Solara's August 2007 Surf Report

Tsunamis of Change

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Tsunamis of Change

Right after I wrote last month's July Surf Report, there was a noticeable shift in the energies. Suddenly, waves upon waves of Quantum Surf appeared, all heading in our direction. These huge waves are approaching us in a never ending procession from all directions, stretching out far beyond the most distant horizon.

During the final days of July and the first few days of August, everything came to a seeming halt. It felt as if the track we had been riding upon for a long time was suddenly dismantled. We could travel no further on the old track and had to wait until the new titanium express track was ready for us. However, what was really taking place is much deeper than that....

These dramatic shifts are not just occurring on the surface levels. Instead, we are experiencing a monolithic shift as we move onto the foundation of the New Matrix. This has been so profoundly deep and has such a powerful impact that it not only brought many of our outer activities to a total stop, but temporarily flattened many of us.

The past few weeks have been much like that first steep ascent on a roller coaster ride. Up we go. Slowly-slowly. Higher and higher. Slowly-slowly. Each laboriously slow step clicks into position. Click. Click. Click. Then another.... Then another....

While we are rising ever higher to our new level, we cannot see the details of the journey ahead. All we know is that it is going to be a super wild ride and take us to where we most want to go. The roller coaster will reach the summit of the hill near the end of the first week of August and take off into the Unknown at lightning speed for the rest of the month!

Before the wild roller coaster ride accelerates, it's time to take another penetrating look at our own self, at our immediate surroundings and at the people with whom we associate and see what still needs to be changed. The more we can clear out, the more that we can resolve, the more we can repattern the past and the more that we can inhabit our true core beings, the smoother our wild roller coaster ride into the New will be.

In August, the incoming waves of Mega Quantum Surf are reaching Tsunami proportions. They will be crashing upon our shores with Tsunamis of Change, Tsunamis of Initiation, Tsunamis of Repatterning, Tsunamis of the Unexpected, Tsunamis of Dissolving, Tsunamis of Resolution, Tsunamis of Golden Opportunities, Tsunamis of Unmasking, Tsunamis of Ho'o Pono Pono, Tsunamis of Revelations, Tsunamis of Expansion, Tsunamis of Green Lights, Tsunamis of Action, Tsunamis of Lasting Breakthroughs and Tsunamis of Love.

At this time, everything is absolutely interwoven; nothing can be perceived as separate. A tsunami that brings COMPLETION also brings NEW BEGINNINGS. A tsunami that brings HO'O PONO PONO (Making Things Right), not only REPATTERNS THE PAST, but also CLEARS THE PATH INTO OUR NEW LIVES and SETS THE BLUEPRINT for the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. All of these tsunamis overlap and are merged together since nothing happens in a linear fashion anymore.

When Mega Quantum Surf of this magnitude is around, it's vitally important that we constantly embody our true core beings. It's time to demonstrate and live our full mastery in every single moment. This is the only way to surf the mammoth tsunamis without getting capsized.

Here are some of the tsunamis we will experience in August and beyond.



Many of us are undergoing critical "Make or Break" Initiations. These core level shifts are bringing up everything that holds us back from truly being our real core selves. Our fears of stepping into our full magnificence so we can assume our true responsibility are being increasingly magnified. Our old guilts of misusing power in times past are rising to the surface so we can finally understand that it was just part of our journey through the full spectrum of human experience and forgive ourselves. Then we need to fearlessly become powerfully loving and powerfully wise, true Warriors of Love. For what is deeply needed here at this crucial time of the apex of the misuse of power and the changeover to the New Matrix are ones who are clean instruments of power anchored in the GREATER LOVE and ONENESS.

Any major issues that we've been running away from and haven't dealt with are being relentlessly magnified until they can no longer be ignored. They are demanding us to face them honestly and to liberate ourselves from them once and for all, by merging them into the Greater Reality.

This is particularly affecting the more evolved ones, those who truly know that they have a huge destiny to fulfill, but who have been terrified of it and doing all they can to keep their true purpose hidden under walls of denial and resistance. There can be no more hiding, no more blaming, no more running away from yourself, no more personal processing dramas, no more complacency. The time we are in absolutely requires that we now step into our new positions and take full responsibility for achieving what we came here to do.

Since we are nearing our huge personal Turning Point when we make the changeover into our New Lives based on a totally New Matrix, there is also an emphasis on the trigger points that have previously held us back for numerous lifetimes. These trigger points are being constantly pushed at this time so we can be ultra aware of them. Whenever this happens, we need to watch out for our old automatic responses and instead choose expanded new ways of dealing with these triggers that will neutralize them. This will render them inactive so we won't be held back by them anymore.

The gigantic Tsunamis of Initiation are also helping us to retrieve and merge with important fragments of our own selves. These lost and forlorn fragments were either trapped in past lives or sealed up by us after we deemed them unworthy or dangerous. The more we merge with all our scattered fragments, the more whole we become.



The powerful Tsunamis of Unmasking are stripping off all the multiple disguises of the abusers of power. This will happen to all the people, businesses, governments or situations which lack integrity, to those who seed confusion and illusion and to those who propagate fear and separation instead of love and Oneness.

An example of this would be the recent disclosures of the dangerous ingredients in goods from China including toothpaste, food, children's toys and pet food. Or the closing of the large nuclear power plant in Japan recently damaged in an earthquake. Scandals will erupt all year long with continuous exposures of corruption and deceit.

Right now a huge scramble for power is taking place. Perhaps because they are feeling that their days of abusing power are numbered, the misusers of power are trying to accumulate as much as possible. This is happening at the same time as the increased exposure of those who lack integrity. Much like the Ouroboros swallowing its own tail; their insatiable greed for power is actually causing their own downfall.

Within our own lives, we are in the final stages of a major cleanup of people, situations and unresolved issues. Murky motives are being brought out into the open to be clearly seen; lack of integrity is becoming glaringly obvious. Even within our own selves....

Many of us have recently experienced unexpected outpourings of money through associations with non-integrous people. This has put us in precarious financial situations, but, it's important that we don't panic over this. If we don't react in an unbalanced manner and if we remain true to what we know is right, these financial shortcomings will be refilled in an almost miraculous way as we decisively move forward into our New Lives.



We are still in a phase of redressing any imbalances incurred in the past. Because of this, we are being given numerous opportunities to Make Things Right. This includes unexpected encounters with people and situations from our distant past in which we are now given the opportunity to Repattern the Past by bringing WHO WE ARE NOW into the stuck old patterning and distorted relationship dynamic.

Much like a time traveler journeying back into the past to alter the present and future, we can irrevocably alter the ripples sent forth from the old, unbalanced situations, setting us free from the distorted old patterning forever.



As we set our internal compasses into the NEW and TRUE, it is essential to release all that is untrue and unclear. When the mammoth Tsunamis of Dissolving crash onto the shores of our beings, they will sweep away many elements which have passed their expiration dates. This includes expired relationships, soul contracts, jobs, places of residence, old spiritual vows, limited concepts, outdated beliefs and any remaining karmic ties.

As the huge Tsunamis of Dissolving come in, they may create sinkholes affecting one specific area or they may dissolve our entire landscape, melting away long established structures that seemed totally solid. An example of this would be the bridge which recently collapsed in Minnesota USA. This seemingly solid bridge had been there for a long time and over 100,000 people drove across it each day. Now suddenly, it is gone. Or you may have a very secure job for many years and suddenly, the company is sold or closes down. Or you may have thought that you had found your true purpose or your True Love when suddenly your perceptions are vastly expanded, pulling the carpet out from under what you thought to be true and dissolving illusion as you realize that this was not your true purpose or True Love.

Whenever the Tsunamis of Dissolving hit our shores, we need to take a fresh clear look at absolutely everything and immediately reorder our priorities to reflect what we now know to be real. We are being set free as never before.



These waves of the Mega Quantum Surf are Tsunamis of Change that are bringing us Major Resolution of the Once in a Blue Moon category. Sometimes these resolutions are so deep and far reaching that we may experience a Null Zoning of our being afterwards. (A Null Zone is an imploding energy that totally shatters our old patterning.) If this happens to you, please know that this is necessary in order to thoroughly repattern us so we can expand our beings to the next level. This will enable us to fully inhabit the New Matrix of True Love.

The Tsunamis of Resolution help us to complete long standing projects, finishing up entire life cycles, clearing out and healing old relationships, including the one with ourselves. Tsunamis of Resolution are always connected with Tsunamis of New Beginnings.

The Tsunamis of New Beginnings are bringing us connections that are true and real. We are led to the right people and right places. People who are true and real are stepping forward and connecting with each other, while those who are choosing to keep themselves small and diminished are rapidly receding from our lives. We are also receiving strong promptings of our new career directions which are fully aligned with our true purpose.



These Tsunamis of Change are extremely REAL and they are rebalancing and repositioning all that most needs it. They are bringing in massive change on a scale we have not before experienced.

Some of this change will manifest as shocking events both man-made (such as bridge collapses, airplane crashes, boat sinkings etc.) and of nature (such as forest fires, floods, heat waves, cyclones, earthquakes etc.); some of which are of almost cataclysmic proportions. We are already starting to experience this all over the world. This is because it is Shake-up Time and Make or Break Time.

Many of us are feeling a strong force that is pushing us out of our old lives, even when we think we're not ready or don't know where we're meant to go. Whenever this happens, don't waste your energy worrying about the details or resisting the changes; instead take a fearless Zen-like leap into the Unknown.

From now until the end of the year, our entire stage set is totally changing. It's not just the props that are shifting, but the scenery, the furniture, the actors in the cast, the roles that we have played and even the story that we have been enacting. In our new story, there are no more understudies; we all take major roles. By the end of the year, much of this changeover will be readily visible.



The Tsunamis of Expansion are stretching us far beyond our old comfort zones. If you've ever seen one of those toffee pulling machines in old seaside resorts that pull the toffee candy in multiple directions, you will understand exactly what this feels like. We are being stretched far beyond our previous boundaries in one direction, and then before we can get comfortable with this, we are being stretched in a totally different direction. And on and on.... We are not only being stretched and expanded, but we are being pulled into an entirely new shape.

We are also being pulled back into our true core. Much like an archer needs to pull back the bow into himself in order to release the arrow. The further we pull back into our core, the stronger, the further and the truer, our arrow will fly.

During this time, it's essential to remain grounded in our physical bodies, as uncomfortable as it may feel at times. Doing simple household tasks and projects, engaging in some sort of physical activity each day such as walks, bicycling or swimming is extremely helpful in integrating the energies of expansion. We also need to keep ourselves aligned in the Heart of the Lotus at all times.



In the wake of the Tsunamis of Expansion are Tsunamis of Repatterning that shift us into our new configurations. They bring us together with new groups of people with whom we will undertake totally new activities.

The Tsunamis of Repatterning may also require that we make many attempts to complete a task before it gets done. Each time we must take a new approach until we finally find the one that works. Although this may seem like a huge waste of our time and energy, it is actually serving a huge purpose of repatterning our ways of doing things as well as aligning us into the state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.



Tsunamis of the Unexpected are bringing us encounters with new people and new situations. They are also suddenly removing long established elements from our lives. The tsunamis are full of Wild Card opportunities that come from Out of the Blue.

Another part of the Tsunamis of the Unexpected is receiving unexpected gifts and blessings. These could fall at our feet like a melon from heaven or they could be part of our inner treasure which is finally revealed.



Mammoth Tsunamis of Revelations are dissolving the veils enabling us to see things as they REALLY are. As layers of illusion are continually washed away, we have AHA! moments of brilliant revelation. Whenever this happens, we must once again comb through everything, getting rid of beliefs, activities, people and possessions which no longer apply to what we now know to be true.

Starting in August, segments of our Sealed Orders will be bursting open when we least expect it. More of our true destiny and purpose will be revealed, requiring us to reset our internal compasses into our new directions.



The tsunamis of the Mega Quantum Surf are also bringing us Once In A Lifetime Golden Opportunities. Lots of them. Many of these come from outside our usual sphere of experience. These are the opportunities that we've been waiting for, for a very long time. When they appear, it's essential that we don't hesitate, but leap right in with our our full beings at the very moment they present themselves.

These Golden Opportunities offer us new avenues of creativity and new ways to serve the One. They bring us financial windfalls and many miraculous occurrences of total synchronicity.



We are reaching a major Turning Point, both personally and collectively. Once we cross this Point of No Return, there will be no turning back. The path behind us into the Way Things Used To Be will fall into dust and no longer exist. This is what is known as NO DOWN - NO RETURN.

Once this happens to us on a personal level, we will be absolutely free of any remaining emotional residue of past experiences. We will have transformed our old duality-based patterns so that they will no longer be repeated. This will have a huge effect on any health issues that we accumulated from our passage through duality. As they recede and our health returns, we will experience a surge of much needed physical vitality.



Beginning in August, a series of Green Lights is turning on in front of us. This will continue all the way to the end of the year. We will have Green Lights for the final resolution of long standing projects as well as Green Lights for new projects that take us into new directions. There will be Green Lights for moving into our rightful positions with the right people, into RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.



During this time of Mega Quantum Surf we will find that we can't just sit on the sidelines and dissolve ourselves into the energies; instead, we need to leap into action with our full beings. This time totally calls for action. We need to get things done.

Now that we have Green Lights before us, we can make finally make needed decisions and move forward with confidence and sureness of purpose. We can start implementing new plans on new levels and follow the open pathways that take us into our new lives.

Much of the scaffolding that has covered our physical beings for almost a year has fallen away. This makes physical activity very important; necessitating us to fully inhabit our physical bodies at all times.

Living our lives in Quantum Surf requires constant adjustments in the ways we do things. Some tasks and situations that could be easily resolved in times past are now requiring infinitely more effort to accomplish them correctly. They often take several attempts to get them done. For example: We may hire someone to do a certain job and pay them for it, yet the job remains unfinished. Then we must hire someone else, pay them and try again. Or we may send a letter requesting specific information, wait a few weeks for the reply, only to discover that the information we finally receive is incomplete and we must start over. Sometimes this process is repeated again and again.

Whenever this happens, and for some of us it's happening a lot, what we need is a firm resolve to see it through, no matter how long it takes and no matter how many attempts we need to make.

This is because we are building the foundations of our New Lives and everything must be done with integrity in a state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. If we are working with someone who is lacking in integrity, the job won't get done correctly and we will have to try again. Every attempt to do something moves some of those cogs, gears and wheels of our inner matrix, until they are in their right positions and the task is finally resolved.

At other times, we are experiencing surprisingly easy connections popping into place without any special effort on our part. This is Instant Manifestation when we only need to think of a need and it is immediately met, without our even looking for it.



While much of the scaffolding over our physical body has fallen off, most of our emotional body still remains under scaffolding. This means that we've had no real access to our deeper feelings. Many of us have felt rather numb and neutral emotionally.

On the surface level we still have emotions. These may give us sudden spurts of crying or sudden flashes of anger and impatience. Even when our surface emotions are reacting, our internal emotional core remains neutral. This is because our emotional body is being thoroughly purified and completely reconfigured so it will be aligned with the New Matrix of True Love and Partnership.

In August huge Tsunamis of Love will finally splash over us. They will wash away the Footprints in the Sand, the last vestige of the long path that we have walked to get to where we are HERE and NOW.

Mammoth Tsunamis of Love will wash away huge chunks of the scaffolding that has been covering our emotional body. We will finally be able to FEEL! We will finally be able to LOVE!!! Love is going to come in like it did late last year and wash through us, once again plunging us into the River of Love. When this happens, we need to jump into it wholeheartedly with our full beings.

The surging currents of the River of Love will enable us to accomplish so much, so easily. They will propel us into our new lives.


A wildly exciting time is ahead of us. Just how exciting, how wild, or possibly how devastating, it will be depends entirely on our efforts. Even if we have already mastered surfing the Quantum Surf, we will find that the incoming series of tsunami waves will not only test us to the core, but will require that we pull forth an entirely new level of mastery.

There is absolutely nothing to fear. These Tsunamis of Change are here because we've worked really hard, both individually and collectively as One Being, to bring them here. This is what it's going to take to fully wake us up. This is what it's going to take to get us into the New. This is what it's going to take to get us to the place where we can fulfill our Wildest Dreams.

For the past few years, many of us have put forth a lot of effort in peeling off the many layers that have covered up our core selves. We have touched our core. And many of us have put a thin veneer of that core on the surface of our beings for all to see. Although this is a step in the right direction, it is not enough. We need to amplify the resonance of our core self until it comes naturally to the surface of our beings. Until it fills all the spaces in between. Until every last molecule of us is of our core resonance.

Once we do this, we will be able to surf the Tsunamis of Change with full mastery, with a huge smile on our face, with gratitude, with wide open hearts.

It's not going to take faith or trust to surf the tsunamis. Instead, we need to center our beings on our internal knowingness. Knowing that we are going to where we most want to go. Knowing that everything will be alright. Knowing that we are always safe and fully protected. Knowing that it will be fun. Knowing that we are moving into RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. Knowing that there is nowhere else to go, but forward into the Deeper Invisible.

August moves us forward into a time that is very, very real. To align with the energies, we must also be very, very real. Absolutely nothing is more important than this....


Surfing with you in the Heart of the Lotus,



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