Getting Real

Updated OCTOBER 1, 2005

Getting Real

September was an undeniably intense month. We received not only our Second Warning, but hopefully a real Wake-Up Call.

Whenever something strong and shocking happens, we usually have the choice as to which wave we are going to ride. We can collapse into the Waves of Fear and become a pawn of duality. Or we can ride the Waves of Balance and stay somewhat detached by remaining in our vastness while holding the Beam for all. This is a great service and is of utmost necessity -- for some of us must always be in this position in order to maintain the balance and constantly anchor Oneness.

Or we can plunge right into the heart of the chaos in order to ride the waves with those who are experiencing shattering and dislocation. These are much more dangerous waves and riding on them should be carefully chosen. If we collapse into these waves unconsciously, the damage will be far greater, for they contain treacherous undertows. Even if we consciously choose them, we need to be ultra alert and stay in our One Being at all times. You might wonder why we would ever choose to delve into the chaos? We do this to help transmute the suffering by sharing the experience. We also serve as Insertion Points of the Greater Reality to place it where it is most needed. And of course, it always serves to deepen our own feelings, especially love and compassion.

This is what happened to us in September. We surfed mainly the Waves of Balance or the Waves of Deepening. And we surfed them as One Being. Many of us who rode the Waves of Deepening personally experienced the null zoning that was going on in the Gulf Coast of the US. New Orleans has long held concentrated pockets of old black magic and as these were opened up and released, as was needed in order for them to be healed and transmuted, they spread out and affected those of us who were null zoning. As a doctor at New Orleans' Convention Center said, "It was as if the door to hell burst open."

All of this has a certain perfection since we are in the Times of Completion and these sealed off pockets of concentrated duality must be released. They can no longer exist in their old forms. This is because the Greater Reality is getting stronger and more all pervasive every day.

There was a noticeable energy shift full of breakthroughs around September 22nd and many of us felt a sense of returning back to our selves, except our selves had greatly deepened from the journey we had just undergone. A great cleansing has taken place and many energies have shifted, making it possible to move forward in a clearer way. And the Creative Surge has returned, deeper and stronger.

October is a month to build upon these experiences and Get Real. We need to live our truth every moment, no matter what we are doing or where we are. We can't compartmentalize our lives anymore between the real and the unreal. We can't be like the ones who go to Sunday school once a week, pray, sing hymns, glorify God, and then return to "normal" lives of selfishness and separation for the rest of the week, forgetting about integrity, goodness, service and being One. There is no more "normal life". Serving isn't an occurrence simply for special occasions; it's a way of being. When we Get Real, we naturally serve, we naturally love and we naturally know that we are One.

The times we are in are simply too critical for any of us to sit on the sidelines. This is just like the evacuation of Atlantis when we were told to row night and day without pausing. All hands are needed on deck. All of us need to Get Real and Step Forward as One. How can any of us be here in physical embodiment on Earth and not do our utmost to aid this great transition from duality to Oneness?

This includes those of us of the First Wave who think that their time of involvement and action is over. Being an ancient First Wave myself, I fully understand your weariness; I know the length and arduousness of the journey we have taken. It's unquestionable that we deserve a rest, but it's simply not yet the time for that. The way we become free is to fully pass on our sceptres of knowledge and responsibility. To do this, we must step forward as never before and share them openly. We can't do this if we're hiding away from the world, biding our time until we leave the planet.

Everything that we have done up until now has been rehearsals for the time we are in right now. The opening night curtain of the real performance is rising and some of the cast and crew members are missing. Why? Because they thought that by participating in the rehearsals, they were finished. They're tired and want a rest... Let's get our priorities straight and see that our rest comes after the performances, not after the rehearsals.

Another thing that we need to do right now is to take a penetrating look and see the areas of our lives where we've put ourselves into a box. Most of us are feeling New Lives coming closer. We impatiently await living truer lives in the right locations, with the perfect kindred people, with fulfilling careers that are totally aligned with our true purpose. We feel this and we want this. And yet...... Have we really made room for this to happen?

Sure, if our New Lives come to us neatly packaged with a bright shiny bow, announced well in advance of their arrival so we can make room for them on our busy calendars, AND if we are presented with a complete outline of exactly what to expect with a timeline of how and when everything will unfold, AND if it meets all our rigid criteria as to what is and isn't acceptable.

This simply isn't how the New reveals itself. The New comes from the Invisible. The Invisible is made visible by veils dissolving and by our walking into the Great Emptiness of the Unknown. To do this, we need to be totally open and without any expectations. We need to find comfort and trust in the Not Knowing.

Many of us get so uncomfortable when we get a taste of the Unknown that we quickly fill up the Great Emptiness with old attitudes, preferences and behaviors so we'll feel a sense of stability and have something familiar to hold onto. We can hold onto as much as we like, but it won't get us into the New. We will either remain stuck in the old while yearning for the New, or something like a hurricane or a flood will come along and forcibly wash it all away.

The New is born in the heart of stillness, emptiness and openness. This is what we need to create around us. Throw your old preferences out the window and embrace the Winds of Change. Let them dance through your life and rearrange whatever needs to be rearranged.

October is divided into two noticeably different segments. During the first half, we will be riding the Creative Surge with a certain comfort and ease even though it's going to be stronger than before because of the deepening we experienced in September. We will be reassessing everything and reordering our priorities. Hopefully, we'll become aware of the boxes we've been in and start liberating ourselves from them. The more we do this, the more new opportunities will come our way. We are all facing the choices of "Do We Change or Do We Stay the Same?" "Do we live small or do we LIVE LARGE?"

Times of Completion aren't just about earth changes; they are also about completing things within our own selves and within our lives. This is a timely thing to focus on right now. Finish any projects in front of you. Seek out and heal any unresolved relationships. We are walking our final miles on the old road. Do it consciously and make the resolution to let go of the old ways of doing and being. Don't take on more activities with the same old resonance as before; otherwise you are just prolonging your entrance into your New Life. Make each moment count. Let go of meaningless relationships, activities, jobs and focus on Getting Real. Then simply BE REAL.... Inhabit the Greater Reality. It's here, right now!

All of the manifestations of our world in turmoil such as the Asian tsunamis, starvation in Africa, chaos in Iraq, hurricanes, flooding, bombings in Bali, are serving to further awaken and strengthen our One Being. Our compassion for one another is deepening immeasurably. The Sleeping Giant of our One Being is quickening. We still have a long way to go with this before enough of us stand as One and openly take responsibility for healing all the imbalances caused by the long reign of duality. Our One Being may well be essential to our survival in the times to come, especially now that the dragons are starting to activate. (More on that later.)

During the second half of October, another huge set of BIG WAVES is going to roll in. Everything will noticeably accelerate. If we've stepped out of our boxes of false limitation and gotten Real, we will experience a surge of the New wash into our lives along with a series of sparkling Green Lights to move us forward. New people, physical relocations and unexpected, exciting career opportunities will start coming in. We will get a real taste of the direction we are heading and of what is to come.

Throughout the month, and indeed throughout the year, we will continue to experience a constant sense of unreality. We will care and feel deeper than ever before, and yet at the same time feel that it is all a somewhat blurry dream. This is happening because of the dismantling of duality. The only place to go is into the Greater Reality with our full beings.




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