Solara's December 2006 Surf Report
Burning the Bridges


Burning the Bridges

December is a key transitional month in which it's essential that we get ourselves unstuck from our old patterns and leap onto our new level, The River of Love. Throughout the month there will be Quantum Surf to help us break through. The entire momentum of the prevailing currents is leading us forward into an extremely exciting time, the time we have been waiting for, and we really don't want to miss it!


As December is the final month of 2006, it's time for us to pause for a few moments and take a clear look backwards at the long journey we have made thus far. Let's look back far beyond the year 2006, all the way to the beginning of our journey on Earth.

Feel the entire journey. Feel all the love you experienced and feel all the broken hearts and disappointments you acquired along the way. See all the kindred beings you encountered and see all those who tried to hinder you from your path. See all the mastery you gained and see all the mistakes you made. Feel all the tremendous effort you put forth to get this far and feel all the times you gave up and felt that you had failed.

See the many bridges that you have crossed over to get to this exact moment of HERE and NOW. Forgive everything.... Thank everything.... Love everything.... Release everything..... Then set all those bridges on fire and watch them burn.

All our bridges to the past must now be burned for there is no more going back to the "Way Things Used To Be". The past and the old ways of doing things have reached their expiration dates. "The Way Things Used To Be" no longer exists as a viable option; in fact, it no longer exists.

If we try to cling onto the old patterning and our old behaviors for one more minute, they will only drag us down. Way down, into a deep pit that will be difficult to climb out of. They will sap us of our energy and enthusiasm. They will make us lose hope. And this we cannot allow ourselves to do, for we finally have somewhere new to go to. This is not the time to give up and lose hope; it's the time to pull ourselves together and with our total focused intent fling our entire being into the River of Love.

This is the Point of No Return.

To pass it, we must burn all our bridges, let go of our old patterns, let go of our histories, let go of the myriad experiences which brought us here. Our true destinies await us, but in order to step into them, we must be unencumbered by all our expired responsibilities, roles, vows, contracts and beliefs.

We need to let go of our fears and disappointments. Let go of any beliefs that we can't have or don't deserve what we really want. Let go of any fear of the Unknown, fear of failure or sense of unworthiness. In the letting go, we need to be careful that we don't let go of the wrong things. Don't let go of your dreams and the vision that you've been carrying in your heart of hearts since the beginning of time.

There's an old country western song called, "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places". We've been looking for everything in all the wrong places.

We've spent lifetimes mining for gold in a place that has already been stripped of all its minerals. There is no more gold left hidden in these rocks. And yet many of us are still mining there and feeling the constant disappointment that we are not finding what we have been so diligently searching for. This has caused us to become disheartened or numbly passive. It has made us lose our trust and covered us with a fine layer of dust.

We haven't found what we were looking for because we were looking in the wrong places and in the wrong timing; not because we were looking for the wrong things. Our truest heart's desires are absolutely valid and they are finally on the brink of manifesting on the physical.

Now it's time to lay down our old tools, wash off the dust and start looking in a totally new place. To find this place that is full of the gold we seek, full of the love we yearn for, we must first move our beings to a totally new level. Once we do this, we will discover that the treasures we've been seeking are already here and easy to find. We can experience the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams!

December is a Now or Never situation which is going to take our total commitment and focused intent to get to this new level. And it's essential that we don't indulge ourselves with the illusion of going backwards, for that place no longer exists. We've got to stop wearing ourselves out by swimming against the current. And we must not give up on the fulfillment of our dreams and truest heart's desires just at the very moment when we're on the brink of breaking through to a new level where all things are possible.

We must burn the bridges which brought us here so that THERE IS NO OPTION OTHER THAN TO SUCCEED.

In the September Surf Report we talked about the boats full of people that were being propelled along by only a few full time rowers. And that by the end of the year, we all had to row with our full beings or else we might find ourselves out of the boat treading water. Please don't let that happen to you!


This is one of the reasons why December is such a pivotal month. It's a real Turning Point. Once we pass the Turning Point and leap into the River of Love, we'll be playing cards with a much fuller deck. Everything is new and fresh. Even completing the old becomes new and fresh since we are doing it in an entirely new way.

Throughout December, we will be surfing an ever rising Quantum Surf. The powerful undercurrents of this Quantum Surf are taking us to our new lives, new places, new people, new relationships, new careers. All the momentum is pulling us towards where we most want to be. All we have to do is leap onto the waves with our full beings.

The waves of the Quantum Surf are Waves of Love which sweep away all the footprints we have left in the sand. The footprints of our entire journey thus far. The Waves of Love wash away our Years of Tears and leave us open and ready for the New Love of the Lotus Heart to enter our lives.

Lotus Love requires the participation of our full beings. We need to fully inhabit our physical bodies to experience it. It is raw, real, stripped down, vulnerable, tender, subtle and immensely powerful.

Once our hearts have expanded far beyond all previous expansions, Lotus Love comes streaming in and we are plunged into the swiftly flowing currents of the River of Love. Our entryway into the Lotus World has opened up; this is the River of Love. Once our ever expanding hearts plunge us into the River of Love, the powerful current of immense Love draws us along with increasing strength and intensity while the River of Love continually deepens and widens. The banks of the river become ever more distant and blurry. Everything on the riverbanks has lost their sense of reality and can no longer hold our attention.

Instead, our total focus is on the River of Love. Here, there is no swimming required and almost no effort. There is also no free time in which to process or integrate our experiences or to dissolve our beings to become disembodied. We cannot drown or sink in the River of Love. We can only be pulled along. All we can feel is the powerful currents of Purest True Love carrying us out to the vast Sea of Love. This journey has become the most real thing we know. And we offer no resistance, for in the very core of our beings, we know that this is where we most want to be.

If there are any perceived obstacles in your path while traveling in the River of Love, the very best way to deal with them is by raising the resonance of your LOVE. We don't need to put energy into obstructions; simply LOVE and LOVE. The obstacle will soon dissolve.

If you are not yet in the River of Love, don't worry. A huge breakthrough is coming your way and you too, shall soon be plunged into its watery depths.

In the meanwhile, you can prepare yourself by stripping down to the core, so that you are only pure truth and pure love. Don't be afraid to take the final step because you can't allow yourself to believe that it's true and you feel that you wouldn't be able to bear the crushing disappointment if it doesn't happen. It is true and it is real. The River of Love is here. Right Time - Right Place is here. Please don't miss the opportunity that you've been waiting for, that your whole being has been crying out for. We're in the final five miles of a long, long journey; please don't give up now!

During this time, many of us might feel torn between two choices. Both of these options pull at our hearts and both are valid. We feel that we must choose one or the other; yet we cannot. This is because we are entering a new era, a totally new level in which we no longer have to make these agonizing choices. As long as it's something real and true, we can have it all. We simply need to expand our beings so we become large enough to embrace it all. And then give ourselves permission to experience the fulfillment of our wildest dreams.

During this changeover to the new template, don't be alarmed if you experience some strange physical symptoms. Or if you get little sleep.... There's a lot of intensity and we are being stripped down TO THE CORE. We're still under construction, wrapped in scaffolding. And just like any birth process, it takes our total focus to bring the New into birth. But it is definitely happening and it is definitely real.

If you don't yet feel an infusion of LOVE washing through your being, don't worry. You will soon! Move your being onto the new foundation of the Lotus Heart. Here you will find the infinitely deeper Lotus Love. Make an unwavering inner resolution to go to a new, much truer place, your next level, no matter what, even though you don't yet know what it may be. Follow the Compass of your Heart and it will lead you to the River of Love.

As our entrance into the Lotus World requires a thorough purification, don't be surprised when old sealed pockets from the past burst open. Whenever this happens, we are flooded with memories and emotions that are deeply felt, but quickly released.

Many of us are also experiencing occasional twinges of panic whenever we are exposed to old energies and outdated patterns coming from our recent past. We know that mammoth changes are entering our lives. These are the changes that we've long yearned for. As long as we keep focused on the River of Love, we will be fine. But it is during those moments when we think that we have to go back into "The Way Things Used To Be Not So Long Ago", that our entire being cringes and the panic arises. This is because we know that to go backwards or even to continue on in our old ways has already long passed its expiration date.

We have passed the Point of No Return. There is no going backwards and there is no more traveling on old roads. If we do, it will shorten our time on this planet and damage our beings. Remember, "OUR ONLY OPTION IS TO SUCCEED." Indeed, our only option is to now move our beings onto the totally new level which is right in front of us, and to jump into the River of Love with our full beings.

As increasing numbers of us leap into the River of Love, the resonance of Real True Love will spread all over the world, strengthening the resonance of Love for all and dissolving the final knots of duality.


The time is finally here when the final membranes of separation are dissolving. Some of these membranes have kept us from totally stepping into the physical with our full beings. Other membranes represent the gap between who we truly are and who we are in everyday life. One of the most significant membranes which is dissolving is the one that has kept us separate from total union with our One True Loves.

The upcoming 11:11 8th Gate Activation on February 11, 2007 on the island of Mallorca in Spain is directly involved with flinging open the gates to the Lotus World and dissolving all membranes of separation. This will enable us to reunite with our Lover from Beyond the Stars on all levels, including the physical, as One True Loves.

If you have been yearning to find your One True Love, you can start right now by calling them to you, for the time has finally come. Feel the presence of your One True Love with you at all times. And make yourself ready to welcome them into your life. They are coming for sure, but first we must be fully immersed in the River of Love in order for this to happen.

December is an immensely exciting and busy month in which we will have way too much to do. It will be a month that truly stretches us far beyond what we thought was possible. Throughout the month we will receive numerous clues to our new lives. It would be wise to listen to them. Many props, people, patterns and activities will be leaving our lives while new ones come in. This is a real transitional month leading up to the extremely transitional year of 2007.

We can all experience the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. HERE AND NOW. Don't be afraid to have what you really want. Give yourself permission to have it all. The time has finally come.


Now, make the leap into the River of Love!


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