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February was an extremely potent month full of massive inner changes that kept us busy and transformed us deeply. Dealing with our Perfect Storm Overlays stretched us far beyond our previous limits, bringing up everything that holds us back from being our true selves. Part of the brilliance of Perfect Storm Overlays is that they require us to firmly position ourselves in the Eye of the Storm at all times.

Throughout the month, we were given numerous opportunities to demonstrate our mastery as a True One. When we did this, we stayed True even in the most rocky and challenging situations. When we weren't being honest and true, it was painfully obvious to ourselves and others. Being dishonest and untrue at this point, sabotages all that we have been striving to be and weakens our integrity. It holds us back from living True Lives. From now on, it's simply not an option to be anything less than honest and real.

Since the beginning of 2012, we have been experiencing a whole new level of heightened Ho'o Pono Pono experiences of Making Things Right as we close the door to our old lives by bringing them to new levels. To help us do this, we are all being given exactly what we most need in order to be ready for our True Lives. Whatever we are experiencing is personally tailored to our deepest needs. This is true even when we don't like some of the situations and challenges we are experiencing. Any fears we still carry are immediately made obvious through situations that perfectly reflect them and demand a breakthrough and letting go. All of this is peeling off the old layers of untrueness and allowing us to become more real than ever before. It is absolutely brilliant!

To fully understand the energies of March, it's necessary to understand it in the context of a larger cycle. This began on 11/11/11 with a massive RESET that set off a huge MUA or New Beginning. Since then, we have been undergoing profound core level transformations of our inner and outer lives. Although January felt quiet and February brought deep insights and realizations, the Surf has been steadily building up under the surface. In March, the Quantum Surf will burst to the surface, building steadily towards the growing tsunamis of April and the Mega Tsunamis of May.

February was the month where we went very deep. We spent much time under the surface. And we felt very spread out over our life, embracing every small part of our being, every aspect of our life, every detail of the landscape. It was like an inhale. There was a deep silence to the month. We were thrown back on our own resources while experiencing major Ho'o Pono Pono. In February we had to do many things by ourself. March feels like an exhale. We are more focused, more centered, more active and far more effective. But both are parts of a whole Ho'o Pono Pono process. First we embraced everything, then brought it to a new level and then manifested it. These exhales are accompanied by massive creative surges that are the expressions and manifestations of this new level. By mid March there will be a shift and we will start implementing these profound changes into our everyday lives. Everything is now going to noticeably accelerate, gaining ever more momentum in April and finally moving to full zoom mode in May as we enter totally uncharted territory.

April is significant because we are having a special ceremony on April 20th in Rapa Nui (Easter Island). This ceremony is called 'A Mu'a which means To Go Forward in the Rapa Nui language. This ceremony will move everything forward and fling open the doors to fully manifesting our True Lives. Because of this, March is a critical month in which we have to make any needed course corrections and final preparations before we reach zoom mode. So if there's anything that needs healing, transforming, releasing, completing or preparing, now is the perfect time to do it!

From January through March, many of us are taking Ho'o Pono Pono journeys to the places where we used to live. These are multi-dimensional journeys. We are making things right with ourselves, others and the world. We are sifting through what is true and what is not true. It's like stripping off layers upon layers of old wallpaper. Each layer shows us a different pattern and color.  Each layer comes with memories and ingrained behaviors that need to be transformed.

While there, we may be confronted with stories from the past. When this happens, we have the chance to choose: Do we want to tell the old stories in the same way we always did, with the same feelings and emotions? Or do we want to change the tone with which we tell these old stories so we can see and learn something new from them? How much do we allow ourselves to fall into the same feelings and thoughts we had in the past by seeing pictures from the past, by talking with people about the past? Or do we repattern the past and make it new by talking about it in different ways? These past stories can keep being played over and over like a stuck old record. And we can keep them playing like that for our whole lives. Or we can lift up the needle of the record player and move it to a new position. This enables us to hear something new, to move things to new levels of understanding. The third option is to put a new record on the record player. We don't have to listen to a stuck record, and if that's all that is playing, we can choose to listen to something else. Or we can simply turn off the record player and sing a new song-- the song of our heart.


Another important element of this time is for us all to stop seeing this as a hostile world. It really doesn't serve us to do this. True Ones do not live in hostile environments. They live in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. They are supported in everything they do. They don't fall into drama or take personally perceived slights. True Ones don't "build a case" or bottle up their emotions. As soon as they feel bad about something, they honestly communicate their feelings and take action to Make Things Right. Most importantly, True Ones do not live in a world of reaction, but in a world of clean, decisive action.

Of course, we are aware that there are terrible things going on in the world, but that is not the world we inhabit. This isn't out of avoidance, but it is because we know that the most effective way to change a hostile world is to remove our energy from that reality. If we continue to inhabit the duality-based world and believe in it, we remain pawns of duality. But if we consciously inhabit the Ultra Greater Reality as True Ones, we stop feeding the illusions of duality. This strengthens the resonance of Trueness all over the planet until duality can no longer exist.

Being honest and real at all times keeps things simple and clear. Life is not as complicated as we sometimes perceive it. And it's definitely not as sinister as it occasionally feels.

Here's a recent example from my life: A few months ago, I was preparing some information that needed photos of the participants. I went through all my photos and with great care, chose the best photos I could find of each person. Recently, I could feel that one of the people was going through much turmoil so I wrote her a few days ago to see what was happening. And yesterday, I finally found out that much of it was triggered by the photo I had used of her which she hated. (I sincerely thought it was a very good photo.) She said that when she saw her photo, she felt stabbed in the heart and took it as a personal attack, and that this had triggered off months of anguish. I asked her why she hadn't simply sent us a new photo as one of the other participants had done? We could have changed it right away.

And that's how simple many of these things which knock us off balance and tear us apart can be resolved. All the drama and pain is unnecessary. All we have to do is communicate what is important to us with honesty and trueness.

Throughout this time, more of the Past and the Future are being rolled up into the present moment. Huge segments of our Past are dissolving, not just physically, but energetically. This helps us to become free of the Past so we can stop clinging onto our old behaviors. We are meeting all situations in our lives as a True One and this changes everything. Elements from the past are either moving to a new level, dissolving or are being released. Waves of the New and True are washing away our tired old Footprints in the Sand.

When we return from our Ho'o Pono Pono journeys, there is the feeling that we no longer know who we are. We have become very clear about WHO WE ARE NOT, and we are experiencing deepening insights of our new self. There is also the sense that much in our lives is out of place. A whole new level of things that need shifting in our current environment is revealed. And with fresh eyes and an abundance of energy to do this, we set to work....



This is a month for planting seeds. So the big question is what kind of seeds are we going to plant? Are we going to keep putting the tired, old seeds that we've been planting for years into the ground, so the same old plants come up again and again? Or are we going to plant something new this time, the seeds of our True Lives? The seeds of our Wildest Dreams? Or perhaps some of the seeds from the Seed Melons that we've been receiving.

In late April, everything is going to start rapidly moving forward and our seeds are going to germinate quickly and spring into fresh new life. Are we going to be satisfied with the emergence of our same old, tired plants? Or are we ready to leap out of the known into something totally new? The choices that we make this month will have a strong effect on our future.

We've prepared our garden with fertile soil created from the changes we've made since the 11/11/11 RESET. We've weeded it on our Ho'o Pono Pono journeys. We can mix the best seeds of the Past with the seeds of the New.

Plant your seeds consciously this month. Choose what you really want to grow. Don't plant with fear, but with confidence, joy and knowingness. Right now, we hold the future in our hands....



March is another serious month in a serious year. Much is still on the line. It's a month of Quantum Surf in which we will be taking a penetrating look at what we really want in our lives. Numerous revisions will be made as we refocus on our truest priorities. Once we see this clearly, we will realign ourselves to our true coordinates. Then we will leap onto our biggest surfboard (our Heart's Knowingness) and jump into action to manifest our Wildest Dreams.

There is a sense of freshness and excitement at the beginning of March, like facing a series of huge tsunamis about to come in. All month long, Melons will fall in our hands if we are ready to catch them. To be ready all we have to do is to be in a state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, with our hearts wide open. All of these melons are something that we really need at this moment. Some of them are elements of our True Lives that might arrive unexpectedly or take totally new forms. When they come, we don't get any time to think about the consequences; we have to accept them immediately with our full being. Even one second of doubts and they're gone. Our True Lives are right in front of us and require our immediate stepping in without thinking about it or bargaining. Just listen to your Heart's Knowingness. If we're not ready to grab the melon of our Wildest Dreams when it comes to us, then it might slip by us and splat on the ground.

Fortunately, we will have more clarity, efficiency and confidence in March. And although we will be super busy, we will have the energy to do what needs to be done with focus and effectiveness.

Another thing that we will be doing in March is revising and Ho'o Pono Pono-ing some areas of the new foundations of our True Lives that we recently built. We can now see that the new structure has formed some cracks. These cannot be simply plastered over, but must be completely torn down and created anew.

There seems to be an ever growing gap between those who are true and real and those who are still resisting it by holding onto the old ways of being. The people who are getting it are decisively leaping forward, while others appear to be stuck. It often feels like we are from different planets; we don't see or understand each other anymore. This is happening even with those whom we have been close to. The people who aren't making the shift are feeling very dusty and tired. This tiredness comes from still being immersed in their old lives, doing things in the old ways. Yet, as soon as we make our full commitment to leap into our New True Lives, all the tiredness is gone and we are filled with freshness and excitement. We can encourage others to remember who they are and to align themselves with what they really want, but we cannot carry them with us.

Many elements of our True Lives feel like they are still on hold. Sometimes this feeling that we can't go forward is painful, but we are now realizing that the feeling of being on hold isn't real. A lot is happening all the time and it's exactly what most needs to happen. Increasingly, our sense that we are in the right timing is getting stronger. We have not only a sense that everything in our lives is unfolding absolutely on course, but are gaining a deep appreciation of this. A larger picture is developing of what is really happening which enables us to relax and settle into the knowingness that we are constantly in our RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

This removes much of the pressure that has been affecting us. It doesn't mean that we stop putting in our full effort to do what is in front of us; this we still need to do. But it does mean that we have a deep, unshakable knowingness that ALL IS WELL at all times.

This is especially helpful because some of us have to make important decisions with far reaching consequences. These decisions are connected with our Wildest Dreams of living True Lives in our True Homes. When they occur, these decisions must be made quickly. They are deep level choices. Not just "Do I do this or that?" But more of "What basis do I choose for my future life? Do I choose security as my main consideration?" Or is it more "I feel in my Heart's Knowingness that I want to do this and it's the right thing for me to do. I know that if I follow my Heart's Knowingness, that ALL WILL BE WELL."

Although these decisions are life changing, they don't throw us into a state of panic like they would have before. They are actually surprisingly easy to make. This is because we aren't diving into the old ways of doing things or looking at things with our old criteria. These major decisions are now being presented to us because we are finally ready for them. We can calmly watch what is happening without being overwhelmed or torn apart by it. Instead we watch it with interest and excitement.

Throughout March, there is much to do. This is the final month of Getting Ready. The intense process of Ho'o Pono Pono is finally nearing its completion. We are weeding our gardens and planting seeds of the New and True. There are numerous creative surges to help us do this. And the Wild Cards are coming in. We hold our future in our hands....

It's now time for us to stand up for what we know to be true.

To make our commitment to what we believe.

To plant the seeds we love the most.

To live the lives we have always wanted.

To create True Lives as True Ones.

And to know that ALL IS WELL.




With deepest gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Bosse, Elena, Emanáku, Inger, Kayanti, Liv, Lucia, Theresa

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