Solara's May 2006 Surf Report


Between the Old and the New

April was full of core level changes. Our inner beings have been deeply realigned and transformed. This process has been extremely thorough, touching all parts of us. Many outmoded elements have detached themselves and floated away. Friendships and partnerships which have passed their expiration date have withdrawn from our life. Each time that this happens, we have to readjust ourselves to the new configuration. The mandala of our beings transforms into a new pattern.

Because of the profound inner changes we have been undergoing, much of our energy has been directed inwards, for it has been our innermost being that has experienced the most construction.

While April's focus was on core level changes, May's focus is on implementing these changes into our outer lives. For much of the month, there will continue to be a stop and go feeling to much of what we are doing. We will surge into full on action and then suddenly find ourselves in a state of inertia. Because of this, it will often feel as if we were taking three steps forward and one step back. This is happening because we need to constantly integrate the New and make continual readjustments to correct our course to keep it aligned in the new direction.

We will especially find ourselves being brought to a halt each time that we try to do old things in old ways. This is because the old methods are finished. There's no going backwards and there's no more clinging to the old. We have entered the time of NO DOWN - NO RETURN.

Sometimes this manifests as a state of intense inertia which suddenly envelops us like a dense fog. We can wake up all perky and leap into the day; then the fog of inertia overcomes us and we are brought to a total standstill.

As soon as we're in the thick fog of inertia, all outer activity grinds to a halt. At this point, almost all we can do is park our minds in front of the television, lie down on our bed or occupy ourselves with a mindless pursuit such as a computer game, reading a magazine or putting together a picture puzzle.

This inertia is happening to divert our attention from the outer to the inner. When all outer movement ceases, we are able to work on the core levels of pure energy unhindered by any outer distractions. Communication with others becomes almost impossible as we withdraw our energy from our outer life. We pull up our drawbridges and enter the silence....

Inertia also occurs whenever we cannot find a new approach to the remaining residue of old situations. Rather than make hasty decisions that will most likely not be the right ones, we are covered with the thick fog that makes any actions or decisions impossible. Inertia is actually protecting us until it is the right moment to step forward.

When the inertia becomes too much to bear, we can break out of it by forcibly making ourselves do some physical activity such as taking a walk, working in the garden or riding a bicycle. It's also a great time to do some housecleaning to recalibrate our energetic fields. This isn't just a superficial tidying up, but rather going through the neglected areas of our living space and transforming those pockets of stuck energy.

It's funny, but all the activities that used to be easy or fun to do, the ones in our areas of greatest mastery, are now the most difficult ones to achieve. Many of them feel old. At the same time, the things that we used to dislike doing, such as sorting through old stacks of office work or in depth house cleaning, have become remarkably easy. This is because we now have the energy to clear out the old so we'll be ready for the New.

In May, we find ourselves still under construction,
traveling between the Old and the New.
We are new on the inside,
but still dealing with the old in our outer situations.

Times of transition are always delicate and somewhat fragile. We need to be ultra alert as much as possible. Throughout May, there will be occasional patches of Choppy Surf. These are the moments when we can experience unexpected minor accidents and injuries.

Our physical bodies are going through a massive transformation right now as they adjust to the new frequencies coming forth from our inner cores. This can manifest as occasional ill health such as strange flu-type symptoms or random accidents from doing nothing out of the ordinary. Things like twisting your ankle simply by standing up or pulling a muscle in your back while making the bed. If we try to remain super conscious all the time, aware of every subtle movement, these can be avoided. This is not a time to be spaced out or automatically doing things. We are in the process of learning how to inhabit our physical bodies in new ways.

Many of us are experiencing noticeable weight loss, especially around the mid section. This is weight that we've carried for years and now, it's suddenly gone! It's been happening since the beginning of March and is occuring naturally without a change in diet or exercise. Some of us have had to buy new, smaller clothes since our old ones are falling off. This sudden loss of weight mirrors the loss of old baggage taking place inside us. The middle section is where much of this old energy was stored and now it has dropped away.

In May, our physical bodies are going to really speak to us and let us know what they want. It's important that we listen to them. They want to be taken for walks. They want to be in a clean environment. They want nourishing food. They want companionship and love. They want to be strong, vital and alive!

We have also been doing a thorough cleansing of our mental bodies, riding ourselves of old concepts and limiting patterns. The mental still needs more clearing, letting go of fear, unworthiness and worry and replacing them with optimism and trust.

Our emotions have been in a rather neutral setting for the past several months, making it often appear as if we've lost our ability to feel. Our feelings haven't been lost; they're just in the process of moving from the Old to the New. By the end of May, if not before, love will be flowing through us again. This will be a stronger, truer love.

It's also important to remember that we are clearing the path for real True Love to openly manifest. This is very connected with the 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 at the end of this year. Forging a new pathway is a tremendous task and takes much of our energy, even when we are not fully conscious of what we are doing.

Many of us feel as if we are sitting on an iceberg that has broken away from the main landmass and is drifting out to the Sea of the Unknown. There is nothing left to hold onto. At the same time, our iceberg is steadily melting and the water levels are rising....

We are being totally unplugged from our old worlds. What makes this continually challenging is that while so many elements of our lives are finished on energetic levels, we are still dealing with them in our outer life. To do this, we have to utilize our new selves, doing things straight from our deepest core, being constantly REAL and TRUE. If we try to deal with stuff in the old ways, we will find ourselves brought to yet another standstill.

We are like jets circling around an airport in a holding pattern, waiting for permission from the tower to land. We really want to get to our new destinations and get on with our New Lives. At the same time, we know that our airplanes are running dangerously low on fuel.

Strangely enough, this doesn't bother us as much as it would have in the past. Perhaps it's the air of detachment we feel or maybe it's because we can feel the call of the New resonating within us. We are willing to change whatever needs changing. We are open to the Unknown. We are ready for new career paths, new places of residence and new relationships. We are wide open to take everything to a new, truer level. We are just waiting for the Green Light....

Since everything within us has been radically altered, we have discovered that our old navigational tools no longer work. We can try to bring out our old compasses, only to discover the needle spinning around, totally confused. This is because we have now entered the Zone of the Unknown on a new map where we are being affected by a totally new navigational source which is guiding us TO something that is Beyond our Wildest Dreams.

From now until the end of the year, we are going to be spread out energetically. There are those whom the New is already coming into their lives. There are the ones of us who are still waiting for the New to manifest into our outer lives. Our new direction is still unclear. And there are the ones who are holding onto the old and don't want to change. Wherever we are, it's alright. Everyone in their own timing. And even though many of us want to leap into the New at this very moment, we still have to wait until all the needed elements are in their rightful positions.

May is going to be a month full of hard work requiring much effort and focus on our part. There will be much to do to move us from the Old to the New. We are going to make some lasting progress. We will receive a few of the missing key elements we've been waiting for. Some important decisions will actually be made. They won't be forced or pushed, but will happen organically.

Increasingly, we will learn how to adapt ourselves to the new, more enriched composition of the Surf. We will express our creativity, not through the old means of artistic expression -- such as creating music, writing or art -- but by bringing forth lasting changes in our outer lives from the deepest levels of our beings. We will bridge the gap between Old and New by transforming the Old into the New.



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