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Redefining Everything

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Redefining Everything

The entire month of March passed by in a blur of unreality. What made it feel so unreal was our inability to fully access our emotions. Our entire beings are still undergoing core level transformation. The area most affected by this is our emotional body. While we are hidden under the scaffolding of change, it's easy to feel that we have no emotions. Actually, we do still have emotions, lots of them, it's just that these emotions are located in the deepest strata of our beings and are not readily accessible.

This lack of accessible emotions sometimes makes us feel isolated and alone, as if the world had ended and no one told us. We might feel very happy on the inside or have moments of crying on the inside, while our outer selves feel nothing. Our emotions are being felt at such an immense distance from our outer selves that it's like hearing the residue of a distant echo resonating somewhere deep within our beings, but feeling so far away. Sometimes, we might wonder if we have fallen into depression, but then we realize that depression no longer exists on the map that we now inhabit.

This lack of outer emotions is very necessary at this time, for while our new emotional body is being constructed, all outer emotional input and output must be diminished.

Those of us who haven't been able to access our feelings are experiencing a quantum shift in the deepest strata of our beings. We can't yet see or fully understand what is happening because of its immense magnitude. But it can be felt like tremors of a series of powerful earthquakes that are taking place deep under the surface of the earth. Whenever a tremor occurs, we feel ultra sensitive and vulnerable. This is because something ultra deep is loosening.

These tremors are setting off chain reactions that profoundly affect us on core levels. These deep internal movements can cause profound shattering, yet this shattering is mainly confined to the depths, as if contained by retaining walls within our deepest core. This inner casing around our emotional body is in position to hold back all emotional input and output until our new emotional matrix of the Lotus Heart is sufficiently developed. This is why many of us are finding it difficult to communicate at this time.

Yet sometimes, the inner tremors are so massive that they travel all the way up to the surface. When this happens, all our worlds instantaneously fall apart like lines of dominos collapsing in all directions at once, each domino knocking over the next one in a steady progression until all have fallen. Our House of Cards has collapsed and we are left with the shattered remnants of what once was and what no more shall be. And more of our bridges back to the past have burned away....

These internal earthquakes are happening to dissolve our old emotional matrix so we can redefine everything and start absolutely fresh. Although a great shattering and dissolving are taking place, nothing is being discarded. Each fragment needs to be redefined and put into its proper place so it can serve as a building block for the New. And as our inner world is redefined and repositioned, this will reflect outwardly as soon as our scaffolding is removed. This might happen as early as June or July.

We are still undergoing a time of critical testing. Some of our deepest fears and old wounds are coming up in dreams and life situations. This is happening because we need to find totally new ways of responding to them. Our new emotional matrix doesn't contain any old residue. Everything must be redefined. Once we do, this will create a massive healing.

We are being challenged as never before to be true and real. We absolutely have to live the core truth of who we are. Nothing less is acceptable. Nothing less will take us to where we most want to go. This must be our top priority, for we can no longer live half truths or half embodied or in a state of compromise on any level.

Another interesting thing that is happening to us is the return of old treasures that we gave away long ago. This is an unexpected surprise since many of these old treasures are things that we totally let go of and felt that they were gone forever. These old treasures can take the form of old skills and tools, of forms of creative expression, the return of old concepts, knowledge or beliefs that now need to be updated and incorporated back into our beings, or old dreams that we used to want to achieve. Now they are coming back to us, but in a whole new way on a totally new level.

These are things that we gave away in the distant past for a variety of reasons: because we thought that we had outgrown them and didn't need them anymore; because we felt unworthy of having them; because we were intimidated by them and or because we were unsure what to do with them. At some point, we gave away our treasures or set them aside, deeming them irrelevant in our lives.

Now we need to reclaim these old treasures in order to move forward and expand our beings into greater wholeness. That's why they are coming back to us and wanting to be redefined.

Redefinition really is the key for April. We must redefine absolutely everything! We can do this by sitting in the Heart of the Lotus and looking at everything with fresh eyes and from a stance of total openness. We can't take any of our old preferences and old definitions with us into the Lotus World. They are simply too small and too limiting. We need to catch them as soon as they appear, redefine them into a far vaster perception and set them free by repositioning them into their new places.

The scope of what needs to be redefined is massive. Some of the elements that we've long considered as certainties in our lives are suddenly presenting themselves in a totally new light, requiring us to dramatically shift our perceptions. Some of our long established beliefs are now revealing totally new sectors that we never knew existed. This is on a scale that is far beyond what we previously imagined possible. It's like discovering gigantic new worlds, only to realize that they've been there all along, only we weren't previously ready to see them.


We are now walking the final miles into our brand new lives. And just when we are so tantalizingly close to finally reaching our goal is when it's the easiest to make mistakes or get drawn into a detour. Sometimes, it's easy to become discouraged, worn out and overwhelmed. Even so, we know that giving up is not an option.

Always, the most critical steps of a long journey are the first ones and the last ones. The first ones because they set the resonance for the entire journey. If we do not begin with integrity, how will our steps be true? If we don't walk with Love, how will we survive the journey? The final steps present the challenges of weariness and impatience. Haven't we walked far enough? When will this journey ever end? Sometimes, we become too over confidant near the end of a journey, but it is just when our destination is almost in sight, that we must be ultra careful to strengthen our focus on completing the journey.

This is when it's essential for us to reconnect with why we are doing this and with what's really important. We need to let go of focusing on the obstacles in our path, for doing so will only solidify them. If we don't take these obstacles seriously, and don't focus on them, they will soon dissolve. We need to be like water and just keep on flowing in the direction we know to be true, no matter what. It's also important for us not to let our thoughts go too far beyond where we are and to stay centered in the HERE and NOW. If we start fantasizing about what we're going to do once we get into our new lives, these projections will only limit the myriad possibilities which will be available to us. The ones that are Beyond our Wildest Dreams.

In some ways, this could be perceived as the ultimate test of trust, yet trust has now yielded to knowing. And we know that who we are when we arrive and the new situations that await us, will fit us perfectly like a custom made garment. And although we may not yet perceive them, essential alignments for our future are already clicking into position on the deepest core levels.

Although things may appear to be proceeding at a slow pace, they really are not. Massive change is all around us. Many people's pasts are drying up. They are losing their jobs, dissolving their relationships and their old family homes are being sold. Bridges to the past are constantly burning so we have nowhere to go, but forward into the realm of NO DOWN-NO RETURN.

Many people are making plans and getting ready to move, but not necessarily to their final destinations which are still waiting to be revealed. Myriad possibilities are floating in the air. But it's important at this moment that we don't grab at any of them. Let them hover in the air for now until they naturally settle into their true positions.

Right now, it seems as if there is a mountain of tasks we must do before we can arrive at the doorstep of our new lives. We cannot let this profusion of things to do overwhelm us, but instead we need to get super organized. April is going to be an extremely busy month in which we're going to get a lot done. But as each task is brought to completion, a new one will come to take its place. Just do whatever you can each day and by the end of the month, we will be pleased with the results of our actions.

Although we may feel that we are not progressing rapidly enough towards our new lives, we do feel a sense of impending change in the air. The Winds of Change are blowing strongly and affecting us all.

What we don't yet see is that way out of sight, perhaps fifty miles or more down the road, massive construction is taking place. Road crews are working day and night, not to repair or widen an already existing road, but building a totally new super highway for us to travel upon. This is the Fast Track. And if we are being real and true, each step that we take leads us to this new super highway. Once we're there, things will proceed in a blur of clean action and seeming miracles.


We are currently occupying several different positions.

1. There are those who are trying to continue on with life as normal. This road is rapidly coming to an end and these people know it. Bridges to the past will continue to burn until a shifting takes place.

2. There are those who have reached the frontier of the Lotus World, but haven't yet stepped fully into it. Frontiers are Transition Zones and simply entry points that are not to be lingered in. For it is when we hesitate at the frontier and don't leap into the new territory that distortions can come in.

The frontier is also the place where the total emphasis is on the Personal. Even if your emphasis wasn't on the Personal before, it is now your main focus. This is where it's easy to think that you are doing something, when you really aren't. And this is where the walls of resistance built by any lingering fears of leaping into the New are fortified.

What's called for is a total leap with our full beings into the center of the Lotus. Once we are in that new position, we need to merge our personal experiences and personal desires with the larger picture. We must find our specific place in the One in terms of responsibility, seeing how we can best serve our One Being. Then we must step into this responsibility with our full beings.

3. Then there are those who are already sitting in the center of the Lotus. Here, there is no more sense of Personal. This is because we are in the process of building an infinitely vaster emotional body. And it is only when we have expanded our beings to fill out more of the Lotus that a totally new Personal will be felt.

Much like a plant that has long lived in a tiny container and then is suddenly placed in a vast, exquisite garden, we need to stretch out our roots and adjust to our new landscape. This calls for a thorough recalibration and expansion of our entire beings.

For all of us, wherever we are currently located, this is a critical time of absolute readjustment. Much is being sorted out. This is especially evident in our sleep time. Many of us are having intense dreams, some of them nightmares; others full of people and events, that are aiding our sorting out process. We need to listen carefully and pay close attention to them. And some of our dreams will have important messages for us.


April is a powerful month in which almost everything is under construction. Much of our energy is going into birthing our new selves. Because of this concentrated focus, it's easy to feel disconnected from what is around us. At the same time, we have a full plate of things to do this month. Our energy will fluctuate wildly. Some days we will leap into activity and get lots done; while other days, we may barely be able to move. This could even change hourly. These widely varying pockets of energy affect us with extreme highs and lows. And some days bring us massive breakthroughs.

As more tremors are felt deep within our inner beings, we will experience yet more shattering. These shatterings will dissolve the casing of ice that has covered our emotions while our new emotional matrix was being created. Just as the ice floes start to break up after a long frozen winter, we will also experience the beginning of spring within our emotions. This thawing is triggered by the shattering.

Whenever the ice breaks, we can temporarily lose all our reference points, including our definition of who we are. We feel disconnected from everything -- who we are -- our pathway -- our friends -- what we came here to do. When this happens, it's once again time to REDEFINE EVERYTHING.

From the Core of Lotus Heart,


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