Navigating into the New Patterning

Updated FEBRUARY 3, 2005


The Surf greatly intensified during the last two weeks of January. There was a series of huge Rogue Waves which suddenly appeared from out of nowhere with immense force.... They slammed into some of us with powerful intensity. Crashing into us again and again, wave after wave, sometimes knocking us over, yet never quite flattening us.

But an interesting thing happened.... Yes, we definitely felt them and were affected by them. It was nearly impossible not to, yet they didn't quite reach their mark; they stopped short of coming inside the center of our beings. We felt the Rogue Waves pounding at our perimeters, yet since we were so expanded into our vastness, so interwoven into Oneness, the effect felt almost surreal.

I've read about the Earth ringing like a bell since the huge earthquake and tsunamis of December 26th. Scientists said that the Earth wasn't making the sound of a bell, but was filled with oscillating frequencies bouncing around inside of it, just like they do when a bell is being rung.

This is the same effect that the Rogue Waves are having upon our beings. The Pounding Surf stopped short of coming inside our core beings, yet we could feel the waves bombarding the perimeters of our energy fields which caused a series of oscillating frequencies to be strongly felt. This was extremely disturbing at times and made it difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Whenever this happens, there are a few helpful things we can do to gain a little respite. One is to dissolve our beings into the vastness of the Invisible. Then, the wave frequencies simply pass through us, finding nothing to grab onto. Another thing we can do is go for distraction by temporarily submersing ourselves in concentrated density, such as going to a shopping mall or watching television. I tried both of these radical remedies and they actually worked! For the first time, Wal Mart actually felt peaceful. The oscillating frequencies created by the Rogue Waves couldn't reach me there.

Another thing is to remain ultra aware of our position within the One Being. Being consciously aligned at all times with our One Being brings great stability. Even when one part of us is being affected, the rest of our One Being is strong and resilient enough to hold the balance.

I mention all this because the potential for Rogue Waves is still around and it's good to be somewhat prepared if they suddenly crash into our lives. Just a few days ago a large student cruise ship was hit by 50 foot waves near Alaska and had to come to Hawaii for extensive repairs. Rogue Waves are here both on the physical and the non physical planes. They are just another symptom of the super intense repatterning currently taking place on numerous levels.

2004 was like playing a tennis match with many multi-colored balls in the air at the same time; yet we were able to hit most of them easily and send them a surprisingly strong distance. It became a ballet of mastery, full of grace, multiple quantum leaps and much fun.

In 2005, our tennis match has dramatically changed. Suddenly the game has become almost deadly serious. The number of tennis balls has increased exponentially.... beyond count. They are everywhere, coming from all directions, coming in random multiples, coming in rows stacked up on top of each other.

Many of the tennis balls aren't even tennis balls.... Some are balls of light which bring to us those Aha! moments when the veils dissolve in an instant and we can suddenly see everything with enhanced clarity.... Some are nuggets of secret wisdom revealed; we remember more of who we are and the ancient lineages we have traveled, so we can embody it all now.... Some are beautiful flowers..... Some are tender tokens of love..... Some of the tennis balls turn out to be fiery cannonballs which carry the intent to harm. This gets our attention and snaps us into position fast.... We never know quite what to expect other than the Unexpected.... No matter what is coming at us, it all feels somewhat unreal.

Suddenly, we are starting to realize that this isn't the old game we've played before. The rules have changed beyond recognition. The boundaries of the court have dissolved and the entire world has become the new playing field. Is the tennis racket we are holding still effective or do we need to use something different like a tree or an umbrella? A lightning bolt or a rose? Perhaps, there is no more need of a tennis racket and all we need do is stand in our One Heart / One Being / One Love.

As we enter the second month of 2005, we are starting to realize just how intense, challenging and extremely tricky this year is. It is totally unlike any year we've experienced. There is an intricate new patterning containing a profusion of influences coming from myriad levels, directions, dimensional overlays and superimposed reality systems which requires a totally new approach. We need to learn entirely new ways of navigating through it.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is that since the Greater Reality has become so much stronger, nothing else feels quite real. This puts us in the somewhat strange position of having to treat things as real which don't feel real and which we know aren't real. And even though we go through the motions of acting as if they were real, this adds a hollowness to any of our endeavors which aren't anchored in Oneness.

Whenever we try to interact with duality-based reality that demands our full attention and seriousness, it feels as if we are walking on stone steps which are actually just shells of concrete made to look like stones. The solution to this is to walk in the Greater Reality wherever we go, whatever we do. To infuse Love and Oneness into everything. This way, we can remain true to our integrity and do what needs doing.

Even when it appears to be calm, it isn't. There is a mighty stirring in the deepest depths. This has been growing for months, but it really began to intensify right before the huge 9.0 Sumatra earthquake on December 26th.

Water is moving and shifting where it hasn't moved in a very long time. The Earth's crust is also moving and shifting where it hasn't moved in a very long time, if ever. The tectonic plates are not only rubbing against each other, they are starting to reconfigure and repattern themselves, seeking new ways of alignment. The Maps of the Seen and of the Unseen are being vastly altered.

Everything, both inside and outside ourselves, is being greatly affected by this. Everything is in a process of shifting and repatterning. Nothing will remain untouched....

Whenever the deepest depths are stirred, the waters of emotion sometimes explode up onto the surface. This causes patches of extremely Rough Surf. Remember, these deepest waters usually lie dormant, almost stagnant, in the ocean depths holding energy, but not moving it. When they finally rise to the surface, the effect is almost shocking in its intensity. It manifests with a magnitude which we're not used to, almost ripping apart the surface of the waves. Bombarding our emotional and mental bodies, stirring up any remaining residue of fear or doubt....

If we're unconscious, then we go a bit berserk and can be easily manipulated into following fear-based reactions and grabbing the slightest twig of security. If we remain conscious of what is happening, then we might get flattened or battered a few times by the roughness of the waves, but we remain aware of what is going on and can see things with a infinitely larger perspective. When we do this, we can leap onto the Really Big Waves and surf over and beyond the tumult and seeming chaos.

The key is to stay in our vastness at all times. We do this by always knowing and feeling our interwovenness into One Being. When we are vast and expanded, part of our beings may get knocked over by the Rough Surf, but it will only be a small part of us. It will be intense, but also not feel totally real.

There are many brilliant opportunities in 2005. To find them, we need to surf the Biggest Waves possible!

We as humans are standing in an interesting position. Above us, we have the Sun which has been undergoing tremendous upheaval with CMEs (coronal mass ejections) and heightened sunspot activity that are literally off the map. Numerous solar storms are continually sending powerful electro-magnetic storms earthwards.

Below us, the Earth's crust and tectonic plates are responding to massive pressure from the depths within to realign. This is causing a whole series of earthquakes especially along the Ring of Fire. This is bombarding us with bursts of strong geomagnetic energies.

Since I live in Hawaii which is placed right in the center of the Ring of Fire, I'm very aware of this. There is a sense of holding the centerpoint of balance here, keeping it anchored in Oneness at all times.

There is a stirring of Earth, Water & Fire. The Air is full of signs and portents. Watch the clouds and sky for unusual phenomena. There is much to be seen these days. The Invisible is really becoming visible. Some of us are seeing quickly moving points of light, vertical shafts of rainbows rather than arcs or huge circular vortexes suddenly opening up in nature when we least expect it.

As the veils are continually lifted, we are able to see an infinitely vaster landscape. Our perceptions constantly shift and expand. This requires a series of adjustments on our part. We need to look at everything with new eyes on a daily basis. Nothing is as it appeared before.

Duality is running wild these days, trying desperately to get our attention. Its most effective weapon is fear, so it's of utmost importance that we don't let ourselves get drawn into fear-based responses. That we hold true to what we know and believe with every fiber and cell of our beings. And we might be really challenged on this....

It's important that we develop ways of carrying on....no matter what. Of remaining vast....no matter what. Of feeling the threads of our being woven into the All That Is.....no matter what. Of surfing whatever waves are present.... whether they appear big or small. And most of all, we need to constantly feel our interwovenness into One Being.

The stakes have been immeasurably raised in 2005... We're in a High Stakes game now. And it's important that we stand true and never compromise our integrity.

It's an extremely interesting time, unlike anything we've experienced before. Our attention should be focused upon the repatterning of our past and present into the New. Before, we would resolve the past so we could later move into the New. "Completing the old frees me for the New."  Now, we are repatterning whatever is around us (which includes our current circumstances as well as any lingering residue from the past.)

It's not the time to waste our energy fantasizing about the future. It's not yet time to step out into new places to find the New. We are transforming the old into the New. So we could now say, "Repatterning the old, creates the New."

It's essential that we continue to clean, clear, recalibrate and repattern all aspects of our lives. Pay special attention to those areas where clutter has accumulated. These are the places where the energy has become stuck rather than flowing. They need to be cleared out right away.

Move around your furniture, paint the walls, give away what you aren't using or don't care about. Put everything in its new right place or let it go. Be fearless and have fun! Repatterning our environment isn't just a matter of ascetics, although the end result will definitely be more pleasing. It's for the purpose of creating a resonant energy field which supports who you are and which can anchor the Greater Reality. It's actually a survival issue. These resonant energy fields will help us stay clear of the various overlays of distortion which have recently been magnified.

And everything we do to transform and repattern our outer lives into the New patterning also takes place deep within us. The matrix of our beings is being totally repatterned. This is an absolutely essential step which needs to be done immediately and should not be avoided.

Another important thing is to not rush into decisions or try to force things to happen. We really need to trust the perfect timing and unfoldment of our next steps. There are myriad things going on right now on level after level. They are stacked up on dimension after dimension. It is impossible to work it out logically. We just need to trust our inner feelings, our truest intuition, and do things when it feels unquestionably right and not before. When we do this, the results are magnificent; and when we don't, we often have to put in much effort to correct what wasn't done right. We need to put our total focus and full beings on whatever is in front of us in the present moment....

And then we need to always remind ourselves to LOOK LARGER and see beyond the outer appearances of what appears to be occurring. Most things are not as they seem to be these days.

Often, it feels as if we are walking through an obstacle course. Only there are no obstructions in our path; there are only rerouting opportunities to set us into the proper direction. Some days it feels more like a minefield than an obstacle course. We need to remain ultra alert and follow the flow of the energy which feels good. We need to maintain a viewpoint of vastness on absolutely everything. We need to embody deeper love and heightened compassion like never before. We can walk like lions with our heads held high with strength and courage, our hearts radiating love to all like a million suns. With each step that we take upon the Earth, we consciously anchor Oneness.

The main emphasis of February is:

1. Transforming the old into the New.

2. Repatterning our inner being and outer world to create heightened energy fields which support Oneness.

3. Learning new ways to navigate through the profusion of elements flying around us.

Around the second week of February, the Winds of Change will blow away some of the heavy mists of distortion and it will feel like the sun peering through a crack in the clouds after a prolonged period of heavy grayness. A few streams of light will illuminate the chaos and confusion of the profusion of influences and energies we are feeling. We will experience a new level of clarity enabling us to see deeper into the Unseen. And some of our new connections and new pathways will begin to show themselves.





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