Reset into Mua

Solara's Mandala:
The Wheels within Wheels are now turning on a massive, unprecedented scale.

Emerging Into A New World




In October we traveled through the RESET ZONE between the major RESET that took place with the 11:11 Tenth Gate Activation on September 11th and the upcoming massive RESET that will take place on 11/11/11. During this month, we began integrating, incorporating and implementing the profound changes created by September's RESET into every aspect of inner beings.

Tsunamis of change swept through all areas of our lives. More levels of SEEING THE UNSEEN were revealed. These brought us surprising new connections between familiar, known elements and unexpected new ones. We passed through a series of Turning Points. The curtains were pulled back to allow us to see more of the real picture of what is truly happening. As these connection points clicked into position, new hidden passageways opened up that brought together the familiar and the new.



This Surf Report could really be written in two parts: Before and After 11/11/11.

BEFORE 11/11/11:

The entrance into November feels quite choppy at times. This is because so many elements are moving out of their old positions so they can move into their new ones during the major RESET on 11/11/11. Old pinions are loosening so they can be replaced by new ones. Intricate sets of wheels and gears are being taken apart, thoroughly cleaned and put together in new configurations.

There are a multitude of different levels calling for our attention. Priorities are shifting. Core level beliefs are realigning. Practical matters need to be attended to. Some of us are facing serious health crisises. Relationships are undergoing major transformations by either deepening or loosening. Established businesses and financial institutions are falling apart. Our Love is growing increasingly stronger. Security fears are wanting to be reassured that ALL IS WELL. We are looking for our New True Lives and trying to figure out how to get there.

All the while, we are ever expanding, becoming Truer and opening our eyes to what is REAL, with the sense of waking up from a long, heavy sleep. It's like turning on a radio in which suddenly all the stations are broadcasting at once. We can hear everything at the same time: sentimental love songs, rap, religious evangelists, news programs, mariachi music, heavy metal, classical orchestras and talk shows. With such a cacophony of different sounds, it's difficult to concentrate on any one thing for very long.

With so much happening, we may experience occasional distortion bands and glitches. As long as we understand why they are happening and don't take them too seriously, we will be fine.

From now until November 11th, we may feel an expanded vastness. As Silent Watchers in physical bodies, we feel ourselves watching over the Worlds within Worlds. At times, this expansiveness may make it difficult to focus on the practical matters of life. Every day affairs can feel somewhat dreamlike.

During this time, we will start to experience a series of elements clicking into position. This brings us new connections and new information.


On November 11, 2011, we will experience a major RESET as the massive Wheels within Wheels click into position, one after another. This RESET represents a Mua of immense proportions. (A Mua is the beginning of a major cycle.) This RESET opens something totally new and sets off a series of triggers that will create a series of Major Intersections of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

11:11:11 is the moment that all our beings have been waiting for, for ages!!! It is an awesome event that will anchor something much huger that we can even imagine.

We are coordinating an important worldwide event on 11/11/11 where we will sit as Silent Watchers all over the world at 11:11 am Greenwich Mean Time. Anyone can participate and you are all invited. Here is a link with more information:

AFTER 11/11/11:

Many things will click into position on myriad levels. Many of us will be pushed out of our old lives and propelled into our new ones. We will be pushed out of who we were and become who we really are. We will be led to our right people and places.

November's RESET changes everything. It's similar to installing a new operating system on a computer. After we do this, some software programs no longer work; others need to be updated. There are new apps and new programs that must be installed so we can fully function in our New True Lives.

After the RESET, we will be reviewing our core beliefs and determining which ones are still relevant. We will be sorting through our possessions, activities and relationships to see what still belongs with us. Many of us will move to a new location. Many will quit their jobs and create something totally different to do that is infinitely more fulfilling.

It's impossible to be more specific about what will happen after 11/11/11. There is a strong element of surprise which is a required component of the RESET which will take place. We don't need to know the details of what will happen, but just to know that there will be massive changes on all possible levels.

While some of the profound changes caused by the RESET will be immediately apparent, others will take time to fully feel and integrate. This is because the RESET will spread out into all the directions in a series of waves that increasingly cause more and more elements to click into position. It happens in this manner because we simply couldn't handle it if everything happened at once and because some things can't click into position until other elements first click into position.

The RESET will reconnect us with our Never-Ending Story. This is the True Story of Who We Are and Why We Are Here. Remembering our True Story will enable us to step free of our old lives and limiting patterns of behavior as never before.


11/11/11's RESET will also set off a huge wave of Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. During the next few months, many of us will find ourselves returning to the places of our old lives. (Or maybe you are still there.... ) We will go back as WHO WE ARE NOW, True Ones, to complete any unfinished business, to gather up scattered fragments of ourselves, to make things right that were left unbalanced, to let go of things, and to say a final goodbye to The Way Things Used To Be.

This is because some things that we left in the past, now need to be retrieved and brought into our new lives. Other things were left in our old lives, but not released. They now need to be let go of. There are also situations and relationships that either need to be healed or released.

This is really necessary because we haven't realized how much we are weakened by the residue from the past that we still carry. It's like carrying a large pile of rocks on our backs. We've been carrying them for so long that we no longer notice how heavy they are. Doing this will enable us to be fully present when we return to the place of our New True Lives. When we fully step into our True Lives, we will be strong, free and totally ready for them.



Some of us are now taking our first steps in our New Landscape. This is when we can see everything with new eyes and need to learn how to do everything in new ways. When we first arrive in our New Landscape, it's important to stay wide open and undefined. Many people don't like to be undefined, yet this is exactly what is most needed. Being open and undefined enables us to more fully merge with our New Landscape. At this point, it is not yet the time for action.

After we merge with our New Landscape by letting it affect us on multiple levels, we become more our True Selves than ever before. Finally, we start emerging and things come to us that are deeply aligned with us and our True Lives. This is when new connections come streaming in and our True Lives are naturally revealed. We are now ready for action.


The foundations of our New True Lives are not simply an expansion of our old foundations. We don't just shift the elements of our old lives to a new location. We don't move from our old house to a similar house in our New Landscape. Or leave our old job to take a similar job in a new location. This is not a New Life; it is simply moving our old life to a different landscape, not to our New Landscape.

True Lives require that we learn absolutely new ways of living. Instead of investing our money in stocks or gold, we need to invest in anchoring Trueness. To put our energy and resources into projects that will help people and strengthen the resonance of Love and Trueness.

We spend lots of time thinking about what we would like to do instead of seeing what is all around us in the Expanded HERE and NOW. We are often so busy trying to make things happen that we don't allow our New Landscape to interact with us. Our New Landscape is constantly affecting us on a core level. It's actually giving us everything we truly need. It's a two way communication. If we try to forcibly make things happen, it will actually close us off from our New Landscape. But if we allow our New Landscape to affect us and change us, it will give us what we most need. A natural alchemy takes place.

Whenever we worry about what we are going to do in our New True Lives, we should realize that they will not come to us until we have fully emerged as a True One, landed in our New Landscape and connected with our Right People. Until then, it may feel uncomfortable not to know who we are, where we are going to live or how we will financially support ourselves.

While we are experiencing a period of feeling like nothing fits, we can simply accept that this is a natural stage in the emergence process. This acceptance actually speeds everything up. The outer props on our life's stage are undergoing a dramatic change. Many things are falling away that we thought expressed who we were and that we relied on to anchor who we were. Now those old elements and limiting definitions don't feel so important anymore. This stripping away of old props enables us to become fresh, streamlined and Truer.

Although most of us cannot yet see the details of our True Lives, we can feel a clicking into position with a stunning rightness whenever they manifest. We no longer have a Blank Canvas upon which we ponder what colors we want to use and carefully plan out a design. Instead, we simply stare at what appears to be a Blank Canvas until the details THAT ARE ALREADY IMPRINTED THERE emerge.

We are also learning that True Lives require new foundations that are vastly expanded. If we try to look for our New True Lives from a personal vantage point, we will not be able to see them. True Lives are totally different from what we have known. They require absolutely new ways of living and totally new ways of doing everything. There's a New Navigation to be learned. To get to this new level, we need to stop being Who We Were and start becoming WHO WE REALLY ARE. Our new foundations are not based on personal interests or personal preferences, but on rightness and Trueness. Instead, they are created by coming together with a group of kindred people united in a common purpose. Together as ONE, we create our new foundation. That's when everything brilliantly clicks into position.

When we come together with our right people, it's important to spend time together and communicate, not just to exchange information, but to weave a new synergy of unified purpose. We all carry important pieces of the key. Putting these pieces together enables us to see what we are meant to do collectively. It reveals our new purpose. This makes it possible for our True Lives to fully manifest.

Once we unite with our kindred people, previously hidden pathways into our True Lives open up. New connection points are revealed. We are able to see more of the total picture.

Many people have been asking when is the date of the activation of the final 11:11 Gate. This cannot yet be determined because when the Eleventh Gate Activation occurs will depend on how soon we start living True Lives. Only then, can the next level be revealed.



November is an extremely intense, fast paced, action-packed month full of unprecedented change and huge breakthroughs. The scope of the breakthroughs we experience will be determined by how True we are. If we are resistant to change, it may be a difficult month. Many people are scared by the vast scale of the changes because it looks like everything is breaking apart and it is. But if we embrace these changes that make space for the entrance of the New and True, it will be immensely exciting.

The fall of the false has never felt so strong. October was a month that catalyzed the True. For many of us, it has not been easy to drop the old and that's why sometimes is hard to see what it is emerging after the collapse of the old. In November the essence and basis of the New and True will make a strong and undeniable appearance, so we will no longer doubt it. The intensity of November will keep us close to the heart; there will not be another way; giving us the knowingness that only LOVE will see us through.

The dam is about to break on so many levels. We can already feel the massive Tsunamis of Change created by the second RESET on 11/11/11 starting to topple more pillars of the old status quo and getting ready to land with force upon the shores of The World As We've Known It. Yet if we stand strong in our knowingness as True Ones that ALL IS WELL, we will find the new ways to navigate through this onto the shores of our New True Lives with courage, confidence, openness and love.

At times, we may feel that we are on the wildest roller coaster ride of our lives. Yet, as we travel through the extremes of up and down, the seemingly "positive" and "negative", these extremes don't affect us like we used to. Their impact is softened since we are now so much vaster than them. We face them with more focus, less emotions, less uncertainty, more confidence, less drama, more love, less fear. This is because we have become human Silent Watchers in action.

In November, we will become more completely aware and confident in the Expanded HERE and NOW. We will utilize new methods to deal with old patterns. We will be Silent Watchers "watching" the illusion, but not being drawn into it. We will be watching what is going on with our Hearts. This powerful PURE HEART LOVE is not coming from our hearts, but through our entire beings.

The energies for November are fully geared up for total RESETS throughout the universes --personally and for the planet. The intense and potent RESET energies are already working, weaving, clearing. This energy feels different than at any other times. It's super intense, so powerful and so very very Real. It's super focused. It's as though everything in the universe is coming together in a powerful concentrated focus to support the breaking, dissolving and releasing of very old patterning. We can choose to jump in and allow ourselves to be totally reset, or we can try to resist. Resisting will become increasingly uncomfortable. Not resisting will feel like complete miracles are happening.

Old core issues we never thought we would EVER be free from will be done with. One way we can help each other right now is to stop looking at people in our lives in the way we always have, with our old perceptions, judgments and definitions. Instead we can remove our old perceptions of people and allow them to become totally new in our eyes. To allow them and everything to be free from old ideas we have of them. To give each other the space to really reset and become totally free and new.

Last week we had the 137th anniversary celebration of my small village in Peru, There was a large parade of small communities, schoolchildren, and workers groups that lasted for five hours. It seemed like almost everyone was in the parade. On the stage was a group of village leaders, politicians and other dignitaries who stood clapping enthusiastically for each group that passed by. This went on for five hours! Never once did their enthusiasm diminish. They clapped vigorously as if each group was the most precious, important group on the planet. This was really impressive and it showed me how we now need to treat one another --with the love, respect and honoring that we all deserve. The dignitaries on the stage were fully present in the HERE and NOW and treated everyone in the parade as if they were special. Which we all are.

In November the transition between the old and the new will become more pronounced, like stepping out of old clothes into new ones. We can look at the new us with such fresh eyes that it feels like a miracle to see who we really are -- like looking in the mirror and seeing a being of such splendor and magnificence -- like the ugly duckling realizing it is a beautiful swan. We are finally seeing, feeling, believing and being Who We Truly Are and seeing others for Who They Truly Are. This will have a contagious effect so that we as humanity can spiral faster and faster into greater levels of magnificence than we ever thought possible.

Throughout the month, numerous elements will start clicking into position. This will feel so good. We will experience lots of completely unexpected "Off the Map" experiences. The RESET energies will strongly push us out of the old positions where we don't belong and into the position where we do belong. By the end of November, we'll be in a totally different place than we are now. This is because it's no longer about what we want to be; it is about who we really are.



With deep gratitude for your inspiration and insights:
Arbaline, Elena, Eliane, Emanáku, Helen, Inger, Jessica, Laya, Lucia, Maria, Radha, Subu, Susan

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