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May was a brilliant month full of decisive action and noticeable forward movement.
Many significant breakthroughs took place as our New Directions became increasingly clearer. The New Freshness became ever stronger. This new, fresh energy showed us many things that we couldn't see before.

Throughout May, we felt increasingly unpinned from our old reality and vastly expanded. It felt as if we had long been plugged into one of those old fashioned telephone switchboards with hundreds of plugs. Suddenly, they were all pulled out. As this happened, we felt temporarily deflated, all if all the air had been removed from us. Yet we realized that all the old systems had to be pulled out at once, so they can be plugged into a totally new system. During our immersions into Quantum Deep, we connected deeply with the New Paradigm.

Even though May was full of distractions and challenges, these events helped us realize that our beings are now anchored so deeply into the New Reality that we are far less affected by the ebb and flow of earthquakes, shocking world events and wild roller coaster rides than ever before.

It was time to learn how illusory and unreal expectations could be. May dissolved many of our plans and through everything up into the air. Everything was being aligned to a new level of stripped down Trueness. It was time to move deeper into the HERE and NOW. Time to step into the New Reality with trueness, courage and simplicity!

We were given three eclipses to aid us release our old conditioning and move forward. This propelled us deeper into the New Landscape until it became more real and palpable than ever before. Then, May came to its finish like a burst of fireworks with a cluster of Mayan Galactic Activation Portals, which began on May 29th and continued through June 7th. This further activated the 'A Mu'a Reloaded and pushed through a series of events which caused many elements to dramatically click into position.

The Labyrinth Unwinds

Our Journey of Life has often be perceived as traveling through a labyrinth, where there is exactly one path from the entrance of the labyrinth to its center. On this path we sometimes seem to be approaching the center, then at other times, we are going outwards to the edge and the center appears to be far away. Each time that we complete a circuit through the labyrinth, we emerge onto a new level.

Although labyrinths are a very helpful tool to transcend many aspects of our Journey of Life through duality,  they also keep some aspects of duality locked in: There is only one path; this path takes sudden turns to the right and left; the center can be reached only at the very end.

Many aspects of life lock us into separation which is an illusion of duality. Some examples of this are our nationality, our profession, our relationships, our sports team, our religion, our class status, etc. The locking mechanism is our inner resistance: As long as we resist to get familiar with foreigners, their languages and their habits, we stay locked into our own nationality. As long as we resist to think outside the box of our own profession, we will stay locked into the world of our daily work. And as long as we resist any other new impressions, we will be locked into repeating the same experiences over and over. 

But when we stop resisting, then everything becomes possible. We are no longer Germans or Americans bound to their habits, foods and language, etc. -- rather we are human beings, who have had a, (often very intense), German or American experience. We are no longer "the Teacher" or "the Waiter" bound to the obligations of our profession; we are simply a person who has the education, experience and job of a teacher or a waiter.

And we release our resistance to expanding our beliefs, experiences and beings, we are no longer labyrinth travelers, bound to one path with sudden turns and the center at the end of the path. We are travelers into the expanded vastness where no such restrictions exist.

This is when we reach the true end of the labyrinth. Once this happens, the labyrinth itself begins to unwind. The labyrinth unwinds when we stop resisting what comes to us. Each time we resist something, we make a turn. That's just how it is. Once we stop resisting and accept what happens or doesn't happen in our lives, we begin walking a new, straight path of Love and Trueness. That is when the pinnings of the labyrinth loosen and transform into a spiral.

As the labyrinth unwinds, the veils of illusion dissolve. Challenges no longer affect us like before. Our old definitions disappear until we can no longer identify with ourselves as who we were before. We are leaving the old Template of Duality.

Immersed into the New Landscape

Over six months have now passed since the Eleventh Gate Activation on November 22, 2012. When the final 11:11 Gate was activated, the Diamond of the Unseen became visible. This opened up a greatly expanded, New World which exists within a New Paradigm.

Since then, we have been tentatively exploring our New Landscape while in the midst of shedding layers of old skins and strengthening our Trueness.

The expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen is vastly different than anything we have known before. It's impossible to try to understand the very new reality of the Diamond of the Unseen with our minds or with our old criteria. There are no maps or guidebooks to show us the way. We are all explorers into the uncharted realms of this magnificent New Paradigm. We are also the midwives who are birthing it onto the physical planet Earth.

We can talk about the New Paradigm and ponder what changes and challenges it might present to us. We can imagine what it might be like. We can paint bright colored mandalas that accurately depict the energetic resonance of our New Landscape. We can feel strong yearnings to manifest our Wildest Dreams in our True Homes. But until we directly FEEL and EXPERIENCE the New Reality, we won't know what it is like. And even then, it is nearly impossible to describe....

What is happening right now is like being in one of those theatres which have a revolving stage. As the stage rotates, the old scene disappears and a totally new stage set appears. The scene of our old life is rotating out of sight, revealing the entirely new scene of our New Lives. All of this is happening while we are still in the same theatre building, located within the same physical time / space coordinates as before, living on the same planet in the same physical body -- yet everything is now totally different.

In May, some of us experienced a deeper immersion into the New Landscape / New World / New Paradigm of the Diamond of the Unseen. It was no longer just a soft breeze of the New Freshness. We felt powerful gusts of New Freshness blowing in. We felt it with our eyes open, while walking down the street in our physical bodies. We felt it wherever we were, whatever we were doing.

This energy of our New Landscape is indescribable. It's absolutely different and much better than what we had imagined. It gives us a feeling of tremendous expansion. It's gently grounded and surprisingly efficient. It imbues everything with a deeper love than we have known before. It's super fun and easy. When we experience the steady surge of the New Freshness, it makes everything around us new. Here in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE everything around us is full of wondrous events and exciting synchronicity.

This started happening to me during the final weeks of May. After several days of feeling so deeply expanded that I could only lie down, be super still and feel myself clicking into position with the New Reality, Emanáku and I had to drive to Cuzco early in the morning for a lawyer's appointment. First on our agenda was getting the official "Permission to Sign Contracts" paper. I've had one of these before and they cost $50 per person and are good for only one month. Plus, you need to wait in line for a few hours. Not anymore.... Not in the New Reality.

We found out that the $50 fee is no longer necessary and the man from our lawyer's office told us to go wait in a cafe while he got everything ready for us. While we were in the cafe, I randomly glanced out the door and saw a man walking down the street carrying a huge stack of large, beautiful baskets from Ecuador. The funny thing was that a few days ago I had thought that I would like to find some large baskets exactly like these. And there they were! It was the first time that I have ever seen them for sale. I ran down the street and purchased some at a very good price.

We left the cafe and since we still had a few free minutes, randomly went into a bookstore across the street. Here, I was surprised to find that they had some books which I had been wanting, but didn't expect to find in Peru. Next we went to the Immigration Office and quickly received our "Permission to Sign Contracts" paper which was valid for 2 1/2 months, rather than one month!

Then we squeezed in quick dentist appointments that we had hastily made that morning. Since we had a few more free minutes, I spontaneously went to a hairdresser that was in the same block as the cafe, Immigration Office, dentist and bookstore and got an immediate appointment. I had really been wanting to have my hair trimmed, since it hadn't been cut for almost a year, and it's always good to get rid of old energy. As I was paying, I noticed that they had my favorite American shampoo and conditioner for sale. These were products that are no longer available in the US. With a sense of rising awe at how the day was progressing, I happily bought some. And so it went, all day long as we completed a long list of varied errands with an abundance of love, ease, joy and increasing wonder. It was amazing how much we could do so much while remaining so greatly expanded. It was a strong immersion into the New Landscape and so much fun!

During this time, many old doors are closing and new doors are opening. A few weeks ago, we found a beautiful piece of land for the Heart of AN which is much smaller and cheaper than the land we had been trying to purchase for over a year. A NEW DOOR OPENING. That very evening, by perfect, unplanned synchronicity, the owners of the land we had been trying to buy came over to our house for the first time. They told us that their relatives, who are co-owners of the land, want a prohibitively expensive price for it. AN OLD DOOR CLOSED. So in the morning, the new door opened and in the evening the old door closed!

The New Landscape is becoming more visible every day. We are really moving into a totally New Reality, not just onto another new level of the old reality. We've reached it. We're here. We may not be fully immersed in it yet, but we have entered the territory of the New Landscape and it's new, fresh and absolutely awesome.

Everything is dramatically transforming all around us as we move deeper into the New Landscape. We can clearly see and strongly feel that this is something very, very different from what we have previously experienced. When we are in the New Reality, absolutely anything can happen. The 'A Mu'a Reloaded is powerfully realigning everything around us. Many elements are moving forward, while the obstacles that long held us back are falling away. The doors are open wide and the Green Lights are shining brightly. Difficult tasks are made easy. Rare alignments and synchronicity are becoming the "New Normal". At the same time, everything is moving into their true places and clicking into position. The time has come to manifest our Wildest Dreams. The time is NOW!

The Deepening of our One Being

Our full being needs to move into the New Reality before the New Landscape can manifest outside of us. As we do this, the New Reality is mirrored in the world around us. We experience a sudden realization of profound recognition. It's Here! We can suddenly see, taste and feel the New Reality!

As this happens, more of our disguises and layers of untrueness are stripped off until only the true essence of Who We Are and What Is Real remains. This strengthening of Trueness as we are immersed into the New Landscape creates a deepening of our relationships. The love between us becomes stronger and truer. This deepening extends even with those dear ones who have already left the planet. This is because the veils are dissolving as never before.

A good friend of mine was devastated when the 11:11 Activations were over. "We'll never see each other again," he lamented. This is so not true. One of the great achievements of our journey through the 11:11 Doorway was the weaving together of our One Being. Even though we may live scattered all over the world, the 11:11 Family and the Family of AN are more together than we've ever been. This is why some beloved ones from our past are now re-entering our lives. They never actually left us, even when we had no physical contact for years.

Increasing numbers of people are feeling like our kindred people. We are woven together no matter where we are physically located. There is no separation between True Ones anywhere on the planet, even between us and the ones whom we haven't physically met. This is true even with the ones who aren't consciously aware of their connection to the 11:11 or the Family of AN. The weaving into One Being of all True Ones is so strong that we cannot be separated.

For many years I felt that our One Being was too fragmented and weak. This was a huge disappointment to me and made me occasionally feel that I had failed in my task. Now I can finally see how strong our One Being has become and this makes me very happy. ( And deeply relieved....)

People all over the world are coming together like never before. There's a stronger sense of Oneness and solidarity between those who are authentic and real, with the knowingness that we are all in this together and that, together as One, we will see it through. This enhanced Oneness and deepening love is emerging on both the physical and non physical levels.

Large groups of people are uniting together as One Being to protest the misuse of power, corruption, greed, nuclear power and lack of freedoms. All these issues and imbalances are becoming more obviously visible and intolerable than ever before. What is exciting is that these demonstrations are by groups of people who wouldn't usually come together. This is most visibly happening right now in Turkey, Ethiopia, Japan, Malaysia and Sweden.

In addition, there is the global rising up against the poisoning and control of our food supply by Monsanto's GMOs and Nestlés' attempt to control the global water supply. These critical situations are making many people aware of the need to be better informed about what they eat.

There is a radical sense of buoyancy and a deepening awareness of the strength of our Oneness, Authenticity and Trueness than ever before. There is an increasing sense of the importance of being fully present in the HERE and NOW and being consciously connected to the power of LOVE. Although more old dusty structures are collapsing and imploding around us, we have learned to expect the Unexpected and weather the storm surge in a way that objectively astonishes us as it happens. We are making the shift from the LOVE OF POWER to THE POWER OF LOVE.

June feels very ripe for a more universal and comprehensive Breakthrough, collectively and individually. So much illusion is truly being unmasked as the layers of the New Reality are being revealed. We know more people who are leaving the planet, but these departures have less impact on our sentimental emotions as we understand the role of each thread in the amazing tapestry we form. We are ever connected, flowing in and out of seen and unseen dimensions. Never lost - but only expanded, as form no longer confines us.

The wondrous New Landscape is our meeting place. It's a new, vast space that is being opened within all of us. This is where we can come together as One and create our shining New World. The New Landscape is where the Jewels in the Crown reside. And right now, we as the Jewels are placing ourselves into our rightful positions. This gives us continual, instantaneous contact with one another. There is no more separation. We are ONE.


June makes a powerful entrance with its seven Mayan Galactic Activation Portals and strong solar activity. This is a month of massive transitions from old ways into new paths, new activities and new locations. It's a time when the cogs of the wheels within wheels start to align into new positions, allowing us to take action and move closer to our true positions.

June is strong and at times profoundly poignant, with some life or death situations. Numerous events continue to push us out of our old positions. Floods, tornados, wildfires and other natural disasters, as well as continual small scale annoyances in our current living situation or large scale demonstrations are pushing us out of our old lives and demolishing old systems while bringing purification, rectification and clearing the path for the New.

June is full of breakthroughs as the 'A Mu'a energy powerfully moves us into the New Reality. Since we have experienced such a long time when the doors were closed, this may make us feel temporarily sensitive and vulnerable, but it is also a great gift that fills us with gratitude that the doors are finally open.

Many of us are continually in a contemplative state looking at everything with new eyes. The time is up for sitting passively on the sidelines, undecided as to what to do. We now need to pay attention to our inner promptings. We don't want to miss out on the brilliant, life-changing opportunities that are being offered to us. So much is happening; we need to take the time to really know ourselves and be clear about what we truly want. Who are we now? What fills us with inspiration and happiness? What makes us uncomfortable?

We just passed the six month mark after activating the Eleventh Gate and it feels like all the seals have been broken. There are no more secrets, as a radical inside-outing is occurring across the spectrum and long forgotten memories are emerging from the darkest depths to be healed and transmuted. Those who are awakened and alert may find themselves in the eye of the hurricane -- safely grounded and ready for whatever unfolds.

Right now anything untrue is completely visible. Any step we make toward what isn't real and true sets off what sounds like a shrill fire alarm. When we shift and correct it, there is instant relief. But while this is happening, it is anxiety provoking and painful. Our old stories simply aren't possible anymore. We have to accept all necessary consequences for living our New Story.

Such massive shifts require constant adjustments. Every single cell and molecule of our human existence is undergoing these changes to acclimate to these purer frequencies, so it makes sense, that our bodies would have this experience also. While we are adjusting to the energies of the New Reality, at times we may feel extra edgy, nervous, angry and cranky for no apparent reason. We may have flu-like symptoms, especially stomach flu and nausea, suddenly becoming unnaturally hot and cold. We may have strange aches and pains in our bodies or develop skin rashes. All of this is temporary and will pass when we finish adjusting to the New Reality.

This month, we will continue to shed more skins. Hidden pockets of old duality-based emotions are leaving our energetic field. The roots of old problems, judgements or basic belief systems are being transformed. Everything that doesn't resonate with our New Reality selves is dying away. This is a huge thing. Our emotions have become much deeper than ever before, less painful and infinitely stronger. They do not seem to wash everything away like in earlier days. There is a new power and softness at the same time.

Some people are being hit with their biggest fears as they encounter gigantic, custom-made Perfect Storms. So much is happening at once, yet somehow we can deal with it. The challenges are getting stronger and stronger, but at the same time they don't break us. It simply feels like "It is as it is".

The energies of June may sometimes feel super intense and out of control. There's a sparky intensity in the air that makes everything feel highly charged. This is because we are in the midst of an immense power surge of 'A Mu'a energy. This calls us to make strong decisions so we can fully manifest our New Lives. We have deep insights that need to be put into action. We need to grab these insights and make them real. Plans and appointments may keep getting moved around until they end up in their right timing.

We are in strong times and this is a wild, wild ride. One of the most effective things we can do when things get too wild is to sit as Silent Watchers embodying the knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

Many of us are feeling deep Gratitude for living here on earth at this special time. We have deep appreciation for everything: Past, Future and especially the Present. Even duality seems to be transitioning into something beautiful.

In June we become much more at home in the New Reality. It's more tangible and real. We're being given the opportunity to take a completely new approach to life. We can now combine our former experiences with new methods and creative approaches to create the True Life that we have always yearned for. A life which is the authentic expression of who we really are.

We are open and ready for June's breakthroughs!

Let's explore our wondrous New Landscape.




With deepest Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Alanah, Antares, Arbaline, Bradley, Carolyn, Denise Luna, Denise M, Dina, Emanáku,
Geordie, Gunilla, Henriette, Inger, Iris, John, Keenuane, Lea, Lucia, Maria, Path, Sharon, Thomas


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