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Art Supplies Online: Good selection of art supplies.
Blick Art Materials: BIG selection of art supplies.
Aurora Glass: Recycled glass decor for your home.
Chopa Imports: Zen home decor, feng shui supplies.
Fire & Light: Recycled glass dishes.
Green Sage: Sustainable building materials & furnishings, including recycled glassware.
Aura Soma: A fun website featuring photos of all those beautifully colored Aura Soma bottles.
Desert Alchemy: One of the best makers of Flower Essences:
Infinite Vital Heart Center: Organic essential oils.
One Planet: Features atomatherapy, books & accessories.
Pegasus Products: Makes flower, gem, & star essences.
Zinnia: Sells aromatherapy oils, candles, incense and Buddhist statues from 10 countries.
Calabash Music: Download hard to find World Music for $.99 per song!
Indian CD Great selection of Bollywood films and soundtracks.
Ananda Apothecary: Natural, organic and wildcrafted products.
Green Hope Farm: Dedicated people working with Angels and Nature Spirits to create wonderful essences.
Mother Nature's General Store:
Simple Living Network: Interactive catalog of Earth-friendly products.
Wellness Goods: A global marketplace for conscious living.
Exotic India: Indian Arts and crafts emporium.
Good Orient: Chinese, Japanese & Indonesian Art, Craft & Silk Clothing.
Namse Bangdzo Bookstore: Tibetan Buddhist Products
Native Expressions: Native American masks.
Silk Roads Trading Concern: Items from Nepal & Tibet. Very nice people. Good quality.
Snow Lion Publications: Tibetan books, CDs, statues etc. Hard to find items.
Tibetan Treasures: Sales of Tibetan Products.
About Mead : Large site about the sacred honey wine of the Druids & how to make it.
Creekmore Glass: Sara Creekmore's exquisite runestones made of dicrylic glass.