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The transformational energies of October were very deep and intense. We experienced two eclipses and a whole series of powerful solar flares. Everything around us is undergoing massive change and we are being RESET to the very core of our beings. Some of us felt like we had just completed a super long marathon. As we crossed the finish line, we were elated to have gone the distance! We finally made it!!!! And even though we wanted to collapse on the ground as our energy felt so depleted, we couldn't stop, since there was still much more to do.

October was a month full of action and grounding in which things came together in unexpected ways, bringing both completion and new opportunities. During this month, we were given a strong taste of the s energies we will experience in 2015.

Many old energies were cleared as we dealt with very ancient wounds. These were old hurts that we had completely forgotten about. This happened because the deepest strata of our beings, the Years of Tears, the Deep Sorrows of our Hearts that we have accumulated throughout our entire journey, were being released.

Another aspect of October was the weaving together of the past and future into something totally new. We began to see what elements of the past still had a place in our lives and which ones were ready to depart. All the while, the Invisible became increasingly visible.

During the last few days of October through the first two days of November, it seemed like everything simply stopped. The energies felt heavy and very flattening. When we tried to do even the simplest of tasks, we encountered numerous glitches.

We'll Never Walk This Way Again

As November begins, some of us may feel as if we have just survived a shipwreck. The ships of our old lives have disconnected from their moorings and drifted out to sea. This has triggered a massive rerouting, not only for us, but for the people, places and things around us that used to color our old landscape. Now, many elements of our old landscape are drifting away from us into different directions, causing the old colors to fade away, making our old lives feel increasingly drab and lifeless.

A mighty tempest has sunk the ships of our old lives and we've held onto pieces of debris throughout many long dark nights in cold waters while paddling feverishly. Finally, we've arrived on the shore of a fresh new land, more exquisitely beautiful than anything we imagined possible. We have been stripped to the core and are weary to the bone, but excited to finally be here.

I personally feel this deeply since moving into our True Home at the Heart of AN in Peru last month. Every day we get things more organized and our weariness is slipping away. There is still more to do than we can deal with, but we are grateful beyond any words to be here.

It's been interesting to see my possessions again which have been packed for five years. And there's a liberating sense of completion to finally discard our packing materials instead of keeping them for a future move. I've also discovered that quite a few treasures somehow got lost on the journey from Hawaii to Peru. These aren't just normal possessions; many of them are the sacred touchstones that helped me get where I am today. I'm not lamenting what isn't here, but I'm taking stock of what is with me and seeing if it still has a place in my True Life.

Many of us have been taking a good, clear look at ourselves and at our immediate environment and seeing what parts of our old lives are still useful for us and which ones now need to be released. We are not only taking stock of the things around us, but of our old dreams, values and priorities. As we look at everything with fresh eyes, we can see that many of them are no long valid for us.

There's also the liberating realization of all the things that we no longer have to do anymore -- places we don't need to visit, activities we don't need to participate in, stuff we never need to buy again and no more searching for our True Home because we are FINALLY HERE!

The final chapter of the book of our old life not only has been written, but the entire book seems to have disappeared along the way. We may remember some of our old stories, just like we might remember the plot of a movie we loved or the memory of a past lifetime, but there's the unquestionable knowingness that the past has faded away, never to return.

We are also feeling a strong sense of finality and completion. We know that we can never return to our old lives; the last bridges to our past have burned behind us, plunging us into ever deeper states of NO DOWN - NO RETURN. We also feel the long procession of people who've passed through our lives and touched us deeply, molding who we are. Some of them have now left the planet; some have long disappeared from our lives and others we will probably never see again. Now we are saying a final, deeply poignant, farewell to the people and elements that have left our lives.

For the past several months, we've been paying so much attention to the small, practical details and been so engrossed in non-stop action that we haven't had any time for personal feelings. At this point, we feel almost emotionless. Being tossed about in the tempests at sea while dealing with myriad, mundane details took all our attention and required all our focus and energy for such a long time. We now feel empty and blank and undefined. Yet, we're not in a hurry to throw on new garments and create new words to define ourselves. We don't need to grab onto some artificial emotions so it appears that we have feelings. The empty openness feels good at this moment. And that is just as it should be. This makes us ready to allow the New and True to enter in a non hurried, organic, natural manner.

All of this reminds me of Omashar's poignant and inspiring song, "The Wonderful and the New" which simply says it all. We are leaving the old world behind and ahead of us, the Door is Open! "Now is the time you've been waiting for so long. Take the step and you will see all you've been dreaming. You'll never walk this way again. Lay down all your guard. Your loving hearts will lead the way, the Door is open! The wonderful and the New is waiting patiently, take the step and you will see all you've been dreaming." Should you like to hear this deeply touching song, an extended seven minute version is available for sale at our Nvisible Mercado: and Omashar has graciously donated all the proceeds to the Heart of AN.


Our True Homes are the point of convergence between what we previously perceived as our personal lives and our spiritual path. Once we are living in our True Home, we discover that our personal lives and spiritual paths are no longer separate and have now merged into one. Our most spiritual endeavors at this moment are also the most practical ones. (Just like the old saying, "The Buddha is found chopping wood and fetching water.") The simple act of living a True Life as a True One is deeply fulfilling on the most intimate personal level while serving an infinitely larger purpose.

Once we start living True Lives as True Ones, our entire journey, not only this lifetime, but our entire cycle of earthly embodiments, now fully moves into the Expanded HERE and NOW. The Past and Future no longer exist.

Living in our True Home catapults us into the New Landscape like nothing else. It is a completely Off the Map of the Known experience and there is much to learn. It presents us with a totally new level of personal freedom. As everything around us starts clicking into position, there's the sense of finally being in our absolute RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME which is liberating beyond anything we could have imagined. Absolutely everything, inside ourselves and outside ourselves, is being totally RESET. And it all feels so fresh, so true and wondrous!

Although some of us, like me, wake up in their True Home surrounded by many things from their old life, others may literally bring nothing from their former life into their True Home. For them, the actual weaving together of the past and future into the NOW can be quite challenging. Without the physical touchstones of their former life, this new life can seem increasingly surreal - like we have died and were instantly reborn within one single lifetime.

When we start inhabiting the New Landscape, when we wake up in our new True Home - our old life seems to be so far, far away. Our former talents, interests and habits - all of them are washed away. What is left is a very clean, blank slate. The MEGA RESET will be particularly strong for these people.

This immense RESET process actually began several months ago, but now we have just entered a heightened four month period with a MEGA RESET. This MEGA RESET is on a scale that we have never before experienced and will continue through February 2015.

It's a very interesting process that is reflected in the numerology of the next few months. November is a nine month of Completion. December is a one month of New Beginnings. January 2015 is another nine month of Completion, followed by February's one month of New Beginnings. And then March 2015 will be an eleven month!

Of course, Completions and New Beginnings are no longer separate events. Instead they are indelibly intertwined. But November will emphasize bringing many things to completion while taking a good clear look at where we are now and adjusting our beings to the inner and outer changes we are experiencing. We will shed more layers of our old lives and old perceptions, as well as any remaining weariness we have accumulated, while feeling increasingly comfortable and at home in the New Landscape.

December will bring in another infusion of exciting and highly creative New Beginnings, taking us deeper into the New Landscape. These energies of Completion and New Beginnings will repeat themselves on a totally new level during the first two months of 2015. The emphasis of the MEGA RESET is the releasing of our old environment and the moving into our True Position until our beings are completely RESET to the frequencies of the New Landscape.

Already the MEGA RESET has begun. The RESET button is flashing a vibrant green. We are approaching the Great Tipping Point, a monumental Turning Point which is a new state of being, a centering into our True Position which activates the core of our beings on a much truer level. This MEGA RESET makes everything new in a completely fresh frequency, with deepened beauty, truth and love. It also makes it impossible to get anything done if it's not taking place in its exact right timing. Everything needs to be in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

The MEGA RESET will finally unhook many of us from our old environments, from all the expired elements which still clutter our lives and from duality itself. It will act as a homing beacon to lead us to, not only our True Positions, but to our True Homes with our True People.


November begins with a few days of deep silence and super flattening energies when many things appeared to come to a halt. It felt like everything was stopped so that numerous wheels, cogs and gears could be moved into their true positions. We could feel deep shifts taking place. During this time, some of us felt so deeply immersed in other worlds that our tie to this one was extremely tenuous. This was so strong that we felt we were dying. Then on November 3rd, everything was in its new position, the sun shone brightly and we returned to the physical.

November is a super charged, action packed month that dislodges us from our old environments and propels us into our True Position. It's the month of thanksgiving, as we see many fruits of our actions come to pass and we raise our vibration by freely expressing our Love and deepening our Trueness.

November feels like a time of nourishing each moment as it comes with much integration, action, and honest reflection. Everything feels super new to us right now and it might take some getting used to, but maybe not as long as we might imagine. We wouldn't be here if we weren't ready. But if we haven't cleared our stuff, then watch out! There's no escaping. There could be some uncomfortable times for those who still hold onto duality as their predominant reality; they might become increasingly depressed, fearful and in a state of hopelessness.

This is a time for clearing everything of the past, not just our own stuff, but also on a global scale. Many of the political struggles and world dramas are being revealed as contrivances of duality; as we pay less attention to them, we obtain more clarity. The outdated structures and systems of this world are becoming increasingly transparent and somewhat insane; as a result, more and more people are questioning what is real and true as never before. Yes, things are very, very wrong, out of balance and lacking integrity in the outer world right now. But what we have to do is anchor our beings on a vaster level beyond that, where everything is very, very right.

November is a good time to consider the role fear plays in our lives. What are we afraid of and how does that affect us and the way we live? Fear, when it comes up, can be a positive message that helps make us aware of our True Purpose or it can be an old reaction that distracts us from it. Don't misplace your fear by being afraid of following your Heart's Knowingness. If you're going to be afraid of anything, be afraid of not following what you know to be true!

The next few months are deeply creative and we all have the opportunity to completely recreate our lives to be aligned with who we really are. New ways of living True Lives are birthing, latent talents are becoming visible and previously unaccessed depths of our beings are rising to the outer surface. An ancient tiredness is leaving us and the planet. Something huge is definitely happening on planet Earth right now. Yet, at the same time, we feel a deep calmness, grounded and practical and ready for action.

Some of us are going through a temporary monetary crisis as we reach the bottom of our old money barrel. This can bring up old fears of financial insecurity. Whenever this happens, it's important for us to remember that when we stand in our True Position, we are fully supported, although it may not be in the ways that we are used to.

One very fun part of this time is how solutions continue to unexpectedly come in until everything seems to just flow. The brain completely stops working as it used to and the body breathes deeply and allows everything to unfold in its right timing. This may feel strange, but it's also surprisingly comfortable. We are learning completely new ways of living by first hand experience. And the adventurer in us loves this.

ll the profound changes that took place in this Windhorse Year have created a brilliant foundation for a totally New Beginning. November will bring us even more wondrous possibilities as more elements click into position and we move closer to our True Positions and True Homes. We are all surfing an immense wave of Honest Trueness and it is taking us to where we are truly meant to be.

The time for manifesting the Ultra Greater Reality on the physical is finally here. Our true core beings are becoming increasingly visible and our outer landscape is starting to mirror this heightened Trueness. The fruition of all we have worked for during our long cycle of lifetimes is now becoming viable, real and super alive. And for that, we can only be deeply grateful.

With True, True Love from my True Home,

On a Personal Note:

It's much easier writing this month's Surf Report from the peaceful tranquillity of the Heart of AN. But I'm realizing that I could easily write several different Surf Reports each month. One for those still in duality; one for those who are in the process of unhooking themselves and one for those who are heading into their True Direction or are already living in their True Homes. Since writing four Surf Reports isn't possible, I have to write mainly from the perspective of what I am experiencing. If you aren't in your True Home yet, this information will still be useful as it creates a map of what is to come

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Alanah, Ancient Arts, Arbaline, Denise, Donna, Emanaku, Inger, Maria, Rodaan, Yuliya


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