Search Engines, Directories & Translations

AltaVista: one of the web's most popular search engine has a great new facility. At the ALTAVISTA TRANSLATION SERVICE you can key in a URL, and AltaVista will translate that page from English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish, or from one of these languages to English. You can also paste any text into the translation box to translate that.
Babblefish: They will translate anything.
Law Guru: A huge legal search engine!
Science Central: A website maintained by professional scientists whose mission is to identify and centralize access to the most valuable scientific resources online. There are currently links to 50,000 sites organized into 120 disciplines.
Tracer Lock: If there is a subject you're interested in and would like to keep up with on the web, you can now let TracerLock know what words or phrases you're looking for, and every time a new web page with those words pops up on the net, TracerLock will email you with the news.