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The Year 2013 Surf Report: Expanding into a New Reality

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September brought us lots of change and activity as we zoomed into completely uncharted territory. Some of us traveled to faraway places with which we had a deep connection. We found ourselves doing things that we had never expected to do, without any prior planning. (I ended up spending the Equinox at the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, something totally unexpected, but very special.)

There was also much interaction with a wide variety of people. We met new people who instantly felt like family. And we reconnected with old friends and were happy to discover that they were already on the New Level and we could relate in totally new ways.

For the past few months, it seemed like every person we have ever known with whom we had an unresolved issue with, managed to pop up into our lives. And we met in a love and joy that was unbelievable. Many of us returned to places where we had huge past histories, and were welcomed by the area and the people from our past with stunning experiences and a love we didn't believe was possible. These journeys felt as if they had been planned thousands of years ago.

But September wasn't all non-stop action, it also contained long periods of waiting. Waiting for other people, waiting for things to get into position, waiting for old energies to leave. The duration of our waiting was never predefined, so we couldn't do anything else while we were waiting. After the period of waiting, we would leap into action, followed again by more waiting....

All month long, it felt like we were planting various seeds. These seeds were put in numerous places all over the world without any expectations of what might come from them. There were seeds of love planted in the hearts of those whom we encountered and the seeds that they planted in our hearts, the seeds of expanded understanding, seeds of the New Landscape, seeds we put within our own beings and the seeds of the Heart of AN. Although we had no idea what kind of plants would grow from these seeds, we soughed our seeds with True Hearts.

Emerging onto a New Level

The New Landscape of the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen is
a TOTALLY NEW REALITY, completely different from what we have known before.
It is amazing. It is wondrous. And it is here, NOW....

Since the 11:11 Ninth Gate Activation in Bali in 2010, there has been a huge emphasis on our emergence as True Ones. Now it has finally happened. Many of us have so peeled off the layers of untrueness that we have stepped into our true forms: becoming honest, true, real and open hearted. Our inner integrity has now spread outwards from the core of our beings to become fully visible on the physical. The True Ones have emerged.

Our next step is to to learn how to navigate through the chaos and turmoil of the collapsing world of duality without being affected by it. This can only be done by moving into the expanded New Landscape so we can inhabit a completely New Level that is beyond the tumult of duality.

To fully inhabit the New Landscape we need to become totally new, fresh beings. It's more than simply letting go of the traumas, heartbreaks and expired behaviors of our past; it's allowing these parts of our past to crumble into dust. It's like burning a piece of paper until the words written upon it disappear and there are no more old stories to read. When we touch the paper, it disintegrates into fine dust.

This doesn't mean that we have to let go of everything that happened in our past. We can incorporate much of the past into the HERE and NOW as threads of our being. We can bring all that was before into a New Level of Trueness. When we are around old friends, relationships and family, we can be Who We Are Now, rather than Who They Expect Us To Be.

To reside on the New Level, we have to completely remove ourselves from our old mindsets and duality-based behaviors. If we don't do this, we may get submerged in the powerful pull of duality's outgoing tide. This is why we've been doing so much releasing and completing. We have been like hot air balloons letting go of their ballast so they can fly higher. Everything needs to be either released or moved to this New Level.

I know that some of us might not be feeling this New Level yet. This is because we are all on a somewhat different timing. But even if you haven't yet encountered the New Level, you will soon. In the meanwhile, it can be very helpful to ask yourself, "What holds me back from living a True Life? What do I still need to complete? What do I need to let go of? What needs to be moved to a totally new level?"

This New Level is the starting point for getting into our true positions. It is fully anchored in the expanded HERE and NOW. It resonates with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE and the knowingness that ALL IS WELL. It is the point of NO DOWN - NO RETURN. Our True Lives don't fully begin until we are on the New Level. And I've learned that we need to be on the New Level in order to live in our True Homes.

What does the New Level feel like? The New Level is a totally new frequency band that is greatly expanded from what we've known before. It's an Ultra, Ultra Greater Reality! There's a new composition in the air we breathe, new ways of interacting with others, a completely new perception of life. When we step into the New Level, it triggers a thorough recalibration of our beings.

Once we get into the New Level, we automatically move deeper into the New Landscape, for they are not separate. Living on the New Level requires a constant rebalancing. This is what enables us to live our lives far above all the turmoil and chaos of the dying duality world. We also have the knowingness that all the right things are coming to us. The more we inhabit the New Landscape, the more authentic, creative, capable and deeply loving we become. This is the place where everything is possible, including the fulfillment of our most Wildest Dreams!


October begins with an incredibly powerful surge of energy. For the first time in months, many of us are feeling flattened by the intensity. Even though we have much to do, we are compelled to lie down and have deep sleeps during the day so we can adjust ourselves to the energy.

October is an important month for setting the scene for our future. There's a strong theme of convergence and reunification at this time. The myriad elements of our lives are coming together as never before. We are emerging onto an expanded New Level. Our True Purposes are converging into One Purpose. The Family of AN is arising and reuniting all over the world. There is a tremendous strength in the vast love of our One Being which has never been more alive.

I am personally experiencing such a strong sense of convergence in my life. So many people from my distant past are reentering my life on a totally new level. This is deeply touching. And I was just contacted by my eldest child whom I last saw in 1997. It has long been one of my Wildest Dreams to spend time with him and his children. And now they are going to visit me in Peru next year! Plus, the container of my worldly treasures which have been stored in Hawaii for over three years is on its way to Peru. Finally, everything will be in the same place.

Many new doors are opening for us in October. This month brings us change, breakthroughs, new beginnings and a huge acceleration. Lots of new information and new connections are coming to us; this includes the blueprints for our True Lives and True Purpose.

In September we planted many seeds. At the time, we had no idea or expectations of what kind of plants would grow from these seeds. Now we can see that our seeds are bringing us various varieties of melons, melons both large and small. These juicy melons will ripen and fall right into our open hands from now until the end of the year.

It's important to remember that there are many kinds of melons; some Melons in Disguise may arrive in a form that we don't initially recognize as a melon. But with increased perception, we will see it as the brilliant breakthrough that it really is.

This month feels loaded with unexpected events. There is the sense that something huge is about to happen. There is a tremendous build up of energy just below the surface. We can feel massive tsunamis of the New poised and ready to come in. And a whole series of even larger tsunamis fill the distant horizon, beyond the ones that we can see.

Yet at the same time, it feels as if we are traveling through a series of Yellow Lights. This requires that we do everything with an ultra alert awareness and proceed with caution and trueness. At times, there will be pockets of extremely mixed energy which can be quite changeable and sometimes volatile in nature. When the surf becomes choppy and the waves unexpectedly shift direction, we must learn to shift with them. Don't be frustrated or let yourself be weakened by what you cannot do in this moment; instead focus on what you CAN do.

October is not a time to be sloppy, to hold back, to be too much in a hurry or impatient. There are many things to do this month which require diligence and focus. Some of these tasks demand that we concentrate on minute details, while others are of a much vaster scope -- wildly inspiring and far reaching.

Just as we entered September juggling multiple events simultaneously, the same challenges will continue in October. We are not yet in a stage where we can choose what task to do next. It's more like a messy heap of urgent tasks calling for our attention and we simply do as much as we can. The good news is we are gaining and perfecting our navigational skills. We have not had a second to think about how overwhelmed we were, and for the most part, relied upon our inner guidance systems. It is now becoming more evident how rewired we have become!

For months we have been making many forward leaps without a visible safety net. These are not just energetic leaps, but financial ones. It has been essential to put our full beings, including our money, into what we believe or else it may not manifest. This has been unsettling and at times scary, but this is what we must do. Many of us are proceeding with dedication and fearlessness with matters that we have no control of or no absolute certainty of their successful outcome, but that's just how it is.

All we can do is stay in a state of openness while following the call of our Trueness and accept whatever comes. It's important that we put most of our focus into the present moment of the HERE and NOW and that we remain balanced by remaining in touch with ourselves as Silent Watchers and constantly remembering that ALL IS WELL.

During the past few months while we've been experiencing major completions in many areas of our lives, some of us have encountered forlorn fragments of our old selves. These forlorn fragments are expired parts of our beings which now feel abandoned. They call out for our attention so they can be set free. When they appear, these old pockets of our former, duality-based selves can fill us with hopelessness or despair. When this happens, it's important to recognize that this energy is not part of who we really are. All we need to do is to gently tell them, "Go away, my dear, you are no longer my reality and this is not who I am." And thus, they are set free.

October brings a feeling of a fresh start and a new beginning. This is because so many of us are anchoring our beings onto the New Level. There's the sense of coming fully alive after a long slumber, of waking up in a new reality. We are letting go of old compromises, jobs and friendships that have run their course. We are experiencing a continued purification, deepening and strengthening of our love as we become increasingly honest, authentic and true. This is all part of the New Level and makes us feel good.

There's a constant sense that "We'll never walk this way again" which makes everything more poignant and precious. Even if we are walking down familiar streets, everything feels different. There's a new freshness in the air and a lightness in our step. There's True Love in our hearts and our True Purpose is singing throughout our being. And it's true, we have passed the Turning Point and we will never walk in the world of duality, illusion and forgetfulness again. NO DOWN - NO RETURN.

Much of what appears to be happening in the world around us is not what it appears to be and discernment is still essential. More aspects of our old environments will leave us in October. This includes jobs, living places and relationships, some of which might quickly and unexpectedly leave our lives. At the same time new contacts and connections are coming in which are deeply resonant and satisfying.

October contains the continued alignment of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT PEOPLE. We are becoming increasingly aware of and attuned to the vastness of our being. Our One Being is converging, bringing us deeper benefits with the collective Oneness of our One Being. Our navigational confidence is deepening and becoming second-nature, thus we are launching into a new, profound realm of fearlessness we have never enjoyed before. The power and lightness of our fearless being is breaking any lingering barriers we might imagine! The trueness of our One Love is expanding and transforming everything.

October will see seismic shifts in our being if we are willing to investigate and release - and then the future is everything we choose to create in this present moment. During this time, many of us are called to do big things. Whatever we do must be done in a clear, pure, true way, on the New Level.

October brings us a glorious New Beginning on an entirely New Level. It is full of synchronicity, melons and clicking into position. We have reached a major turning point in our lives and possibly Planet Earth. There's the feeling that almost nothing is impossible.



With deepest Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Antares, Barbara, Carolyn, Denise, Emanaku, Henriette, Indigo, Inger, Keenuane, Kimberly, Lors,
Malcolm, Maria, Nina, Petra, Theresa, Verna


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