The Activation of the Sixth Gate of the 11:11

One Earth - One Being

Preparations & Instructions
for 6th Gate ANCHOR GROUPS: Part Two


Throughout the 6th Gate Activation Ceremony, it's very important that you stay aligned with the Master Cylinder in Ireland. If you consciously feel our presence with you in our One Being, then your experience of the Activation will be infinitely more powerful.

The Master Cylinder will be constantly sending 6th Gate energies to you. If you are consciously aligned with us, you will definitely feel it! Together, we will be forming One very vast Being. Then it is your job to anchor the 6th Gate energies into the Earth and expand them outwards to the entire planet.

The Master Cylinder will also be feeling the energy of your Anchor Group. We are extremely grateful for your support. Sometimes, the Anchor Groups give us the energy to keep going when we are experiencing challenging periods in our Master Cylinder. Or the inspiration to make major breakthroughs when we are being blasted with powerful energies from the Greater Reality. During all the previous 11:11 Activations, those of us participating in the Master Cylinders could definitely feel the positive energy and support coming from the Anchor Groups. You really help keep us anchored. This helps us find the necessary strength to activate the 6th Gate.

It's also important to be aware of the other Anchor Groups scattered about the planet. Together, we all form One Being and the more conscious you and your Anchor Group are of this, the more effective our One Being will be. We always read the list of the locations of each 11:11 Anchor Group aloud during our Activations to help bring us closer. You can do this during your ceremony so we can all consciously align together.


No matter what happens during an 11:11 Activation,
the Guardians always remain Larger than the activities in the center.

At every 11:11 Activation you will see some powerful beings standing around the perimeters of our sacred space. These Guardians are here to serve as stabilization pinions for the Template of Oneness. They are here to anchor the Greater Reality and protect the sacredness of our gathering. The importance of having Guardians cannot be overstated. Guardians provide us with a stable, vastly heightened energy field.

We usually have around eleven Guardians, but of course, that depends on the size of your group. There have been times where we all were Guardians or had just a few. At the Master Cylinders, we always try to have a minimum of eleven Guardians in position from the beginning of the Ceremony to the end. (Of course, it's not the same people the entire time; they replace each other throughout the ceremony.) Even if we have small rest breaks, we always keep Guardians in position.

If you have a very small Anchor Group, you may need to forego having physical Guardians or you could take turns being the Guardian. Also, if you have someone who cannot participate in the dances or stand for long periods of time, then they could sit in a chair and serve as a Guardian. Or you could place a rock or a Buddha as Guardian.

If you feel called upon to serve as a Guardian, you will discover that you need great dedication and focus. A massive amount of energy will be pouring through your physical body, so please make sure that you do the GO when you step into position. (You will find a description of the GO on this website or in Solara's book "How to Live Large on a Small Planet".)

Use your arms to direct this energy by placing them in whatever sacred mudra / position feels appropriate. You can move your arms whenever it feels appropriate, but please do it very slowly and in harmony with the energies. Especially during the Sacred Dances, any abrupt movements by the Guardians will be strongly felt.

Another important thing is that once you are serving as a Guardian, you need to remain in position until you are replaced by another person. When you need to be replaced, you make a pre-agreed upon sign.

Please don't forget to let your group know in advance what this sign means and that one of them needs to replace a Guardian each time that they make the sign, or you might have your Guardians passing out from exhaustion!

Guardians need to always be aware of the other Guardians for together they form One Being. There should always be an even spacing between them. This spacing can be quietly adjusted whenever necessary.

Being a Guardian is an amazing experience. You will find yourself quite vast and receive a magnificent overview of the proceedings. This is a very demanding position and if you serve as a Guardian, you can expect quantum leaps in your consciousness......

A Second Gate Guardian Story:

Here's a story about the 2nd Gate Activation in Ecuador. Our ceremony went from sunrise to sunset and took place in a large grassy pasture in the bottom of a volcanic crater. We had just completed a Sacred Dance and since it was almost time for our picnic lunch, I didn't want to do any more activities until after we ate. We were all sitting on the grass in small groups waiting for the food to arrive. All of us, that is, except for the Guardians who stood in position holding the energy around a large, empty circle in the field.

While we were waiting for lunch, a few of us got a prompting to go join the Guardians, so we walked over and got into position in the biggest spaces between the existing Guardians. As soon as we got into position, we noticed that the energy was immensely powerful. It was way too strong to leave our posts as Guardians and mention anything to the rest of our group.

Although nothing could be announced, slowly but steadily, more and more of our group felt the call and walked over to the circle one by one to become Guardians.

Soon, half of our group had become Guardians! Nothing had been announced; they just felt the energy and came. The other half of our group sat on the grass, talking to each other and waiting for lunch.

Then the most amazing energy came in and anchored in the midst of our circle and we knew that the Second Gate energies were here! Afterwards, many said that this was the most powerful part of the ceremony. And half of our group missed it because nothing had been "announced".

You might want to share this story with your Anchor Group for it's a good lesson in remaining aware throughout the 6th Gate Activation. Be prepared for the unexpected at all times. Remain focused on the purpose of your gathering together at all times. Be ready to go off the map of known experiences at any moment. Sometimes, the best moments come when you least expect them!


At our 11:11 Master Cylinders, we never have a set schedule of activities. We spend a week preparing ourselves by learning the Sacred Dances, the GO, the One Heart, the One Eye, and various other processes to bring us into One Being. On the day of the Gate Activation Ceremony, we just go with the flow and follow the energy.

We usually begin with a ceremonial entrance that is also a purification and alignment. Sometimes we create gateways of two people facing each other and the people enter one by one by doing the One Heart and passing through the gateway, then becoming a second gateway. And on it goes until everyone has become a gateway.

Then we often have a song by Omashar or another musician. Next, I might read the list of Anchor Groups all over the world so we can feel their presence and align with them as One Being.

Usually the first dance we do is the Starry Processional because it's the one dance that has been danced at all the 11:11 Activations. After that, anything can happen...

Sometimes the entire ceremony flows smoothly and suddenly it's over. We've been there eight or more hours and it feels like two.

Other times, challenges can come up or the energies can suddenly go flat. That's when our training of the past week is essential. This is when we need to pull together into our One Being and do it fast. And this is when it really helps to have your intuition wide open.

At almost every Activation, there will be at least one time, and often way more than one, in which the energies suddenly go off the map of the known and we are thrust into a very powerful and pure immersion into the Greater Reality. Most of the time this happens when I am unable to extricate myself from whatever activity we're doing and get to a microphone to announce what is happening and what we should do next. This is when the One Being must take over. And if our One Being isn't functioning very well, it can be a disaster. But when it is, there is such magnificence; it's totally beyond words.

These moments of inhabiting the Invisible while in physical form are amazing, but they're not always the moment when the energies of the particular Gate we're doing is activated. That can happen at any time, almost always when we least expect it. (See the 2nd Gate Guardian story.) When the new Gate energies enter the planet through the Master Cylinder, everyone present can feel it.

The same is true of the Anchor Groups, if you remain open and aligned with the Master Cylinder and our One Being, you will definitely feel it when the 6th Gate energies reach you. This is one of the reasons it's so worthwhile to align your group with the exact times of the Master Cylinder. And when the 6th Gate energies come to you, then it's your job to anchor them into the earth and send them all over the planet.

We have no set time that our Activation Ceremony is over. It just suddenly becomes obvious that it's complete. We all can feel it. And often there are still dances or activities which I was hoping to do, but the Ceremony is finished.


I would suggest that you have no set schedule for your Anchor Group, but do have a prepared list of possible activities. If you are familiar with some of the dances, your group has created their Dance of the Six Elements and you have some other possible activities ready, then you are ready to be flexible and surf your way through the Activation Ceremony.

Here are a few elements which you should incorporate into your 6th Gate Ceremony if at all possible.

1. Have everyone wear white (with colorful accents if desired).

2. Put your Guardians into position.

3. Align with the Master Cylinder. (perhaps once an hour.)

4. Read aloud the Anchor Group Master List (see: Anchor Group Directory for the list of the actual Gate.) and align with the other 6th Gate Anchor Groups.

5. Feel the alignment of the Master Cylinder and worldwide Anchor Groups, including yours, into One Being.

6. Do the GO whenever grounding and focusing is needed.

7. Dance the Starry Processional as it will bring in the energies of all the previous 11:11 Gate Activations and weave them into the present moment. This dance is far more powerful if you dance it to its proper music.

8. Read aloud to your group the Vision of the 6th Gate and explain what it means, then do the movements which are explained later on this page that symbolize the quickening of our One Being by our consciously choosing to be in it, then the One Being's choice to step into the Earth.

9. The Dance of the Six Elements because it's very colorful and lots of fun.

10. The Earth-Star Dance because it's profound and lots of fun.

11. Once your 6th Gate Activation Ceremony begins, hold the energy and the focus, even during your breaks.

After that, just surf the energies into the Greater Reality!


During the 4th Gate Activation in 1999, each Anchor Group was asked to create a Dance of the Four Elements. (Here are some photos of the Dance of the Four Elements at our Master Cylinder in Tahiti.) For the 5th Gate Activation, we created a Dance of the Five Elements. Now for the 6th Gate Activation, we are going to create a Dance of the Six Elements.

Each 11:11 Anchor Group can can create their own, unique Dance of the Six Elements. It is preferable if this dance is created by the entire group rather than a few individuals. This can either be done in your pre-Activation meetings or at the Activation itself.

1. Begin by asking one person to choose to be the Sun and one the Moon. If you have a large group, 4 -6 people could be the Sun and 4-6 people the Moon. Have the Sun people stand in one area and the Moon people in another.

2. Next, ask for someone to choose to be the Earth Element. Have them stand in the Earth area. Then have someone choose to be Air and stand in the Air area. Then a Water person, and a Fire Element. Each Element should go stand in a different area. Keep going through the Elements: Earth, Air, Water & Fire, until everyone except a few Guardians, belong to one of the Elements or the Sun & Moon.

3. Once the Elements are together in their groups, it's time to bring out the sarongs, pareos, scarves & colored cloth that people have brought. Tie the corners of the sarongs diagonally over your shoulders so the cloth hangs down. See photos of the Dance of the 5 Elements at 5th Gate. The Fire Elements will be wearing reds or magentas. The Water Elements will be wearing blues. The Earth Elements will be wearing greens and browns. The Air Elements will be wearing yellows. The Suns will be in orange and the Moons in purple.

4. Each of the Element groups now create their special dance. These movements should be fairly simple and repetitive, moving in a circular pattern. They can also include singing or chanting. The Sun & Moon will also create their movements which don't have to be circular.

5. Once the dances are created. Then everyone should sit down and watch as each Element group performs their dance in front of the others. These new dances are very impressive and beautiful.

6. Now, as a group you need to create movements to bring all the Elements together into One Being. It can be something like all the groups doing their individual dances at the same time as parts of a larger mandala. Then the mandala might change, forming circles within circles. Then the outer circles might dance into the center. And as they reach the inner core, removing their sarongs, until all the dancers have placed their sarongs in the center and are clothed in white, becoming One Being.

7. Once you have the Dance of the Six Elements organized and practiced a few times, you are ready to dance it for real, as a very important part of the 6th Gate Activation.

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