The Cracking Open of Duality

Emerging Into A New World




In April we made numerous adjustments to our revised landscape on both inner and outer levels. Even if we are in a familiar landscape, it suddenly felt strange to us and now seemed like another world. Well known places look and feel different; we don't quite know where we are. We see people whom we recognize, but don't remember why we know them. Whenever we revisited old familiar landscapes or stepped into old situations, they felt dream-like and surreal. This is because we have so profoundly changed from who we were when we used to inhabit these old landscapes.

Even if we were already in position in our New Landscape, our focus was on making the inner adjustments to our new environment before we do anything else. We started claiming our space in our transformed outer landscape to make it our own, just like a wolf who marks his territory. We explored our outer landscape with fresh eyes and saw things we had never seen before. And as we started solidifying the foundation of our New Lives, we felt more settled than we had in months.

Throughout April, we ran into numerous old resistances which we still carried within us. At times, these walls of resistances were massive and intense. Old patterns and limiting beliefs were roughly pushed up to the surface so we'd be sure to see them. A lot of cycle breaking came up to be completed. At times, we collided head-on with the painful gap within ourselves between our duality-based human selves and how we thought we "should" be if we were fully embodying a True One. This brought up issues of self judgment which constantly needed to be released. There were also the less obvious resistances to what we "think" should be happening in our lives, as opposed to what is happening. Or what we "think" that we should be doing, rather than what we are doing. Sometimes there's a fine line between the acceptance of our present reality and the need to Push It Through to move our lives to a new level. For some of us, the second half of April was deeply challenging because we often felt diminished and besieged. All the while, we were being stripped down to become more real and true.

During April we either removed our resistances to fully emerging as a True One or we tenaciously held onto them. The monumental shifts that we are experiencing are becoming too much for many people. The loss of our old identities and the falling away of our old comfort zones and safety nets can be terrifying-- like falling in free fall and not knowing where you will land. This can bring up waves of sadness and a sense of hopelessness and aloneness that are devastating when they pass through us; but fortunately, they don't last long.

Some people are choosing to check out, either on conscious or unconscious levels. Some are leaving the planet or choosing to sit on the sidelines. Others think that they are choosing freedom by running away from what they know, deep inside themselves, to be true. At this time, all of us have to choose whether to ride the waves of this Quantum Surf or get pulled beneath them. Everything is absolutely ON THE LINE.

Our True Freedom comes from fully being ourselves, from stepping in as True Ones and fully participating in this momentous changeover from duality to Oneness. Stepping out of duality and freeing ourselves of our past conditioning is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves. We don't become free by running away from our true selves and pretending that life is "normal".

Right now, we are being given unprecedented opportunities for True, Lasting Freedom. This is something that we've deeply yearned for and worked so hard for, during countless lifetimes. The time of True Freedom is finally here....



Because of the powerful influx of the energies of Oneness, the anchoring of the Ultra Greater Reality into the physical, the new energy of PURE HEART LOVE and the subsequent strengthening of the resonance of Trueness, the old Template of Duality is being infused with frequencies that are breaking it apart. The denseness of duality cannot maintain its illusion of being real within the frequencies of the Ultra Greater Reality. As the Ultra Greater Reality becomes ever stronger, duality simply cannot exist.

This infusion is stretching duality beyond its limits. Because of this unprecedented expansion, numerous cracks are being formed in the very bedrock of duality. These cracks are evident throughout everything that is duality-based. Cracks make old forms that are not based on integrity and trueness both inefficient and ineffective. This is why world financial systems are teetering on the edge of collapse, layers of long hidden corruption are coming up to the surface, long established practices based on selfishness, manipulation and greed are falling apart. It's also why in many countries of the world, people are valiantly trying to overthrow repressive governments. It is precisely because of these newly formed cracks that the imbalances of duality not only can be clearly seen, but they have now become intolerable. We are no longer willing to live in a world that isn't based on Trueness.

As the resonance of Trueness strengthens and expands, the pressure increases and the tension levels rise on the planet, causing many of these small fissures to turn into large cracks. These newly formed cracks in duality are making visible tiny old fissures in the fabric of duality, which were there before, but that were not easy to see. Although these old hair-line fractures were not previously readily visible, they still were there. And just like a low grade infection in our physical body, they influenced and weakened our entire system. Suddenly these old hair-line fractures grow so large that they cannot be ignored.

When invisible fissures become visible cracks, this actually moves the affected situations and relationships to a more honest level. The subconscious motives and subtle manipulations which are the underpinnings of duality are now moved to the surface where they can be readily seen. Hidden judgments and unclear motivations that have subconsciously affected situations and relationships can now be seen clearly. When small fissures transform into large cracks, the old situations with the already weakened and poisoned foundations start breaking apart. This gives us the chance to have more clarity to deal with the underlying problems and imbalances which we didn't see before.

Just like the movement of the tectonic plates during an earthquake causes deep fissures in the physical earth, the same is happening to us. Large cracks are forming in many areas of our lives. Much that we've carried within us is splitting apart. Old belief systems, old behavior patterns, core issues, old ways of doing things are all forming major cracks. Anything that is untrue in our emotional and mental bodies is being cracked open. Sometimes we can actually feel the bedrock of our established beliefs shifting, just like the movement of the tectonic plates. Long established old behaviors or personal preferences suddenly shift out of position and are no longer relevant. Something that was previously solid becomes full of cracks. And it is through these newly formed cracks that we get glimpses of something fresh and exciting that is utterly new.

When cracks appear in our relationships with friends, business associates or partners, we often question why Oneness is causing cracks of separation when it should be bringing deeper unity. This is because Oneness is creating the cracks within duality for the purpose of removing anything that is untrue. Sometimes this has to be done through separating ourselves from any untrue elements, even when they are found within ones whom we love or within situations we didn't want to change.

Many familiar elements in our outer lives are also forming cracks and breaking away. These are affecting our careers or jobs if we are still doing something that has expired or is based on falseness. Some of the close friends who have been standing next to us are suddenly on the other side of a newly formed crack and feel strangely distant. A huge separation of those who choose to live in Trueness and those who choose to continue to live in the illusion of duality is taking place. And although we have long known that this would happen during this time, it still can be profoundly shocking and hurtful when it happens. This reminds me again of the evacuation of Atlantis when so many loved ones were abruptly parted from each other. Some dear people are now leaving our lives. And although this can sometimes be painful; on a vaster perspective, it's OK.

When cracks within relationships or close friends occur, all we can do is to love them as True One to True One. We have to honor their choices, even though we may not agree with them. And although we are becoming physically separate, keep on loving them. They will always be woven into you as a thread of your being, as they also carry your thread within them.

We all have hidden layers and pockets within ourselves of untrue and unclear energies. We all have the part within us that tries to keep us small. We need to find these energies and release them so we don't carry them within us anymore. If we don't do this, we will create those tiny fissures of untrueness within any situation or relationship we are in. And sooner or later, they will turn into huge cracks that will break things apart.

If we sit in our smaller selves, the cracks in front of us will appear like a formidable, endless abyss that is impossible to cross. Viewing it from this vantage point makes us feel weak and powerless with no motivation or energy to do anything. Yet, if we view the abyss from the vantage point of a True One, we will see that it is the tiniest of fissures and is easy to step over. It doesn't even require a leap or a large step, just a small one that feels completely natural. And even though this step may take us right into the heart of the Unknown, we will have no fear.

Cracks are also appearing in our outer worlds. When they do, they cut off our usual ways of doing things. Here in Peru during the rainy season which just ended, whole sections of roads were frequently demolished either by landslides or by falling into the river. Whenever this happens, all traffic is cut off for several days since alternate routes don't usually exist. The people calmly wait until either the road is cleared or new, ingenious solutions are created.

When cracks occur, access to our usual places and usual activities is suddenly cut off. We don't need to have any resistance to this, nor any sense of alarm. The time we are in brings us the constant discovery of what's still there and what is now gone. Some of the things that no longer exist do make us sad, while others fill us with excitement.

This cracking of the world of duality affects our navigation and teaches us to develop the ability to be spontaneous and find alternative routes. And from these new cracks, new energies are emerging-- new creative solutions, new ways of doing things. A mighty creative surge that is fresh and new is being born out of the new cracks.


By the end of April, many of our resistances to fully inhabiting the HERE and NOW were on their way out. We have almost completed one of the hardest stages of unhooking ourselves from duality.

Now as May begins with a burst of freshness, we will make huge strides in completing our old lives. Only now, it will happen much easier. This completion of the old is vitally important since so many exciting new opportunities will come pouring into our lives during the second half of the year. If we've completed the unfinished projects of our old lives by then, we will be free to put all our energy into birthing the New. Because of this, many old situations will come to an end.

While we are leaving so much behind, it's helpful to reevaluate our remembrances by sifting through our memories with fresh eyes. Yet, there's also a danger in spending too much time looking backwards at the road we have traveled. Nostalgia can be quite sticky, so we need to be careful when looking back into the past. There's the old Bible story of Lot's wife looking backwards and turning into a pillar of salt. It's important that we don't superimpose our past behaviors upon the HERE and NOW.

At this time, more of the dedicated First Wave Master Servers are leaving the planet. Honor and appreciate them while they are here, learn all you can from them and get ready to step in.

Time itself is vastly transforming. It is simultaneously speeding up and expanding into the timelessness of the eternal NOW. Time is compressing and the acceleration of increased insights is becoming greater. This is propelling us into the NOW and driving us to be true to our Heart's KNOWING. What we do and what we do not do right now, will have a lasting effect.

May brings us the strong possibility of experiencing Major Intersections, as does the month of June. There will be new opportunities coming to us that will require some important decisions, which we will probably have to make quickly. As we begin to align with our new purpose, some of us may choose to quit our existing job to do something totally different or move to somewhere totally new. This may even be across the planet from where we are living now. Just the thought of this causes some to panic and try to grab onto the known. A great reshuffling is taking place right now. We are being rerouted to our truest destinations with our true people. If you don't feel that you are in your right place or doing your true purpose, please make haste to get there. Many of us have the feeling that a new purpose is about to unfold. Sometimes we can feel it, but we can't quite define it. This is because our true purpose won't be fully revealed until we are in our right positions. This is why it's vitally important to get into our right positions for our New True Lives by the second half of the year.

Many of us feel the need to greatly simplify our lives. This has happened to me quite naturally since moving to Peru with three suitcases. I've had to start from practically nothing. When I left Hawaii at the end of September, I thought that it would only be a month or two before I would have my container full of clothes, household goods, world treasures, art supplies, office equipment and furniture shipped to me. Now six months have passed and I'm living in a small house on a narrow walking street in an ancient Inca village, so it doesn't feel like my cherished and needed possessions will be joining me in the near future. And it's not just a matter of going out and buying new clothes, since they aren't available here in my size. Wearing what I have in numerous layers simply for the purpose of staying warm, rather than dressing to express who I am or to try to look nice, has been a big adjustment. Part of the stripping down process.

In May, we will begin to implement the new blueprint given to us in April and build upon our new foundation. We have to make familiar the unfamiliar, starting from the inside out. There is a strong element of taking our first steps into unknown territory. Our most accurate compass is the Compass of our Heart. If we follow our Heart's KNOWING, rather than our Heart's EMOTIONS, it will lead us true. Our Heart's KNOWING will tell us whether we are meant to stay where we are and when to make the Wildest Leap that we've ever made. It is our true guiding force for change. As soon as this inner alignment is made, we will be able to go out and find the new entry points into our revised environment. Once we enter our New Landscape and connect with our New Lives, a huge surge of creativity will come in. And we will start feeling vibrantly alive!

May is huge month of completion. We will be preparing the ground for a new garden. We will be taking out the weeds by their roots, preparing the soil, hoeing the rows and planting new seeds of plants that we didn't know existed. In June, the new plants will start becoming visible.

During this time, it's very helpful to just sit in the undefined Unknown, not because we are trying to see what's there, but because we need to keep everything open and undefined so that things will develop naturally. Being wide open to the entrance of the New and True and not trying to control it in any manner. Simply letting it come in. And the New is coming in like a strong breeze of the Winds of Change. A mighty creative surge is building, especially for those of us who are already in their right position.

June will bring us a massive influx of new energies. We have the opportunity to dramatically shift tracks in June and move to a whole new set of experiences aligned with our new purpose, with a new group of people, with a totally new timing. If we have released our old lives and old ways of being, this will be Beyond our Wildest Dreams territory.



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