Solara's March 2006 Surf Report




Fluorescent orange flames blaze
With a heat like Heaven,

Scorching everything in their path –
But not the water lily.

It seems as if it must die –
But it isn’t even touched.

All its tendrils and flowers
Come back on the other side.

From the “Thousand Poems of Kwan Yin”.


The magnitude of February’s waves were so strong that their force often pushed us down beneath the surface. Having a strong wave on top of us made it challenging to get anything done. Instead, we were filled with a deep sense of discontent just like the grain of sand irritating the oyster. We became so discontented with everything around us that we wanted to break free from our inertia and leap into almost any new direction. And yet, we knew that we couldn’t make our move until there was a real impetus to move TO something rather than just moving for the sake of getting away from where we are.

It's important to remember that this sense of discontent is actually creating our pearl. That constant feeling of being rubbed the wrong way is what polishes our beings.

In March, this process intensifies. Often it will feel as if we are in one of those machines that tumbles rough rocks and grinds them into smooth stones, being tossed about every which way and randomly banging into other rocks. Rough edges are being chipped off our beings revealing more of the deep inner glow that is really inside.

During this tumultuous process, it may be challenging to see what is really happening with any definitive clarity. We are surrounded by deep, life altering changes, far beyond what we can presently imagine.

Our beings may feel dismantled and fragmented while we are in the tumbler. We may feel stripped to the core. At times we will be severely shaken and vulnerable. We will continually be thrown back upon ourselves and sometimes lose sight of those whom we felt we were close to. No matter how we feel, we should trust that we are in the right place at the right time.

As we are bumped into the other rocks, sparks will fly. Seemingly random, chance encounters could well hold meaningful keys to future questions we don’t yet know that we have.

Because of this tumbling process, familiar faces, known and unknown, might emerge from the crowd, giving us flashes of past and future loves. These faces may or may not be our actual past and future loves, but will trigger remembrances of them. They will provide us with significant clues to help us emerge from this tumbling process in the right direction.

While we are in the tumbler, it’s of utmost importance to remain humble and open. How else can we be when we have rocks crashing against our very soul! Don’t grab on to other rocks or try to force anything into position. Because where we need to be is not necessarily where we expect it to be.

Many of us may already be experiencing purifications of some sort on the physical level during this process. These may manifest as skin rashes, severe colds, problems with our backs, joints, necks or bones, etc.. Not only is the sand irritating the oyster and ultimately creating our pearl, but we are also experiencing the sensation of the tremendous pressure that turns coal into diamonds.

However this purification manifests, it is all serving an important purpose, helping us to reclaim the innermost layer of ourselves so we can move to our next level.

This is not the time to let ourselves get drawn into situations or relationships that offer us the promise of great potential, but in reality only give us crumbs. Wait until that potential becomes a firm reality and the tumbling process has subsided.

Many opportunities large and small will be offered to us throughout the month of March, but we need to remember that we don’t have to accept every opportunity that is offered to us. Each opportunity should be looked at with open eyes to feel out if integrity is present and to see how it makes us feel inside our hearts. If we fill our plate with too many small opportunities, we won’t have room for the big opportunity sitting right behind the small ones. Only the larger, truer opportunities will give us the nourishment we so seek.

Remember that we can’t dive deep into shallow pools
or we will hit our head on the bottom.

Throughout March we will constantly have to choose between the BIG WAVES and small waves. We can no longer straddle them both. Nor can we waste our time indulging ourselves with the small ones. Only the BIG WAVES will take us to where we most want to go.

To successfully surf such large waves requires utilizing all our acquired mastery and then being able to let go of our mastery to fully leap into the Unknown. Here we will find new levels of mastery that we didn't know we had. Surfing will also require constant flexibility and agility for the Unknown and the Unexpected will be all around us.

If we remain open to wherever this tumbling takes us, we’ll align with its rhythm and it will evolve into a graceful dance that will fill us with wonder and joy.

By the end of the month, the tumbling process will subside. This is the moment when we will finally be able to see which elements of our lives have transformed into luminous, glowing gemstones and which have become meaningless pebbles.

An entirely new landscape will begin to unfold before our very eyes. Our future direction will be much clearer, although it may be quite a surprise to us. Perhaps something we had never considered…. But quite wondrous!


Greetings to everyone from beautiful Southern Chile!

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