenque and is outwardly one of the least imposing. Once I sat there, I became a key that just clicked into its correct position. Something on a very deep level and on a vast scale, far beyond my conscious knowing, was activated. This affected me profoundly on a cellular level. When we become keys, this makes our True Core Self more visible on the physical. I cannot describe how to become a key; it just happens. But when it does, it changes everything.

June will bring us more Major Intersections. Some of us will experience becoming a key and being put into position. Others of us will have numerous encounters of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE with people and places.


Many old cycles are coming to an end. Ancient templates are moving out of their old positions. These ancient templates are spinning around, like wheels within wheels simultaneously going in several different directions, until they settle into their new positions. While the ancient templates are shifting between their old and new positions, we may have strong feelings of being unpinned. It may feel disorienting at times. We may feel that we have a very thin thread that keeps us in the physical world. The veils between the worlds become extremely thin. During these times, the Far Distant Worlds are especially strong, magnetically pulling us into other realms.

At times, the shifting templates create distortion bands that we must pass through. The energy becomes very thick, dense and negative. When this happens, it's important that we don't sink into the negativity and become depressed or feel that everything is hopeless. We need to immediately recognize that what we are feeling is distorted energy, and not what is really happening. Then we must take action to consciously change the energies. This can be done by doing things that bring us back into the Ultra Greater Reality. What helps me change the energies is to make a mandala, do the 11:11 Mudras, sit as a Silent Watcher, or take a walk in nature. Making decisive actions to change the energy is far more effective than passively waiting for it to change.

In addition to the myriad cracks in duality, there are also Cracks Between the Worlds that are now opening. These are bringing many positive changes into our lives. I am noticing that things which didn't feel comfortable before, are now feeling very good. Fresh new energies and opportunities are entering our lives.


The shifting templates have been preparing us well for the month of June. This month is very similar to going through locks in a canal. When we enter a lock, the water fills up to a new level. As soon as this happens, the door on the far side of the lock opens and we proceed onwards onto a new level. In June, just like in the diagram above, we will be going through a series of locks which will take us into our new positions in our New True Lives.

Traveling through locks requires patience and alignment with the correct timing while we wait for the water to fill up on each level. During this time, we can tidy up many aspects of our life and complete unfinished projects. Going through locks also requires perseverance, for there is no way to circumvent the locks if we want to reach the new level. It requires steady focus, commitment and centeredness.

Our journey through the locks is reflected in June's astrology. On June 1st there was a Solar Eclipse which for many was a huge Turning Point. At the midpoint of June, on the 15th, is a Lunar Eclipse and there will be another Solar Eclipse on July 1st. This is when we emerge on a totally new level. The shifting templates will begin to click into their new positions enabling us to shift our lives onto a totally new road.

If we stay True, this is the time when we can begin to jump into our New True Lives. It's also when our New Purposes shall start to be revealed. This series of rare Eclipses will give us a powerful push forward into our New Directions. In June, some of us will dramatically shift tracks. Even if we don't, we will experience major internal changes.This is why it's still vitally important to get into our right positions for our New True Lives by the second half of the year.

The person whom we are right now as we enter June will be quite different from the person we will be when we exit June. We will be much closer to fully inhabiting our New Landscape, for we ourselves, will be new.



"Not only are these people needed to bring new worlds into existence. They are needed to bring them to an end so as to help make way for the new. They are the ones who are entrusted to turn the pages of life, to open the book of a culture and close it. They are the ones who are given permission to sound the note that will bring a new world into being and sing the song that will bring it nearer to its close. They are the watchers ("Silent Watchers" ....Solara) who know the real meaning of responsibility and compassion, who are needed to witness the beginning and the ending, because without the simple power of their attention nothing can ever be done."

....from Peter Kingsley in "A Story Waiting to Pierce You: Mongolia, Tibet, and the Destiny of the Western World."

With so much emphasis on birthing the New, it's easy to forget that we also need to close the doors of the old, to consciously bring old cycles to an end before we can fully open the door of the New.

On a personal level, we also have many old doors to close. This includes the doors to stagnant relationships which contain no more growth, for this will open the doors to new, infinitely more fulfilling ones. The same is true of those lingering connections with ex partners whom we find it difficult to release because there are still hooks there. It's time to finally extricate ourselves from all sticky residue and become fully present in the HERE and NOW.

We also need to close the doors to expired jobs that drag us down; this will enable our new ones to be revealed. It's time to remove all our outdated beliefs and behaviors of limitation, smallness, unworthiness and self sabotage, as well as all our duality-based actions and reactions. Let's also close the doors on our fears and doubts. Close the doors on our emotional and financial insecurities. When we finally, irrevocably, close these old doors, they are removed from our personal matrix. Then, we will be ready for our New True Lives. That's when we will experience a burst of the fresh energy of personal freedom that will propel us forward into the New and True.

Some of us have the predominant focus of birthing the New. We are bursting with excitement to manifest new ways of doing things. We can't wait for the New Paradigm to fully begin. Yet all of us need to remember that in order for there to be a New World, we must first close the doors to the old one. We also need to fully become True Ones, for only True Ones can birth the New Paradigm.

Some of us know that we are here to both close the doors of the past and open the doors of the New. We have spent numerous lifetimes here at the beginning and ending of major cycles and have much experience in doing this. When I was in Palenque, Mexico last month, I was very aware of this. I realized that I had been at Palenque in its beginning, and now I was finally returning at the end of its present cycle.

Clicking into Position as a Key at Palenque.

The same is true of the Inca village in Peru where I currently live. I have lived here many times before-- during the time of its creation, for many Inca lifetimes after that, and even earlier in this life when it was a tiny pure village without electricity or many tourists. In fact, I was the first foreigner to ever live here. When I lived here before in this life, I felt very much like a returning Inca.

This time it is different. Yes, my Inca lifetimes are part of the threads of my being that I wear, yet I am much more than that. I am simply a True One who is here to close an old door and open a new one.

We have all chosen to be here during this momentous shift from duality to Oneness. We are the ones who are needed to bring old cycles to a close and birth new ones. This is one of the ways that we as Silent Watchers step in....



I first visited Stonehenge when I was fifteen. At that time, it was located out in the tranquil English countryside. It wasn't inundated by tourists and we were able to walk freely among the stones. Several years later, when I lived in Wales and England, I spent two Summer Solstices there, sleeping amongst the stones.

Since then, there have been strong efforts to block the energies of Stonehenge. Now there are three busy highways around it that form a triangle to cut it off. Not only is Stonehenge roped off so you cannot interact with the stones, but now everyone is given free headsets in a multitude of languages to listen to while they walk around the stones. To make it even worse, the thousands of daily visitors are forced to circle it in a counter-clockwise manner.

The last time I was there, I noticed that almost everyone was walking around it as if in a trance, barely looking at the stones. They were simply listening to the guided tour on their headsets as they walked. I personally, climbed over a gate so I could walk around it clockwise. I talked to the stones in Star Language and gave them immense love.

What was truly remarkable is that Stonehenge is still alive! In spite of all the efforts to block its energies, it cannot be blocked. This is because the energies of Stonehenge are far vaster than the earthly, physical site. It is not affected by the attempts to physically cut off its energy. It is anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality and nothing can harm it.

Stonehenge is a brilliant example for us of how we can be. No matter what happens in the outside world, Stonehenge is vaster than it. It is a true Sacred Pagoda. And this is exactly how we must be. True Sacred Pagodas. Silent Watchers incarnate. True Ones living True Lives in the midst of a world filled with turmoil and uncertainty.

The same is true of the Inca village of Ollantaytambo where I currently live. This is the most precious, most authentic and charming, Inca village in Peru, and yet, several years ago the government decided that they would put the only road to the large town of Quillabamba in the jungle right through the center of the village. So we have large trucks with double trailers rumbling through the tiny, single lane, Inca-built cobblestone streets. We have huge buses that travel through here every day simply to deposit tourists on the train to Machu Picchu. When I lived here before, the Machu Picchu trains all originated in Cuzco, but another bad decision moved them here.

Ollantaytambo isn't just picturesque; it was one of the most important sacred centers of the Incas. It was their most holy city. And yet despite this massive traffic and the inundation of tourists, it is still alive. The energies are still sacred and vibrant. It isn't just a living museum of Inca times, but it is vibrating with aliveness, waiting for its new purpose to be revealed, just like we are. Yes, the Inca energies are here, but so is something far vaster than that, the timeless energies of AN. It isn't solely a city of the past, but also a city of the future, centered in the present moment. And so are we....



June began strongly with a Solar Eclipse on June 1st. This gave us a powerful push forward into our New Directions. Since then, there has been a new freshness in the air. This will be a Quantum Surf month with momentous events occurring all over the world. Our lives will be filled with too many things to do. And yet, the energy will be there to get much accomplished.

June is an action-packed month in which we move forward quickly. There will be new opportunities coming to us that will require some important decisions, which we will probably have to make quickly. So far, we haven't been able to make these big decisions because we haven't had all the needed information, but this will come to us in June. Until it does, we cannot force these decisions, because to make them simply for the sake of getting them over with, would be the wrong thing to do. We have to wait until they click into position. When this happens, even major decisions will happen quickly and easily.

June's powerful push forward is much needed, for some of us have been forgetting that this is the Time of Completion. We have become numb from the numerous catastrophes happening on the planet and have pushed aside our inner knowingness as a True One. It's understandable why we do this, because everything that is happening is more than we can take and more than we can integrate. Because of this, we sometimes allow ourselves to become smaller than we really are. When we become numb, we try to reassure ourselves that we are in normal times. But we are not.

It's important that we don't forget what is really happening and try to pretend that everything is just fine, that life as "normal". We must not forget that our full efforts are needed in this momentous shift from duality to Oneness. If we forget this, we become small and disempowered. Duality has hooked us back in. We start to fill our lives with meaningless activities just to fill the void of emptiness and miss our golden opportunity to really make a difference. WHAT WE DO AND WHAT WE DO NOT DO RIGHT NOW, WILL HAVE A LASTING EFFECT.

Our biggest challenge on this planet has been to learn to be fully alive. This is much more difficult than giving up and deciding to sit on the sidelines or to leave the planet. Most of the time, we simply go through life half alive. We don't utilize our full brain; we don't fully inhabit our physical bodies; we don't love with a wide open heart; we don't stand in our natural authority; we don't trust our knowingness. Learning to live with our full beings and allowing ourselves to LOVE and BE LOVED on the deepest, most intimate levels has been nearly impossible. Yet, this is exactly what we must do. We do this by fully inhabiting the Expanded HERE and NOW as True Ones.

For the past few months, it has been difficult to focus on the activities we need to do. We've spent much time waiting for the right waves of energy to get things done. We cannot force ourselves to do things when the light is red. It's like trying to use power plugs that aren't functioning; we can't work when there isn't a connection. June will bring us the ability to bring focus and efficiency into the practical matters that need to be done. New ideas will be quickly implemented and almost immediately start to grow. At the same time, there is still much to bring to completion. But finally, the right energies are here to do this in the totally new ways of a True One, without the heaviness that was present before. We will have the energy to do what is needed right now.

At times our One Being feels really strong and unified. Other times, it feels very fragmented. Right now it feels somewhat fragmented. But that is not what is really happening. For there are times when we are thrown back onto ourselves and that is as it should be. There are also times when we are called to come together, stronger than ever before.

June will bring us a massive influx of new energies and Major Intersections of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. We have the opportunity to dramatically shift tracks in June and move to a whole new set of experiences aligned with our new purpose, with a new group of people, with a totally new timing. If we have released our old lives and old ways of being, this will be Beyond our Wildest Dreams territory.



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