Opening the Door to our New True Lives

Emerging Into A New World




As we moved onto the Super Fast Track of August, a huge RESET button was pushed and every aspect of our lives started reconfiguring into greater Trueness. We gained a totally new perception of who we are, why we are here, and what is real. August took us to the brink of a wondrous New Landscape. It opened a brand new era for us. Many of us started traveling on an entirely new frequency band of energy that is taking us to totally new destinations with a completely new set of experiences.

Living New True Lives immerses us infinitely deeper into the Ultra Greater Reality. We don't just repattern, recalibrate or reconfigure our inner and outer lives; IT IS A COMPLETE RESETTING OF EVERYTHING THAT WE THOUGHT WE KNEW. The changes are so profound, it's almost like inhabiting a new planet. It changes what we see around us; it changes what we feel; it changes what we think; it changes how we interact with others; it changes what we do and it changes how we do things.



Even though we traveled on a Super Fast Track through August. September has an even greater acceleration. This month feels totally different, bringing deep, far reaching changes on both internal and external levels. September is the month of Birth on numerous levels. This is the month when the door opens to our New True Lives. For some, it represents a total rebirth.

As we fling open the doors to our New True Lives, our New Lives become increasingly clearer. They will drop into our lives like a huge melon falling from the heavens. Many of us will discover where we are meant to live and some of us will be drawn to move to new locations. The Green Lights to our New True Lives are finally on and once we firmly set our coordinates to Trueness, numerous elements click into position. Many unexpected, wondrous new opportunities are presented to us throughout the month. There is an almost instantaneous manifestation of what we want and need. Things happen easily and correctly.

We enter a totally New Landscape with brand new eyes and a fresh outlook. Surprising connections come to us without our having to look for them. More of the New Navigation is revealed and it is absolutely brilliant. It is teaching us how to live and function in a reality that is shifting all the time. As we become increasingly familiar with the New Navigation, it not only alters the way we do everything, but it's extremely comfortable. This gives us a new sense of freedom and fulfillment.

Part of the New Navigation is the discovery that we no longer need to search for what we most want or need. Instead, if we stand in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE as a True One, it will always come to us. This doesn't mean that we don't pay attention to the practical details of life; it means that we take responsibility and do what is needed, when it is needed at all times. And while time has become so elastic that it no longer feels real and increasingly speeds up, we need to put our full beings into the Expanded HERE and NOW, because nothing else exists.

I just had an experience of this in Mexico. Several years ago when I was here, I bought some special huipils and rebozos (long hand woven garments and shawls). The last time I was here, I finally found out what village they were from. Since they are so beautiful, I always wanted to visit this village and buy more. A few days ago, we made a pilgrimage to this remote village. After driving for several hours, we finally arrived there, only to discover that very few of their weavings were available in the place where they were made. This was a bit disappointing after such a long journey. The very next day, I discovered that a shop in the town where I am staying has a much better collection of them, then the village where they are made. I bought several, but they didn't have the color that I most wanted. We left our phone number with the shop just in case they obtained one. An hour or so later, the shop called to tell us that a weaver from the village had just brought in the exact color that I was searching for. All of this was a good reminder for me that we no longer need to search for something that we want. If it is meant for us, it will come to us. We will find what we need right in front of us.

Letting go of the search aspect of our lives is a great relief. We don't have to look for anything; we don't have to gather any more knowledge; we don't have to carry unrequited desires with us. The waiting period is over. We can finally relax and settle into the knowingness of a True One that we are always in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

Many aspects of our lives appear completely different as we look at life with fresh new eyes. It feels like we have removed a pair of dirty glasses and suddenly we can SEE what is really there. SEEING THE UNSEEN is seeing what is already here that we didn't see before. This SEEING THE UNSEEN is moving us to a greatly expanded new level. The more we SEE THE UNSEEN, the deeper the Ultra Greater Reality permeates our present moment. When it occurs, the veils dissolve and we discover more layers of what is really here in the Expanded HERE and NOW. SEEING THE UNSEEN occurs when we are firmly anchored in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. When we SEE THE UNSEEN, it adds brilliant colors to our monochromatic old lives. Our New Landscape is filled with new details, information, elements, people, events, heightened perceptions and deeper understandings, that we didn't have before. It makes the present moment much fuller and infinitely more meaningful.

In September, we will begin implementing these vastly expanded new perceptions into our everyday lives. And this will dramatically change everything we feel and experience! It will bring us experiences that are outside of our previous expectations, that fill us with a sense of wonder and deep gratitude. And amazingly, it will all feel extremely natural.


As we open the door into our New True Lives, everything starts to flip over into an enhanced Ultra Greater Reality.

Here's my vision of this that I saw the other morning:

In a dark and stormy sky, there are bubbles containing bright blue sky with brilliant sunshine, These bubbles of blue sky are where we need to position ourselves, for these are the worlds where True Ones live. Once we start inhabiting these bubbles full of blue sky, our perception undergoes a massive transformation and turns inside out. Everything flips over into its correct positioning. This is when we can see that we are now living in a bright blue sky world that contains small bubbles of a dark and stormy sky. These dark and stormy bubbles are the diminishing worlds of duality. This is how we exit the dying world of duality and move into our New, True Lives. And this is exactly what many of us are doing right now....



September is going to bring us innumerable surprises and for many, an almost immediate change. We can feel a strong sense of anticipation and excitement in the air and in our physical bodies because something huge is coming in. At times, this powerful forward movement is so strong that it almost takes our breath away. It doesn't scare us, but it fills us with awe, wonder and the deepest gratitude. We are finally entering Wildest Dreams territory.

Many people will experience a massive quickening of awareness, liberating them from the hooks of duality. This will occur to some people whom we never expected to change. There is going to be an avalanche of people waking up this year due to the veils falling away. This is going to happen en masse regardless of where these people are on their spiritual path in this reality. This will come out of nowhere. This shift of awareness includes the letting go of the outdated duality-based concepts of "Good" and "Evil". Nothing is black and white anymore. As this happens, we will be healed from our past experiences and old conditioning.

This month the earth energies will continue to aid us by performing an in-depth cleansing of the planet. This is a much needed major purification that is washing away much of the concentrated residue of duality.

At the same time, this purification and cleansing is happening to us on personal levels. Our emotions are becoming increasingly clearer. Many behavioral patterns that we've carried with us for a long time will suddenly disappear. More elements that have stopped us from being true are being stripped away, almost effortlessly. They simply no longer exist within our personal matrixes.

Once September begins, it's not that everything suddenly becomes easy or that all our problems disappear. Rather, it's that our perceptions and responses to these situations and problems are dramatically altered. We are still aware of the extreme challenges in the world situation and our own personal problems, but we can now maintain a vaster overview of what is really happening. We realize that every obstacle has been a protection against taking an action that was outside of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. We meet each situation in front of us with our full beings as a True One and navigate with our Heart's Knowingness. This is how we will find the needed "out of the box" solutions.

As the new energies come in. we may not be sure how to implement them completely, but they immediately feel very comfortable. Every time we try to do things in the old way, it becomes glaringly obvious. Every time we don't listen to our Heart's Knowingness, we feel ourselves going off course. We still need lots of adjusting to the knowingness that everything can now be easy. Sometimes we switch back and forth between our old selves and our old ways of doing things and our True Selves and new ways of doing things. There is a night and day difference between being a True One or being our old self. There are still many things that we don't totally understand, yet we now know that there's a rightness to it. Relaxing into this sense of rightness may take a little practice.

Even though there's swirling chaos around us at times, it doesn't bother us as much as before and it doesn't affect our equilibrium. Our split lives will feel much more unified, while the planetary situation will feel more strongly in turmoil. There's so much fear in people right now, but we don't have to be afraid of the changes all around us. Instead, we embrace the changes with LOVE and know that ALL IS WELL. We sit as Silent Watchers and strengthen the resonance of Trueness all over the planet.

In September, many of us will have the sense that we have fully landed as a True One. This is because more components of being a True One are here. We're not just emerging as True Ones, but we are integrating this enhanced state of Trueness into all aspects of our lives. This changes the old story we've been acting out in our old evolutionary labyrinth and we now begin a totally new book on a new evolutionary labyrinth that is off the map of the Known. It's time for our new story to flow out of us and into the world.

Those who are used to controlling or planning their lives are now discovering that this no longer works; there is no more control or planning. Those who were passively sitting on the sidelines are now discovering that the sidelines have disappeared. Now they will feel a new influx of energy that propels them to leap into action without their former fears that they might fail.

The time for learning and observing has long since ended -- now is the time for ACTION. It's time to use everything we have learned to go out into the world as a True One and make our presence felt. Things can and will be hectic. There will be rough waters and the wild cards will definitely be wild. Things will often be challenging, and the experience may not feel pleasant, but it's all going to lead to some place great. Someplace we have never been before.

While September opens the door to build the life we truly desire, we need to remember that our New True Lives are not always what we expected, but they are what we truly need on a very deep level. Life is becoming more a response than a reaction. We will let go of our expectations and just ride the waves of this Mega Quantum Surf with our natural mastery. We can take off into our New True Lives. We can finally do what's been in the back of our minds and within our hearts for months or years, that we know we really want, but have been afraid to do because it isn't "practical" or despite whatever fear-based excuse has been holding us back.

September brings different experiences to different people. If you're still coming from a position of fear or old-world duality, then the release might not come yet and there's still work to do. If you're coming from the perspective of being a True One, then September is going to be a month of momentous change when everything will open up before us and click into position with a beautiful ease.

Once the Tenth Gate energies have been anchored, many of us will finally come out of our shells, dissolving what remains to hinder us from living as True Ones. The fog that surrounded us clears. Some will be more solidly anchored in their new chosen places. September brings us that wonderful feeling of completion of the past while emerging into a brilliant New Landscape as True, Authentic Beings.



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