Solara's June 2007 Surf Report

Resetting our Inner Templates

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Resetting our Inner Templates

May was a month full of huge splashing waves of Quantum Surf which brought profound change. There were obvious outer changes for a lucky few: some even moved from places where they had lived for years, giving up the security of the known for the uncertainty and adventure of the Unknown. Yet, the vastest changes took place on deep inner levels.

For what seems like years, we have been undergoing massive reconstruction that has affected every element of our lives and every aspect of our beings. Because of the vast scale and absolute thoroughness of the reconstruction taking place within us, it hasn't always been apparent just how much progress we are making. It has been easy to become impatient at the seemingly slow pace of the renovation. Now we can finally see some obvious progress, yet while some rooms look almost done, they are not. Although new light fixtures are installed, the lights won't turn on. The beautiful new toilet won't flush since the new plumbing isn't fully hooked up yet.

In June and July large pieces of the scaffolding that has covered our beings for the last eight months is going to come off, revealing strong glimpses of our true selves and new directions. Each time a piece of scaffolding falls away, we will be required to make adjustments to realign ourselves with the new configuration. Every time this happens, we need to nourish every glimmer of the New, bringing it to the forefront and letting it influence every aspect of our lives. In August, most of the remaining scaffolding will be removed and we will feel so free and new.

All year long, it has felt as if we were in the midst of a huge labor giving birth to our new lives. We experienced a constant state of compression, as if we were being squashed and squished until something finally gives away and pops through into a new position. These are really big babies that we are birthing which requires our utmost effort.

Much of this effort took place on multiple energetic levels rather than out in the world. It strongly affected our sleep, not only giving us little of it, but when we did finally sleep, our dream state was super active. Many of these dreams belonged to the working things out category and we often woke up totally exhausted or feeling that we had just been run over by a train. We also were given many dreams that didn't even feel as if they belonged to us at all.

Because of the constant effort we were exerting on so many simultaneous levels, it often felt that we were making little progress, especially when we looked at our outer lives and didn't see the hoped for changes. This was discouraging at times, until we looked large enough to see more of the full picture of what was actually being accomplished.

It often felt that we were holding key pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in our hands, yet although we sensed that they were vitally important, all we could see on them was a blur. This is because we have to get ourselves onto our new levels to be vast enough to see where these key pieces belong.

This sense of being pregnant lasted right through the very end of May, until June began and rather miraculously, the head of the baby of our new selves showed itself without any further fuss.

June has ushered in a totally new cycle, one of both inner and outer transition from the old to the New. In this month of tremendous transition, we now have one foot in the old world and one foot in the New. Many bridges to the past are burning whether we have willingly started the fires or not. They are burning for the sole purpose of setting us free so we can move to something better and infinitely truer.

Although some of us have already unmoored ourselves from our old living situations, few of us are quite ready to move all the way into our New Lives. So even if you have just moved from your old environment, you will find that a time of waiting and resetting your inner template is still before you. This is like being in a lock in a canal, waiting for the water to fill up the lock so we can emerge on a totally new level.

Others of us are still living in our old, almost outgrown environments, yet are now aware of what we need to complete or shift in order to set us free. Until we do this, we can go no further. This is our top priority and at this point, little else matters. Both June and July will give us supportive energies to make any needed adjustments and to bring things that need to be completed to their final resolution. This will clear the path for the many breakthroughs that August will bring.

We are still in a critical time of testing. This is affecting absolutely everything. The time of playing games is over; now everything has become very real. It's necessary that we also get real and move to our next level. To do this, we must locate any gaps of honesty and integrity within our beings and then build strong new bridges to indelibly connect ourselves with our core beings.

Communication is one of the key areas that we need to work on. It's vitally important that we say what we really mean and that we only communicate our true feelings and true desires, rather than water them down with compromise, politeness and half truths. Our unspoken desires and needs will not come to fruition if they remain buried within us. They must be placed out in the open and nurtured with honest communication. Once we know what we really want, we can articulate it and set our internal compasses in the right direction.

Many of us are still far too worried about hurting other people's feelings by speaking our truth. We're afraid that if we speak honestly that it will be too strong and people won't like us anymore. Well, the ones who are true will love our honesty and respect us for it, while the ones who aren't true will find fault with anything we do, no matter what it is. Too much is at stake right now and too much is on the line for us to not be honest, real and true. So please remember:

No more communication that is not real and true.
No more false feelings.
No more self sabotage.
No more excuses.
No more blame.
No more denial.

No more reinforcing ego.
No more resisting who you really are.
No more watering yourself down.
No more procrastinating with fulfilling your destiny.

No more compromising what you know to be true.

Many people have the misconception that to be One in the Lotus Heart means that we have to put up with bad behavior. We don't. Actually, it's just the opposite. Lotus Love is STRONG LOVE; Love that is openhearted and fearless, but sometimes tough. Love that isn't afraid to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. A Lotus plant is not just an exquisitely beautiful flower; it's an entire plant whose roots are strongly embedded in the mud. It's a whole being. It can deal with the world of mud and it can reach for the stars. It is multi-leveled and at home in all the worlds. Its Love is so strong and true that it can only be totally honest. And it will not live in an environment where the energies are not integrous and true. And we don't have to either!

We also carry the misconception that if we surrender, we must passively let everything go. Real surrendering is being true to our core. If we are, then the things that don't resonate with our core, are the things that we need to let go of. We don't need to let people and situations walk all over us, for true surrender makes us strong and sure of purpose.

Quantum Surf is still strongly in effect in June. These huge waves are extremely splashy. At times they can knock us over, but like one of those children's toys, we seem to automatically bounce back into an upright position without any special effort. Each time that this happens, our course undergoes minor corrections which set us upon a truer track.

These aren't just huge waves, but they are Waves of Truth that sweep away illusion and force us to become honest and true. Throughout the rest of the year, these Waves of Truth will expose more and more of those who have been manipulating and distorting the truth. And it will also expose the areas within our own beings where we aren't being honest with ourselves. This unmasking of the lies and deceit that have been all around us will create far reaching ripples that will affect us all.

With the Waves of Truth, we will be given lots of opportunities to set right and repattern many situations from our past. When we least expect it, things will come up from the distant past to be corrected and set free. An important part of moving forward at this time is the resolution of old issues and old situations. If we haven't dealt with our core issues by now, then they will be coloring many aspects of our lives until we bring them to final resolution and a new balance.

Due to the extreme splashiness of the waves, it's nearly impossible to focus solely on one project. Splashing waves are coming at us from all directions. And so are things to do. We set to work on one project and a wave comes splashing at us from somewhere else and demands our immediate attention. This tends to chop up the energy flow and makes it challenging to get anything done in our usual smooth linear fashion. Instead of long smooth waves of energy to get things done, we are getting isolated pockets of energy. These pockets contain highly concentrated, almost compressed, energy in which we can get lots accomplished. The only trick is too locate them, leap into immediate action and stay in the pocket for as long as possible.

This changeover of energy patterns is happening for the purpose of taking us out of the linear patterning and allowing us to be more free flowing. But until we discover the new ways of doing things, it can be highly frustrating at times to have our flow continually chopped into pieces by countless distractions.

The Quantum Surf brings with it far reaching changes. These changes will affect all aspects of our lives. It will be especially apparent with the people in our lives. From now until the end of the year, many people will go out of our lives. This includes some of those whom we regarded as our closest friends. It is like a huge changing of the guard. The powerful waves of the Quantum Surf will sweep away those who will no longer travel with us and sweep in a whole new set of people who are aligned with us in both essence and purpose. This new wave of people coming into our lives will most likely remain with us until the end.

Amongst the new incoming tide of people will be our long awaited One True Loves. Already, this is happening for some. The sooner we complete what needs to be resolved and move onto our new levels, the sooner this will happen.

For the past few months, we have been experiencing Left Field Shocks, those sudden tremors that come from totally unexpected directions which temporarily flatten us when we least expect it. Left Field Shocks will continue throughout June. Each time that we experience one, it will correct our course and set us into a truer position.

The time that we are in requires a constant sense of trust. This is because we have reached a major Turning Point, yet this Turning Point often resembles a hairpin turn. Sometimes, it may appear as if we were going backwards, yet we are not. During this time, there will be many things that initially don't feel OK, yet actually they are all right. We will see this when we go a little further down the road.


June is an important month for resetting our inner templates. These templates resemble the inner workings of an intricate timepiece with myriad cogs, wheels and gears. They now need to be totally realigned and reset. All the cogs, wheels and gears must be in perfect synchronicity and alignment before things can move decisively forward.

There are many ways we can do this. We are doing it by releasing any aspects of our lives that have now expired. We are doing it by completing the tasks that need to be resolved before we can fully embrace the New. We are doing it by letting go of old limiting patterns and beliefs that kept us smaller than we really are. By communicating our truth at all times. By living our integrity. By living our love.

As we do this, we can feel whenever something clicks into its true position. There's such a strong sense of unquestionable rightness. Each time this happens, we feel that a huge chunk of scaffolding has fallen off and we have regained more of our true self. More of our being moves into the state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

June is a strong month of making adjustments, building bridges to the New and bringing things to resolution. As each heavy piece of scaffolding drops from our beings, we are going to feel lighter and clearer. This new clarity will greatly aid our progress and help us see our way through the smoke from the burning bridges of the past. It's an exciting month of great inner growth as we reset our internal templates to be able to now inhabit more of our true selves than ever before.


In the Heart of the Lotus,


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