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Both June and July are major transitional months. We are in the midst of making deep core level shifts. The results of these shifts will be far reaching and profoundly affect all aspects of our lives.

During these two powerful transitional months many of us are feeling somewhat disconnected, as if we were neither HERE nor THERE. We are traveling between the worlds, having left much of the past behind and having not yet arrived in our new lives. For some of us, our beings are totally dismantled and it feels as if we were surrounded by a heap of body parts just waiting to go into their right places.

Like the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, we often feel as if we were wrapped in layers upon layers of cocoon. This is the scaffolding that has encased us since last September.

While we have been wrapped in our cocoons and covered with scaffolding, it has been difficult to move about with our old ease and sureness of purpose. Everything has felt hindered or weighted down by the bulkiness that surrounds and compresses us which often makes us feel as if we were wading through molasses. We poignantly remember the mastery of our old ways of doing things as caterpillars, but also remember the uncomfortable thick denseness of our caterpillar bodies. And how it took such incredible effort to walk even the shortest distance.

Imprinted within us are also the memories of being a butterfly. The lightness, the exquisite beauty and the freedom of flying great distances with little effort. Although we haven't yet fully inhabited our butterfly bodies, we are constantly having clear glimpses of our new, reconfigured true selves. These glimpses are like windows into our new lives which unexpectedly reveal themselves. Suddenly we can breath the fresh new air...if only for an instant; we can see fragments of our happy, fulfilling new lives; we can feel who we REALLY ARE. And it is all so beautiful! These glimpses are so real and so shimmering that we can almost touch them. Then the window disappears and we are back encased in our cocoon....

It is much like being in an elevator traveling between floors. We have left the ground level but we haven't yet arrived at the top floor of the new level. We are traveling between the worlds of the known and the Unknown and there's no place to get off until we reach the top. All of this is just a temporary state that will start to noticeably change in August.

Throughout these two months of deep transition in June and July, it often feels that we are in a vacuum in which action is greatly hindered. As much as we try to do what we feel needs to be done, there are many areas where we cannot yet go. The energy just isn't there.

Yet, there are also moments when we encounter pockets of clear, true energy when we can leap into action and make major adjustments and huge steps forward. These adjustments bring resolution to long standing situations and are laced with major breakthroughs.

What is interesting is the non-linear progression of it all. We have already left the old patterning behind and have not yet fully landed in our new configurations. Many of the cogs, wheels and gears of our inner mechanism have moved into their new positions and are actually starting to work. But it's only a small part of the entire mechanism that is functioning properly. Most of it cannot yet be utilized.

Because of this, it is nearly impossible to tackle the many tasks in front of us in a logical, linear manner. Surprisingly, we are actually getting a lot done; however, these are not the items that we have put at the top of our TO DO LISTS. Most of them aren't even on the list! This doesn't mean that they aren't important; they are far more important and far vaster than what we considered our top priorities.

Much of what we are getting done is in the area of Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. Many of the things that need to be made right are from our distant pasts; unresolved situations, issues and relationships that we hadn't thought of for years. These aren't necessarily situations where we still carry unresolved emotional residue; instead most of them are from areas, situations and relationships where we have already cleared out any remaining residue. Being free of emotional residue is what enables us to take them to a new level.

By bringing our emerging new self into very old situations, we are able to Repattern the Past, much like a time traveler who travels back into the past in order to change the future. Once we do this, the ripples sent forth from our actions repattern and recalibrate our future. They totally clear our path and remove any possibility of ever repeating such past experiences. The thread of these experiences is removed from the tapestry of our beings.

Most of the time, we aren't able to go looking for these areas to resolve, instead they unexpectedly arrive right at our doorstep, giving us unprecedented opportunities for Repatterning the Past by finally Making Things Right. So don't be surprised if people and situations from your distant past suddenly show up in your present life. Although these opportunities are something we would never seek out, when they do appear, they must be met with total honesty and integrity. They are truly Golden Opportunities that will set us free and take us to a new level.

Other things that we can get done are projects that we had never completed and had shoved aside and forgotten about. Now they are suddenly beckoning to us and the right energy is there to complete them. We complete them by engaging more of our full being in the task which moves everything to a totally new level.

Throughout this powerful time of transition, we need to constantly search for new ways to do things, and be open to break old patterns and try new approaches. In many ways we are like babies just entering the world and have to learn everything by trying new methods.

One strange new phenomena that is occurring to help us break free of old patterns is what I call "Wreckoon" energy. This name was inspired by the picture below.

Wreckoon energy always happens totally unexpectedly. Everything is calm and normal, then as Wreckoon energy suddenly hits us, everything starts rapidly spinning out of control into absolute chaos. A series of totally bizarre, almost slap-stick mishaps follows... And we are engulfed by escalating chaos. These are not isolated pockets of chaos, but always come in spirals of a rapid series of chaotic events from unexpected directions that are almost comical. Wreckoon energy has an unusual timing sequence and is much like those swirling dust storms called dust devils or tiny tornados that upturn everything in their path. Everything is instantly unpinned from its old patterning.

I've already experienced Wreckoon energy several times in the past few weeks and it is totally wild. It is absolutely unlike anything else. Whenever it happens, we can deal with it surprisingly calmly and efficiently, although it does leave a wake of minor devastation in its path. But nothing that takes too long to clean up. Wreckoon energy not only unpins us from places where we were stuck in the old patterning, but it often brings major breakthroughs in its wake.

If the lightning fast Wreckoon energy of spiraling chaos happens to you, you will definitely recognize it. Just deal with each chaotic event as efficiently as possible and don't forget to laugh!

There are innumerable facets being played out right now. Because of this, we're not all experiencing the same things at the same time. No matter where we are, we all need to inhabit our core beings and align everything else with it. Since the end of June, huge chunks of our scaffolding have been falling off. This will continue to happen throughout July. As this occurs, we are either stepping into our mastery or traveling through the Barrens. Not everyone needs to enter the Barrens, yet for some it is a necessary part of the journey.

Many of us are definitely stepping into our mastery and demonstrating it daily. They are integrating their emerging new selves into all parts of their lives and are firmly holding the Beam for the rest of us. Your next step is to get fully into your Queen of Queens or King of Kings. This will activate a series of Green Lights in front of you.

Others of us are going through the Barrens, a stark, desert type landscape in which everything is stripped down to a core level. In the Barrens, your being is raw and dismantled. It almost feels as if you have no skin and barely exist. You feel a deep sense of disconnection with everything, yet there is an underlying knowingness that what you are experiencing is not only necessary, but extremely important. The air in the Barrens is permeated with a blank emptiness, as is your mind. Thoughts come slowly and from a great distance. These ones are working on a core level of pure abstract energies amidst the monolithic stones which create our new foundation.

If you are in the Barrens, you will discover that your whole being is deeply sensitive to things such as loud sounds, bright lights, sudden movement, unbalanced emotions. You are constantly sleepy and often fall asleep during the day. Your eyesight will be continually blurry and you may have spells of dizziness. Passing through the Barrens is not especially fun, but it is powerful and deep. When you emerge, you will be totally reconfigured.

A few of us are still stubbornly holding onto a state of resistance and denial, putting their focus on doing anything other than what they know they are meant to do. Instead of cleanly moving forward into their new lives, they are continually building walls of excuses and blaming others for not creating the proper conditions so they can emerge and fully participate. If you are one of these, please become clear about what you are doing to hold yourself back and let go of this very expired old pattern of self sabotage.

As July progresses, Quantum Surf will continue to bring a series of further resolutions. With each resolution, another chunk of scaffolding will fall away and our cocoon will become noticeably thinner. Everything will become increasingly clearer as the month unfolds. We will experience more unpinning, more dismantling of the old, more wildly chaotic Wreckoon energy, as well as the entrance of some totally new elements.

This same process is happening to our planet. A deep reconfiguring is currently occurring in the area of the sub tectonic plates. This deep internal shifting is currently manifesting as earthquakes, forest fires and floods. It is all part of the massive purification taking place so that everything can move into its new rightful positioning.

In July, there will still be some occasional Left Field Shocks. They will knock us off balance, but will be without the impact that they had before. As we learn to respond rather than react, we are able to right ourselves much more quickly. Each time this happens, we move into a truer position.

We are in the process of learning totally new ways of being and developing totally new navigational skills. These are absolutely necessary so we can move onto our new level in the Lotus World, the Matrix of True Love.

Throughout the month, we need to continually watch for the hints and glimmers of our new lives that will appear to us. These could come in many forms such as new clothing in totally different styles than we've worn before, new colors that we suddenly crave around us, a unique piece of jewelry that feels like it was made for us, a sudden fascination for another part of the world, new people with whom we feel an instant alignment of essence and purpose, new foods that are now the only things we want to eat, new objects that reflect the essence of the world we are moving into, new areas of interest that inspire us--- anything that nourishes our core beings and makes us feel more ourselves. As we encounter these touchstones of the New, we need to gather them together around us so they can help us anchor ourselves into our new level.

It's also time to collect the characteristics that we have always admired and to become the person we have always known ourselves to be. At the same time, we must close any gaps between our true, core selves and our every day selves. With all our work of dismantling and repatterning we are creating a clean slate. We can now reinvent ourselves to become truer, more authentic beings than ever before.


In the Heart of the Lotus,


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