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The Eleventh Gate Activation: The final Activation of the 11:11 Doorway in November.





August was extremely action-packed and accelerated. We were overstretched beyond all previous boundaries as we traveled on an Ultra Fast Track in the state of Super Zoom. It was exhilarating, exciting, terrible, exhausting and occasionally heartbreaking, all at the same time. Each day felt like a week had been compressed into it. Each day passed by in a blur of non-stop activity and there was never enough time. No matter how hard we worked, there was no way to get everything done.

The month was full of surprises and unexpected events, some shocking and others Off the Map brilliant. We deepened our connections with kindred people and places. We finally brought (or at least we thought we did), some unresolved matters to completion. New openings were blasted open. And we became increasingly unpinned from duality.


Quantum September

September is another huge month full of Quantum Surf, Quantum Deep, Quantum Changes, Quantum Leaps and finally Quantum Breakthroughs.

The Quantum Surf is slamming us with a series of ever increasing tsunamis created by our Mega Perfect Storms. These touch upon almost all of our core issues and many of the things that are most important to us. Mega Perfect Storms bring us extremely intense challenges, some of them on a life and death level. Many of us are going through them right now. These Mega Perfect Storms are dissolving the lives we have known and moving us into our true positions. They are deepening us immeasurably.

If you are not yet experiencing a Mega Perfect Storm, you probably will soon. Meanwhile, you can show your love, compassion and support to those of us who are. We really need it.

At the same time, we are experiencing numerous instances where situations continually flip over. Flipping over isn't a flip-over that happens once and then it's done; it's a continual process of flipping over between wildly gyrating positions. One moment it looks like something is definitely going to happen, while the next moment the situation may appear hopeless. Then suddenly, everything flips over again and things move forward. This constant flipping over is exhausting and super intense. While it is going on, we don't have a second of personal quiet time in which to calmly contemplate what is happening.

All these continual flip-overs are rocking the boat so we make our definitive flip-over and enter the vastly expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. This final flipping over doesn't just take us to the opposite side of where we were. Instead, it opens up both sides, like spreading open the closed wings of a butterfly, revealing the butterfly in its fullness. Once this happens, our Zones of Familiarity expand and the new reality of the Diamond of the Unseen is revealed.

Until we experience our final flip-over into the realm of the Diamond of the Unseen, there will be times when the energy suddenly starts spinning and everything around us gets really wild and seemingly out of control. It's similar to when a forest fire hits a stand of dried timber and a strong wind comes up and everything suddenly bursts into a wild conflagration. The wildfire quickly triples in size. The energies whip around us with great intensity. When this happens, we can't freeze like a deer in the headlights. We can't run away or pretend it isn't happening; the wildfire of intensity is all encompassing.

When the energy is whipping around us wildly, it's happening because many elements want solutions. They want to find their true positions. The wildfire is going in a certain direction, then a strong wind comes up and blows it another way. The intensity is so strong and what is needed to be done is so immense that sometimes all we can do is see the humor in it and laugh.

In the midst of whipping winds and raging fires our only option is to stay with it and do our best. And even when we are standing in the center of our Mega Perfect Storms, in the eye of the storm; we are still being fried by the intensity. When this happens, it really helps to throw some cold water on your face whenever possible and take a few minutes out in nature to let the wind blow the layers of intensity off of you.

Since we are in the midst of a dramatic shift of reality systems, moving into the infinitely vaster realm of the Diamond of the Unseen, we are often thrust into the state of Quantum Deep. This is such a deep quiet that it is somewhat similar to the state of suspended animation which is used for prolonged space travel. In suspended animation, we are not asleep; we are fully conscious, but our movements are slowed down so we can barely move. This is how we shift rapidly through the ever changing conditions of various worlds, different air compositions, altitude, components, energy and gravity. All the while, we are making massive Quantum Leaps....


Freeing Ourselves from Expectations

While we are waiting for everything to click into position, it's important for us to center ourselves in the HERE and NOW with the knowingness that all is unfolding in its perfect timing. Being frustrated with our lives or being impatient with what is not yet in its right position won't bring us any closer to living the lives we truly want to live.

There has always been a current of New Age spirituality where the events encountered in the real world are taken as a measure of "Am I on the right path?". As long as things are working out smoothly, as long as things click into position quickly, as long as "The train arrives at the station the moment I enter the station," everything is OK.

Many of these expectations about how our outer life should appear are misleading. ALL these expectations might be illusions. When Real Life kicks in and takes over, THIS is the moment when our mastery can shine brightly like never before. Because then, without outer confirmations, without the backing of outer events happening as "proof" that we are on our right way; without all of that, we have to stick to our Heart's Knowingness and go forward.

This is when we enter the realm of Realness without crutches for our mind. All our outer support systems fall away. There are times when the small moments of synchronicity which always told us that we are on the right track appear to be gone! When the magical encounters with strangers who seem so familiar and kindred rarely occur. When massive clicks into position seem to be indefinitely delayed and sometimes completely out of reach! For a long time these events have been an important food for our being. Now we feel like we're on a diet!

We wonder what has happened? Are we now on wrong track? Did we do something wrong? Do we have to change direction? No, ALL IS WELL - still! We can now see very clearly how much we relied on these synchronicities and how important certain type of events around us have been for us. But these are the times of breaking down old patterns and behaviors, and we can be thankful that this pattern is getting broken and shattered. Instead, we are taught how to deal with Real Life: With Real Acceptance, still with discernment, but without the judgement of "But it should not be like that". This is True Personal Freedom: Not being bound by beliefs of "how the things around us should respond to us" but encountering the present HERE and NOW with complete openness which allows us to answer to every event completely free, fresh and new.

What is coming is nothing... NOTHING... like we can imagine or predict or expect it to be.


Into the Diamond of the Unseen



The Physical and Spiritual Worlds which are perceived as separate within the Template of Duality.

After we realize that Spirit and Matter are not separate, we bring them together. "As Above, So Below."

An Antarion Conversion is formed as the Templates of Duality and Oneness start to overlap and merge.

We unhook ourselves from duality and position ourselves in the center of the Antarion Conversion. This is where we begin to live True Lives as True Ones in the Ultra Greater Reality. As this happens, we become the Jewels.

When we become Jewels, a massive flipping over takes place. This reveals our new, greatly expanded reality of the Diamond of the Unseen.
Our known worlds become very small. We begin becoming familiar with this vast new landscape.

Now the Diamond of the Unseen is revealed in its immeasurable vastness. This is where the New World is born. Our next step is to fully inhabit the Diamond of the Unseen.

The Diamond of the Unseen encompasses all known worlds, but when we expand our Trueness and fully inhabit the Diamond of the Unseen, our known worlds appear much smaller. This is because we are now inhabiting a far larger landscape than we ever imagined.

And just like we get jet lag when we take an airplane flight of ten hours; think of the jet lag we would get when we time travel for 100 years into the past or future. It's nearly impossible to imagine how we feel right now. We are in the midst of shifting evolutionary spirals and the jet lag is incalculable.

While this happens, we remain in the physical, but the components of the physical are reconfigured and expand greatly. As they do, they transform into something new. When we fully inhabit the Diamond of the Unseen, we will have understandings like we have never known before. We will have crystal clear perception about things that we haven't been able to understand before. Our entire journey will make complete sense to us. This will be immensely freeing and profoundly healing to our innermost core beings because with this level of truth and energy, all our deep disappointments, long held misunderstandings and untrue perceptions will fall away. A great shedding will take place and we will stand on totally new, vibrantly creative, fertile ground, ready to birth and build a New World.

Many people have a strong resonance with this information. But they still don't know how to live in this energy. But this will come after the Eleventh Gate Activation.



In August, many new things opened up that weren't open before. Often, it felt like these openings were being blasted open with dynamite. Now in September, we're going to take a good look around the blast zone of our lives and see what is still there. We'll survey our inner beings to see who we now are. We'll also explore some of the newly created openings. Are these the right opportunities for us? Are we in our true position? Are we with our right people? And while we are doing this, we will realize that we are now looking at everything with brand new eyes.

September is a much more grounded month than July and August. This doesn't mean that it's a quiet, uneventful month. Everything will continue to zoom along on a Super Fast Track and the intensity levels will still be way off the charts.

We are on a Super Fast Track that shows no signs of slowing down. Our Mega Perfect Storms will only get stronger. Challenges will be piled on top of challenges. And just when we finally think that something is complete, new challenges appear. This can be very tiring. Amazingly considering the chaotic conditions we are experiencing, many things are getting done and decisions are being made.

Many of us have dramatically shifted tracks during the past few months. We have been discovering new capabilities and skills. Our true core beings are emerging. Perhaps we didn't notice it at the time, but now we can see it more fully. We have undergone a huge disconnection from our old lives and a strong reconnection with our new lives.

Throughout the month, there will be more new openings. At times, it will feel like a window into a new world opens up to give us a glimpse of the expanded reality of the Diamond of the Unseen. Then suddenly it is gone, but the feeling remains. We will also be solidifying and integrating what has already opened. Everything will move quickly during September while we make noticeable progress. At the end of the month, we will be able to more fully see the progress we've made and how much we have changed.

During the day, we will have periods of heightened activity, followed by total exhaustion, followed by periods of being super energized, followed by more periods of exhaustion. At the end of the day, we may sometimes feel fried. At times, we will feel so overstretched, it's as if we were a cup of paint that somehow must be expanded to paint an entire house. All the while, we will continually deepen and become more Real and True.

Throughout September, time appears to be speeding by faster than ever - it's almost a feeling of timelessness - fast and slow simultaneously. We must continue to be ultra aware and open to the unexpected, ready to change direction on a second's notice.

Groups of kindred people are dramatically changing - some leave, some join. A lot of movement is going on. Groups are rearranging in a continuous process. Some of us are discovering strong commitments within ourselves to join with others for a shared purpose. This feels both predestined and deeply fulfilling. Some people are still floundering around with some confusion as to what to do, where to go and how to make a living. This will continue until they connect with their true people, true position and true purpose. And it's helpful to remember that our true purpose is not done alone; it is only revealed when we come together with our true people in our true position.

From now through November, we are in a three month phase of completion that is unhooking us from our old positions and propelling us into our new positions. Many elements are clicking into position, while other elements are falling out of their old positions. Many unresolved issues are being finally brought to completion. It's the type of completion that is interwoven with fertile seeds of the New. These are seeds that are bursting with vibrant life force, just waiting to be planted into the soil of our true position.

Responsibility is being taken to a new level. Responsibility is a huge challenge for a lot of people. Many of us are being pushed into new responsibilities. We are all facing challenges that can only be navigated with our Heart's Knowingness. We are encountering strange situations where nobody can help us with advice; all we have is our inner knowing.

All month long, there is a strong feeling of expectancy, a sense that things are building up for something HUGE. And they are. Quantum Changes are coming which will have a profound effect on the world as we know it. Any of the duality-based elements that are still stuck into the old paradigm can collapse at any moment! The Winds of Change are blowing away the old and untrue from our lives, so we can move forward into the New and True. From now through the end of the year, there will be a multitude of unexpected events coming to us from all directions: changes that are good, sad, terrible and brilliant taking place on a personal level to a worldwide scale.

Throughout September, there's an undercurrent of excitement in the air. We are riding the wildest and biggest surf ever, and even though it's challenging us like never before, it's wildly exciting. We are entering a world with unlimited potentials and learning to see them.


With 'A MU'A LOVE,


With deepest gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Carolyn, Denise, Elena, Emanáku, Kerri, Inger, Linda, Malcolm, Maria, Petra, Theresa, Yeshe,


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