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An Alphabetical Listing for FOR:
Newest Update on February 2, 2004


Afghan Appliqued Pillow Cover for Sale: Photo
Alabaster Slab for Sale: Photo
Amethyst Beads from Brazil: Photo
Amethyst Slab for Sale: Photo
Balinese Silver Pendant: Photo
Basket from Nepal: Photo
Basket 2 from Nepal: Photo
Beaded Barrettes: Photo
Beaded Earrings: Photo
Beaded Medallion Earrings: Photo
Buddha Table: Photo
Cartouche Pendant of the All Seeing Eye from Egypt: Photo
Chinese Silk Embroidered Bag: Photo
Doll from Chiapas, Mexico: Photo

Fluorite Pyramid: Photo
Glass Suns from Mexico: Photo

Gold & Quartz Crystal Bracelet from Bali: Photo
Gold Cartouche Pendant of the Tower of Light of AN from Egypt: Photo
Gold Chains from Egypt: Photo
Gold Egyptian Earrings: Photo
Gold Scarab Pendant from Egypt: Photo
Guatemalan Woven Pouch: Photo
Haida Indian Doll: Photo
Handblown Glass Plate from West Virginia: Photo
Huichol Indian Amulet Bag: Photo
Huichol Indian Beaded Bag: Photo

Huichol Indian Small Beaded Amulet Pouch: Photo
Huichol Indian Woven Red & Black Bag: Photo
Huichol Indian Woven Bag: Photo
Huichol Indian Woven Bag 2: Photo
Ixthara's Mystical Whale Painting: Photo
Opal Earrings from Australia: Photo
Ostrich Egg Shell: Photo
Papyrus Painting of the Goddess Nut from Egypt: Photo
Peruvian Beaded Sash: Photo
Pink Calcite Chunk: Photo
Pre-Columbian Peruvian Hishi Necklace: Photo
Pyrite Chunks: Photo
Quartz Crystal Earrings: Photo
Rare Edward S. Curtis Proof Photograph: Photo
Rings: Photo
Rings Part Two: Photo
Silver Scarab Charm from Egypt: Photo
Tourmaline Quartz: Photo
Woven Cotton Bag from Chiapas, Mexico: Photo
Woven Wool Blanket from Chiapas, Mexico: Photo
Zulu Basket from Africa: Photo
Zuni Antique Turquoise & Silver Brooch: Photo

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