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August was a very powerful and extremely fast paced transitional month that brought many elements of our lives to closure and completion. The 'A Mu'a Reloaded became even more supercharged, moving us forward at unbelievable speeds.

August contained a concentrated overlay of important events which demanded our full participation. There was a nearly impossible set of tasks for us to do. Yet by riding one of the most intense creative surges we have ever experienced, we achieved much. It was like running the marathon of all marathons. We didn't know how we would get through this, but in the core of our beings, we knew that everything was happening perfectly.

During this month, we revisited people and places from our past and closed the door to some parts of our lives and of our own selves forever. It was truly a monumental time of NO DOWN - NO RETURN.

Completion with a Capital C

Since the middle of August, there has been a major emphasis on closure and completion. An important healing of the past is taking place. We are in the midst of a super completion phase which is freeing us to fully enter the territory of our True Lives in the New Landscape. "Completing the old, frees us for the New" has never been more true.

Completion is vitally important and necessary right now since it makes space for the New which is so ready to come in. Completion of the old enables us to shift tracks onto the Fast Track into the New Landscape. Completion can take many forms such as with people, places, unresolved projects, our previous purpose in life, old habits and ways of doing things.

During this time, we are having many interactions with people from our distant past. Some of these beloved ones are now, or will soon be, leaving the planet. With others whom we encounter, it might be the last time that we ever see them. Meeting with these old friends and relationships shows us how both of us have developed. These encounters give us deeper insights into our relationship with them, and show us how they influenced us in the past. This makes it easier for us to demonstrate our gratitude and to finally say whatever we have always wanted to say to them.

These completions are quite satisfying and occasionally very insightful or surprising. They are also an excellent barometer of how far we have traveled and how much we have changed. They enable us to realize how many of our previous habits, values and behaviors we have already released.

In these precarious times, we never know which friends and relationships we will see again. This makes all our interactions extremely poignant and precious. We never know when we say goodbye if these are the last words we will speak together or if this will be our last physical hug.

When we revisit our old friends, relationships and familiar places, we realize that we no longer feel a connection with some of them. We have taken such divergent paths that whatever closeness we felt before is now gone. This helps us realize that a good chunk of our past has dissolved away from us. Another chapter of our old story has closed and now crumbles into dust.

And even for those friends whom we might see again, our next encounter will be in the expanded realm of the New Landscape where our interactions will be on an entirely new level with a vastly altered purpose that is focused on creating the New and True.

Whenever we return from a final farewell to a place or from a touching last talk with a close friend, we can feel the stunning rightness and a deep satisfaction from bringing this relationship or situation to a much more real level by true completion and finalization.

This is very fulfilling for everybody involved. We are not only freed FROM the old, but also free FOR the New. Back in our own environment, we feel an enormous dropping off of weights -- all the weights connected to the things which were waiting for so long to be completed or taken to a new level. Now that they are done, we can see that they have brought us the sacred bonuses of fulfillment, completion, joy and deepening.

We now feel so much more free for the New. Every thought, feeling, and event that propels us into our New Landscape is coming to us way more freely and easily. We might feel like a balloon that has dropped off its ballast; not only can it go higher, but it will also be able to more easily follow the strong winds of the New.

There is also a new level of being together that is now being more fully revealed. This new closeness doesn't depend on Time and Space. We no longer need to be physically together in order to commune with one another. It's as if we are always sitting around the same table and sharing feelings, insights and intuitions across all known and unknown worlds. With our ever increasing vastness, the spacial distance between us is shrinking to zero. We realize that on an infinitely vaster scale, we are always together and nothing can separate us.

My Personal 'A Mu'a

For me, the past two months have been super intense and totally challenging in every way possible. July was full of non-stop activity, but August went completely off any map that I've ever known. It was like running the mother of all marathons. On August 1st, our cat had a routine operation which turned out to be more serious and emotionally devastating than we had thought. (She has finally recovered.) Around the same time, I suddenly had a feeling that we should move closer to our new Heart of AN land so we wouldn't have to drive 50 minutes from Ollantaytambo each time we wanted to visit the land. A few days later, a rental house became available that was right where we wanted to be. Almost instant manifestation!

As soon as I finished writing the August Surf Report, we started packing to get ready for our move at the beginning of September. Fortunately Maria was visiting from Germany and leapt into action. We could not have done it without her help.

A week later, we made a final visit to our AN land to see the new driveway and the beginning of the adobe wall. The energy there was so exquisite and new. I could feel that this special land welcomed all the changes; it was ready to physically manifest as the Heart of AN. As the Heart of AN comes alive, I can see that It really is as magical and wondrous as we'd imagined (and hoped) that it would be. It truly is a totally new reality filled with incredible freshness and PURE TRUE LOVE.

At the land, I experienced an immersion into the energies of the New Landscape much stronger than anything I had known. This gave me a deep sense of wonder and awe. Since then, the feeling of this deep internal immersion into the New Landscape has stayed with me, helping me get through all the immense tasks that lay in wait for us.

By the middle of August, we were in New Mexico for a week visiting my daughters, getting important papers so I could do my last year's taxes and getting my books that were long stored there sent off to the order fulfillment house so they can finally be available.

Although we were only there for a very busy week, I unexpectedly encountered several people from my distant past. I didn't seek them out or let them know that I was coming, but they suddenly would appear at my daughter's house. It was like watching my past in a flashback. Three were old relationships, another was an old friend who used to manage my shop in Taos over thirty years ago. With most of them, there was little to say. With one of them, the love and closeness were still strong; I was able to thank him for our time together and say all that had long been unsaid. It was a powerful time of completion.

Next, we went to the island of Kauai in Hawaii for ten days. We spent most of the time there, not at the beach sipping Pina Coladas and developing our tans, but in my storage lockers, going through boxes of the things that I had left behind when I moved to Peru three years ago. We had to find and remove all batteries and non water-based paints that were scattered about in over 150 boxes. We also met with my tax lady and did last year's taxes. Our storage lockers were emptied and our container was loaded for shipment to Peru.

We had myriad tasks to achieve, an almost impossible list of things to do, yet somewhat miraculously everything fell into place. Our greatest joy was being able to spend some time with Kalasara, Ya and beloved Omashar. This felt extremely poignant. On our final night in Kauai, we were even able to hear Omashar sing at a local cafe, "We'll never walk this way again...." What an exquisite gift.

The travels back to Peru took us two days, with two nights of ZERO sleep. Arriving back in Ollantaytambo on the morning of September 2nd, we slept for 1 1/2 hours, then leapt into action and packed everything that was unpacked. The next day we moved. I didn't even turn on my computer for four days. When I did, I immediately received a Skype phone call telling me that the very dear Elariul (Erik Berglund), had left the planet on the day we returned to Peru. It has been over a month of non-stop action, intensity, completion and forward movement while in a state of profound exhaustion. It has been both surreal and ultra real. Life and Death. Hello and Goodbye. And that is why this Surf Report is so late....

Since then, we have been in the unpacking process and trying to get our lives back to functionability. The compacted layers of tiredness are slowly evaporating. We are now living in a beautiful adobe rental house, with infinitely more refined energies than our old, cold, dark, noisy house in Ollantaytambo. I can look outside my office window and see the mighty mountain Apu of Pitusiray which is very inspiring. And we are a kilometer or so from the Heart of AN. All the completions of July and August have succeeded in moving our physical reality into the New Landscape.

What really helped us get through all this was my powerful immersion into the New Landscape at the beginning of August. This has strengthened our unfaltering knowingness that everything will turn out all right, no matter how it appears in the outside world. Everything is happening in its perfect timing. ALL IS WELL. And I know this within the core of my being....

Changes with a Capital C

We are experiencing fundamental changes in our relationships with the world around us and with our connections to others. At times it can be kind of unnerving to feel the depth and monumental scope of the changes and transitions that are occurring.

Many of us are discovering that our lives are making a huge turn into completely new directions and new environments that are part of the New Landscape which is becoming increasingly visible. These dramatic changes are infinitely more aligned with who we are.

As we are immersed deeper into a totally New Landscape, there's a sense of heightened familiarity, yet the energies are greatly enhanced from what we've known before. There's the feeling of suddenly waking up in a new reality. We find ourselves transported into a brilliant, new, technicolor landscape after living a life painted in dull, muted colors. We may not know how we got here, but we are super happy that we did.

Such dramatic shifts bring with them myriad changes, both large and small, on every level possible. Old habits are getting broken every day. Suddenly there's no mirror over the sink where it used to be, but we are so used to it being there that every time we wash our hands, we automatically glance at the blank wall. We are throwing out things that we never thought we would be able to let go of, but it feels liberating each time we do this. We've started to change some behaviors and imbalances on multiple levels that have been needing to be changed for a long time.

Many things are finally starting to get easier. Our interactions with the people around us are more honest and open hearted. There's the sense of finally exhaling after months of holding our breath. Layers of stress, intensity and exhaustion are falling off our beings. And there's a feeling of deep gratitude and awe that we are now living our New Stories.

Full Speed into our Wildest Dreams

Right now, we are being presented with unprecedented opportunities to create True Lives and manifest our Wildest Dreams. We all knew, or at least hoped, that this New Reality existed. We spent years of our lives trying to birth the Ultra Greater Reality into the physical world. And now the New Paradigm is here!

These aren't just hollow words. I personally feel it and am beginning to inhabit it. I know that at times it feels very surreal to have a sparkling New Reality being birthed inside a crumbling, corrupt, dying, duality-based world. But this is how we always knew it would be. I have written about this for years. The twenty-two years of 11:11 Activations was exactly for this purpose. But now, amazingly, it is here!!!

To fully enter this wondrous New Reality, we are being shaped into our true forms. We are releasing any untrue or expired elements within and without our beings. Because the New Reality is now here, this means that if we are still in a situation that doesn't feel right, it's time to leave it.

I'm currently learning a lot about the New Landscape. I am also learning about which behaviors and what parts of myself cannot enter it. I can now see, feel, taste, touch the New Landscape, but I cannot fully live there until my being is super clear of all old emotional residue and expired behaviors and perceptions.

Our Wildest Dreams are now manifesting on the physical. They are far beyond anything which we thought possible. They are available to everyone. There is a massive creative surge of 'A Mu'a that is propelling us forward. And this is more exciting and deeply fulfilling than we could ever have imagined.


Super September brings us tremendous forward movement and physical travel. Many of us are now smoothly entering our New Landscape with great enthusiasm. Yes, there is still lots to do, but the stress has dissipated and we are pulled forward by the strongest creative surge that we have ever felt.

Some of us enter September with a deep sense of exhaustion. This isn't mere tiredness; it's concentrated, smushed up layers of exhaustion like a trash compactor that presses all the garbage into a concentrated mass. One of the first things to do this month is to release all the accumulated layers of deep tiredness. This isn't quite as easy as emptying a garbage can by dumping out the contents. Instead we can open the lid to our compacted exhaustion, loosen the top layer and let it slowly blow away.

This is simply an amazing time; there's no other description for the way we are in a seeming tug-of-war between duality and Oneness that appears to be testing the very fabric of reality. So much happens when we aren't even aware of it on the surface. It's important to remember that many things are not as they appear, including the tug-of-war!

Even though there is continued turbulence in the outside world, conflicts that would have terrified us a few years ago, can now be seen with clarity as what they are: the Final Days of Duality. At times, we may be tempted to withdraw our energy from the world around us, but this is exactly what we must not do. Instead, it's time to live each day with our full beings as True Ones. This is the way that we can soar above it all and live in an entirely new frequency band.

September brings us many purifications and healings, as well as new understandings. The energies of the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen are becoming stronger and more real. This helps remind us what we are doing everything for, when we become temporarily overwhelmed by it all.

As we step deeper into the New Landscape, we are learning new ways of being with each step we take. There may be intermittent patches of chaos that are so thick that it's not easy to see our way through, but there is always a way through and we will find it.

The New World is being born through us. Each of us is pregnant with it and as we birth it inside ourselves, it becomes increasingly visible in the outside world. This is a huge, huge birth and the path ahead needs to be super clear.

Because of this, it's time to ask ourselves if we want to be part of the Old or New World? It is time to make True Decisions and base all our future actions upon them.

The Wheels within Wheels are turning in alignment with the cosmic plan to birth the New and True. For all those who are ready, the New Landscape beckons. A profound emotional deepening is taking place. Hearts are opening as never before. Huge portions of humanity are waking up and becoming Real and True.

The New World is here. NOW. And it is very, very exciting!!! Let's jump in....



With deepest Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Carolyn, Denise, Emanaku, Lynda, Maria A., Maria T., Path, Theresa


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