Health & Healing LINKS
This is simply a listing of potentially interesting sites.
We do not specifically endorse any of them.
Please use your own discretion.
HEALTH Resources for patients, practictioners and students.
Amazon Medicines: Sells herbal remedies from the Amazon.
Ayurvedic Herbal Dietary Supplements:
Chinese Herbs & Co:
Healing with the Rainbow Rays: Color Healing.
The Healing Spectrum: Lots of healing links!

Health World Online: Alternative medicine.
Homeopathic Educational Services: Comprehensive site on homeopathy.

Molecular Expressions: Extraordinatory website which explores the world of optical microscopy. Myriad galleries full of amazing photos include: birthstones, amino acids, DNA, soft drinks, trees, antibiotics, butterfly wings, dinosaur bones, cocktails, meteorites, flavors, liquid crystals, pharmaceuticals, ice cream, vitamins etc. etc. You can easily spend days here!
Organic Consumers Association: Research and action center.
The Physik Garden: The Healing Room: Fascinating Healing site with interesting articles.
Sakthi Foundation: A non-profit healing foundation.
Spirit Herbs: Herbal products for spiritual & physical healing.
The Immortals: Blending spirituality & science using healing herbs.
Tibetan Medicine Resources:
Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Traditional Tibetan Herbs:
Water Cure: How water can cure or prevent most illnesses.

Yuthog Foundation for Tibetan Medicine: Site in English & German on Tibetan Medicine.
Didgeridoo Medicine Man: Australian Phil Jones plays amazing didge, does vibrational sound therapy, has several CDs & sells authentic Aborigonal didgeridoos!
Earth Heart: Native medicine, counseling, spirit & art with Jim & Lorraine Two Feathers.

MedSon: The Touch by Sounds in French & English.
Aura Soma: Has photos of all those beautifully colored Aura Soma bottles.
Awakening Spirit: Aromatherapy & herbal products.
Desert Alchemy: One of the best makers of Flower Essences:
Infinite Vital Heart Center:
Sells essential oils.
Pegasus Products: Makes flower, gem, & star essences.
Resting in the River Herbs: Marsha Mason's River Herbs grows organic, biodynamic herbs, makes tinctures, essential oils, potpourris.
Soothing Waters Videos: Soothing nature sounds & beautiful vistas on their DVD.
Star Essence: Makes flower & gem essences, including a series of Andean Orchids!
Zinnia: Canadian site sells aromatherapy oils, candles, incense and Buddhist statues from 10 countries.