Focusing our Priorities

Updated NOVEMBER 1, 2005

Focusing our Priorities

November is an important transitional month. It's a bridge to New Beginnings. Whether or not we cross this bridge at this time will depend solely upon our actions, attitudes and responses to the challenges at hand.

The most urgent thing we need to do is to readjust our priorities onto what is truly real and most important. When we are constantly deluged with BIG WAVES, it's easy to get drawn away from what is really happening. It's a natural reaction to go numb and pretend that nothing extraordinary is happening. Or to seek out distraction after distraction so we don't have to look at the sometimes shocking reality that we've entered the Time of Completion. And it's often tempting to want to go hide in a corner and sit this one out. But we all need to realize that we cannot sit this out, that this is why we are here.

October gave us our Third Warning with the massive earthquake in Pakistan, Kashmir and India. We also had more hurricanes washing away the structures of the old. And perhaps because we're getting weary of disasters or it's just too much to think about, our response is weakening, especially when they happen in remote areas on the other side of the world.

This is part of the challenge of being One. We must continue to care and to feel. We cannot allow ourselves to become jaded or disinterested. Anything which happens to any part of our One Being, happens to all of us. It affects the whole.

Right now is a critical time. We are definitely in the long foreseen Time of Completion. This shouldn't fill us with fear and trepidation, but it should strengthen our resolve. It is happening to shift our priorities from the superficial and illusory and strongly align them with what is REAL. This is why the Time of Completion is here. It's not to make us panic or suffer; it's to awaken us and spur us into action.

We have entered the time to fulfill our true purpose, to do what we came here to do. This is the bridge we are crossing. Right now we are given the golden opportunity to step into our greatness and engage our full beings in serving the One. And the survival of this planet may well depend on our willingness to refocus our priorities.

Since November is a bridge, we will be dealing both with the old and the New this month. It's time to bring any unfinished projects to completion and to resolve those lingering old issues which we've been carrying around with us for so long.

It's similar to cleaning out our refrigerators. We need to take everything out, looking at each item carefully to see if it has gone past its expiration date. If it has, simply put it in the trash. We don't need to fill up our refrigerator with rotten food or expired products (or issues). Once everything has been taken out, we can clean the shelves, making them ready for what we really want to nourish us. Then consciously choose what you want in there. Don't worry about whether or not it's full. We don't need to be crammed full of stuff that we don't use. Empty spaces are good; they create space for the New.

Readjusting our priorities means that we don't allow ourselves to get pulled into personality level bickering or competition or bruised egos or into anything which promotes separation. We need to maintain our vaster perspective and our compassion at all times, even when we're tired, discouraged, angry, hungry, hurt or sad. It's always alright to feel. And we can allow ourselves to feel our emotions as long as we don't slip into taking things personally and continue to maintain our vaster perspective.

The Winds of Change have definitely stepped up. Last month brought health issues to the forefront for many. These are for the purpose of aiding us in letting go of the past in the form of old behaviors and distorted beliefs, so we can move forward unhindered into the New.

The greatest challenge when the Winds of Change billow all around us is to maintain our equilibrium. It's easy to become unbalanced and get blown over. If this happens, we need to get up as soon as possible. Often this requires the aid of someone other than ourselves to help us get on our feet again. This is no longer a time to go it alone...

The Dynamic of Mutual Support is one of the cornerstones of Oneness. We need to help each other any way we can. Our One Being needs to be aware of all parts of itself, deepening our compassion and serving when needed, not just when it's convenient. This Dyanmic of Mutual Support needs to be rock solid to get us through the times to come. Right now, it is not...

In spite of everything which is taking place on this planet in these critical final days of duality, the Greater Reality has never been stronger. It has to be or we wouldn't be able to survive the Times of Completion. What's required is that we fully inhabit the Greater Reality; we need to bring it into the most mundane levels of our daily lives. This is not impossible as some of you might think. It's vitally necessary so that we can cope with the challenges of these times and demonstrate our inherent mastery. The Greater Reality not only makes things tolerable; it makes them joyful and inspiring. It allows us to live in a state of love, no matter what is happening around us.

This is why the Surf Reports earlier this year talked so much about Recalibrating our Environment and Repatterning the Past. Recalibrating our Environment is not so much a matter of redecoration and esthetics, but of setting an energetic field so that we can sustain the frequencies of the Greater Reality. And Repatterning the Past allows us to step free, once and for all, of the debilitating old patterns that have limited our responses.

Many people want to leap ahead into the New without first incorporating the Greater Reality into their present situation. This simply can't be done. We always need to start with where we are RIGHT NOW. Once we change our resonance, then things will automatically shift all around us, drawing us more into the state of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE.

It's especially those areas where we have the greatest resistance which need the deepest repatterning. All those activities, situations or jobs which we hate to do. Once we start surfing the the Quantum Surf of the Greater Reality, it will unleash a flood of energy which will wash away any area which has been stuck. This includes habits, outdated beliefs, unfulfilling careers and unnourishing relationships. Our focus shouldn't be on our unhappiness and discontent with our present state, but instead our priority should shift to living in the Greater Reality, living in Oneness right here, right now.

November reminds me of the situation in a classic fairy tale when the Knight goes to the King to ask for the hand of his daughter in marriage. Instead, he is told to do a nearly impossible, quite dangerous task. These tasks are usually found in the areas where we have the least patience and the most resistance. And although they appear to lead us into the opposite direction from what we perceive ourselves to be seeking, it's actually what we most need to do. The key is to do them in a new way. To do them with our full beings.

Each of us is the Knight going off into the Unknown to fulfill our final quest. Each of us now has the opportunity to resolve our core issue, the thing which has most held us back from becoming whole. And once we do, we will finally step into our full empowerment. Each of us is also the Princess waiting for our Knight to return so we can experience true Sacred Union.

Once we've completed our quest, we will be able to cross the bridge into our New Beginnings....

Some interesting phenomena along the way:

During the past several months, I've been experiencing glitches with batteries. A computer battery goes dead, I take it in to be checked and am told it's totally dead and needs to be replaced. A month later, on the very day that the new battery arrives in the mail, the old battery suddenly starts working again! The garage door opener's battery goes dead. Then my cell phone battery died and wouldn't charge. I took it in and bought a new battery which didn't charge either, went back the next day and got a new power adapter. Now have two batteries for the computer and two for the cell phone. Then the batteries on my two watches went dead. Went to three stores before I found one with the right type of batteries. Unfortunately, they only had one left. Now the watch that was fixed is still running, but doesn't keep the right time. And I know that I'm not the only one this is happening to.

Which brings us to the matter of Time... I'm sure many of you have noticed that Time isn't what it used to be. It's sort of sped up and turned inside out. I even read that scientists had noticed this, saying that a 24 hour day is more like a 16 hour day. Time is collapsing and this is affecting us in all sorts of strange ways.

You might notice some of your clocks refusing to tell the right time, even with new batteries. They probably are accurate in the old timing, but just can't keep up with the acceleration. You also might feel unpinned from Time. This feels similar to jet lag. Things like loss of appetite or wanting to eat strange food at strange hours, falling asleep in the middle of the day, or becoming wide awake and energized in the middle of the night. Although these symptoms of the dissolving of Time can be disconcerting at first, they are actually quite liberating once we allow ourselves to be unpinned.

For several months now, there have been periods where we feel as if we are in a trance or dream and NOTHING IS REAL. It's as if everything was covered over with a heavy layer of mist. Whenever the mist does lift, it's almost miraculous. Everything feels so clean and fresh, beautiful and new. When we enter these periods, it's important to use our enhanced clarity to take decisive steps forward
. Soon enough, the thick mist of unreality descends again. We are back to working on the levels of pure energy and must slowly, delicately find our way through deeper layers of the Invisible.

Navigating Times of Completion is like walking through a minefield. We need to remain totally conscious and ultra aware of the larger picture at all times. It's easy to fall into a sinkhole and stay there, pretending that nothing else is going on. It's easy to become distracted and try to pretend that these are "normal" times. It's easy to become numb and stop caring, walking around with a glazed look on our face. But we really can't allow ourselves to do this anymore.

We came here at this time to serve with our full beings in this critical transition from duality to Oneness. This is exactly what's needed. Nothing more and nothing less. We're in the Time of Completion and there are a lot more drastic changes on the not so distant horizon. We might as well get used to it and make our presence felt as One Being.

Throughout November, we are going to be walking across the bridge into the New. Many missing elements are going to appear, beckoning us into our new positions. These are going to be much more solid than mere hints. We are actually going to be placing real stones in our new foundations.

Be open to new opportunities, situations and people coming into your life. Some of you will be in the process of relocating to totally new situations much more in alignment with whom you are becoming. Dreams will be either prophetic or will clear out hidden pockets of fears. Lasting breakthroughs will start coming in this month, clearing the path for major breakthroughs arriving in December.

No matter how November plays itself out in your life, constantly focus and refocus your priorities, always choosing what is most REAL and TRUE.




PS. I am nearing completion of my totally rewritten books "11:11" and "The Star-Borne" as well as my brand new, brilliant set of oracle cards with its 140 page book. They should be finally available in January 2006!


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