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The Year 2013 Surf Report: Expanding into a New Reality

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October was a month of deep inner and outer adjustment. It brought us a convergence of many elements in our lives. Several major projects all moved into heightened activity and each of them demanded our full attention. At the same time, the New Energy became so strong that many of us spent the entire month flattened. Being flattened while in the midst of so much action was a huge challenge.

Many of us began the month with worries and fears for the successful outcome of these major projects. By the end of the month, we had released our worries and aligned with our Heart's Knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

For some of us, the non-stop ZOOM forward in October may have left us breathless, especially if we thought too much in advance about the multiple, simultaneous demands. But we quickly realized something has been changed within us to meet these new demands, and we have evolved to a point where the Power of True Being is ever guiding us through new territory.

October was a month of Yellow Lights in which we could proceed with caution, but not at full speed. At the same time, there was lots of huge movement underneath the surface. In November, many of these hidden elements will rise to the surface and become fully visible.

'A Mu'a In Motion

To Go Forward into your True Direction
.... Rapa Nui language

November brings us a powerful surge of 'A Mu'a energy that moves us forward into our True Direction. We feel a strong sense of being in the midst of swirling changes that are unpinning us from all that is untrue.

If we are already traveling on a clear trajectory into our New Landscape, we will surge forward on a Fast Track, experiencing numerous breakthroughs. This will be especially true after Mercury goes direct on November 10th when we enter Full Zoom Mode.

Part of Moving Forward is the jettisoning of all the elements that we can't take with us. The 'A Mu'a In Motion is very supportive of helping us release any limiting behaviors and expired elements in our lives. If we are still being untrue to ourself or others, then the pressure will build up to intolerable levels until we finally have to let go and make a shift. Some people will even experience a dramatic flipping over of outdated perceptions that kept them locked into limited beliefs. This will bring them a surge of freedom of choice that they never knew they had.

The illusion of duality is peeling off us like old band aids whose adhesive has lost its stickiness. These are the band aids that have been covering up so much of the untrueness we've been carrying within us for a long time -- the things that we used to think were real. This includes the understandings that we had backwards which now need to be flipped over into their right positions. We don't even have to strip off these band aids of illusion and untrueness; it's just happening naturally.

All of this illusion and corruption has been going on for years. Monsanto didn't create GMOs yesterday; the NSA in the US started spying on everyone back in 2002, the shocking violence in our films and television has been considered acceptable for years. But it is only now that we are starting to see it for what it is. This is because a huge unmasking is taking place of our authority figures, our politicians, medicine, educational systems, the celebrities that we used to admire, religions, the businesses that we supported.


November presents us with numerous Green Lights. This is exactly what we most need since there is much to be done this month. Some long term projects are finally coming to fruition. There may be what appear to be temporary glitches in our path, but they will soon disappear. To bring these projects to resolution, we may need to redouble our efforts and push them through. Once there is a successful outcome, there won't be much time to celebrate with balloons and champagne, since another wave of projects immediately fills the now vacant position of what we have just accomplished.

We also might encounter periods of waiting before the Green Lights turn on. This is especially true before November 10th while Mercury is retrograde. This waiting is only temporary and is part of a rerouting process. This has happened to us during the past few days. We get on a plane and the electrical system fails, but two hours later we were able to take off. The next day we waited 45 minutes for a taxi to arrive. Finally a very kind stranger offered to drive us to our destination. This seeming detour actually aligned us with the right driver who was much more real and integrous than the one we were supposed to have. Aligning with our right people is not just happening on a personal level, but it's also aligning us with the right people in the world at large in all our interactions with others.

There is not only much to do in November, but we have to do things that we don't know how to do. There is no time to read an instruction manual, check the details or to prepare properly. We just have to leap right into action. Yet even when we have no idea how everything will fall into its right place, we are driven along by our Heart's Knowingness. We simply go step by step, even when how we are supposed to do the next step is unclear.

When we have to do things that we don't know how to do, it sometimes feels like wading through thick mud. At times, all we want to do is sleep or escape to a remote beach somewhere. But we can't because there are important deadlines tomorrow that must be met. What is required is that we utilize the knowledge and skills that we already have by combining them with completely new methods birthed from our expanded awareness, spontaneously inventing new ways to do what needs to be done in the present moment. And then just surf the creative surge with the biggest surfboard we can find!

It's necessary to be prepared in every way possible, but it may be, that in the moment of truth, that our preparations either mean nothing or they are the key that turns everything into its right position. We don't know how this will play itself out, but we must be ready for everything!

During this time, there's an element of You Get What You Give. If we put our full being into something that resonates with our Heart's Knowingness, we will receive the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams and far more. If we still hold back and only give measured parts of ourself, our energy and our support, we will only receive small parts of what we really want. This is why it is so important to put our full beings into everything we do.

There are times when we may start feeling overwhelmed by thinking that we must do difficult tasks all by ourselves, and then the perfect help comes. This is when we realize that the time of doing things alone has completely expired. And that on the New Level, hardship is no longer necessary. Many of us have reached the point where going it alone energetically doesn't work; our souls designed it that way; it's not a case of not being capable of doing it alone, because we can and have proved it many times; it's that ONE BEING IN ACTION is meant to be our next level.

Right now, we are dealing with many unknown factors. It's like improvisational theatre, only there are several plays going on at the same time, in different languages and locations around the world, and we're performing in all of them in leading roles as different characters!! If we start to think about how much is going on or if we try to control things, it simply won't work. It's much more helpful, (and can even be fun!) if we are open and spontaneous while doing everything as a True One who is already starting to inhabit the New Landscape.

It's absolutely essential that we do our utmost to remain in the HERE and NOW as much as possible. If we spend our time worrying about what might happen, lamenting the past or planning our future, we cheat ourselves out of the present moment. This keeps us from being fully alive.


As November begins. everything feels dreamlike and unreal, yet at the same time, ULTRA REAL -- more real than ever before. October's energy of flattening is lifting and the surge of 'A Mu'a In Motion can already be strongly felt.

November is a month of revelation, providing a very unique form of light which aids both in seeing the New Reality, our place in it, the steps we need to take to fully inhabit it, and also in exposing that which needs cleansing or changing. The solar eclipse at the beginning of the month was a special "hybrid” eclipse. Eclipses are rare enough, however less than 4% of solar eclipses are hybrid, meaning they happen about once every 14 years or so. The unique hybrid eclipse energies shining down upon our planet this month provide a frequency of energy that is rarely present, which is an opportunity to perceive beyond what is normally visible.

This month brings the completion of the eclipse series, as well as the end of Mercury retrograde. All the hidden aspects that we could feel in October are now rising to the surface, like the unclean dust under the carpet, as well as the emotions that have been sitting on the shelf and have not been integrated into our True Life.

Our ancient landmarks have changed, also what was new and true now are now different. We have to learn to let go of our old ways of feeling safe; it is now time to take steps without grabbing hold of anything. The key here is to walk with our whole being.

There's a continuing sense of convergence which is very triggering and exciting. Whenever I feel the energy of convergence, I always think of the film, "The March of the Penguins". There's the strong sense of everything steadily coming together into their right positions at the right timing -- people, places, purpose, and I LOVE this feeling.

As more and more people emerge onto the New Level, we are discovering that there is not only the collective New Level, but  also a new personal level. We aren't fully on our new personal level yet, but we are getting lots of glimpses as to what it is like. We are having strong intuitions of our New Lives and new True Purpose. We can feel that we are personally moving to a new level of being. This is tremendously exciting.

Another important occurrence of this time is the emerging collective power of our One Being. We are seeing that together as One, we are far more powerful than we ever realized. The more that the Sleeping Giant of our One Being awakens, the more we will be able to create a New World based on a totally New Paradigm. This is something that many of us have been working on for lifetimes and the time has come.

Many things are approaching their true positions, but the related elements aren't yet in place. So they are moving into temporary positions which are the right positions for now. Our shift into our True Lives is happening in measured increments, giving us time to adjust to the new quantum energy.

An example of this in my life is the arrival in Peru of my container of household goods and worldly treasures. I packed these things three to five years ago, never thinking that it would take so long to be reunited with them. The immediate next step is getting my container through the notoriously difficult Peruvian Customs with great ease. But once my container finally arrives in the Sacred Valley, we won't be having the joyous unpacking that I've been anticipating for several years, since we are living in a temporary rental house while our True Home is being built. This is just how things are happening right now. Everything coming closer to their true positions, but not quite there.


We are in a time in which our old contracts have run out. This is especially true for the First Wave. If you are a First Wave who feels that fulfilling your contract is the whole reason for being here, life can feel shockingly empty when your contract has been completed. This is why many First Waves are choosing to leave the planet at this time. Others are still here, but struggling without a sense of meaning or purpose. When our ancient contracts expire, yes, we can choose to leave the planet and that is totally without blame. But we can also choose to live here WITHOUT a contract, instead of looking for a new one. Rather than doing what we were "felt we had to do" like before, we can move from DOING to BEING.

Many young people have a similar problem; they have been coming here without contracts. Because of this, some of them don't quite know what to do. They have lots of natural abilities, but don't know how to find something fulfilling in which to put their energy. Nothing feels real and true. Until they have some sort of strong awakening that aligns them with Who They Really Are and their True Purpose, life will feel somewhat empty.

One of the challenges of this time is how to align with our True Purpose without a contract. None of us need contractual obligations anymore in order to stay on the planet. Contracts and karmic obligations don't exist in the New Reality. Yet dedication, focus and True Purpose do. Without contracts, we are free to choose the life we really want. We now choose to serve because this is our joy, not our duty. We love, not out of karmic debt, but because it is our true nature. We do things, not out of guilt, but from open-hearted willingness. And this is true liberation and mastery!

In the New World, we are no longer influenced or motivated by old agreements, guilt, karma, manipulation and outside forces. We make our choices as free beings, grounded in our full Trueness. This is the true ascension. It is not leaving the planet and going somewhere else. It is being fully present in the HERE and NOW. And it is from this position of complete freedom, that we create our New World.


If you haven't done it recently, it's time to take a good look at your Wildest Dreams. What do you REALLY want? If you could live anywhere in the world and do whatever you want, what would it be? Where would you live? What would you like to do? This is especially important right now because the entire universe is supporting the manifestation of our Wildest Dreams. But in order for them to be fulfilled, we have to be clear what they are. And be completely open to something far beyond our Wildest Dreams.


The great Wheel of Destiny is turning for all of us, causing new cracks between the worlds to open. These cracks into what we previously considered reality enable us to see an infinitely Greater Reality that used to be unseen. This gives us more bright colors on our palette with which to paint our New Landscape. We are being presented with these vibrant colors so we can constantly demonstrate our enhanced capability and mastery. This is true even when we don't feel that we are being very masterful.

True Life is the True Art. Life is a mandala. The HERE and NOW is a mandala. Our bodies are mandalas. Even the messy parts belong in the mandala. To create our mandala we need to be prepared. We have to create a clear space and have our art supplies nearby. We also need to be committed, setting aside the time to create. Then comes the most important part of fully aligning ourselves with the HERE and NOW, opening ourselves up to the spontaneous flow of creativity so we can make visible the Invisible.

In November we will set our feet even more truly on new ground and the energies of the New Landscape will move through our beings. We will literally feel that we are breathing brand new air. Our oneness of being and ONE BEING IN ACTION will reach new levels. December is going to be expansive and grounding. We will feel many elements finally stabilizing.

So how to move into what isn't yet built with trust that our needs will be met? Many of us literally have no idea how to keep up with our basic needs in this rapid and unstable transition into the New Reality. There is a eagerness to get started to physically build with our hands our New Reality. We are connecting with more of our kindred people in all aspects of our lives. The energies are totally supportive to make our Wildest Dreams come true. It's 'A Mu'a In Motion!

It's time to fully trust our Heart's Knowingness and ride the Waves of Change. Many things will shift this month. Focus on the HERE and NOW and your True Self. Detach from the drama of all that's going on in the outside world, because just about anything is now possible.

November is a continued experiencing of a New World, a New Reality that is slowly making itself felt and experienced. November will continue to show us opportunities for building our New World. There are huge waves of cosmic support coming in to help us change what's needed for the New to blossom and grow. In such times everything seems to happen in an instant. We cannot plan November; it has to be allowed its unfoldment of potentials and new directions. This gives us a perfect training in remaining very flexible while being in a state of openness while exploring our New Landscape. Deep within there is such an excitement and joy about this month.

It feels like in November that something big is coming in. A huge change is coming into tangible physical form. There are lots of magic, breakthroughs and melons for all who are already within the zone of Trueness.

Our mystical attunement is increasing as we trust our Heart's Knowingness more and more. We are awakening on a deeper level than ever before, more than we ever considered possible. We are awakening to the reality of the vastness of Our Being, and as we do so, we are discovering new possibilities on the path of our expanded consciousness.

November will be utterly amazing. We are, once again, entering an experience of exponential expansion of our capacity to connect with deeper realms of reality, with one another, with our shared histories and futures apparently losing linear limitations. IF we pay attention, IF we take the time to FEEL what is happening and if we open ourselves up to the fields of infinite awareness, individually and collectively, we are certain to attract and awaken other ‘sleepers’ around us. A mystical momentum is building and expanding. We are on the precipice of a powerful leap forward into the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. We have paused as we collected everything we were hoping to assist us in this journey, but the time is nearing for us to JUMP without any more hesitation!

November is a very strong month of New Beginnings; we are closing one big chapter of our old story and moving deeper into our New Landscape. Now we have to start a very new download, leaving behind all the old and limiting patterns, old stories, old energies, old ideas. Now is the time to recalibrate ourselves and our living spaces to the New Landscape. Soon we will experience a new level of joy and personal freedom. This is the true joy that comes from the completion of our old stories and the entrance into wondrous New Beginnings.



With deepest Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Andreja, Antares, Aurora, Carolyn, Catherine, Denise, Emanaku, Inger,
Jessica, Lakshmi, Liv, Lucy, Malcolm, Marcela, Maria, Nion, Petra.


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