Onto the Fast Track


Emerging Into A New World



From early November until the end of February, many of us felt that we had been disconnected from the past, but were not yet connected to the future. Instead, we found ourselves in the uncharted realms of a seemingly endless Transition Zone. In March, we will no longer feel as if we are caught between the worlds. Instead, we will feel much more connected to the HERE and NOW. The past will fade away and almost feel like it didn't happen. Where we are right now will feel increasingly real, true and stunningly right.

For quite a while, time has been collapsing. This is why the years are passing by in such a blur. Past and Future are dissolving into the present moment. As soon as a month finishes, it drops out of our memories and melts away. As today comes to a close and becomes yesterday, the memory of it is instantly gone. All the while, the heightened HERE and NOW is ever expanding....

In February we explored our New Landscape, gathered more knowledge about where we are, developed mastery in new areas, became more comfortable with who we are, plunged into Quantum Deep and Far Distant Worlds and made breakthroughs that were much larger than we realized. All of this prepared us to be positioned at the starting gates of dynamic March. And now the gates fling open and the race on the Fast Track begins!




For months, many of us have felt like we were on a roller coaster ride into our New Lives that has been slowly- s l o w l y - s l o w l y going up that first long, steep hill. During this time, we've been undergoing a huge learning process. We've been learning what it means to be a True One and how this changes everything. We've been exploring our New Landscape and seeing what's there. We've been releasing untrue elements from our beings. Some of us have had much of our old world and old ways of doing things totally stripped off of us. This has forced us to learn how to do almost everything in new ways.

Now our gigantic learning curve is going to finally show some results. We will discover new areas of mastery that we didn't have before. The new information that we've been gathering will start coming together and show us more of our New Map. In March, we will reach the crest of the first hill of our roller coaster of change and begin our exciting, ultra wild ride into the New and True. In April, our ride will become even faster and wilder.

In March many elements will click into position which will reveal previously unseen facets of our new purpose. We will be gathering together with the right people, places, information, tools and skills and forming the concentrated core of the foundation of our New Lives. This concentrated core foundation will be an important component of our new purpose that will be increasingly revealed all year long.

Seeds of the new will start becoming visible. We've been planting these seeds for quite a while and now we will finally be able to see what kind of plants we are growing. Some may be weeds of old behaviors, limiting beliefs, old judgments and old assumptions that need to be quickly removed from our garden, while others will have very pretty flowers. Some of our plants will be wondrous surprises!

Increasingly, we will feel much more aligned with our New Coordinates. This will give us more sureness in making decisive actions. We will also feel more comfortable with openly being in the stripped down state of a True One. We will have a greater acceptance of not knowing all the details of our New Lives and simply allowing them to reveal themselves when the time is right.

The past few months have felt like rehearsals for the Grand Play of our New Life. We studied our lines, got familiar with the new cast, explored the parameters of our new theatre. Now, the theatre curtain opens and a whole new play begins. Only this time, it's not a make-believe play; it is very, very real. We might not yet know the plot our story, or even the exact role we are playing, but we do know that we have an important part in it. As the new story begins, we will launch into action and see where it takes us. And we are very excited to see what happens next!

Not only does the curtain open on a brand new play, but on a totally new era or MUA. When the curtain opens, it reveals more of our New Landscape. It's like we move into a more color enhanced, Ultra Greater Reality landscape with sharpened vision. Elements of our New Landscape that we couldn't see before will suddenly come into focus. And they will be exquisitely beautiful! This will give us some much needed new information and lead us without hesitation into our truest direction.

2011 is a momentous year of change. We are right in the midst of the changeover between major evolutionary cycles. Tsunamis of Trueness are sweeping across the planet and bringing up to the surface anything that is untrue so that it can be washed away. Untrue elements are not only being washed away; but they are being totally removed from our planetary matrix.

Already in the first two months of this year, we have seen massive changes and upheavals on both a personal and global level, and this is just the beginning.... At this point, it is impossible to predict what will happen with any accuracy. All we know is that we will all experience completely UNEXPECTED, Off the Map changes all year long. The changes will be so far reaching that all we an do is get onto the biggest surfboards we can find and surf the waves of PURE HEART LOVE as True Ones.

The old structures are breaking down all around us, and that's just how it is in the final days of duality. The New Paradigm is moving rapidly through the birth canal and is ready to emerge. And we are the midwifes of this exciting birth. This is why we are here. It is what we've been working so hard for lifetimes to achieve.

Change is going to affect us in our most personal lives, in our outer environment, in businesses, governments, established organizations, educational systems, financial institutions, in our physical planet, in the people who are around us, in those closest to us, in our jobs. And there is nothing to fear.... ALL WILL BE WELL.



The Silent Watchers are vast beings who have long held all the worlds within worlds in balance and maintain the interweaving of the grids in multiverses. They moved into position right before the creation of Time to serve as stabilization pinions for this dimensional universe. Silent Watchers see and feel everything.

Some of us have long served as Silent Watchers. We have been deeply trained not to leave our positions or let go of our focused intent, even for an instant. When Null Zones occur within the worlds that we are ever watching, our old response was to hold the grid stronger than ever before in order to bring it back into a position of stability and balance.

However in 2010, we started responding in new ways. This new response didn't come from outer instructions or orders from On High, for the time of receiving instructions from outside sources is over. There are no more messages to be received from On High -- FOR WE ARE THEM.

Instead, these new responses come from an activation within our own cellular memory banks. It is information that has been encoded within us since we first became Silent Watchers. Our new response was to allow the grids to expand so that everything could move freely into their new positions. The expansion of the grids caused us to unhook ourselves from our old coordinates so we could align ourselves with a new set of coordinates that shift us into a totally New Paradigm.

This year, the role of Silent Watchers has changed again. They no longer want to dispassionately observe the worlds within worlds from a place of trained neutrality. Instead, they want to step in and feel everything. They want to LOVE and BE LOVED with their whole beings. They want to play a more active part in this momentous shift of evolutionary spirals.

The Silent Watchers are not separate from us. We are both physical beings and Silent Watchers. They are simply a part of the vastness of our infinite beings. We can greatly benefit by consciously merging these two vast aspects of ourselves and inhabiting them simultaneously. This gives the Silent Watcher aspect of ourselves the opportunity to fully participate in physical life on Earth. Aligning with the Silent Watcher part of ourselves helps us to remain balanced and maintain a vaster perspective.

As we all know, 2011 is a year of momentous change. It is a year full of unprecedented upheavals as the world of duality collapses and a New World is born. One of the most helpful things that we can do at this time is to spend a few minutes each day as a Silent Watcher. To do this, we.....

Become so vast that you are infinitely larger than all the worlds within worlds within this dimensional universe.

From this heightened vantage point, calmly observe everything that is occurring within them.

Then embody the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE.

Embrace everything and everyone in PURE HEART LOVE.

Send forth the knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

Feel all the worlds within worlds become more stable and balanced.

Feel the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE growing ever stronger.

Call forth the True Ones in all the worlds within worlds to fully emerge.

See the resonance of Trueness ever expanding.

Not only does this have a tremendous effect on what is happening in the worlds within worlds, but it helps us gain a greater perspective on what is really going on. Although part of us remains on Earth experiencing the massive changes of these tumultuous times, there is a vaster part of us who deeply understands why all of this is happening and who knows that ALL IS WELL.

Spending a few minutes each day as a Silent Watcher will enable us to live without being shocked or thrown off balance at the constant upheavals and give us full acceptance and knowingness of what is really going on. It gives us the strength, authority and empowerment that we need for our daily life and our service to the world.


March brings us a noticeable shift onto a new accelerated Fast Track. This doesn't mean that things simply speed up; instead, we're moving onto a totally new super expressway of Quantum Surf that we couldn't see or access before. As we travel on the Fast Track, there will be lots of activity, lots of fun, bursts of inspiration, surges of creativity and breakthrough after breakthrough all month long.

For months we've been searching for certain elements that were missing from our lives. Now, they are going to start coming to us, rather than us looking for them. Some of them will literally arrive on our doorstep.

There will also continue to be tensions, shocking events and upheavals, both on a personal and a planetary level. This collapsing of duality is necessary so the New Paradigm can be born. We have passed the Point of No Return in terms of what is acceptable or tolerable on the scale of Trueness and Integrity. Young people are stepping in and taking responsibility to bring much needed change to long expired, old systems. In addition, they are openly working together with the older ones who have the knowledge and experience. This is exactly as it should be.

The world as we've known it is irrevocably changing. This is occurring through the combined efforts of forces of nature, earth changes, null zoning of old systems based on falseness and greed, and through our emergence as True Ones who are embodying PURE HEART LOVE. Throughout the year, many geographical locations will be affected. The recent devastation of beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand is the latest example. This is showing us that we can't rely on any of our old assumptions, nor can we continue to stand on our old foundations, for they are all crumbling before our eyes. There is nothing left for us, but to ride through the changes as deepened True Ones and to create a New World anchored in LOVE and ONENESS.

A major emphasis of this year is on creating new True Lives that perfectly mirror who we really are as True Ones. March is going to provide us with some much needed Clicking Into Position that will greatly aid this process. March and April are the months when we build a new foundation for the rest of the year. We are creating the blueprint for our New Lives. And in the midst of worldwide upheavals, it's important that we keep focused on this. If we allow ourselves to be stressed or fearful, we might fall off the Fast Track, and we don't want to do that.

In March and for the rest of the year, our foot is going to be pressed down on the accelerator pedal. We will zoom forward, going faster than we thought possible. The road ahead will be clear, even when our destination remains unknown. Following the compass of our hearts with our natural knowingness as a True One, we will be propelled into our Truest Directions.





I'm entering my fifth month of living out of suitcases.... something that I never thought would happen. Having a solid home base has always been essential for me to keep grounded in the Ultra Greater Reality. This was a great challenge for me until last month.... This is when I simply accepted my current situation and it ceased to matter to me. Even though I have no place to work except for outside which can be quite cold, I don't mind being swaddled in blankets and fingerless gloves to work at my computer. It simply is how it is right now. And I am ever grateful to be here. I am grateful to be surrounded by love and the songs of birds, and the occasional braying of a neighbor's burro.

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