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The Year 2014 Surf Report: Into Trueness

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April felt like riding a rocket at lightning fast speed. During this time, we let go of tons of ballast which rapidly flew off of us in all directions. Most of the energy that flew away was concealed in the old foundation stones which we've been removing and often were things which we didn't know that we still carried within us.

All month long, the energies of the supercharged 'A Mu'a collided with the calcified heaviness of duality, creating great intensity while sending forth clouds of pulverized debris. The energy of 'A Mu'a manifested two powerful eclipses and a Grand Cardinal Cross. The effect of this is that everything which is already on the New Level is being greatly accelerated and moved forward with high speed and relative ease. At the same time, everything that's too heavy, expired and duality-based is being pushed hard until it either shatters or transforms. This is taking place on personal, national, international and planetary levels. And it will continue for as long as necessary.

Many of us encountered heavy Bands of Distortion in April. Some of us experienced duality-based attacks like we hadn't felt in a very long time. This happened because the removal of our old foundation stones revealed hidden pockets of old magic, manipulation, duality-based beliefs and judgments. This upheaval helped to shake out any expired primal conditioning hiding in the dark corners of our beings.

April was super intense, brilliant, amazing, ultra wild and very hard at times. It presented us with a major "spring cleaning" of our beings. The energetic pressure and intensity of such diverse energies coming up at the same time was huge. April's energies pushed some of those who were teetering over the edge until they started going crazy. The month was full of numerous opportunities for both breakdowns and breakthroughs.

There were also magical, "days out of time" in April when we experienced deep immersions into the New Reality. Everything felt so clean, so true, so exciting, so sparkling with aliveness, so full of opportunities for core level transformation.

Now it feels as if a huge turning point has been passed through and we have gone so much deeper into the New Landscape. Arriving at the month of May, it feels as if the hardest, most stressful times are behind us. It's not that May will be without challenges, but that it won't be as stressful and intense as before. Or if it is, we will be better able to cope with it.

Meeting Ourselves Again
It's You!!!!

The Q'eros people of the Andes Mountains of Peru call this time, "The Era of Meeting Ourselves Again". And this is exactly what is happening. We are re-encountering our true, authentic selves. We are no longer Human Beings, Angelic Beings, Earth Beings, Star Beings or Earth-Star Beings. We are HU-man and HU-woman. (HU is the direct, first breath of the ONE.) We are True-Man and True-Woman. The True People. The True Ones.

In order to fully become a True One, we have to first make the commitment to be a True One, no matter what. We have to choose to stop feeding the illusion of duality; to stop supplying it with its life force. We have to stop being manipulated by inner fears and outside influences. We have to take personal responsibility for our beliefs, feelings, attitudes and actions. We have to start living True Lives as True Ones.

It's easy to get lost in the tumultuous world situations playing out all over the planet at this time, but it's vitally important that we find the right balance, the right stance to do what we know to be true without getting sucked into the drama and uncertainty of outer events.

There's an old saying that "The End justifies the Means", which means that anything you do to achieve a worthy cause is OK. There is also the old belief that if we have good intentions that everything will be all right, even if it doesn't lead us to the desired outcome. Both of these are no longer true. Both the Means or Method that we handle the details of the journey and the End Result have to be clear, intregeous and true. There are no shortcuts, no places where we can be sloppy or untrue.

Why do we still allow ourselves to get hooked back into duality? We cannot make excuses when we suddenly get pushed back into duality. This is when our Heart's Knowingness has to take over. We have to consciously choose which reality we want to inhabit. We cannot blame anyone else or any outside forces for the choices we make. And we can't keep jumping back and forth. We each have a personal responsibility to stop believing in duality. For if enough of us do that, it will cease to have any effect upon us.

Much more powerful waves are yet to come. Each time they will test us to answer "Are we present in the Now?" and "Are we consciously following our Heart's Knowingness?". The impact of the intensity of those waves is directly related to how conscious we are in any given moment. We invest so much time in protecting feelings, emotions and attachments from our past and in giving fear and love to the future, (more often fear). In doing so, we fail to see what is right in front of us, in the HERE AND NOW, in this very moment.

It's time to take full responsibility for standing in our Trueness. This process of Meeting Ourselves Again or Returning to WHO WE REALLY ARE begins within ourselves. It is the starting point for all that is to come. We have to constantly be True Ones and bring this Trueness into the world wherever we are. And then to translate our inner Trueness into outer action.

This is when we become fully comfortable with who we are, inside and out. When we feel vibrantly alive. When we can look in a mirror, smiling with recognition, loving who we are. IT'S YOU!!!

The Lotus of our Beings

Our natural, true state can be seen as a many petaled lotus. Throughout our long cycle of lifetimes on Earth, we have never had all our petals unfurled. We have always had petals that were painfully bent or damaged which we tried to hide inside ourselves. There were petals which we had neglected to develop, whose growth was stunted. Most of the time, we pretended that they weren't there. But when we couldn't avoid looking at them, we told ourselves that we really didn't need to develop these qualities; that we were fine without them. There were also petals that we never showed others because they were so private and sacred. So very sacred that we, ourselves, often forgot that they were there.

And there were also petals that we never dared look at because we were afraid of their power and awed by their exquisite beauty. With these, we often had the thought that perhaps we didn't deserve them, or that maybe they didn't really belong to us and were just there by mistake. Yet, on a deeper level, we knew that they were ours. We just didn't know what to do with them and we weren't ready for anyone else to see our magnificence.

We preferred to be selective about which petals of our beings we allowed others to see. As much as possible, we tended to put our pretty, well developed petals in the front where everyone could see them. We tried to spread them out so they would cover up the gaps where we didn't have petals. We hid the undeveloped and bent petals inside us where we thought no one would find them. And that was how it was until very recently....

Then something happened.... The subtle, imperceptible changes that had been taking place for years suddenly became increasingly visible. Our bent petals wouldn't stay hidden anymore. They are now constantly popping out at the most awkward moments. And you know what? We aren't embarrassed by them anymore! Hey, we are authentic and real; we no longer have a need to be "perfect".

Our previously undeveloped petals started growing as we began doing things in new ways, learned new skills and began utilizing our creativity in wild, new ways! And this feels so good!

Our super sacred, private petals could now be seen by every True One whom we encountered. And we no longer feel that we have to hide them. And even more wondrous, we can now see everyone's petals: the good, the bad, the ugly, the stunningly beautiful and it is all OK.

Even more amazing.... we finally owned our most powerful, most magnificent, most exquisitely beautiful petals!!! They belong to us. They are who we are! And we are bringing them out to be fully revealed.

Our petals are like our new skin. There's a tender freshness to them. This enables us to walk with a new lightness and a new sureness of purpose. We are now embodying a greater wholeness and trueness than ever before. And this is how we inhabit our New Landscape. This is how we birth a completely New World, enter a new MUA, a completely fresh new beginning in which we can write our New Stories, the way that they were always meant to be.

As our fully enlivened beings become like thousand petalled lotuses, we realize that we contain within our heart of hearts the fabled Chenti Mani or Wish Granting Gem. This is the same Mani Stone that our Green Windhorse carries. We are the embodiments of the Chenti Mani and are the ones who are manifesting the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams as we birth a New World.


We enter May feeling like we have gone through a huge tempest, ending up in a previously unexplored sector of the New Landscape. We feel thoroughly cleaned out, semi-transparent, without our old skin and brand new. Almost all of our old foundation stones are now gone. We have released old, powerful habits. Many limited attitudes and old ways of doing things have simply disappeared. It feels like much of the past has been erased and the brilliant sunlight of the New is streaming in, making all the colors brighter, clearer, more vibrant than ever before.

April's powerful swath of 'A Mu'a has cleared the way for May to come in with a new lightness, full of boundless creative possibilities. Latent talents are activating. Our relationships are revealing previously unseen depths. We now have a strong clarity about moving forward into our True Direction. We are creating the New each day as we awaken, rather than waking up each day and recreating the same old, expired reality. Everything feels like it has been washed clean, like after a heavy rainstorm. This is happening both inside and outside ourselves.

Many of us are feeling a deepening sense of interconnectedness with nature. The rocks are singing; the trees, sky, animals, birds, wind, flowers all speak to us. It's time to listen to what they have to say. To feel how strongly we are woven together as One Being in the New Tapestry.

As the New Paradigm increasingly becomes more deeply anchored into the physical, we can finally see some of the fruits of our efforts. The New and True are becoming increasingly visible. The New Landscape is coming into greater focus with its many new brilliant colors from an expanded spectrum that is totally new to us.

It feels like we have reached a new internal resting point, a place of relaxed calmness that we haven't felt before. There's a special type of quiet, the deep Quiet of Newness which feels wonderful. We feel like we are now standing on a high plateau that has an expanded vista which gives us a totally new perspective. We are filled with a sense of freshness, wonder and excitement for we can feel the NEW in the air all around us, palpably alive and vibrating with heightened love and trueness.

In May, we are finally given a much yearned for and long needed, time of integration. Now we can take a good clear look at our greatly revised, deeply recalibrated, thoroughly cleaned out and vastly expanded inner and outer landscapes. We can feel the monumental shift that is taking place in the planetary collective, the openness and readiness it now has for change. As we become familiar with the quantum breakthroughs we experienced in April, we can start implementing these profound changes into our lives through clear, decisive action.

Many of us are no longer standing on our old foundations. We have moved onto the foundation of our new True Life. This new foundation feels much more solid and real. It enables us to feel more grounded than we have for a long time. A new level of deepening is taking place, a deepening of our love and compassion, a deepening of our interconnectedness with others. We are also experiencing a strengthening of our commitment to keep going forward into our True Direction.

We've pulled our threads out of the tapestry of duality and watched the old patterns unravel. Now it's time to begin weaving our new tapestries, the tapestries of our Wildest Dreams and True Purpose. To put our entire being, our PURE TRUE LOVE, into the new patterning. Building this New True Life is a joy filled experience.

Being given time for integration and grounding doesn't mean that we will be sitting around with lots of free time on our hands in May. There is still much to do and our full efforts are required. But there's a new surge of energy and lightness that makes everything easier. This time calls for extreme attention to myriad, minute details. We have to constantly weave ALL THAT WE ARE into our new tapestry. We need to express our Trueness in our daily life. All our social interactions must be as an authentic, true being. At the same time, we must constantly adjust and rebalance our weaving to the continual shifts and changes of a world that is in the very messy throes of flipping over from duality into Oneness.

Creativity, inspiration and fun are strong components of May. And how wonderful that a sense of fun finally returns to our lives! We will be surfing a massive creative surge and our creativity will bring forward many new and different ideas for finding solutions for our problems. Using our imagination and enhanced vision will help us to expand the resonance of Trueness. We will be creating new methods, developing new skills and doing things far differently then before.

There will also be breakthroughs with many of our relationships: friends, family and co-workers. Some might go out of our life, while others will experience huge personal breakthroughs and finally step in with their full beings. There's the feeling that we are assembling our right team and finally getting the help we have long needed. We are coming together on a new level with our True Family from all over the world.

May will occasionally be a wild ride with the upheavals and shocking events that we've grown used to. There are a lot of international, national, local, and personal situations coming to a crisis point. We are still being shaken to the core and so is the world. Many of us are still going through shattering situations and more people are leaving the planet.

At the same time, more people are awakening in every corner of the planet. During this time, we will feel a great need to really anchor ourselves in the Ultra Greater Reality, to stay centered and remain real and true as never before. May will bring numerous challenges, especially for those who haven't faced them clearly yet. These challenges will continue until the old issues are resolved or transformed.

The dynamic we've been experiencing of zooming along on a Fast Forward - then having to stop and deal with unexpected challenges - then back to Fast Forward will continue for at least another month. It's still pretty intense astrologically and energetically.

Around the third week of May, there could be some huge event or series of events that could either knock us off of alignment or knock us into even greater alignment. But even when there are tumultuous events taking place, we need to remember to expand our being and extend our vision far BEYOND what is happening. To sit together as Silent Watchers all over the world, irradiating all the worlds within worlds with PURE HEART LOVE and strengthening the resonance of Trueness. This helps us maintain our perspective and hold everything in balance.

There is also the very real sense of urgency that some of us feel about creating the stabilization pinions of the New World. It's easy to get so caught up in what is happening in the outer, duality world that we forget that we are here to BIRTH THE NEW AND TRUE. These new Anchor Points MUST be in position before the flip over from duality into Oneness. This is why we are doing our utmost to create the Heart of AN in Peru and why others are diligently creating new Anchor Points in other parts of the planet.

All month long, we will be going deeper into the New Landscape. We will feel more excited each week. There is a sense of quiet joy and occasional moments of wondrous awe. Our True Directions are clearer and more vivid. We can now see where we are going. Opportunities and breakthroughs are all around us. Everywhere we look, doors are closing while new ones are opening. We have to stay fresh all the time and insert this freshness into everything.

And now let's move deeper into the New True Landscape and bring it fully alive!



With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
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Keenuane, Kinga, Liliana, Malcolm, Marcela, Maria, Nicola, Petra, Thomas, Trinity, Viola,


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