APRIL 2005
Entering the BIG WAVES

Updated APRIL 2, 2005



Throughout the month of March, the level of the Surf rose dramatically and the currents deepened. Activities sped up so fast that at times everything became a blur. Each day was so full of things to do, laced with myriad insights and breakthroughs, that we didn't have time to savor or integrate anything. We just kept on going, meeting everything which came our way with our open hearts and full beings. We moved into the realm of pure action....

During March, veils continued to dissolve, giving us many moments of clear revelation--- those "AHA!" moments when we could see further into the Unseen. Many of us are also having prophetic dreams. These revelations will continue in April and will noticeably intensify.

April is an extremely powerful transitional month. It is a time of profound inner growth in which we can delve into the deepest recesses of our beings where we've stuffed a lot of old, unresolved residue and finally clear it out. If we choose to do this, there is much we can achieve.

The BIG WAVES are here....

It's now time for some major breakthroughs! Throughout April new opportunities will be coming to us totally unexpectedly, from out of the blue. Divine Intervention is in the air and the Winds of Change are definitely picking up!

Our challenge is whether we are going to leap into the Big Surf and follow these surprising new opportunities or whether we are going to choose to stay where we are, holding onto what is familiar..... Even when we know that it doesn't make us happy or fulfilled.

At the same time, we also need to continue to clear out any old unresolved residue from our immediate environment, recalibrating everything, inside and out. Once we have done this, our beings can expand and our creativity will flower.

We have amazing opportunities before us. Let's unfasten our seatbelts and give our 200% to everything we do.... Everything.... Every little thing. This is Quantum Breakthrough Time.

We're getting on the Express Train of Change where everything will be accelerated beyond imagining. From now until the end of April, we're going to be traveling at what feels like hyper speed. Much will feel like a blur, but also, much will be accomplished. And then in May..... things will really start to speed up.

There will be some dramatic shifts happening on all levels. Many of us will be propelled onto vastly expanded new levels. These new levels aren't just more of the same; they are entirely new and exist on a totally different map.

We will suddenly realize that we've never played cards with a full deck before. Perhaps, we just had twos through tens in our hand. Now, it won't be like we're suddenly discovering that we have Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. That's still more of the same thing.... As we fan out our hands, we're going to make some interesting, unexpected discoveries. We might have a Triple Ace or a Triple Queen or even a Triple Star which wasn't even part of our card deck before. We didn't know of its existence until now!

The addition of these new and unexpected wild cards will move us into an entirely new card game. And none of the old rules will apply anymore. There will be dramatic shifts in our values, goals, preferences, perceptions and ways of doing things, as we make the move onto a dramatically altered landscape. An entirely new, totally reordered inner and outer environment will be revealed....

This might sound unsettling and temporarily stir up some residue of "Fears of the Unknown". But there will be such a stunning, unquestionable rightness to the shifts that they will actually feel comforting to us, as if we are finally waking up from a deep slumber and stepping into our rightful places. At last, we will be breathing the air where we can take the deepest breaths. Our beings will start receiving nourishment on the deepest levels.

It will feel that we've stepped into our true selves--- the depth and scope of which we can't presently imagine. We will start to understand and see more clearly the results of our months of recalibration and repatterning of the past. More veils will be dissolved as we continue to move deeper into Seeing the Unseen. It will be like unlocking an exquisitely beautiful hidden room in our being that we weren't sure existed other than in mythology or a dim recollection in our cellular memory banks. As we do this, it will cause the fresh new air to mingle with the old air which will totally repattern the past, completely setting us free from old patterns and creating a new, infinitely more enriched, formula which will nourish us beyond our wildest dreams.

Whole vast new sectors of our beings will be revealed as we move onto our new levels....

Areas which are going to be greatly affected by this continue to be in the realms of relationships, careers and residence locations. All kinds of relationships are going to be affected, including friendships, work partners and, most especially, love relationships. Relationships will either deepen and move onto the new level together or be released. This will happen much more smoothly than expected. At the same time, we will be coming together with those with whom we are meant to be. From now until the end of June and beyond, many of us who have stepped into our new levels will be reconnecting with our true life partner. These new relationships will be long lasting and extremely multi-dimensional. They will be both familiar and exciting. And will bring us tremendous fulfillment on the deepest levels.

Career paths will either soar into realms of wild, unleashed creativity and success or reach a quick dead end. Many people have been and will continue to leave jobs which aren't in resonance with their newly expanded, with the new deck of cards, true beings. Many of these jobs were perfect for who we used to be, but once we become something far greater and more real, they will no longer be appropriate. As our old career paths reach their appointed conclusions, our new career directions will be revealed. It's essential that these new careers must be fed by the spring of our creativity.

There will also be a flurry of moving taking place during the next three months and beyond. If you're not yet in the right place and you're in the process of stepping into the new level of your expanded self, your new location will soon become obvious.

Occasionally, the Surf will become Choppy. There will be sudden glitches which spring up to alter our direction or move us into the right timing. Some of us may even experience unexpected attacks. These will come from those who are feeling the Swelling Surf, but don't know how to react to it.

Earth changes will continue.... For what is happening to us personally is also occurring on extremely vast cosmic levels as well as deep within the planet. It's never been more timely to consciously align as One Being. To embrace everything, everyone in our One Heart.

This is an exciting time to be sure. But, it's also deeply serious. We need to make every moment count. We need to anchor and embody the resonance of Oneness every second. And yes, of course, it is challenging to cope with so many dramatic changes. But it's now time to demonstrate our mastery in everything we do. Every little thing.... Nothing is insignificant.... All the time.... Every day.... Every moment.....

April is a strong month requiring endless waves of pure action coming from a place of utmost integrity and total openheartedness. Again, a reminder not to force any decisions that aren't totally clear and unquestionable.... When we have reached the place of right timing and right conditions, everything will flow.

The time of preparation and developing skills is over. Now, we just need to reach deep within ourselves and start living the expanded truth of our beings. Living the mastery of who we are on a core level. Doing what we came here to do. That's how we surf the BIG WAVES. With mastery... With our full beings....

While we are surfing the BIG WAVES it's essential that we remain open to whatever directions they take us and embrace what comes our way. Pay close attention to the people you encounter; some of them will be lasting connections. New opportunities and wild cards on all levels abound!

By the end of the month much will have vastly changed. Many of us will be able to say that we are not the same people who we are today. Both our inner and outer landscapes will undergo dramatic changes. We won't totally be in our new positions, but we will have a much clearer picture of where we are going and who we are going there with. And of our entire next step!





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