Personal Webpages
Alairius: Pegasus Products makes amazing flower, gem & star essences.
Altaro Ra: His starry webzine Aquarian Solutions with info on astrology & earthchanges.
AYA: Visit Aya's stunning Starwheel Mandalas, our future templates.
Brennie's Dreamscape: Dream forum, poetry and more.
Core Light: Leslie Temple Thurston's site where you can explore Marriage of Spirit and children's relief in South Africa.
Elanri: Lightwork 11's site.
Gabriel Morris: Writings of an author, traveler and old friend.
Granny D: The homepage of the 90 year old woman who has walked across the US for campaign finance reform.
Michael Holshouser: The Stillness Before Time: Reflections from a Fellow Sojourner. "It is for those who desire nothing from this manifest dream but that it be a journey into freedom."
Omashar: Omashar is a gifted singer / songwriter, keyboard player whose songs are the anthems of our journey into Oneness. He facilitates workshops and gives performances throughout the world, including with Solara.
Reality Shifters: Cynthia Sue Larson's site on our role as reality shifters.
Sir George Trevelyan: One of the Great Ones who helped anchor the New. Lived from 1906 - 1996.
World Transformation: Flemming Funch's eclectic (and fascinating) website.