The Legend of Altazar:

A Fragment of the True History
of Planet Earth.

This forgotten history triggers the core of remembrance!
Travel with Altazar, the High King of Lemuria,
through Lemuria into the final days of Atlantis and beyond.
Discover the mystical Kingdom of AN in South America
as you travel from mastery into denial
and finally into total freedom!

ISBN# 1-878246-02-X Price: $12.95
Seventh Edition published May 1996.

NEW Kindle Edition now available for $9.95!

Solara says:
"This enchanting story still brings tears to many who read it.
Its purpose is to help you reclaim your memories of earlier times
and great, forgotten civilizations upon this planet.
It was Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' favorite book! Wouldn't it make a fantastic film!!!

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