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Newest Update on April 16, 2003

The Lotus Dance: A Sacred Dance of the One Heart. Under Construction!

Mystery Links: Links into the Unknown!

NewsFlashes: A brief summary of what's new on the NVisible.

Numerology: Introvert & Extrovert Years:

Fascinating entries from our Earth-Star family.

NVisible Guestbook-- The Newest: The most recent entries!
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NVisible Home Page: Our glorious Home Page!

NVisible Ndex: Index of almost every page on this website.

Omashar: Information on this gifted musician.

One Being: How we all form one vast, living, organic Being.

One Heart Café: Our temporary Chat Room.

Oracle Links: Astrology, Numerology, Divination, etc.

Order Form: To print out and send to us. (It can't be emailed!) Under Construction!

Planetary Events Links:

Planetary Timetable: Michael Lightweaver's vision of 1987-2012. Under Construction!

Português Translations

Solara's Personal Update: Junho 2001
Solara's Surf Report Junho 2001
Solara's Surf Report Maio 2001
Solara's Surf Report Abril 2001
Solara's Personal Update: Abril 2001
Solara's Surf Report Março 2001
Solara's Surf Report o Ano 2001
Solara's Personal Update: Fevereiro 2001

Solara's Surf Report Fevereiro 2001
Solara's Surf Report Janeiro 2001

Publications Links:

Questions: Solara answers questions on the 11:11.
Questions 2: More questions on the 11:11.

The Sacred Spiral Dance: The dance of the Lovers from Beyond the Stars. Under Construction!

Search Links: Links to search engines, directories & translation services.

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