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May was an intense month of great activity that brought us a continued deepening. Time continued to speed up. The New Freshness became increasingly visible. The energies of AN became noticeably stronger. So much was happening that many of us frequently felt flattened. But even if we felt tired, we were vast, greatly expanded and infinitely more real.

During May a wave of people and animals decided to leave the planet, including my beloved cat Mari-Mari. This was like a passing of sceptres before the beginning of a new chapter.


Emerging from the Great Emptiness

For several years, many of us have felt like we've been inhabiting the Great Emptiness. This was a very important and most necessary part of our journey. Some of so merged with the ALL THAT IS that we felt whole and complete in the Great Emptiness. As soon as we entered the Great Emptiness, we felt that the physical plane wasn't real. This made us feel disconnected from the material world and took away our desire to fully step into and inhabit the physical. How could any place be more real than where we were -- in the realm of pure core essence?

Others of us only reached the frontiers of the Great Emptiness. Here we felt such an all pervading emptiness that we experienced intense emotions of feeling lonely and incomplete. Knowing that our connection with the physical was where our deepest transformation took place, we perceived the Great Emptiness as a Pregnant Emptiness. So we parked ourselves on the frontier where we waited and waited for something to happen. We yearned for our One True Loves to appear; we anxiously sought out our True Places; we cried out to be aligned with our True Purpose. Yet, since we were in a No Man's Land, neither fully in the physical nor totally immersed in the Great Emptiness, we weren't inhabiting the HERE and NOW and nothing happened....

Some people could feel the pull of the Great Emptiness, but this filled them with fear and panic. Instead of diving into the Great Emptiness and connecting with the vastness of their own beings, they mistook the Great Emptiness for the deep feeling of loneliness they felt inside and thought that an immersion into the Great Emptiness would only heighten the hollowness of their lives. So they did whatever they could to avoid this painful sense of emptiness, pretending that it didn't exist and keeping themselves busy with a constant stream of activities and distractions.

Now we have reached the Crossroads. It's time to leave the Great Emptiness and bring everything, ALL THAT WE ARE, ALL THAT WE HAVE EVER BEEN, into the HERE and NOW. For some, the Great Emptiness is hard to let go of, because they feel that it is more real compared to the physical world. But right now, we have this wondrous opportunity to fully step in and LIVE A TRUE LIFE AS A TRUE ONE. And to do that, we must fully enter the physical with everything we've got.

Our priorities are shifting dramatically. On top of our already existing priorities, we have new ones that feel even more alive. We are in the midst of a huge process of birth and completion. And even though we know that completion is essential, the birth elements are the ones that fill us with more energy. This is because they are bringing us what we most need to become fully alive and fulfilled: our True Lives and True Purpose.

In June many of us will increasingly inhabit the New Freshness of AN and finally start living True Lives. We will bring the deeper understanding of the Great Emptiness into our daily lives and utilize it in every moment.


From the Library to the Forest

Our outer landscape is dramatically changing. The New Freshness of AN is bringing in a totally New Landscape which is being superimposed over the old one. This dramatic shift of landscapes isn't just manifest in the changing physical details of what is around us. It's a totally new frequency band of energy of a vastly deepened Love. This deepened Love is something that we've never felt before. It's a whole new universe of LOVE that was previously unknown to us. And it gives us a heightened connection with those whom we encounter in our New Landscape.

It's as if we started out in a library and now it is subtly, but steadily, changing into a sparkling forest. In the library we were busy doing things like reading, gathering information and making plans. We could sit at our computer day and night because it was easier to have a virtual life than a physical one.

In the world of the forest, there are no more books or desks, only trees, flowers, birds and animals covered by a canopy of sparkling stars. We are dealing with an entirely new mixture of elements belonging to a completely new reality that are now superimposed upon the old one. The air that we breathe here has a totally new composition making it more real and full of deepened Love.

To deal with this superimposition of two vastly different landscapes is deeply challenging. At this point, there is no easy and graceful way to handle this. We are no longer totally living in the library and we are not yet fully inhabiting the forest. This makes it impossible to continue with the same activities and same methods of doing things as before. Whatever we try to do in the old ways doesn't flow smoothly. The energy to do things with the old methods is gone. As we try to bring resolution to uncompleted projects from our past, we discover that we are missing some needed tools or sources of information that used to be easy to access. And yet there is still much from the old world that needs to be brought to completion. At the same time, we cannot completely leap into our New Landscape because it is not yet fully formed.

It's not that the old world of the library is bad and the new landscape of the forest is good. They are simply on very different levels. In the library we knew where to find things; if we needed a book, we knew exactly which shelf it would be on. This made it a lot easier to accomplish things efficiently using our old skills.

This overlay is also causing occasional distortion bands that are having a strong effect on anything that is based in duality. The veils between the worlds are rapidly dissolving. This is why some people are just flipping out, going crazy and committing bizarre crimes. And why the abuses of power around the world are becoming so glaringly obvious and intolerable.

It's also why we sometimes don't feel like ourselves. Why we occasionally feel that our energy has been stripped away. Whenever heavy or distorted energy is around, it's important that we don't try to ignore it. Don't pretend it isn't there. It's much more helpful to realize that we are being affected by a band of distortion. And that this is only a temporary condition that will soon pass. Don't feel bad if you are unable to get anything done. Simply stop trying to do anything at this moment. Go lie down and melt into the Far Distant Worlds where you can reconnect with who you really are. After you have done this, put your full efforts into shifting the energy back to the Ultra Greater Reality. Simple physical tasks like house cleaning or gardening always help. Or go out in nature. Always stay larger than what you are experiencing. Remember that we are vast beings -- True Ones.

While the library is transforming into a forest, we cannot straddle the worlds by jumping back and forth between them because these worlds are no longer separate entities. Neither of them is complete in itself; they are already blending into each other. Instead, we need to find new ways to live and function in this semi-merged landscape. We are no longer our library selves, but we also are not yet our forest selves. We are not fully living in the New Freshness. During this changeover from our old world to a new one, all we can do is to be True Ones in the HERE and NOW.

How do we deal with this perplexing new situation? We might try to continue on as if we were still in a library, searching for our books amongst the leaves. But these old familiar elements are no longer where they used to be. To find them requires that we look in new places.

Or we can try to restrict ourselves to a small island of the known. We remain at our desk, holding onto any familiar objects we can find, while trying to ignore the singing birds of the New Freshness that perch on the corners of our desk.

We can also try to live fully in the forest, but that also doesn't work. We can't pretend that the residue of the library, the desks, chairs, books and unresolved projects, aren't still there hidden amongst the trees.

What is required is that we live in the Unknown for a while, being totally spontaneous, staying wide open to the entrance of the Unknown and remaining flexible at all times. This certainly helps when we pick up a favorite book only to discover that the pages are now blank. Or when we realize that whole chapters of our memories of this life and previous lives, have disappeared and that they have no relevance anymore. Or when we pluck a flower in the forest and discover that the petals contain the information we've been seeking.

During this changeover, some of the familiar elements, people and situations around us do not move into the new forest with us, so they begin to fade away. The ones who are making the shift from the library to the forest with us are becoming stronger and more dear. This is because they are aligned with the same resonance as we are.

Our True Home and True Purpose are key elements of our New Landscape. We cannot fully connect with them until we merge with the New Freshness of AN. As we increasingly inhabit this new world, we will be able to see many new opportunities and possibilities that we couldn't see before. The Expanded HERE and NOW will open up and reveal worlds within worlds in the present moment of the NOW that we never knew existed.

There will soon come a time when we realize that the book we are staring at is actually a leaf and our pencil has turned into a twig. A whole new life, an entirely new way of being and doing, is here. As we enter an enhanced state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, everything clicks into position all around us.


Right Positioning

An important element of this time has to do with positioning. Everything has its right energetic place. This is true within ourselves, in our relationships, in our community and in our place in the world. Before, our position used to be more random and chaotic. Often we were in default positions because we didn't know how to get into our right position.

Now, our right positioning is extremely precise. It requires that everything inside and outside of us is aligned with our truest coordinates. It doesn't feel as if we have the endless choices and possibilities that we had before. It's no longer appropriate to let our position be determined by random or default behaviors. Instead, our right positions are pulling us to them like magnets. This magnetic force is so strong that it is irresistibly aligns all elements into their right places. Much like iron filaments move themselves along magnetic lines when a magnet affects them, we are also being irrevocably propelled into our right positions.

Being in our right position is essential. While looking for the true home for the Heart of AN, this is the most important thing that we are looking for, the sense that we are in our right position. This also carries over into our personal lives. When we sit at our desk, is it in the right position? When we put on clothes that we feel good in or wear the right colors for the energy of the day, we click ourselves into the right position. That's when we know our right actions for the day such as going out or staying in. We eat the right food for that moment. We are fully in sync with the energies of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE and the melons start dropping into our hands.

Many people are not yet consciously aware of whether or not they are in their right position. They simply forget to look at it. But we can all definitely feel it when it happens. It's helpful to constantly check yourself to see if you are in your right position. When we are not in our right position, we don't feel comfortable and don't have our full clarity. We feel out of sync with ourselves and the situations around us. Of course, even when we feel out of sync, on a vaster level, we are always in sync because True Ones are always in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

When we are in our correct position, everything has a stunning sense of rightness. Everything we do clicks into its right timing with a perfect synchronicity. We are able to express the fullness of our being. This is true even when we are experiencing challenging situations. Being in our right position gives us an enhanced perspective of what is really happening. Sometimes we don't immediately get into our right position; it can take a while to find it. Once we do, everything feels infinitely better. In our right positions, love, knowingness, true authority and confidence flow naturally.

In June, everything is breaking free of its old position so it can move into its right position for the second half of the year. We are switching tracks onto new trajectories aligned with our True Direction and True Purpose. It's similar to opening the sluices in a canal so that the flow of water is diverted into a new direction. As we do this, old fields dry up and the new fields are irrigated. Our new field might have lain dormant for many years, or maybe we didn't even know it was there, but all of a sudden plants start growing, flowers burst into life, butterflies appear.

During this month, we will be aligning ourselves with our right positions, while making true decisions so we can fully inhabit our New Landscapes. At the same time, we will also align ourselves with the flow so that some things just click into position by themselves. As they do, we will become more aware of our True Direction and leap into action.



June, like every other month this year, will be intense and fast paced. We won't be having quiet, peaceful months for quite a while. That's just how it is. It's like living in the midst of a permanent Perfect Storm with numerous rare and challenging factors in constant play. For the past several months, we've been waiting for everything to click into position. While some elements have been clicking, others have not. In June, more elements will move into their right positions.

Learning to live our lives in the midst of shifting realities can be extremely challenging at times, especially for our physical bodies. Often we will feel completely flattened by the intensity. This flattening occurs so we can integrate ourselves with the overlays of such different worlds. Whenever this happens, it's best to cease all activities and simply lie down. At times it may feel like we are hovering on the edge of illness, but even though we feel an overlay of sickness hovering around us, we don't get sick. Strange physical symptoms might appear for no apparent reason, then just as quickly disappear.

June is a powerful Turning Point month that has very mixed energies. It is the midway point of the year. Midway point energies can bring a mixture of good, old, fresh, fears, new, uncertainty, clarity. This is linked to the continued cleansing and purging needed to be fully ready, able and present on all levels to embrace the New and True. For some June is an unstable month on all levels, so this is a time for strengthening our resolve, really listening to our Heart's Knowingness, clearing, leaping into the uncertainty, embracing our fears, letting go and fully loving. It's time for us to walk away from how we used to see and do things. The old patterns are being left behind. We no longer have to live in the dramas. For sure, we are going to see a lot of dramas around us, but we are not going to live them any more. We can help others without being emotionally part of their drama.

Just like May, there will be health challenges, too much to do and occasional distortion bands that we must past through. June feels like an Insertion Point month where the New Freshness that has been wafting in on the breezes finally falls into place on the physical. Perhaps this is a result of some of the Crystal Arrows that we've been sending out.

All year we have been trying to move forward, but we now realize that this can only be done as One Being. In June, the Sleeping Giant of our One Being finally comes alive. This happens when we come together and work with the right people in the right places, revealing our shared True Purpose. June is a month in which we will communicate with many people.

This time is similar to passing through a Black Hole where everything untrue gets stripped off of us. We often feel burned out because we are burning so much out of our lives. Both internally and externally. Just let the bonfires burn without any resistance. Allow yourself to see how this is changing us for the better.

June is an extremely active month in which we have a lot to accomplish on numerous levels. Again, it's important to put together a To Do List and keep it close by, even when we aren't able to look at it for a few days. When the myriad activities we are doing get too complicated, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. It's time to get our affairs in order and start being the person we want to be.

Many hidden treasures are coming to us this month. These are significant pieces of the puzzle coming in to align with with our True Lives and True Purpose. Listen to your Heart's Knowingness and watch for them. They can come in many forms. They are acknowledgements of who we are; finding one is a statement that we are now ready to openly be who we are. These hidden treasures have been here all the time, but only now are we ready to see them. Hidden Treasures will often come to us when we least expect it. Our intuition might tell us where to go, but we won't know what we are looking for until we see it.

As June progresses, we will become increasingly familiar with inhabiting the overlay of different realities, enabling us to move through it with greater ease. We learn to create our lives moment by moment. We will have more confidence and happiness. We leave much behind as the library fades away. The New Freshness of AN becomes ever stronger. Streams of opportunities and many melons are being offered to us all the time. Many of us will experience completely unexpected synchronicities that are absolutely perfect. These synchronicities are weaving together new connections and bringing us much needed information.

As we increasingly experience the New Freshness of AN, we will stand in the flow of the Unknown and watch our True Lives unfold. Life is more fulfilling and we feel more alive. The seeds that were planted during April's 'A Mu'a are already flowering.

With 'A MU'A LOVE,


With deepest gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Anaku, Donna, Elena, Emanáku, Inger, Karaam, Laya, Lucia, Malcolm, Solissa.


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