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The Year 2013 Surf Report: Expanding into a New Reality

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February was a short, but extremely potent month that had a strong sense of emergence. This was the emergence of our deeply reconfigured inner core being into a greatly expanded, new outer reality. Our focus moved from our inner landscape to the outer landscape. We began bringing WHO WE ARE NOW out into the outer world.

The Sacred Pause was now officially over and we took our first steps out into our wondrous New Landscape. In February, very little happened as we thought it would, causing us to continually release our expectations. This taught us to remain firmly anchored in the HERE and NOW and to accept what comes, or doesn't come to us.

In February, we started encountering Hidden Treasures. These Hidden Treasures are touchstones for WHO WE ARE NOW. We never know what they are or where they are until we encounter them. Then, there's that sudden recognition. Hidden Treasures can be people, places, information or objects. It really doesn't matter what form they take. What's important is that we recognize them when they appear.

What is deeply significant about Hidden Treasures appearing at this time, is that they are strong signs that WHO WE ARE NOW is beginning to manifest on the physical. It's not about buying things; it's that these touchstones of our true essence now exist on the physical plane.

February also had a strong emphasis on preparation. We were preparing for something grand and glorious that is almost here. Everything is constantly moving closer to their right positions. This is true even when we can only feel it, rather than see it.


Many of us are experiencing the sense of being unplugged from our old reality and then being plugged into a greatly expanded reality which has tremendous vastness and limitless potential.

I see this disconnection / connection process taking place with power plugs. Our old two prong power plug is pulled out of its wall socket. Then a totally different type of power plug is placed into a new socket. This new power plug is circular and has several very intricate prongs. It fits into a round socket and has to be placed into position very carefully so all the prongs match up with the holes. It fits into the socket deeply, rather than the surface connection of a wall socket.

After this happens, it's not easy to replug ourselves back into the old power source like we were before. Something has irrevocably changed and expanded within us. Our old Known Worlds have so diminished in size that they can't be taken as seriously as before. Our cells have been infused with the expanded New Reality of the Diamond of the Unseen.

The month of March begins with the sense that we are undergoing some sort of docking procedure with our New Landscape. We have all the needed power plugs in our hands, but have to wait until the new connectors are in position.

Many of us are already aware of what we really want in our life. We can feel that our next step is imminent, but we're just not sure where to place it. This can be quite perplexing at times. We feel ready to move forward, yet can't quite fully leap into action. We try to make important appointments, but the person whom we need to meet isn't available. Or for days we try to reach someone on the phone, only to discover their number has been changed.

There's a feeling of temporarily waiting, but it won't be for long. The final match up between our True Selves and our New Reality is taking place right now. Very soon, we will be thrust into Full Zoom Mode.

The Map from There to Here

The past several months have unfolded in a steady progression. In November, the New Reality of the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen was revealed. This catapulted us into a profound state of Sacred Pause which lasted until the beginning of February.

During this time, we experienced a deep inner alignment to our expanded New Landscape. Our old Known Worlds suddenly appeared to be much smaller than before. Because of this massive shift into a vastly expanded New Landscape, we have often had the feeling that we aren't doing anything, yet at the end of the day, we are greatly surprised to see how much we have accomplished. This is because we have moved to such a vaster scale. It's similar to the sense of Zoom that we had in our old Known Worlds, that felt slowed down to a crawl once we entered the expanded reality of the Diamond of the Unseen.

This shift of landscapes also manifests with our emotions. On the old level, we may feel sad, tired and occasionally fried by the strong energies, yet when we expand our consciousness into the New Reality, we feel happy, filled with enthusiasm and bursting with creativity. We know that everything is happening in its perfect timing and that ALL IS WELL.

In January, although still in the Sacred Pause, we became more familiar with the energies of the New Reality. We felt that we were standing at the Starting Gate, pawing the ground with impatience, waiting for the race to begin. At times, we were caught up in the first waves of a massive creative surge.

In February, our Sacred Pause was over and we received our final preparations for what is to come. Along the way, we picked up some Hidden Treasures for our New Lives. February was an Off the Map month, that was very much like an Insertion Point of something new and completely unexpected.

February's navigation was full of a strange backwards Forward Movement which we had never before experienced. This wasn't the old "three steps forward, two steps back" with which we were already way too familiar. We actually went backwards in order to go forward. This gave us the feeling of walking backwards through the month which gave us a brand new perspective of our familiar landscapes.

Each of these months since November have given us the keys which we most needed. The entire process is like turning a combination lock until all the tumblers within it line up and the lock opens.

In March the locks to our Starting Gates open and we're off on the most amazing race of our lives. The race to fully manifest our New True Lives begins!

Leaping into Action!

In March, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. This is true now, more than ever before. Expect the Unexpected. There will be lots of surprises in March. The energies will fluctuate wildly. One day we feel like the King or Queen of the world and the next day we are flattened and can barely function. Juicy melons will fall into our open hands and then something we loved will fall away. In the past few days, I received a request to option one of my books for a film. A few days later, a beautiful new shawl that I had just bought in Mexico felt out of the car and was lost.

Because the element of the Unexpected is so strong, some things will completely fall apart, just as some elements will come together and click into position with a stunning rightness. No matter what happens, we need to keep on surfing into our True Lives.

Some major decisions are on our near horizon. At first, it may feel like we are being presented with too many options. Which one do we choose? We want to make the correct decision because much depends on this. To further complicate matters, our decisions often involve other people. How strong is their commitment? We may be unsure whether or not we should choose an option that only involves ourselves or that includes others. The "Make or Break Point" is coming for some beloved projects, such as our center for the Heart of AN in Peru. Much is ON THE LINE right now. That's why it's important to make a firm commitment to manifesting what we really want.

During March, our direction may change several times. It's important that we don't give up if our preferred direction suddenly hits a roadblock. Our commitment may be tested or we may be rerouted into a Truer direction. If we experience a natural rerouting, we don't need to resist it. If we resist it, it can hurt. If we go with it, it will lead us into our True Direction. We'll know the rightness of what is happening when everything clicks into position. And it will....

March brings an infusion of fresh energy. The creative surge becomes ever stronger. The time of worrying about things is over since worrying belongs to our Old Stories. We're no longer pondering what to do; it's more like, "Let's do it now!". We are replacing our old hesitations and doubts of "Will it work?" or "I hope that this will be successful." with "I am prepared for everything to work out and I'm willing to put my full being into manifesting my Wildest Dreams."

March is a time of clear, decisive action. We now feel like getting things done and finally have the energy to do it. If there is something that needs doing, do it now. Don't put it off until later, because we may not have time to do it later or suddenly there may be no electricity or the conditions we need to do it may no longer be available. Before we act, we need to be both organized and spontaneous. If we are only spontaneous, confusion may be the result rather than clear action.

Last month, we started doing new things that we wouldn't normally do. This stretches our beings and increases our mastery. March will present us with even more opportunities to do new things in new ways. These new activities and methods give everything a new freshness and enable us to Leap into Action like never before!


March is a month in which many doors to the past will close. These are the doors to our old behaviors, outdated attitudes, limited perceptions and expired ways of doing things. We will shed many of the final layers of the illusion we have acquired during our earthly journeys. We are saying goodbye to many aspects of our old lives. We are also bidding farewell to some old friends who are now heading in other directions. Some of these people might reappear later, but for now, their energy is gone. These closing doors of March are preparing us for the wide open doors of April.

As March begins, some of us are feeling stressed and frustrated, filled with impatience that their New Lives are taking so long to begin. The key to this is the understanding that our New True Lives have already begun. Even if we are still in old situations, we need to live our lives as if we are already in our new situations. This is what helps things to move forward.

Since March heralds a major completion of the past, what is not in alignment with our True Self and True Lives will break away from us. This can bring up lots of feelings requiring us to process many emotions. If we can let go gracefully, it will be a month of great breakthroughs; but if we try to resist, we might experience March as a month of breakdowns. We have already passed the Point of No Return; there's no turning back to the old ways.

We now have the energy to sort through everything around us, getting rid of what is no longer necessary. It's good to pass on the things that we no longer need. Reorganizing and recalibrating everything prepares us so that we are ready to leap forward. As we do this, we are transforming many of the old elements of our lives and making them brand new.

We just did this in the house we are renting. In February, severe flooding in the Sacred Valley left many families homeless. We combed through our clothes, food, household goods and furniture and gave away many things which we didn't need, but others did. Next, we recalibrated our house so the energies would feel fresher. We added some new decorations from Mexico and bought a new bookcase to better organize our stuff. This really helped us not to feel stuck in old energies. Even though we really want to move to our True Home as soon as possible, our current living space feels much brighter and newer, matching the way we feel inside.

Increasingly, we are realizing that the only place we can inhabit is the HERE and NOW. The Past and Future no longer exist. Now is the time to work with WHAT IS AROUND US, rather than where we wish to be. We have to live our Truth with our full beings, all the time, no matter where we are.

March starts like a bumblebee, with some annoying buzzing and occasional stings. During March, some old rugs get pulled out from under our feet, forcing us out of our comfort zones. This just happened to me when fraudulent charges suddenly appeared on my American bank card, causing it to be blocked. Since a new one can't be safely mailed to Peru, it leaves me without the old safety net of being able to go to an ATM whenever I need money.

We are having moments when the veils to the New Reality suddenly dissolve. In an instant we can see how things really are in our New Landscape. With heightened perception, we can see who we are now, what is really going on and what is True and Real. These occasional moments of super clarity are becoming increasingly frequent. When they happen, they deepen our awareness of where we are and strengthen the resonance of our new True Beings. We emerge from these experiences with new emotions, new responses, and clearer understandings.

Some of us have an important change of residence coming soon. It might be to a totally new location at quite a distance from where we are currently residing or it could be nearby. Wherever it is, it will vastly alter the way we live. This is because our new location is the place of our True Lives where we will gather together with our Right People. Once we make our move, we will finally experience a sense of settling into our Right Place. Our roots will be planted deep into the earth, enabling the trees of our beings to send forth the most delicious fruits and exquisite flowers. This will bring us a deep sense of comfort, as well as a huge surge of creativity.

Others of us are getting ready to expand our work into new areas that are more creative and fulfilling. This will move our career onto a new level and expand our known mastery. We will also bring forth new skills that we didn't know we had and use them in unexpected ways.

Something big is starting in March. The initialization for this took place in January and in February we made the needed preparations. We begin the month of March with many questions and we end the month with many answers. Many of us will be clicking into position with our Right Places. As we honestly face what is, we will move forward with confidence and steady momentum.

March will bring us some major changes, brilliant opportunities and Quantum Breakthroughs. This month will have some tricky moments when there's lots of Choppy Surf that will demand us to stay extremely focused and remain aligned to our Heart's Knowingness. At the beginning of the month, our steps may be hesitant and uncertain, but as March progresses, our steps will become increasingly confident, with the knowingness that our goals are near and that our Wildest Dreams are now manifesting. During the second half of the month, everything will become more clear and understandable. And although March begins as a bumblebee, it ends as a victorious Lion.

All month long, lots of people will be coming into our lives with much social interaction. We will discover that our way of interacting with the world has undergone a deep transformation. More unexpected trips will be taking place. Like our unexpected journeys in February, the real purpose of these trips will be quite different than the visible outward reason.

Throughout this month, much will be completed and sparkling new seeds will be planted, setting the stage for April's powerful 'A Mu'a energy to decisively move us forward. This new 'A Mu'a in April completes the leap that we started a year ago. Our beautiful New Stories are now starting to emerge naturally and without drama. We no longer leave any Footprints in the Sand as we walk through life. Only a shining path of Love and Trueness.



With deepest gratitude and Love for the inspiration and insights of:
Antares, Arbaline, Carolyn, Cora, Denise, Desiree, Emanáku, Grace, Helene, Keenuane, Kinga, Lucia, Teresia, Theresa, Thomas


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