May 2000: Riding the Roller Coaster into our New Lives

In the April Surf Report I talked about reaching the Turning Point, that place where we make an 180 degree shift within our beings. When I wrote this in early April, I had no idea of the scope of this turnaround. After a week or so, I thought that I had reached my personal Turning Point and made the shift, but of course I hadn't. It wasn't until the end of April when I finally got it.

In the "Keys to a New Life", it says that we need to look for our New Lives in the opposite direction from where we have been and gives several examples of where we might look. Since our New Lives are in the opposite direction from where we have been, that's why it is essential that we reach the Turning Point and rotate our position.

If you look at where you are right now and face forward, you can scan the horizon all you want to try to find the open doorways into your New Life and you will not see them. You can even take a few steps forward, but it will not bring you any closer to your goal.

Instead, try turning yourself around and face the opposite direction. And there it is! Now we can walk forward.

And of course, this isn't just a physical rotation; it is a complete 180 degree turn of some of our basic concepts and of our approach to what we must do, what we really want to do and the methods in which we seek our goals and approach life.

Here are some examples:

For me, it was the shift from trying to constantly make things happen and maintaining some semblance of control over my life to that of absolutely letting go and allowing my New Life to come to me. To trusting that my life was unfolding in its perfect timing.

For someone else, it may be totally opposite. It could require that you now take action to manifest your desires. That you've been sitting back waiting for things to come to you for too long and now it's time for you to step forth with decisive actions.

Perhaps, you thought that you didn't have to really enter the world and that you could sit back and observe it from a nice, safe distance. Your Turning Point would be to decide to re-enter the world and start serving to make it a better place. Put your energies into those causes you believe in instead of sitting back and letting others do it.

For others, it might be fears of your greatness that has held you back. When you turn yourself around by accepting your vastness and your large destiny, then your New Life will unfold.

And then there are those who are so focused on their careers that they have lost touch with their hearts. It's time for you to start caring and to manifest your love.

Or if you've been vegetating for several years, living in semi poverty, your Turning Point would be to clean yourself up and get to work!

These Turning Point examples may sound obvious, but that doesn't always make them easy. It's very challenging to let go of the old ways of doing things and of our old perceptions of "The Way Things Are In Our Life."

For me, to let go of control and trying to make things happen is very scary. What if it doesn't work? Yet, I know that the old ways simply don't work for me anymore and this is where I must go.

We are all moving into the Unknown, into New Directions, into places where we haven't been before. Yes, it is often scary or challenging, but it is also where we really, really want to go. And this is how we are going to get there.


The first two weeks of May will emphasize the deep inner changes we are undergoing as we reach our Turning Point and rotate 180 degrees. This is a profound recalibration in the core of our beings. As we turn ourselves around, this aligns us with the resonance which will bring the New into our lives.

During the second half of May and throughout the month of June, we will be busy with the manifestation of the New into our lives. Just how our New Lives will manifest will be determined by the degree in which we have made our 180' shift. If we partially make the shift, then our New Lives will partially reveal themselves. If we turn ourselves totally around and stay in that new position, then our New Lives will come streaming in.


The month of May is full of doors opening and doors closing. Once we've reached our Turning Point and made the big shift, this process is going to accelerate. Each step we take will bring us deeper into our New Lives. It also means that the residue of energies, people, and life situations which belong to our old lives are going to be swept away by a huge tide. Watch for dramatic changes of anything in your life which isn't part of your New Life and New Being.

This will definitely affect existing relationships which aren't balanced and nurturing. Watch for more of them to complete. This includes intimate love relationships, friendships and business partnerships. Some relationships will even rupture for no apparent reason. It may even affect your relationship with your family which will either grow closer or more distant.

And if this happens in your life, please remember that we don't have to react in the old ways. We don't have to lament and tear our hair out and go into anguish. Instead, we can choose to quietly realize that this relationship has run its course; it has done what it was meant to do. We can gently and gratefully let go and move on with our lives.

Each time that we reach the end of a relationship, the most difficult part is the ripping apart of our old, established patterns. We have gotten into such a behavior groove with the relationship. Whether it was a good relationship or a bad one, we knew just how to act and react. We had well worn paths to tread. When a relationship severs, we can't walk in those old grooves anymore and we don't have anyone to interact with in our old behavior patterns. We feel like a house plant that just got pulled out of its pot. Well, sometimes we just need to be repotted into a larger pot. And after we get over the initial shock to our root system, then we start growing larger and stronger and wonder why we didn't make this change long ago.

The opening and closing doors of May also mean that many of us will change our residence so we can be where we are meant to be for our New Lives. We are going to be moved into our new positions.

Our jobs may well go through huge changes as well as we are shifted into position for doing what we are really meant to do. We are moving into a new level of creativity and are going to actually enjoy and thrive doing our work.

The outer props of our lives will be shifting drastically. It's like one moment you are living in one place surrounded by furniture, belongings, friends and activities appropriate to that reality, and the next moment you are in an entirely different situation with new friends, different furniture, eating different food, listening to music you've never listened to before, wearing clothing of a style you've never worn before, in different colors, etc.

The more of the old that is swept out of our lives, the more space we have for the New to enter. And the New is definitely coming in, so we might as well get ready to welcome it. We've certainly worked hard enough to deserve the harvest of our efforts, struggles and deepest yearnings.


There is much excitement focused on the planetary conjunction on May 5th. I feel that the excitement is not limited to that specific day, but that the time frame is from right now through the end of June.

All year we having been riding the roller coaster into our New Lives. I know that it hasn't felt that way, but that is what has been happening all along. What's the first thing that we do on a roller coaster? It's that long steep first hill that we go up so slowly and arduously. That's what we've been doing for the past four months, laboriously climbing up that steep hill bit by bit. Click.... click.... click...

Once we reach our Turning Point and make the 180 shift, we reach the top of the hill and our wild ride into our New Lives begins. It's going to be a ride like no other. And it's going to get us to where we want to go.

And watch for those wild cards, unexpected occurrences and "miracles" from out of the blue. This month is going to be full of them.

Undo your safety belts and enjoy the ride!!!

UPDATED MAY 13th: The Swelling Surf

The first week of May was very interesting. The Surf rose into a huge swell. A swell is different than a wave for it is the rising of the entire level of the surface of the ocean. This powerful surge of energy currents propelled us forward, moving us ever closer to our New Lives and New Ways of Being.

While many people chose to spend this time in meditation or ceremony, especially on May 5th, others opted for action, making some definite steps towards manifesting their New Life. This is the path I took as well, for I feel that clean action is a powerful and effective meditation.

This surge of energy came to a sudden halt on May 7th. It felt as we had once again been deposited on the shore. The swell we had been riding simply disappeared and we were left feeling stranded.

Now we are back on the roller coaster going up another steep hill. Next week, the wild ride into our New Lives will again accelerate.

UPDATED MAY 16th: The Swelling Surf, Part Two

The Surf is rising. Large waves are forming and are about to appear. During the rest of May and the month of June, these waves will sweep us into our New Lives. While this happens, we will keep on resolving our old situations and complete the old relationships which have reached the end of the road. These powerful energies of the rising Surf will sometimes make us want to constantly eat practically anything in sight, then suddenly our appetites will disappear. We may experience strange aches and pains in our body which come and go unexpectedly. It's nothing to worry about, just part of the process of realignment.

Breakthroughs will happen quickly and easily, often when we least expect them. All we have to do is align ourselves with the Surf and let it take us into our new situations.

UPDATED MAY 19th: Sandbar & Riptide Alert!

For the past three days we have been experiencing Riptides. It's been a strange time with many unexpected occurrences. The first two days of this week had strong, clear energies and then suddenly, everything changed. It felt as if we hit a sandbar. Since then it's as if we are traveling through a distortion frequency. During this time, unless you are one of the ones who are feeling fine, do as little as possible and stay quiet. It is not a time to take chances or venture forth.

The sea is still rising and soon it will rise over the sandbar and the waves will come.

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2000 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.