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April was a major transitional month that brought us the special 11:11 'A Mu'a Ceremony in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) on April 20 and 21. 'A Mu'a is a word in the Rapa Nui language which means TO GO FORWARD. Rapa Nui is the only location on the planet where this 11:11 'A Mu'a Ceremony could be held. This is because ancient AN energy is embedded in the core level of Rapa Nui.

The first part of our 'A Mu'a Ceremony began in the afternoon of April 20th at Anakena. Our newly created Eye of AN Sacred Dance aligned as ONE with the Eye Turned Towards the Sky of Rapa Nui. As this happened, it activated the AN energy deep within Rapa Nui. This touched and activated long hidden parts of ourselves aligned with AN and opened the door to the physical manifestation of the Heart of AN.

In the second part of the Ceremony which took place that night in front of a long line of fifteen Moai at Tongariki, the seeds of the 'A Mu'a that will move us forward were planted into the New Moon. The New Moon took place in the early hours of April 21st. We returned to Tongariki early the following morning for the third part of our Ceremony and as we welcomed the new dawn, we saw that the seeds of 'A Mu'a had already been quickened.

Since then, we have been experiencing a Sacred Pause that has lasted into the first week of May. Many of us have wanted to sleep as much as possible and our dreams have been active and deep. At the same time, we didn't have the drive to do whatever it was we thought we needed to do. Many of us felt profoundly tired and have been in a state of super Quantum Deep as we integrated the deepening that has taken place within us and took our first steps into the world with our newly expanded selves. As we did this, we became embodiments of 'A Mu'a and now carry it merged into us wherever we go.

The 'A Mu'a has deepened and reconfigured us immeasurably. It has reconnected us with a precious part of ourself that couldn't come in before, the part of us that is deeply connected with the energies of AN and which has been waiting for the new MUA (major cycle) to fully begin.

This new thread in the tapestry of our beings is the gift of AN we have received from the 'A Mu'a Ceremony. It is a new shining thread of our being that weaves us into greater, conscious embodiment of who we really are.


'A Mu'a Tsunamis


Since the 'A Mu'a began, it has felt as if a huge bonfire has burned away much of what was there before. We are beginning to see and feel the monumental in-depth changes that are now taking place both within us and within our outer lives. During the 'A Mu'a Ceremony, we didn't just seed the New Moon with the 'A Mu'a energies of Going Forward, but we seeded ourselves and our True Lives with 'A Mu'a.

We have now entered a phase when a series of powerful tsunamis will sweep into our lives. These 'A Mu'a Tsunamis are bringing us massive, unprecedented, core level change, transformation, deepened love and forward movement so we can finally live True Lives as True Ones.

As May began, many of us were absolutely flattened by the arrival of our first 'A Mu'a Tsunami. The tsunami didn't just slam into us, it went deep inside and flooded us with concentrated 'A Mu'a energy. When we experienced the impact of the first tsunami, it knocked us free from many elements in our lives, making us feel temporarily disconnected from all that was around us.

When the first 'A Mu'a Tsunamis came inside us and flattened us, they created a state of enhanced 'A Mu'a within us. We didn't just experience a tsunami, but we became so infused with the energies of 'A Mu'a that we now take the 'A Mu'a with us wherever we go. This spreads the 'A Mu'a energy all over the world so more and more people can feel it.

Now our lives are starting to shift in unexpected ways. Old issues and previously stuck situations are being cleared. We are releasing our connections with people who aren't true and don't have integrity, so that new, True Ones who are deeply aligned with our True Purpose may come in. At the same time, elements from our distant past are now returning so we can find new resolutions. This includes people with whom we had deep connections in the past, who disappeared from our lives years ago. Now they are returning for the purpose of Ho'o Pono Pono so we may take our relationships to a new level.

When the 'A Mu'a Tsunamis first come in, it's somewhat confusing since nothing moves forward in a linear, logical manner. Instead, it's a wave energy that swirls, curves and spirals while it spreads out. There is a forward movement that doesn't seem to know where forward is. We don't know where our True Home is, but feel it is very close. We feel the new freshness in the air, but don't know what is causing it.

The 'A Mu'a creates situations where many things click into position. At the same time, other things come to a complete halt. There may be small waves of hopelessness as old energies leave us. Major rerouting is taking place, sometimes in strange, funny, unexpected ways. This is happening because the 'A Mu'a is moving us into the energies of AN which are so vastly different.


The Awakening of AN



AN (pronounced ON) is the Sun and Moon merged into One Being. The AN lineage has been on Earth since the very beginning. The ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, Druids and Incas came from the AN lineage. The first rulers of these civilizations were born from the Sun and Moon. AN is also well known to those Polynesians navigators who keep alive the memories of coming to this planet from the stars in the celestial canoes.

AN is connected with the middle star in the Belt of Orion known as Al Nilam and is deeply aligned with the Doorway of the 11:11. This is because our 11:11 journey leads us through the central star of AN as ONE.

For a long, long time, AN disappeared from known history and has only recently reappeared, mainly through the efforts of those with remembrance of their AN lineage. The AN energies are not new to the planet, but they are completely different from what we are used to. AN is something that we already know deep within our beings, but that we have long forgotten.

It is now time for AN to become fully visible.


MUA is a Tahitian word that means "In the Beginning. Before Anything Else." One of the results of the 'A Mu'a is that we are returning to Who We Were at the Beginning. Our Truest Selves.

AN brings the remembrance of the Oneness that we all came from. It plays a leading role in the beginning of the New MUA (major new evolutionary cycle) that began on 11/11/11. A New World is now being born. In the beginning of this new cycle, the Worlds within Worlds are reset onto a New True Foundation. AN is the manifestation of that Trueness. The return of AN unlocks our eternal Never-Ending Story so we can be WHO WE REALLY ARE, embody Pure Heart True Love and manifest it on all levels in all worlds.

For months we have been receiving glimpses of a new, heightened reality. Suddenly without any warning, the veils part and we can see WHO WE REALLY ARE and feel a totally new way of being coming in. Our Love deepens into a heightened, deeper, Truer Love than we have never felt before, enabling us to connect with others with new depth and openness. 0ur True Purpose is becoming increasingly clearer.

Since April, these windows into the heightened reality of AN have become more than glimpses. Sometimes they last for hours or even several days. When we inhabit this new level of awareness, we become the True Core Being that we were at the Beginning. This is when we align with the energy of AN.

As AN awakens within us, we develop a vastly expanded understanding of why we are really here. As we start taking our first steps into a wondrous New Landscape as embodiments of AN, this triggers all the beings of Nature: the mountains, rivers, rocks, plants, animals, trees, wind, etc. to move onto this new level. Nature has been ready and waiting for this moment. Our hearts align on a very different and profoundly deep level of Love. Our entire beings are infused with this amazing New Reality.

As the new energies of AN anchor deeply within our beings, we feel that we have arrived in an absolutely New Landscape and will never lose this feeling. And then just as quickly as it came, it's gone. Even though we try our best to hold onto what we have just experienced, the resonance of what we were feeling quickly slips away. We don't yet know how to consciously return to this awareness. All we can do is to hold true to our Heart's Knowingness that this New Reality of the Awakened AN exists, and wait until it returns again.

We realize that we have touched and tasted the ways of the future. This New Paradigm of AN is where we need to anchor ourselves to live True Lives as True Ones. We continue on with our lives, then suddenly the energy of AN returns and we are again immersed into a totally New Reality.

This process is like sewing. We take the shining thread of AN and with the waves of 'A Mu'a we sew it back into our old selves and old lives. Then back into pure AN again. This transference is creating a brilliant new tapestry -- the tapestry of our True Lives.


The sacred Andes Mountains of South America hold the strongest concentration of AN energy on the entire planet, although AN energy is found in many other places.  It is here where the Towers of Light of AN will begin to be activated within a year. But before this can happen, the Heart of AN needs to be fully manifested and activated on the physical. The Heart of AN is the main anchoring point of the pure essence of AN for the entire planet. The Sacred Valley of Peru is where we will anchor the energies of the Heart of AN by creating a center. It's vitally important that this physical manifestation of the Heart of AN is created as soon as possible, and the support of our One Being is essential so we can do this. If you feel called to help manifest the Heart of AN, please visit The AN•visible.



May is a brilliant, fast paced, super active month. Time gets faster and faster until it all becomes a blur of activity. Change, Freedom, Trueness and Deeper Love are all being emphasized. The time we are in right now is such a perfect setup and we are all being given exactly what is most needed. Sometimes it feels like everything is so concentrated, so full, so stacked up and compressed, that we are incapable of dealing with it all. Some of us are still feeling very tired physically; this is because we are finally recovering from a long sickness which we call Duality.

The 'A Mu'a Ceremony was a massive Turning Point when all our paths were pushed into completely new directions. Our Express Trains into the New and True were moved onto new ultra Fast Tracks. Now, they are speeding up and will continue to go increasingly faster until they reach full Zoom Mode. At times, we may feel like we are on a wild, wild roller coaster ride with nothing to hold onto except for our Trueness.

Our True Path is being revealed. This will cause major rerouting and possible upheaval for some. Many old situations and people will be swept out of our lives to clear the space for new opportunities and our right people. We will all experience numerous unexpected changes on level after level as everything readjusts so the New and True can decisively move forward. It is like the heavens are opening up and a HUGE flow of the New and True is pouring down on us.

As the 'A Mu'a spreads out across the planet, it brings a deeper grounding of the AN energies. May brings a continued deepening, helping more and more of us to step into our True Core. With May comes a noticeable strengthening of the Heart of AN energies.

The billowing Winds of Change blow a new freshness into our lives. The 'A Mu'a is bringing us new ways of doing things where we combine a Zen, spontaneity with focus and readiness. Have your list of what needs to be done in your hand and be totally ready to leap into unexpected directions at any moment as new situations and opportunities present themselves. All the while, old doors and old ways of doing things are closing all around us. When a door is closed, simply continue on and do what you can do. Life is simply a dance where we move through an obstacle course and don't get stopped by anything, being like water flowing over and around any rocks in its path.

Many of us are already living off the Map of the Known. As the 'A Mu'a continues to spread outwards, more people will make the leap into this New Reality of AN. This is because the 'A Mu'a requires that we make a decisive leap into the New and True. To aid this process, everything is being thoroughly shaken up, creating occasional pockets of chaos. All we can do is to remain in the Expanded HERE and NOW, no matter what.

Throughout this time, lots of rerouting is taking place, moving us into our Truest Directions. Well organized plans can change without warning. Flights are cancelled and trips take us to places other than where we thought we were going. Old desires and goals are dropping away as we can suddenly see that we no longer want what we thought we wanted. Perhaps this is because what we thought we wanted was actually what someone else wanted for us.

We are also realizing that some of our most desired yearnings which served as our motivation to get to where we are now, have already been fulfilled. The moment we realize this, it brings a huge shift. The driving force behind everything we have done so far is no longer present, so what do we do now? We have been set free. This enables us to start fresh and wide open.

One of the keys is knowing that we are always in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. Living in the Expanded HERE and NOW is the real Art of Trueness. It's time we stopped living our lives on auto-pilot and gave our full attention to this very moment. We need to stop ourselves from believing that we aren't able to live the lives we yearn to live. Because we can. And we can start living True Lives right now.

May brings an enormous wave of creativity as we birth our New True Lives. May comes with a rain of new melons. Many of these melons come from our newly planted seeds of 'A Mu'a and they have arrived so fast! All the while, there is no set plan and this makes it exciting, fun and full of surprises to live in the HERE and NOW. Soon, we will see the fruits of the massive work that we all are involved in, and it may come in forms that we have not imagined.

The energy of AN is settling into the planet and this enables us to see that Home is here. Many of us are realizing that it is impossible to create our True Purpose until we are in our True Homes in our True Places. This makes finding our True Homes one of our highest priorities.

And now is the time for us to connect with our True Places, True Homes and True People.

The 'A Mu'a has begun....



With deepest gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Anaku, Anelja, Carolyn, Cora, Elena, Emanáku, Inger, Keenuane, Laya, Liv, Malcolm, Maria, Solissa, Subu


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