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The Year 2013 Surf Report: Expanding into a New Reality

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April was a month of extremely mixed energies that started our wild ride on the roller coaster of change. At times, the energy was highly charged, volatile and explosive. This was true on both inner and outer levels. This explosiveness is releasing intense pressures that have been accumulating for aeons.

We were frequently flattened by either lack of energy or immersion into Quantum Deep. Many of us either had trouble sleeping or had numerous intense dreams. Throughout the month, we could feel the undercurrents of the tremendous changes that were getting ready to burst onto the surface.

During the third week of April, the 'A Mu'a Reloaded kicked in, bringing us powerful forward movement. Sometimes the roller coaster effect makes everything a blur and we may not be able see what is moving forward, but if we tune into the energy of 'A Mu'a that is all around us, we can feel it.

The  'A Mu'a Reloaded is stirring up many old experiences, behaviors, patterns and ways of doing things. Our old experiences are now being replayed in a new form giving our new, expanded awareness the opportunity to see how they work.

This replaying of old experiences enables us to change and improve these old patterns and behaviors by making needed adjustments. It gives us the opportunity to either transform them or step free from them. While in the midst of replaying old situations and behaviors, we're now making different choices. This enables us to make peace with the past. We can do this because we are much more real and True than we were before.

By the end of April, we suddenly realized that our New Stories are now being written....

In the Pressure Cooker

Great pressure turns coal into diamonds.

So far, this has been an intense, yet absolutely brilliant year. The duality-based world situation is full of turmoil, injustice, corruption, greed and violence. Yet we no longer live in that world. This doesn't mean that our lives are easy and stress free. Many of us are under construction right now, being realigned and recalibrated on every level possible so that we an live in a totally New Landscape.

This greatly expanded New Landscape is a state of being. It exists wherever we are. It's a completely New Paradigm that is far removed from the dying world of duality.

While we are becoming more deeply immersed in the New Paradigm that is being born, we are undergoing a process that is challenging us to the core. At times, we feel tossed around, and sometimes slammed, by massive waves. And this isn't a pleasant feeling. Sometimes we can surf with mastery in the curl of the waves which is ultra exhilarating or ride with great excitement on top of the wave crest. And then, there are those moments when we slip under the water gasping for air....

While we are experiencing such extremes, we might have a brilliant day of clear, decisive action, then the next day we may feel completely flattened, without energy to do anything. There are times when without warning, waves of deep sadness or hopelessness roll in. Usually these are collective emotions that aren't connected with anything happening in our personal lives. A few hours later, we are back to our clear, energetic selves. We're not all suddenly becoming bipolar; this is just a symptom of the extremes that are currently in play.

Then there is the state of Quantum Deep. This occurs when we are suddenly pulled out of our current physical reality and propelled into the very core of the expanded realms of the Diamond of the Unseen. When Quantum Deep happens, all we can do is lie down and be very still for a few hours. Sometimes the energies are so strong that we fall into a deep sleep. Other times, we simply lie down in a profound state of quiet. As soon as we do this, our being clicks into position with the Diamond of the Unseen, just like putting a plug into a socket. This powerful connection aligns and recalibrates us to the New Paradigm on a cellular level.

Each time that we are immersed into Quantum Deep, we are connecting with the core essence of the New Paradigm. This is such a vastly different energy from what we have previously known. That is why it is not easy to return from Quantum Deep to the physical world which contains old and new energies mixed together. It often takes an hour or more to get out of Quantum Deep. We may open our eyes and see the details of where we are. We may hear the noises around us. Yet, it takes tremendous effort to move our bodies and come back to this physical reality from such a far away distance.

Each time that we return to the HERE and NOW from Quantum Deep, another layer of expired and untrue elements are loosened within us and rise to the surface in a highly magnified form so they can be released from our energetic fields. Sometimes the extreme magnification creates a distortion. This is when something small and unthreatening like an ant, can suddenly appear to be a dinosaur-sized monster. Or a tiny worry from our daily life can look like a formidable obstacle.

For twenty-five years or so, there has been a planetary wobble within the center of the Earth. It has been there for the purpose of loosening the axis in the center of the planet which holds the poles into position. Now, we are also experiencing a personal wobble within us. This wobble is loosening our internal axis which kept us anchored into the old world of duality. When our internal wobble activates, it makes us feel unstable, unsettled and nauseous.

Again I am reminded of the scene in the "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" film in which everyone ran back and forth from one side of the ship to the other, in order to flip it over. Right now, it's not that we are consciously running back and forth, nor are we wanting to have such drastic extremes in our life. But the extremes that we are feeling caused by the wobble are creating the momentum to strongly flip everything over. And that is just what needs to happen.

This experiencing of extremes can be quite upsetting. At times, we will feel tremendous pressure building up within us, as if we were in a giant pressure cooker that is about to explode. This is when our stress levels start going off the map and tears come easily.

While we are experiencing these wild extremes, we are not meant to try to neutralize the energies and make everything calm. Actually, that's quite impossible right now. What we can do to keep in balance is to remain vast, keep our hearts wide open and stay real and True, no matter what is happening. Even when we are experiencing those waves of strong sadness and hopelessness, there is always a vaster, truer part of ourself who knows that ALL IS WELL. Sitting as a Silent Watcher can be very helpful as it immediately puts us into a much vaster position.

This pattern of heightened activity and accomplishment, coupled with periods of outer inactivity during which our connection to the New Paradigm is strengthened, will continue until we fully inhabit the New Landscape of the expanded Diamond of the Unseen. The New World is birthing through us.

An Insertion Point:
My Hopi Dream

Many years ago, I was given three prophetic dreams from my beloved Hopi teacher, Mina Lansa, the female chief of Old Oraibi, Arizona. She was the head of the Parrot Clan, the Clan of the South.

These dreams occurred over the period of a few years. For some reason, it now feels important to share my third and final dream with you.

The world was divided into two parts: "North / Above: and "South / Below". (These were not the usual earthly directions, but had more to do with heaviness and lightness of energy.) It was known that after the Time of Completion began, only that which was in the "North / Above" area would survive. Everything in the "South / Below" part would be destroyed.

I was serving as a Gatekeeper between the upper and lower worlds with a tall, light blue Hopi Kachina named Aholi. Aholi's name derives from the Hopi word ahulti, or Return. He carries a staff topped with a star.

It was our task to decide who was able to travel from "South" to "North". To do this, Aholi and I were in position at the border between the two, very different worlds. The border town was extremely decadent, corrupt and violent, but that was where we needed to be.

One day, the two twins named Pöqanghoya and Palöngawhoya who keep the planetary poles rotating in positional alignment, danced slowly and ceremonially from the tip of the "South / Below" up to our doorway. The twins were the size of boys, but proportioned as grown up men. They were accompanied by an extremely old man named Maasaw who was full sized, but very skinny and humble. Maasaw wore a white cloth loosely wrapped around his bony body and walked with the aid of a crooked stick.

When they danced up to the Gateway, they asked for permission to pass through. Although we knew that they were allowed through the Gateway, Aholi and I denied them permission to enter. So the three of them slowly danced back to the furthest reaches of the "South / Below".

On the following day, once again, dancing slowly and ceremonially they returned to the Gateway. And once again, Aholi and I denied them permission to pass. The three of them slowly danced back to the furthest reaches of the "South / Below".

On the third day, they once again danced to our Gateway. And since this was the Third Day, Aholi and I knew that we had to let them pass through the Gateway. We also knew that when they moved into the world of "North / Above" that the Time of Completion of the old world of duality had begun.

The New Navigation

Since we haven't yet mastered the New Navigation that is needed in our New Landscape, it often feels like one or two of our senses is missing and we are trying to do things with a blindfold on. We know what we have to do and what we want to get accomplished, but we are not sure how to do it or where to put our next step. It can be very frustrating to not know or be able to feel our next step.

This reminds me of how I felt right after the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway in Egypt in January 1992. When I returned home, I was thrust into a new, infinitely vaster reality that was completely unknown to me. I felt as if a mist now covered everything around me and I could no longer see where I was. All my clarity of vision was gone. My old Gods and Guides either became greatly diminished or disappeared completely. I felt like my arms were loosely tied to my sides with ropes and a blindfold was over my eyes. The only way that I could navigate through this vastly altered landscape was by using my feelings. My love was my only compass and led me forward.

The feeling of wearing a blindfold while walking through a misty landscape that we are experiencing right now is helping us learn to navigate in Unknown Territory. If we could do things easily, using our old methods, with ego intact, we wouldn't be forced to learn new ways of doing things. By learning entirely new ways of seeing, feeling and doing things, we become one with our New Landscape.

Inhabiting the HERE and NOW

To live in the HERE and NOW is to treat each day as if it was both the first and the last.

One of the big messages of the moment is to live in the NOW. Not in the past nor a probable future, but NOW! When we live in the NOW, it allows great things to happen in alignment with our particular frequency signature. The deeper that we dip into the HERE and NOW, the more everything around us appears new and fresh. Life feels more full and we feel more vibrantly alive.

When elements from the past or worries about the future intrude into the HERE and NOW, we can feel how their energies taint the fresh newness of the present moment. We also can't judge the people who are now in our life from our previous experiences with totally different people in the past. If we carry the energies of the past or our anxieties of the future into the NOW, we rob the present moment of its freshness, Trueness and sparkling possibilities.

If we treat each day as if it were the first day of our lives, we greet each situation we encounter with openness and love. We are free of old emotional behaviors, beliefs, judgements and personal preferences. Everything is fresh and new. And if we treat each day as if it were our last day on Earth, then we are filled with deep tenderness and gratitude at the preciousness of life. Every single moment is sacred. This is one of the major Keys to Life and it's that simple.

Quantum Deep is an important part of the process of anchoring ourselves in the New Paradigm. Quantum Deep takes us out of the physical HERE, but leaves us in the eternal NOW. It actually takes us out of the physical HERE which is composed of superimposed old and new realities, and puts us into the total HERE of the New Paradigm which is completely new. Each time this happens, it helps us to merge the eternal NOW and the vaster HERE with the physical HERE until they totally become one.

Living in the Expanded HERE and NOW means that we enjoy all the moments, even the most challenging ones, including the times when we are flattened, filled with doubts and fears or when things don't happen as we hoped they would. The Expanded HERE and NOW is vast beyond measure and so are we. When we embody our vastness and align ourselves with the present moment, we absolutely KNOW that ALL IS WELL.

It's also vitally important that we realize that our New True Lives have already begun. Our New True Lives are being born in the murky mud of the duality-based world that is dying away all around us. Just like lotus flowers, we plant our seeds deep into the mud. The True Ones are seeding the New Paradigm. And in spite of some outer appearances, this New World IS being born, right in the midst of the collapsing world of duality. And ALL IS WELL.

Our New Stories are being written at this very moment. This doesn't mean that everything is always easy, stress free and perfect. The skies are not always full of rainbows. We are living in very messy, precarious times. That is the reality of how it is right now.

The troubles and turmoil of the old duality-based world do not suddenly stop. What happens is that as we increasingly inhabit an expanded new reality, the struggles of the duality world will feel more and more unreal until duality fades away and can no longer touch us. The two worlds become increasingly invisible to each other and we will exist on a completely different frequency band.


May is a brilliant month full of decisive action and forward movement.
Significant breakthroughs can happen this month as our New Directions are revealed and everything moves closer to its right position!

The first burst of the 'A Mu'a Reloaded during the third week of April, was a major Turning Point. An important connection was made. The wheels started to spin again. Wheels, cogs and gears moved into new positions and created a new connection that hadn't been here before. We have been waiting for this for a long time.

This doesn't mean that everything instantly fell into place in April, because it didn't. What happened is that the conditions became ripe for things to move forward into their rightful positions.

The 'A Mu'a Reloaded will be in effect for several months until we get in our true positions. 'A Mu'a is bringing us a whirlwind of new information, new opportunities, new connections, significant breakthroughs and deeper understandings about our True Purpose. Each manifestation of 'A Mu'a leads to a series of blossomings and breakthroughs. Our True Places are welcoming us home!

Since we just passed a Point of NO DOWN - NO RETURN, we no longer need to worry about reverting back to our old ways of being. Any remaining bridges to our past are starting to ignite. Because of this, many of us will finally make the commitment to live True Lives as a True One in our True Places with our True People. This enables us to take decisive action that will propel us forward. Once we decide to do this, support will come to us from unexpected sources.

Aside from a multitude of new opportunities, we are reviewing some of our previously discarded options, looking at them with fresh eyes to see if any of them are now the right ones for us. We are also decluttering and simplifying our lives to get everything better organized and ready for what is to come.

Since there is no longer any separation between completions and new beginnings, it is also bringing back into our lives people from our distant past whom we haven't had contact with for many years. This is part of the weaving of the Past and Future into the HERE and NOW.

May brings us a noticeable deepening of Love. More and more people are feeling like our kindred people. This includes people whom we barely know. This is very comforting. Kindred people are becoming a huge form of support since we are all going through similar experiences. They understand and they need our support as well. There's a stronger sense of Oneness between those who are authentic and real, with the knowingness that we are all in this together and together as One, we will see it through.

We are still traveling on the wild roller coaster of change in May, with all its ups and downs and dizzying loop de loops which flip everything upside down when we least expect it. That's why we need to stay authentic, real and ultra alert.

We are shedding numerous skins. Some are shedding the skin of their physical life. Others have chosen to stay above the turmoil and hold the resonance of bliss for all of us. We are all given the opportunity for clearings, course corrections, transformations, discoveries and major, life-changing decisions.

Occasionally, there may be twists of distortion that occur which wring out the Trueness in situations. We need to be aware of this when it happens. More lies and deceits of the old paradigm are being revealed. These wild times gives us opportunities to bring out true magnificence, to know that we are far more than who we often think we are, to let go of who we thought we were and be introduced to so much more and to demonstrate that we can really LIVE LARGE with so much LOVE on a small planet.

In spite of everything that is going on, May has a feeling of newness, of decisiveness, of strong forward motion. Suddenly there's a new freshness in the air that we haven't felt before. There's a noticeable strengthening of our Trueness and courage. This is especially welcomed by us since the current world situation carries such a heaviness. This new, fresh energy shows us many things that we couldn't see before.

In May, we are gifted with new colors to write our New Stories. Now everything is possible!!! Nothing is holding us back anymore. We feel confident that we will be able to live as True Ones in the HERE and NOW, anchoring the truth that is still coming to us through the opened Gates of the 11:11 Doorway.



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