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Sorry, but September was too long ago to remember....


The Sprint to the Finish Line

October is a strong 'A Mu'a month in which many things will noticeably move forward. Although we will be super busy all month, the intensity levels will not be as wildly off the charts as during the past few months. This doesn't mean that October will be uneventful and calm. But we will frequently be plunged into a super strong state of Quantum Deep while much needed rebalancing and integration takes place.

All month long, a steady progression of elements, including us, are moving ever closer towards their right positions. At the same time, there is a continual strengthening and solidifying of everything that is already in its new position.

October brings us a powerful surge of Ho'o Pono Pono. Many of us feel compelled to Make Things Right on level after level. As we increasingly inhabit our ever expanding New Landscape, we are finally ready to let go of any subconscious motivations, emotional crutches, limiting beliefs, hidden pockets of fear, self-sabotage and old ways of doing things.

When these expired elements come up, it's important that we face them honestly and see them for what they really are, stripped of all disguises. If we have resistance to facing them or if we are still being influenced by fears and doubts, these encounters will feel like harsh confrontations and might be challenging to deal with. If we are open and willing to do whatever is needed to move everything to greater Trueness, we will be able to finally remove from our personal matrixes the things that have held us back from fully being True and Real.

Because of this, October gives us myriad opportunities to make Quantum Breakthroughs. Our modes of suppressing the hidden emotions lodged in our subconscious with food, drugs, cigarettes, chocolate, alcohol and outdated spiritual practices want to be released. This is why we are now seeing them with fresh clarity. This sets those hidden emotions free to fly away to their true homes, which are not, and have never been, within us. We don't want to, and we simply cannot, carry any of this old residue into our True Lives.

We really want to complete unresolved situations and projects and move forward. We want to heal, transform, deepen or release our existing relationships. We want to close the door to our old ways of being. We want to be totally free and unencumbered by old behaviors and untrue perceptions so we are free to begin something completely new with our full beings. We want to live True Lives as True Ones in our True Homes with our True People while fulfilling our True Purpose.

We are now immersed in a powerful current that is pushing us to the Finish Line of our old road. We not only cannot get out of this rushing water; but we don't want to. Swimming in this strong current is absolutely perfect for us right now. And we know that we really need to complete this final sprint to the end of the dying duality-based reality.

During this time, everything is becoming more real, or at least our view of things is getting more real. There's something about the wildness and intensity and the bashing against rocks in the rushing current of our Final Miles that is just what we need. It's scraping off layers of old habits, outdated beliefs and years of struggle and tears. The barnacles of illusion that have long encrusted our beings are loosening their hold upon us and falling away.

Much is going on right now. We are in the midst of unprecedented changes that are affecting everything. We are squeezing the lemon of our beings to extract all the juice so we can get real and ultra True, becoming clear embodiments of PURE TRUE LOVE. At the same time, the world of duality is messily collapsing all around us. This is when we need to constantly remember what is REALLY going on in the vaster picture. This enables us to see things very compressed and very vast at the same time. We have to keep our broader overview on completing our Final Miles, while simultaneously putting our full attention into the present moment of the HERE and NOW.

Many elements of our lives feel both ultra real and surreal at the same time. This is happening because we are now aligning our beings with a greatly expanded landscape. This mixture of the real and surreal keeps us from getting lost in the multitude of things happening all around us. Urgent situations requiring our immediate attention show up in our lives at what we think is the worst, most inconvenient time imaginable. Yet these opportunities are exactly what we most need right now. They couldn't be more perfect.

There's the strong feeling that things which have long been stuck are finally moving forward with a heightened surge of 'A Mu'a which has now burst into full physical manifestation. These may be elements that actually were stuck or elements that we just perceived were stuck. It really doesn't matter, because the feeling of stuckness has been suddenly removed. A rusty wheel frozen into its old position has been oiled and now turns effortlessly; a gear that was snagged on an obstruction, has now been set free to move into its correct position.

Throughout it all, there is a pervasive undercurrent of Death and Birth that permeates everything. Everything is extra highlighted and intense, both what comes up to leave and also our own connection to our Trueness. This is because everything feels so ultra real and On the Line. Many of us are feeling a deep sense of poignancy. We are so close to the end of an era. We are nearing the completion of our lengthy journey through duality. The last 11:11 Activation approaches. Fleeting memories from random moments of our entire journey come forth and touch us deeply. But we cannot hold onto them, for they need to dance lightly through our beings, before dissolving into dust. As our memories depart, we feel freer, but we're not always sure of how to act and be in this new realm.

A noticeable deepening is taking place due to the enhanced realness of the time we are in. This deepening is happening within us, within our close relationships, in our perceptions of life and even with those whom we casually interact with in our daily life. Part of this deepening is caused by the continual shattering of old beliefs. When this occurs, we need to be aware that what is being shattered is another layer of illusion that we have long been covered with.

Time is zooming along. 2012 is passing by in a blur. It's incredible that there are only three months left of this year. This compression of Time helps make the shocking events of the current world situation feel distant and surreal. And as soon as today becomes yesterday, it feels like it has been erased.

Sometimes these final steps of our Final Miles on our old road through duality feel like some of the hardest and most challenging ones we have ever taken. It's easy to get Final Mile fatigue, especially for First Waves who cannot let go of the past. This is when we feel that we absolutely cannot take another step. We want to throw ourselves on the ground and give up. This giving up when we are almost at the end of the old road is the repetition of a very old and expired pattern that needs to be released. For this is exactly the moment when we need to reach into the very core of our being and pull out our true strength so we can continue on with courage and confidence. A successful outcome to our lengthy journey is NOT hopeless and out of our reach. We are so close to birthing a totally new world.

Each step of our Final Miles is sacred. Each step is vitally important. Every step must be taken with our full awareness. With each step we make, we are walking out of duality and stepping deeper into enhanced Trueness and Love.

This massive completion of the old is happening simultaneously with a brilliant New Beginning that is far Beyond our Wildest Dreams. There is a profusion of elements which are now being born. This is exciting, inspiring and fun! If we are able to remember this, our final sprint to the Finish Line of the old road will become lighter, more joyful and more fulfilling with each step.


Our Expanding Energetic Fields

As our awareness of the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen becomes more real and palpable, we start to feel the expansion of fields that is taking place. Our known worlds have now been encompassed by an infinitely larger world. This enables us to express our True Beings more deeply than ever before.

Each time that our fields expand, we expand immeasurably and a new world is born. Our known worlds still exist, but appear much smaller. As our fields expand, we enter a New Landscape full of deepened awareness, new experiences and wondrous new opportunities.

Here's a simple illustration of this using one of my mandalas.

Remembering Who We Are.

As we expand into One Being,
our Love stretches outwards beyond all previous boundaries.

We anchor our beings into the Ultra Greater Reality
and the multi-dimensional worlds we inhabit becomes far more interesting and colorful.

Centering ourselves in the Expanded HERE and NOW
reveals a wondrous New Landscape that is Off the Map of the Known.

As we move into the vastly expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen,
our new energetic fields are revealed and a totally New World is born.



October begins strong and ends strong. There is much to accomplish and at times, we will have to do this in the midst of extremely Choppy Surf, which can be somewhat challenging. This is because there is such a profusion of elements dying away while a profusion of new elements are simultaneously being born. We're not just preparing for November's final 11:11 Gate Activation or for the rest of the year, but we are preparing to launch our True Lives.

October is a month of deepening which requires us to be super honest and real in everything we do. It requires that we continually rebalance ourselves and maintain a sense of equilibrium in every moment, no matter what is happening around us. At times, it may feel that we are tightrope walkers on a precariously vibrating rope, carefully placing one foot in front of the other while oranges, comets, flowers, bombs and elephants are thrown at us to juggle while we walk.

When we are walking on a tightrope and something external is shaking the rope, like Mega Perfect Storms, tsunamis or super Choppy Surf, it can have a dramatic effect on our balance. But if we can sustain the expanded equilibrium given us by our Trueness and Love, we will suddenly realize that everything has flipped over and we have entered the sparkling realm of the Diamond of the Unseen.

October brings us change, freedom, deep insights and breakthroughs with many of us continuing to shed our old skins. It is a month where we have to master being super active while in a state of Quantum Deep. From now until the end of the year, we are being increasingly unhooked from our old positions, allowing us to completely remove ourselves from our old track and move onto a totally new one.

The air and space around us often feels charged with anticipation, but it's less about waiting for something to occur in the future, as it is about feeling that anything could flip over and turn inside out when we least expect it. Amazingly, this doesn't seem unsettling to us anymore; instead it feels exciting to be awake, alive and aware.

World and national events have more of an artificial, movie-like, surreal quality. We can now see them as a desperately crafted illusion to set people at odds with one another and keep them hooked into duality. During this time, pockets of long sealed up negative energy are becoming unsealed. They are being released from their confinement and running wild in the world. These are all symptoms of the Final Days of a collapsing reality system. They have to come out now so they can be removed from the planetary matrix.

In October, some long standing projects will finally be completed, while others will move closer to completion. This is because we are resolving them from a new perspective and an expanded sense of freedom.

Some people will experience life-changing revelations during the next two months. This will help them make huge shifts in their lives. Where before they endlessly pondered making these shifts without actually doing anything; now they will take decisive action and it will all feel natural and True.

Another important development is the letting go of our old stories. These old stories are written and stored in our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Some of us are experiencing an inner conflict between our old stories and the completely new ones that are about to begin. This is happening because our old stories need to be erased before our new stories can be written. If we still have attachments to our old roles in our old stories and are hesitant to let them go, we cannot begin our new stories. Our new stories are part of our eternal Never-Ending Story and reside on a vastly larger scale of Trueness than our old stories. They are waiting for us to start writing them. All we need to do is to pick up the pen....

Many of us are feeling a strong push to start doing our new jobs aligned with our True Purpose. Yet, the right thing to do isn't visible, simply because the conditions are not yet here. When the right conditions are in place, we will be able to see where our new jobs are located in the physical.

Although the old World feels even heavier and more pressing than before, we're now attuned to a completely different reality. We have such a strong inner knowing and alignment with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. We know that we have no other choice than to surf through all these hard old structures and be where we're meant to be. It all looks like a Sacred Quest that already is solved -- and the solution manifests through us. Decisions feel less and less like decisions and more like the natural manifestation of our Trueness. There's no thinking involved; we are simply embodying our Trueness every minute. The path of Trueness and Love is the only way that works.

The new balance that we are discovering can now be used to reorganize things on a totally new level so we can move to a new position. This new position might not be the right one yet, but it's definitely newer and closer to the right one than any before. This new repositioning gives us much more space and freshness than before. After the Activation of the Eleventh Gate, our New Positions will be revealed.

We are now remembering the primal reason why we came to this planet. The energies of the Heart of AN are getting stronger and are continually being felt by more people. AN is the state of being truly at HOME with who we are, where we are, with all that is around us, with the ground we walk upon. As AN awakens within us, we feel a new connectedness, infinitely deeper than ever before, with our own selves, with all whom we encounter and with our New Landscape.

With 'A MU'A LOVE,


With deepest gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Barbara, Denise, Elena, Emanáku, Hoku, Inger, Keenuane, Laya, Liv, Malcolm, Maria, Petra, Solissa, Theresa,


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