The Second Warning

Updated SEPTEMBER 1, 2005

The Second Warning

The BIG WAVES are here whether we want them to be or not. They are thick with concentrated force and intensity. These waves contain myriad elements on multiple levels making the surfing of them quite a challenge. They aren't going to go away. Whether we stand in duality or Oneness, we will need to deal with them. We can either be swept along and overwhelmed or we can surf them with love, courage and mastery.

Once again we are experiencing scenes of mass devastation on this planet. Like the Asian tsunamis at the end of last year, (our First Warning), what has happened in New Orleans and the Southern USA is way beyond comprehension. Suddenly an entire city is virtually wiped out by a hurricane, flooding and lawlessness---null zoned within a few days. Over a million people have lost everything and must start anew to acquire the basic necessities of life.

And as with the Asian tsunamis at the end of last year, the main element which is affecting many all over the planet is water which has to do with the emotions, especially love. A powerful purification is taking place which is clearing out our emotions and deepening our compassion for those whose lives have just been uprooted.

This is our Second Warning and hopefully, a huge wake-up call reminding us of the extreme seriousness of these challenging Times of Completion. Right now, our priorities should be drastically rearranging. Our feelings, especially our compassion, should be experiencing a massive deepening.

For many years I've said that as we travel through the 11:11 Doorway, the difference between the two reality systems of duality and Oneness would become ever more obvious. How they will become increasingly invisible to one another with the passing of the years. As their resonance become ever stronger, clamoring for our attention, we will reach the point where we must choose one or the other as our predominant reality. This is why we are receiving these Warnings, for that time is now.

This Null Zone is not only taking place in the areas which were hit by the hurricanes, but within our own beings. The BIG WAVES are here and we shouldn't require any more outer confirmation through widespread flooding in Europe, hurricanes in the USA and typhoons and tsunamis in Asia. We need to absolutely reorder our lives and shift our priorities to what is real and most important.

Null Zones always destroy the old patterning. They crush it beyond repair. Nothing can be glued back together into the Way Things Used to Be. We really can't go on pretending things are "normal" anymore. We need to simply accept this and utilize our focused intent to move into the Greater Reality. The great gift of Null Zones is that they create fertile ground for birthing the New, for moving to the next level. Since we can't return to the past, since all the old roads have come to their appointed conclusions, we can only go onto a new road which will take us to new places. And this is exactly what we must do.

Our obvious challenge is to remain positive and aligned with the Greater Reality while feeling the devastation and the immense suffering happening to parts of our One Being. We can't shut down our feelings; instead we must allow them to deepen and always feel more. We can't sink into the morass of depression and just give up, for there is way too much to do. And the future direction of humanity may well depend upon our actions right now, upon where we anchor our beings, upon what we value most and upon how we live our beliefs and true values in our everyday lives.

It's the same old choice between duality, fear and separation or Oneness and Love. Except now, we need to choose irrevocably. We simply cannot vacillate between the two anymore. We cannot continue to compromise ourselves in any way. The gap between who we really are and who we are in our everyday lives must be permanently bridged until it no longer exists.

It's time to pare away the superficial and the unnecessary, to stop indulging ourselves with our doubts and feelings of unworthiness. It's time to strip away any and all illusions, distortions or partial truths that have been influencing us. We simply don't have the luxury of carrying them around with us anymore. We need to be true and real as never before. We need to live our greatness every moment, no matter where we are, who we are with or what we are doing.

This is the only way to surf the BIG WAVES and not get swept away by them. If we are Living Large aligned as One Being and living in the Greater Reality in the HERE and NOW, the BIG WAVES won't overwhelm us. Instead, they will feel surprisingly comfortable, as if they are finally the right size for us; the ones we were born to surf.

Before BIG WAVES bring in the New, they wash away the old. Much rerouting takes place... Rerouting is the proper reordering of things so only what is most true comes to us. For example, we might have been excited about a new job opportunity or about working with someone and then suddenly it's out of the picture. All this means is that something far better is coming, that something was not quite right about the new job or working with that person. Or perhaps that we are still carrying some old baggage and weren't ready yet.... During this time, we need to remain ever watchful for the areas in which we still carry the remnants of duality-based behaviors and beliefs. All that is untrue becomes glaringly obvious.... within ourselves, within others, within the world.

As we move deeper into the Greater Reality, as we live in it daily, all the time, wherever we are, whatever we're doing---everything is going to be greatly reshuffled and reordered. Hidden agendas will be revealed and what's untrue will be magnified. If someone has a lack of integrity or is motivated by ego or selfishness, then we simply can't continue to be with them. Actually, we are now discovering that it is almost impossible to keep on putting our energy into relationships, jobs or any situation that only allows the participation of a fragment of our full being.

The BIG WAVES are going to swept an endless procession of people into and out of our lives. We're going to encounter people from our past and from our future including some of our old loves from this lifetime or before. Some of these old loves are coming into our lives for the purpose of retrieving fragments of our beings that we left with them long ago so we can become more whole. Others are coming in so that we can move to a new level. This is all part of our preparation for the 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 at the end of next year. And soon enough many of our True Love Life Partners will be appearing....

During this time we will finally decide to release the people from our present whose behavior hasn't been acceptable for a long time, but whom we've held onto because we've seen their potential and tried to carry them along. Now we realize that we can no longer tolerate the old patterns they are stuck into because they also hold us back from being our full selves. This is all part of the Second Warning.

The Second Warning also tells us that it's time to stop resenting the things in our lives which we don't like. This includes jobs, relationships, responsibilities and much more. It's especially apparent in the old tasks that we're totally sick of doing which we find ourselves still having to do. Instead of resenting them and doing them halfheartedly with a somewhat negative energy, perhaps we should try doing them with love and with our full being. If we do, we will find them transforming right before our very eyes. To be truly complete with them, we must first demonstrate this mastery; then we will be liberated from them.

It's also time to stop doing things the hard way. Most of us make things much more difficult than they need to be, especially when we forget that we are all part of One Being and that our One Being is always there for us. We are moving into the era of Mutual Support as a requirement for survival and it's important to remember to ask for help. The Sleeping Giant of our One Being needs to wake up right now and stand up tall. It's no longer a matter of us doing things individually; that's no longer enough. BIG WAVES require large beings to surf them and nothing is as large as our One Being.

The BIG WAVES are full of periods of Quantum Deep where we are so blasted with intense energy that we can barely move. Quantum Deep always takes us to deeper levels than we have experienced before and when we are in this state, it almost forces us to stop all outer activity and go lie down. The air itself becomes thick and difficult to move about in. Sometimes it will feel like we are trying to walk through quicksand. This is because there is a huge amount of inner work that we are doing along with our more obvious outer work. Don't fight these urges to sleep more than usual or to retreat into the silence. You will find that when you do re-emerge, you will be able to achieve more than usual in an infinitely easier manner.

The BIG WAVES also bring in lots of change. Some of our old dreams are being finally offered to us. When this happens, be clear and ask yourself, "Do I still want this? Is the timing right for this?" Then make a conscious decision. (Most of the time, we will decide we don't want them anymore.) New, totally unexpected, opportunities are spiraling towards us, coming ever closer. These can be strongly felt, but not quite touched. New people, new situations, new jobs, new opportunities of all kinds are all around us.

The BIG WAVES are laced with Sinkholes as well. We're doing just fine, then suddenly we fall into the depths of a Sinkhole and are filled with despair. Whenever this happens, try to realize IMMEDIATELY that you are in a Sinkhole and make the effort to climb out as soon as possible. We really don't have the luxury of staying there for days or weeks. There's too much to do...

The BIG WAVES are also full of strong Creative Surges which pull us along from project to project. When we're in the midst of a Creative Surge, there's really not much element of choice as to what we want to work on. We are plunged into raw, pure creativity without much control over it. Projects appear out of nowhere and grab our attention. Then onto the next... Sometimes, we are working on several totally different projects at once, simply surfing the creative flow.

As you can see, there is much happening on many levels. We can be filled with enthusiasm one minute or we can feel temporarily stranded like a beached whale. Because of this, it's essential that we don't take any of it personally. Just do what's in front of you with the best of your ability. When the wave you've been riding suddenly disappears, don't go searching for it. Just leap on the next one in front of you. This succession of BIG WAVES will give us the perfect experiences that we most need and will take us to our true destination.

The BIG WAVES are causing a further dissolving of the veils. It often feels like each moment brings a new wave of revelation. We're experiencing a continuous sense of "AHA! So that's what's really happening." More and more layers of illusion are stripped off of our beings and we become ever more real. This enables us to reach new vantage points of expanded perception and deepened feelings. Our new points of view cause a ripple effect as they spread out to all areas of our lives making it much easier to do things in new ways.

Many of us have the feeling that we were born to do something important in this life, to somehow make this world a better place. And most of us feel that we've never found what we were really meant to do. This has caused continual frustration and will keep on doing so until we finally realize that we can't align with our true purpose as long as we keep ourselves small and allow ourselves to be affected by duality. Our true purpose resides in the Greater Reality. We align ourselves with it by also living in the Greater Reality, by consciously knowing that we are all part of One Being.

Once we accept this, we can move forward unhindered. We can leap onto the really BIG WAVES and travel on the Great Expressways into the New propelled by the massive creative surge of increasingly vaster BIG WAVES. As we do, our reservoirs of creativity are unleashed beyond our wildest expectations. Riding the BIG WAVES is exciting and fun, rather than scary and intimidating as we had imagined. These are the waves which require the full participation of our entire beings, making us finally feel alive and whole. And these are the waves that will take us to where we most want to go, bringing us nourishment and fulfillment on the deepest levels, beyond our wildest dreams.

The Greater Reality has never been more present. Each moment is becoming fuller, truer and way more real. Past and Future have rolled up into the Present. Everything that ever was and everything that will ever be is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

September is going to be a very powerful month with extremely wild surf. We have now received two warnings and more wake-up calls are coming, possibly even this month. At the same time the creative surge will continue to strongly pull us forward. New exciting opportunities will appear out of nowhere. More of the next step of our true purpose will be revealed. There is much to do on every level. We're going to be busy doing things, expanding our vantage points of understanding, then redoing things to reflect our vaster perception. It is a month of tremendous transformation, resolution and breakthroughs. And as the month progresses, waves of Quantum Surf will start coming in. We need to be prepared and ready....

Once again, it is similar to the first line in A Tale of Two Cities: " It was the best of times; it was the worst of times."




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