Wheels within Wheels Turn

Solara's Mandala:
The Wheels within Wheels are now turning on a massive, unprecedented scale.

Emerging Into A New World




September was an absolutely brilliant, action-packed month in which we opened the door to living True Lives as True Ones. As layers of untrueness flew off of us, space was created within us so new information, new people and new understandings could come streaming in, This gave us a much needed, totally new, vastly expanded perspective of our lives. We became deeper, more committed True Ones than ever before. We felt that we had finally returned to our True Selves which was deeply gratifying.

The culmination point of this creative surge was the absolutely brilliant Activation of the Tenth Gate of the 11:11 on September 11th. Our Master Cylinder group from over thirty countries joined with a small, dedicated group of Mayans in Chiapas, Mexico to merge the ancient with the timeless. We lovingly closed the doors of the old and flung open the doors to our New True Lives! It was absolutely exquisite and deeply life changing. Even those not physically present at the Tenth Gate Activation could strongly feel this influx of fresh new energies.

During the second half of September, many of us felt totally flattened. Some of us developed bronchitis and had trouble breathing, as if we were adjusting to new components in the atmosphere that hadn't been there before. Others developed unexpected illnesses. This even happened to those who rarely become sick. This was a time of profound integration. We realized that a massive RESETTING had just taken place which flipped everything over into a position of greater Trueness and clarity.

In our vastly altered New Landscape, we had to take notice of what elements had now disappeared, like surveying the aftermath of a huge hurricane. We took stock of what remained and what was now swept away. We saw that our old familiar landscape had been irrevocably altered. Many duality-based components were now missing from it. Some of our old foundation stones that had been solid and real in our Old Landscape had crumbled into dust. We have now become so big that the remaining structures which used to appear formidable, now appear small. They can no longer hinder us from being True Ones living True Lives. We also saw that we needed to learn new ways of doing things in order to navigate our New Landscape.

As we entered October, the flattening lessened and our energy returned. And like a newborn taking its first steps into a wondrous new world, we began to walk through the corridor of the Reset Zone....



Living True Lives as True Ones
The changes are so profound, it's almost like inhabiting a new planet.
It changes what we see around us.
It changes what we feel.
It changes what we think.
It changes how we interact with others.
It changes what we see. It changes what we experience.

It changes what we do and It changes how we do things.
It changes how we love. It changes how we live.
It changes what we know

Since the Tenth Gate Activation, there is the very strong sense that something HUGE is happening on a scale so vast that we cannot yet see the full magnitude of it. The Wheels within Wheels are turning on a massive, unprecedented scale.

In September a huge RESET took place. This RESET began in May when I had my experience of becoming a Key that clicked into its pre-appointed position at Palenque, Mexico. At that time, I could feel the beginning of a massive activation that was setting far reaching changes into motion, yet the scope of what was starting to happen was far beyond my conscious knowing. The RESET continued for a week after the Tenth Gate Activation as the new energies were anchored at three more ancient Mayan sites. To do something of this magnitude, it took the combined efforts of a focused One Being of True Ones worldwide together with a group of dedicated Mayans. The participation of the Lacandon people was especially important since they are the Mayans who were never conquered by the Conquistadors.

September's RESET loosened us from our old foundations, setting us free from the places where we had been the most stuck. We passed the point of NO DOWN - NO RETURN and from that moment forward, we knew that we could not return to The Way Things Used To Be. It set the Wheels within Wheels into motion. They are now turning on multiple levels. During the second half of September, we began integrating on inner levels the changes caused by September's RESET.

In October we are walking through the corridor between September's RESET and an even larger RESET which will occur on November 11th (11/11/11). October is the time for incorporating and implementing the profound changes created by September's RESET into every aspect of our daily lives. We are learning totally new ways of doing everything. We are letting go of searching and trying to make things happen. Instead, we are being wide open and allowing everything to click into position within its perfect timing. We are leaping into action with our full beings. This will help us get ready for November's even larger RESET.

There is much to deal with in October as we continue to sort through our outer lives and inner beings to clear away anything that is untrue or expired. At the same time, we will be exploring our New Landscape to see what is there. All the while, numerous new elements are coming in. Our True Lives are unfolding right in front of us.

Right now it feels like many elements of our lives have been thrown up into the air from the Winds of Change. We don't yet know what will land and what will disappear. Many of us don't know where we will land. Or what we will do when we get there. This is why we need to stay wide open and spontaneous. Anything can happen at any time. Change can come from any direction. And the Unexpected is all around us.


During September's RESET, the Wheels within Wheels began to turn. This is of extreme importance. The last time the Wheels within Wheels started turning was during the First 11:11 Activation on January 11 -12, 1992. Now they are turning again....

When the Wheels within Wheels turned in 1992, it called forth the Silent Watchers. It was one of the signs they were waiting for. Now that the Wheels within Wheels are turning again, it is different. This time, their movement is created by the activation of the Silent Watchers who are now consciously here in human embodiment as True Ones.

When the Wheels within Wheels turn, they set off a powerful trigger that extends far beyond our present knowing. It's like endless rows of dominos beginning to fall into their correct positions from a single trigger. This extends outwards in all the directions. When this happens, it signifies a massive, unprecedented, quickening of our evolutionary process.

November's RESET will open something new and set it into position. This will happen through a huge clicking into position. The myriad Wheels within Wheels will start clicking into position, one after another.

Although September's and November's RESETS appear to be two different occurrences, they are actually part of an immeasurably vast series of RESETS that will continue well into 2012 until after the final 11:11 Activation takes place.



In October we will be strongly pushed into our True Lives. It's like traveling in an accelerated hot air balloon that is taking us into our True Lives, whether or not we think that we are ready for them. We may not know exactly where we are going or what will happen when we get there, but here we are, up in the air, traveling at a rapid speed. The best thing we can do is be open and allow things to happen while constantly inhabiting the Expanded HERE and NOW. Then, simply enjoy the ride.

October is not a quiet month; it will be full of action with bursts of intensity. The New is increasingly becoming clear and more real. Many brand new opportunites are now set into motion. Things long considered impossible are now possible. This month requires effort, focus and organization as we continue to move beyond our old situations. At times, we may feel uncomfortably overstretched until we learn that utilizing the New Navigation of letting things come to us makes everything infinitely easier.

For some, this will be Shocktober rather than October, as we may feel ripped out of our old normal lives and thrust into unknown territory. The untrue will dissolve right before our eyes, allowing us to see beyond the illusion. We will be healing numerous old wounds of the past that we've carried with us for a long time. This will happen because they can't coexist within the resonance of a True One.

October will be the time to FINALLY BREAK FREE from the past on ALL LEVELS in ALL ASPECTS. In business and relationships, we have to follow our heart and step out of our old patterns. Some of us may experience occasional panic attacks caused by lingering fears of the Unknown we are still carrying within us. It's good to remember that whenever we feel fear, this means that change is near. Whenever we are thrown off balance, we need to re-center ourselves as a True One and remember that ALL IS WELL, despite all outer appearances.

In September we became more comfortable with being True Ones, while in October we become more comfortable with our vastly altered landscape. October also brings us an influx of new people, new possibilities and a strong courage to do what we need to do.

An important component of our New True Lives is the breaking of old patterns and the shedding of old preferences. We are often led into directions that aren't the ones we thought we wanted, but they are the truest, most perfect directions for us.

Being True Ones, we know that the right things will happen in our lives in their right timing. But this doesn't mean that we should sit passively waiting for them to occur. We need to find the fine balance between action and allowing things to happen. We are in a time of decisive action. Action to complete the past and action to do whatever is needed so we can live True Lives.

Sometimes life will feel like one of those Hidden Object computer games. We will find wondrous and much needed hidden treasures, messages, information, unexpected opportunities and connections in the most familiar and obvious places. We will be looking at normal, everyday scenes, relationships or situations and see something completely unexpected that we never knew was there. Sometimes we need to look at something several times to see what is really there, already cleverly imbedded in the Expanded HERE and NOW. This is because it takes a while to move out of our old perceptions. We're not just looking for new things, but for things that we haven't seen before.

October is very New, especially given the incredible 10th Gate Activation last month. However because of that extreme Newness, it's like a birth, where like a newborn baby we have to get used to our new environment and learn to do everything as if we were doing it for the first time. October is a wide open month. We are on a wild ride into the New and True that is taking us exactly where we need to be. During October, many of us will be finishing up our old lives and moving into new directions. New opportunities will literally come knocking at our front door. We will feel more love all around us and in our interactions with others, than we have ever felt before. We will experience instant manifestations of what we most need. Melons will fall into our open hands.

Our New Beginning is here. Our True Lives are here. We can now go forth with courage and confidence to create the lives we truly want. It's the beginning of everything we have been waiting for. By the end of the month, everything will speed up and many of us will be pleasantly surprised at where we are.

As soon as we land in November, we will once again embark on the Super Fast Track of our second RESET and everything will move to yet another level.



With deep gratitude for your inspiration and insights:
Arbaline, Bienestar, Emanáku, Gill, Gözde, Kazandra, Keenuane, Laya, Margo, Petra, Rosy, Sebastian, Ursula,

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