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Accelerated August was a wild ride on the Roller Coaster of Change. For much of the month, we were propelled along by a massive creative surge, moving so fast that we didn't have a free moment to catch our breath. Then everything would unexpectedly come to a temporary halt. But just as we were preparing to have a much needed rest, the roller coaster would lurch forward again into full on action-mode and off we went, zooming along on the Fast Track, holding on for dear life!

All month long we faced an endless stream of decisions while dealing with myriad, practical details and situations that were constantly thrown at us. The biggest challenge was to deal with all this while in a greatly expanded state. There was no time to just sit with our new vastness; instead we had to continue on at lightning speed.

August emphasized manifesting our Heightened Trueness into Clear, Decisive Action. Our long term projects became more visible and grounded. And the more we set our coordinates to our True Position, the stronger the creative surge became.

Traveling through the Black Hole

For the past few years, it has felt as if we've been passing through a Black Hole in which everything that is expired, superficial or untrue is being forcibly stripped off of us. Many of us have spent a long time in temporary living situations. We've been ripped out of our comfort zones and disconnected from our favorite possessions, from our spiritual touchstones and from all our previous comfort zones.

We are being seared in the Beam so strongly that sometimes it feels like we have no more skin, no body, no face. That all we have left is core essence. It's like being tossed around inside a rock tumbler which has been knocking off all our rough bits until we emerged with a renewed clarity of purpose. Everything that still set off our internal triggers was more grist for the mill that polished our stone.

While we are traveling through the Black Hole, there's no time to do anything except exploring the New Landscape. We may be hungry, tired and worn out, yet we are glowing with excitement, like hardened coals which have been burnished into glowing embers in the wildfires of transformation.

We are undergoing tremendous pressure on myriad levels that, even though we may not feel it yet, is transforming the coal of our beings into shining diamonds. (The Jewels in the Crown.) We are being propelled through the Black Hole by the massive creative surge. Becoming ever more stripped, raw, disembodied, authentic and true.

Many of us are now nearing the central vortex of the Black Hole. This is where many things simply don't matter anymore. All that remains is stripped down, authenticity. Soon we will be thrust out into the other side where we will move outwards through a White Hole into a completely new reality. This is when all the reconfigured layers of our new beings will spiral back onto us. New ways of being. New priorities. New True Purpose. Living in our True Homes.

True Positions and True Homes


Everyone has a True Position. Some have more than one True Position and have important things to do in each of them. During this time, when the world of duality is collapsing all around us, it is essential that we align with our True Position as quickly as possible. This is not only the place where we feel comfortable and safe, but our True Positions are where we can fulfill our True Purpose. Once we are in our True Position, a flowering of our being takes place as another dimension to our beings is revealed, bringing to the surface more of who we are.

For several years, we've been like trees whose root balls have been wrapped in burlap sacks, rather than being planted in the ground. It's been almost impossible in such a transitional state to bear flowers and fruits or express our creativity. Yet even though we couldn't fully flourish while wrapped in a burlap sack, we did our best to prepare ourselves to create the lives that we really want. We strengthened our commitment to living True Lives as True Ones. And we offered no resistance to stripping away all layers of untrueness.

I've experienced this since moving to Peru, nearly four years ago. Previously, I always lived in houses where I could set the energetic fields in alignment with the Ultra Greater Reality. Since I arrived in Peru, I have felt deeply aligned with my outer environment, for I was now in my True Position, but I've been living in a succession of rental houses full of other people's energies, which definitely weren't aligned to my own energy. All my worldly treasures, books, art supplies, sacred objects and needed business files were not with me. Last November, my container of household goods arrived in Peru from Hawaii, but instead of joyfully unpacking, everything stayed in their boxes since there was no place to put them.

This sense of temporariness and discomfort from not being able to live in our Heightened Trueness is what many of us have been experiencing in one form or another. Even those of us who have not moved during this time, haven't been living in Heightened Trueness. What's important is that we hold our focus on getting to our True Position, no matter what our outer circumstances are. This not only helps us continue on, but it actually brings us closer to where we most want to be. And as uncomfortable as this period of prolonged disconnection has been, we know that it has been leading us to a much truer place.

Part of getting into our True Position is removing those final elements of untrueness from our living situations until they finally become perfect reflections of the New Landscape. And this is exactly what is happening to me. Soon I will be living in our beautiful, newly built house at the Heart of AN in Peru and it is far beyond my Wildest Dreams. It is on a level that I never imagined I would be able to experience on this physical Earth.

I now realize that this prolonged period of discomfort while stripping away all the outer elements of my old life was totally necessary. This is what has prepared me to actually live in my True Home. After our prolonged period of disconnection, when we do reconnect again, it will be on such a different level. This will be a super enhanced outer expression of who we are on the deepest, truest core essence level. We will find a new level of deepened comfort and well being in our True Lives in the New Landscape.



Many of us have had a lifelong yearning to return "Home". For much of our life we thought that Home was somewhere else, perhaps in another world. But now, everything has changed. Not only are we in the final miles of duality, but we are now realizing that we don't have to leave this planet in order to go Home; we can create our True Home here on Earth.

Back in 1991, I used to talk about how I spent much of my life with my suitcase packed, so to speak, so I would be ready to return home. For many years, I assumed that I would only find my True Home in the stars. Then I finally realized that "The only way out is in!" And that we could never reach a state of being at Home until we fully unpacked our suitcases, until we fully moved into our physical bodies and fully embraced being here on Earth. Once I did this, there was a profound change within me and for the first time I felt completely at Home wherever I was.

Our True Positions are the places where we can find our True Homes. Our True Homes aren't found in a location other than our True Position. Not everyone needs to live in their True Homes right now, but we all need to be in our True Positions. If you don't feel a powerful yearning to be in your True Home right now, that's fine. And if you are already in your True Position, then All is Well. It's only when you feel the powerful yearning to be in your True Home that you need to find it as soon as possible.

This deep yearning to live in our True Homes is growing stronger every day. Many of us are realizing that we can no longer continue to breathe the stagnant air of our old lives in the expired paradigm of duality. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all searching for The Air We Can Breathe. But we don't need to gasp for it; it is already here!

Our True Home is not just a comfortable, familiar place to live, but represents a totally new level of awareness. They are the places of true beingness where we can fully live True Lives as True Ones. True Homes are located in the New Landscape and are the anchor points of the New Paradigm. They are islands of the Ultra Greater Reality set into the dying world of duality like shining jewels that will stabilize the imminent flip over of reality systems.

To live in our True Home, we need to first unhook ourselves from duality. Once we actually live in our True Home, we will discover that, not only is it the most familiar and comfortable place we have ever been, but that it greatly expands and deepens our beings in ways we never imagined possible. Our True Homes are the most clear and true expression of our pure core being. They are exquisitely beautiful and deeply fulfilling.

True Homes are not normal houses. They are fully anchored in the New Landscape in the territory of Beyond our Wildest Dreams. Our True Homes are wildly beautiful, yet extremely comforting. What's amazing about our True Homes is that they give us the opportunity to unleash our heightened creativity in ways we never imagined. This calls forth the true beauty we have secretly carried in the depths of our beings for lifetimes and makes it fully visible. And by doing this, we are actually birthing the New World.

Our True Homes are found by first going to our True Position. We will know when we have connected with our True Position by a strong sense of everything clicking into position. Here are our people! Here are our mountains! We feel so at home where we are. Our long search is over.

From the new vantage point of our True Position, we can find our True Home. Once we actually move into our True Homes, it will trigger a massive RESET of our entire beings, of everything we have ever known. Living in our True Homes requires that we are completely aligned with who we really are. And it puts us onto a completely new level.

In September, a few of us will actually move to our True Homes! Others will start feeling or seeing them, either energetically or physically. Once we feel the energies of our True Home, they will start merging with us. We will feel the Call of our True Home singing throughout our beings and immediately it will become our top priority to live there. An endless succession of Green Lights will turn on, miraculously clearing our pathway to our True Home.


The New Fellowships

The group of people with whom we are interacting right now is not merely a random collection of people. It's more like a new fellowship that is organically coming together for an united purpose. There's a deeper level to the fellowship that few people are yet aware of. A determining factor of a real fellowship is our interaction as True One to True One, with a foundation of mutual respect.

Your new fellowship is not simply composed of the most obvious people such as your friends or your peer group. This is different from what we've considered to be our "Right People". Our fellowship encompasses many different types of people from many different walks of life. There are some people whom we might not realize are part of our fellowship, but they are. And not all people in our fellowship may be aware that they are part of it. So it's important to be aware of this.

Have a good look at the people you who are around you at this time. Don't forget the woman at the grocery store, the neighbors, your coworkers or even the mailman. Our new fellowship can also include some of our current adversaries who, even though it's not readily apparent, are united with us on a much deeper level. And even though their present actions may not come from integrity and Trueness, they are actually triggering us into new directions that will have a positive outcome for us.

The weaving of our new fellowship is more intricate and subtle than we may be able to recognize. To see it, we have to look from the right angle. We might have to change our position in order to perceive it. We can only recognize the other members of our fellowship if we are in a certain level of awareness. The members of our fellowship are the True People of our present moment. Everyone in this group is being profoundly touched by their participation in the shared purpose of the fellowship.

These special fellowships may disband after their common purpose is achieved. But while they are together, there's a true magic weaving us together. When the common task is completed, some, but not all, will go in different directions. Others in our fellowship may continue on together. Yet, everyone who has been in it will make a step forward; all will be irrevocably transformed from their participation in it.

The 11:11 Activations are a good example of the creation of a new fellowship. Everyone who participated in them was indelibly touched. Lives were changed. This is true even with the people who have seemingly disappeared and returned to their old lives. The rest of us remain strongly woven together as One Being in the fellowship, even though we are scattered across the planet.

This weaving with our True People of the HERE and NOW will only get stronger. This is part of the Calling of the True Ones. It's a glimpse of a future where everyone will realize that everyone is part of the Grand Fellowship of the One.


September is a powerful month of completion, consolidation and harvest. We are still zooming along a super accelerated Fast Track in a state of non-stop action and we are still dealing with a multitude of ever changing situations and details. We're constantly challenged to take multi-tasking to Off the Map levels. The surf has been so extremely choppy that we are learning that there's a flow within the choppiness.

We are discovering that we can do way more things than we can possibly imagine, even in circumstances that we don't consider favorable. At the same time, some of us are experiencing a deep, internal peacefulness that is reorganizing the world around us in totally new ways.

September is another month of moving rapidly and deeply into the New Landscape, where we are on the cusp of the ultimate Event Horizon into Oneness we have only dreamt about. Throughout the month, our beings will continue to expand and deepen and our clarity will become ever stronger. We will continue to manifest our inner Trueness into decisive outer Action. Our commitment to getting into our True Positions will strengthen and it will become increasingly easier to maintain a clear perspective of what is real and true.

Throughout September, we are literally propelled into taking action to change our lives, whether we like it or not. We will be chased out of our comfort zones and thrust into unknown territory. Many elements will either move closer to their True Position or click right into it.

Many people still have to make a decision about whether they are simply going to a new position or to their True Position. Some of the potential opportunities being presented to us are kind of seductive because they would move us into a comfort zone where we might have a good time, but the progress that we are aiming for would never happen there. We need to be ultra clear and alert so we can make the choices that will take us into our True Direction. Because of this, not everyone will choose to go directly to their True Position, but for those who do, it will be amazing!

There's also a strong element of completion in September, the completion of things that have really challenged us and consumed a lot of our energy. This brings us a bountiful harvest of our accumulated efforts as we reap what we've so diligently planted in our lives. Many individual and collective efforts are culminating in September or early October, such as the completion of a major project, moving to our True Homes or making major internal or external decisions that align us with our True Position.

The nature of the massive creative surge that many of us have been experiencing is changing. The force of the creative surge hasn't lessened, but it somehow feels more manageable as we are less overwhelmed by the supercharged intensity which is ever present. The more aligned we are with our True Position, the stronger the creative surge we will experience.

Since we are doing so many different things at the same time, it's easy to occasionally make "mistakes" by not being totally clear about what we are doing. These so called "mistakes" often are caused by trying to take old concepts and old ways of doing things into the New Landscape. Whenever this happens, we are immediately aware that this isn't appropriate. But we don't need to let this throw us off of balance. Correct the "mistake" by taking everything to a new level as quickly and cleanly as possible, recalibrate your efforts and get back into action mode.

Some people who seemed to be going full speed into the New Landscape have now taken what appears to be a step backwards. It might look like they went back to their old lives and old ways of being, but that's not exactly correct. They might be reinhabiting their old positions, but they are doing this with their newly deepened selves. Returning to old lives as expanded new selves is creating significant cracks in the cement of their old patterning. They are also letting go of many illusions. This step backwards will help them take three steps forward later. Others have taken significant leaps forward, going through huge inner and outer changes which caused them to become deeper and clearer. This has enabled them to start living their Wildest Dreams in the New Landscape.

Some of us are still looking for love relationships in the old landscape. When we do this, we look for all the obvious signs such as physical attraction, having the same interests, similar upbringing, etc. But if you haven't found your right relationship in the old landscape, you might look for it in the New Landscape.

These New Landscape relationships are not so obvious at the beginning. It's only when you are stripped down to your true essence that you can fully recognize each other. Before then, you might sometimes see who the other really is, but often you are with someone who feels like a stranger. Then as we fully emerge as True Ones who are increasingly inhabiting the New Landscape, the real depth and full perfection of our partnership is revealed.

All the while, our participation in the old landscape is lessening. Those of us who have been in the forefront of birthing the new energies may be feeling physically worn out by any contact with the old landscape. This can create illnesses and physical symptoms that we don't normally experience. Things like general soreness, muscle pain, infections, intestinal problems. They further clean out and purify our beings and don't linger for long.

September is a time of unwrapping a whole new landscape which is bare and naked, but FULL of potential and wondrous possibilities. To some, this might feel scary at first because suddenly we are faced with something so big and vast, without any comfortable restrictions, borders or labeling of any kind. There are no road signs or maps for this wondrous New Landscape. By following our Heart's Knowingness, we can navigate this unknown territory with great fun and be bestowed with many blessings and surprises so we can recognize this space, not as something threatening, but as something truly adventurous.

As we increasingly live our inner Trueness and cleanly express it in our outer actions, the New Landscape begins to impermeate the old landscape. This is happening slowly, subtly and steadily. The New Landscape is becoming ever more visible all around us. The new energy comes sparkling through into our old landscape. Everywhere there are sparkles of the New and True. Our inner and outer environments are noticeably changing in every direction.

It's like living in a house with an old roof. It's not that the old roof suddenly blows off or disappears, but more like the roof tiles start transforming. There's a new composition in the material they are made of. The tiles might change color, develop a different thickness, weight, shape or texture. Slowly, but steadily, these sparkly, new tiles are replacing the old ones. As this happens, the very nature of the roof itself changes, dramatically altering the structure of what it was covering, creating an entirely new environment.

This brings forth a renewed enthusiasm. Life is suddenly exciting and fun, full of opportunities to express our true selves as we create the New and True! Our challenge is to keep the focus here and not on all the turmoil that is taking place as the old world is falling apart.

In September, some of us are going to close the gap and complete this sprint to our True Home. Although this is happening only for some of us at this time, it clears the path for all of us. The first half of September will be quite intense and busy as we exert much effort to complete the final miles of some of our long term projects. The second half of the month has a strong emphasis on our True Position and True Home as we receive the bounty of our harvest. After that, it's full speed ahead into the New Landscape.

Let's unwaveringly set our coordinates to our True Positions and follow the call of our True Home!

Almost in my True Home,
with True Heart Love,


With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
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