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September was a super charged, and extremely stressful, month full of non-stop action with breakthroughs on many levels. This fast forward movement brought us substantial progress, urgently needed new information and the help of people who helped make things happen. Many long standing projects were finally brought to completion, consolidation and harvest.

It was also a month that brought us some strong wake up call events to reorder our priorities and realign us to our True Direction and True Purpose. September was full of profound CHANGE. It removed the wrappings from a whole new landscape which is bare and naked, but full of wondrous possibilities.

Many of us spent the month in a state of deep exhaustion mixed with growing excitement. Part of our exhaustion came from our relentless activity and the myriad details we had to continually deal with. There was so much to accomplish! We were also deeply affected from all the earth changes taking place on the planet. Another component of our exhaustion was our sensitivity to the upheavals and corruption of the dying world of duality as waves of fear intensified all over the world. We also felt the strong outgoing tide that is sweeping away our old lives.

Another reason for our supreme tiredness is the magnitude of the New and True which is now being born. This is the New World which we ourselves are birthing. We are all being continually bombarded by so many varied types of energy coming from different reality systems, it's a wonder we can function at all.

Shall We Birth a New World
or Be Distracted by the Old One?

Although all of us carry a deep yearning to live in our True Home, some people have questioned if they really have a physical True Home? Is the True Home merely an inner state of consciousness and not a physical place?

My feeling is that during these final days of duality, it's essential that as many of us as possible live in our True Homes. The greatly enhanced energy of a True Home is where we can fully inhabit the New Landscape. This is extremely important at this time because True Homes are anchoring points for the New Paradigm. Our True Homes are the first places where the New World is born.

To find our True Home, we must first unhook ourselves from duality. Some of us are finding this challenging to do right now because we are being influenced by so many external voices that try to lead us into other directions or distract us with diversions or fan our fears and insecurities so we will remain in duality. We are listening to a cacophony of voices, listening to everything but our own Heart's Knowingness. Until we recenter ourselves to our Heart's Knowingness, we will continue to be affected by the desires, expectations, demands, fears and insecurities of others outside of ourself, such as family, partners, friends, business associates, society and even our nation.

If you are still making plans for what "might" happen in fifteen or twenty years, if you are still worrying about how you will support yourself if you started to live the life that would really make you happy, if you are still thinking about what education you or your children will need in the future, if you are still looking for a visible security net in the 3D world BEFORE you make your leap to your True Home, then you are still being affected by duality.

Many people are facing huge decisions this month and feeling quite confused. They are searching for answers, trying to make life changing decisions, yet not listening to their own Heart's Knowingness, even though this is where the clarity and answers they seek will be found.

Will we stay in our old lives and continue to pretend that we are in "normal" times? Will we move to a slightly new position that has visible safety nets and doesn't take us out of our comfort zones? Or will we finally make the leap into our True Position and True Home with everything we've got?

It's important to remember that the greatest success comes from following our Wildest Dreams and moving into our True Position. If we try to do things out of fear, insecurity or perceived obligations to what others expect from us, it will be a rocky road.

We can no longer continue to compromise what we know to be true. It's time to fully live it! The success we desire and the long succession of Green Lights are found by following our Heart's Knowingness and by making our highest priority to get into our True Position and True Homes so we can live True Lives as True Ones while anchoring the New Paradigm for the entire planet.

The Flowering of My Tears

Some of us are changing our residence in October and a few of us are even moving into our True Homes, including me. After fourteen months of construction, on October 3rd, we finally moved into our True Home at The Heart of AN in Peru. The below photo shows the progress we have made after eleven days of solid unpacking. There is still much to do....

During the first week in our True Home, we unpacked hundreds of boxes, sorted through thousands of items, fixed leaks in the sinks and toilets, made major progress in our ecological sewage system, installed lights and window blinds and much, much more. I pulled a ligament from so much activity and could barely walk for several days. I went through a night of cleansing, vomiting until I felt completely transparent. Ancient wounds of the past that I didn't know I carried, came up to be released. At the same time, no matter what was happening, I was in complete awe and deepest gratitude to finally be here. Everything is so amazingly beautiful, both the nature and the house. I am finally breathing The Air I Can Breathe.

What does it feel like to live in your True Home? First of all, there's a strong sense of comfort and familiarity. The sense of returning home to a deeper, vaster part of our True Self. And of being truly at home on this planet in ways we never imagined possible. There's the feeling of totally clicking into position in our RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

There's an old expression from the great Inka Pachakuti, "The Flowering of my Tears". What this means is that our Years of Tears have watered the earth for so long. We have cried and cried throughout the ages for both the beautiful and the ugly; we have let go of so much, and finally, at this moment, the most sacred and beautiful flowers can bloom from our tears. The Flowering of our Tears represents a time of fulfillment which follows a long period of difficulty. These are not just normal, earthly flowers. They are sacred flowers which can only grow after we have passed through a prolonged time of struggle and transformation into a time of rebirthing into a New, True Life. They are the precious flowers of our most inner core essence which will produce sacred seeds that will grow a New World. And this is exactly what it feels like. My Years of Tears, my entire journey on this planet for innumerable lifetimes, is now being transformed into the most exquisite flowers.

It's very appropriate that Inka Pachakuti spoke of this, because according to the Andean tradition we are in the time of Pachakuti which symbolizes a great cosmic transformation when the world as we know it flips over into something totally new. It's also known as the Time of Returning to Ourselves -- our true, authentic selves. It's the beginning of a new era in the fabric of time.

This is exactly what happens when you finally move to your True Home. It triggers a massive RESET of our entire beings, of everything we have ever known. This doesn't happen all at once; it's a gradual process, just like when we move in, everything isn't in perfect order. There's still a long list of things to do. This is when you find the glitches that need to be repaired. There are myriad boxes to unpack, curtains to put up, towel bars to install, corners to clean. And we have to either find the right place for everything we brought or let it go.

The same thing is happening within us. We soon discover old habits and patterns that we brought with us which no longer belong in our True Home. Long hidden pockets of ancient wounds may suddenly burst to the surface because they cannot survive in the new resonance. There's a huge sifting and sorting process taking place, as if our entire being and our entire journey is being run through a giant sieve.

Long held ideals and dreams are suddenly popping like bubbles. Something you thought was real and held sacred for years, can suddenly be revealed as false. I experienced this a few days ago when we unpacked a very special, antique bed from Bali. I bought this in Kauai, Hawaii in 2008, but never used it, saving it for my New Life. I only saw it once, at a moving sale. It had wooden sides carved with pink and green flowers. There were actually two antique Bali beds at the sale; the other one was shorter and darker with a totally different energy. A few days after I saw it, it was delivered to my house, all taken apart and packed.

For years, I dreamt about finally using my Bali bed; I even called it my Celestial Barge. The other day it was finally unpacked. Imagine my shock and extreme disappointment when I realized that they had given me the short and dark bed! I know that this wasn't an accident; it was an obvious deception, but one that took me many years to discover. We haven't decided what to do with it since we have too many things to do right now. We may paint it and try to recalibrate it or we may sell it.

Many touchstones of our entire journey are incorporated into our True Home. But now, they are in a new context which changes their meaning and allows us to see them with new eyes. The threads of our beings are all coming together in a totally new configuration to create a completely new patterning. Being in our True Home brings forth new parts of ourselves which we couldn't previously access since we never knew that they were there.


Dealing with mountains of tiny details is an essential component of birthing the New World. It's within the most minute and mundane, practical details that the New is revealed. As increasing numbers of details are accomplished, a much larger picture is revealed. All these tiny details are like jigsaw puzzle pieces and adhere to a greater purpose. We aren't sure what the picture will look like in the end, but it feels good and exciting to put things together into a new patterning. As we focus on each small detail, we realize that it is actually part of an infinitely vaster picture. During this process, every completed detail reveals a long line of new details, ready to take its position. Details are a major key for this time.

We thought that unpacking the boxes which I haven't seen for four to six years would be like one hundred Christmases, but it's not. No residue of the past is connected to the items that I brought. I may remember the stories of buying some items during my travels or receiving them as special gifts, but there's no sticky emotional residue connected to them.

The organizing of the New Landscape has to be done in a new way, in its own unique rhythm, its own correct timing. We can't just unpack things and put them directly into their True Positions. A few things may go right into their True Positions, but most of them need to wait until their True Position is revealed. Until then, they can go through a presorting process.

We are riding a super strong, no frills, wave of DO WHAT'S NEEDED WHEN IT IS NEEDED and we don't have the option of doing anything else. While unpacking, we may not be able to find our sacred objects, but the practical things like my small Botswana basket of push pins is found. These are the items that we most need now and they are here. Everywhere we look, there are at least ten things that need to be done; in most directions there are over a hundred details that must be dealt with.

Some of us are feeling a deep, deep exhaustion with a never ending stream of details in front of us. We may experience a surface grouchiness at times which is caused by having to do things when we are so profoundly tired. But underneath it all is a natural happiness. We feel deeply fulfilling and very much at home.

We're HERE, but we're not FULLY HERE. We're not "somewhere else"; we're not living in our past or our old lives, but we haven't fully caught up to where we are. We haven't yet fully expanded or aligned ourselves with our True Position.


while at the very same time,


This is definitely a time of a New Beginning, but it is much more than starting a new chapter; it's the beginning of a completely new story.


October is a super intense, but totally exciting, month full of action and grounding in which things come together in unexpected ways, bringing both completion and new opportunities. There are also many varied levels of energies and events all simultaneously clamoring for our attention. During this month, we are given a strong taste of the intense, and super varied energies we will experience in 2015.

The natural world continues to give us many wake up calls through so called "natural disasters". The flames of fear are being fanned all over the world and many people are getting affected by this. Huge waves of fear from events such as the IS in Syria and the Ebola outbreak are manipulating many people and throwing them into fear mode. But are these duality-based events really as they appear to be?

There is an increase of stress, fear, escapism and mental disorders and many appear to have lost their way. Many people still hold onto what the media and those in power tell them. It is like watching a huge ship wreck in slow motion. No matter what, we cannot let ourselves be motivated by fear. There are myriad distractions to pull us away from getting into our True Position and we have to be careful not to let this happen.

All of these outer events show us that we can no longer pretend that we are living in "normal" times and absolutely cannot remain in our old positions. It's our choice which reality we want to inhabit, which reality we want to strengthen. Do we really want to live in a world ruled by fear that has chemtrails, GMO food, meaningless wars and militarized police? I definitely don't. This is why Emanaku and I have chosen to manifest The Heart of AN on the physical.

Some of us are unexpectedly dealing with very ancient wounds embedded in long sealed chambers within the foundations of our beings that suddenly crack open with very ugly splats of old energy, creating waves of distortion. When this happens, it can be very painful because these ancient wounds are so foreign to us. These are old hurts that we had completely forgotten about. Suddenly something will trigger us into a very old, long forgotten emotional response.

This is happening because the deepest strata of our beings, the Years of Tears, the Deep Sorrows of our Hearts that we have accumulated throughout our entire journey, are being released. As they do, the last residue of the old patterning is removed.

Now we have traveled so far into the New Landscape that this old residue simply has to leave our beings. It's like removing a barbed cactus spine; it kind of rips its way to the surface. Old ancient wounds don't leave quietly; they make their presence felt on their way out. They bring up the old hurts and then finally make their exit. And it feels so good when they are gone.

Another aspect of October is the weaving together of the past and future into something totally new. We are starting to see what elements of the past still have a place in our lives and which ones are ready to depart. We may discover that we no longer want to listen to our old music or do our old spiritual practices or eat our previously favorite foods.

We are in the midst of such a strong completion, yet every molecule of completion is laced with new beginnings. At times we may wonder, "Are we in a Time of Completion or of New Beginnings?" Yet in every single moment, both of these are true. We are no longer completing the old so we can later begin the new. Every single action of completion contains the seeds of our new beginning. They happen simultaneously. This may be somewhat confusing at times, but it is so, so true.

The Wheels within Wheels are spinning. The massive Wheel of Destiny is turning. We are undergoing tremendous shifts and changes so we can come into the right alignment with who we truly are. As even more layers of untrueness are stripped away, we are experiencing a massive deepening. It feels like we are in the midst of a circle created when a stone is thrown into the water. The circle of our beings is expanding rapidly outwards, just as our world is expanding -- circle after circle of new possibilities and a wondrous New Landscape to experience.

There is so much wild creativity in the air around us, just waiting to be expressed. There's the feeling that we need to keep creating the best we can in each moment. We feel the need to make visible new ways of living and bring forth new solutions. This feels so important, as if the collective is screaming out for this. New solutions. New ways of solving challenges. It's like an insistent whisper, "Show us!" "Show us." Yet, there is no drama around it, like, "SAVE US!!!". It's just a whisper that states we as a New World are ready for a new way of living.

During October, we need to be as present and ultra aware as we possibly can, as things are happening so quickly and unexpectedly. We are getting unstuck as never before and we need to be focused as we complete all that remains. Our journey requires that we pay attention to all the details. There are no shortcuts or bypasses anymore. There is no turning back and no stopping. NO DOWN - NO RETURN.

October brings us unprecedented movement and change into our rightful positions. We will continue to awaken to ever deepening levels of authenticity with ourselves and with others. October can lead us to a beautiful new level of personal freedom and we will feel deeply transformed by November.

October is the start of a new era! It is exciting and scary, exhilarating and exhausting, fast-paced and forward-moving. It is totally rewarding, if you've done the necessary inner work and you dare to set your coordinates to get into your True Position as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for this Surf Report.
And for the deeply supportive emails which I've received.
Coming at a time when we are overstretched beyond all previous definitions,
I have been deeply touched.

With the precious Flowers of my Years of Tears,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Alanah, Arbaline, Aumanarius, Belinda, Carolyn, Denise, Diane, Eliana, Emanaku, Helen,
Inger, Kalasara, Maria, Navinia, Petra, Terre, Theresa, Viola


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