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Each Spring in the small rural communities of Northern New Mexico, they have a special ditch cleaning day. Everyone, young and old, gathers together and cleans out all the irrigation ditches. There is much singing and food to make the work go smoothly and it's a lot of fun. This community effort insures that the water will flow smoothly to water the crops all summer long.

This is exactly what many of us have been doing. We've been cleaning out our irrigation ditches, pulling out the weeds and carting away the accumulated debris. But something more has been happening... We've also been repatterning and recalibrating our irrigation ditches. We've strengthened the walls, removed the dams of stuck energy and in some places have even created new waterways to replace the ones which have been washed away by the storms of the past.

At the same time, we've been beautifying everything. Planting some willow trees here and a stand of bamboo over there. We've put wind chimes in the trees and small bowls containing rose quartz mandalas under them. Some of the irrigation ditches have been lined with iridescent mosaics and bordered by flowers. Prayer flags flap in the wind. Everything is being taken to a new level. A level that wasn't possible until now because it's just now becoming visible.

This process of creating new energetic fields in our immediate environment will continue to take place throughout March and beyond. It is happening both within us and outside us. There is really no more separation between the two. However, we have now reached a stage where the profound effects of living in such a heightened landscape are being deeply felt.

We can feel these changes within our inner beings. It feels like emerging into a brand new world as a new, true being. And the very act of recalibrating our outer world has also cleared out the debris that was blocking the doors to our creativity. The river of creativity is starting to surge through us and affect everything we do.

It's funny.... Many of us feel that we don't have time to stop everything and focus on the creative process as we would like to. Yet within our process of setting our new energetic fields anchored in the Greater Reality, our creativity has been unleashed. The more we bring forth our creativity, new ways of doing things are revealed. We are ever moving into deeper levels of SEEING THE UNSEEN.

March is the month when we will experience many Surges of new energy flowing through our cleaned out and greatly recalibrated irrigation ditches. These Surges will bring much dramatic change into our lives. They will forcefully push away many elements which have served their purpose. Swept away are our old ways of perceiving, doing and being as well as the self imposed limitations which have held us back. The Surges will flood away the residue of our fears. Many people will quit their old jobs as they suddenly become intolerable if they aren't in alignment with who we are in the process of becoming.

Many relationships are being severely tested. We need to see clearly which of our friendships and relationships cannot move to the next level. If these relationships are absolutely important to us, we need to put in the effort to totally repattern them or let them go. In order to repattern a relationship, we must first repattern ourselves. If we really bring ourselves to a new level and totally recalibrate our surroundings, this might help bring some people through who couldn't otherwise make it through on their own at this time.

While the old is swept away, these Surges will also bring in the New. Many new elements will flow into our lives in March. New people with whom we have strong connections, new career paths, new ways of doing things, new forms of creativity. Sometimes it will feel that we are receiving a steady stream of unexpected gifts. These gifts may be unexpected, but they are definitely well deserved. We've worked hard to get to this place. And we must continue to work hard and take this year very seriously. Because it's an extremely serious year.

2005 is a year in which ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, but this happens only when we put our full effort and commitment into everything we do. It happens only when we have created the heightened fields of our New Matrix.

There is still an urgent need to repattern the past and totally recalibrate our surroundings. I simply cannot stress this enough. It's almost a survival issue. It's as if a new song is coming which will only be heard by those who have moved into the Greater Reality. Or perhaps some danger won't be able to reach us if we have anchored our beings there. It's of utmost importance that we do this.

To repattern the past, we need to first identify what needs to be repatterned. It may be a memory we are holding, a hurt or a misconception. By shifting our perceptions, we are able to bring greater understanding and deeper compassion, freeing the energy of what we were holding onto and transforming it into something else.

Another thing we can do is to bring new life and energy to old objects. We recently repainted a rusty old table a bright periwinkle blue and completely transformed its resonance from something tired and old that was ready to be thrown away to something beautiful and radiant.

Moving things around also helps to repattern the past. Finding the right places for everything is a good practice to hone our skills of perception and our sense of right alignment. I've been moving furniture, paintings and objects throughout my house. Everything looks and feels better in its new position. There's such a rightness to it when you find the new position.

For the past few months, many of us have been taking a penetrating look at all elements of our lives.... questioning everything. Sorting through all aspects of our being to discover what is now real, what is still important to us. Asking ourselves, "What do we really want?" "Where do we go from here?" It has been a time of intense inner growth and self discovery that is full of major breakthroughs.

Others of us have been in a place of surrender and openness, feeling that whatever unfolds is alright; however it unfolds is right. Feeling the urgency and utilizing each moment, but not trying to rush anything into premature ripeness. Merging into the fullness of the journey itself.... savoring each moment.... whatever it brings.

Many of March's Surges will be gentle and joyous, while others may hit us like a wall of water, knocking us over with their force. Not in a "negative" way, but because they are so powerful and unquestionable. Some of them will come in the form of subtle clues and promptings, while others will feel like huge chunks falling into their correct position.

Many of us are already feeling the Surges physically as occasional spells of extreme dizziness when it feels as if we're suddenly hit by a huge wave and the entire world turns sideways. When this happens, it brings up a feeling of nausea and a loud ringing in the ears. It's very disorientating and can occur anytime, whether we are standing up or lying down.

Since so many props and vital elements will be changing and rearranging in our lives, it will feel like our stage set starts the month as a normal living room and by the end of March turns into an enchanted forest. However, we need to know that the enchanted forest may not be our final scenario; it could well transform into a cliff overlooking the sea in April.... and after that who knows? It may take a while for the final setting to be revealed. It's all part of SEEING THE UNSEEN.

All of March's Surges will serve to dissolve the veils which maintain the illusion of a gap between our present circumstances and the Greater Reality. These veils aren't real; neither is the gap. The more real we become, the more will they disappear. Throughout March, we will more clearly see who and where we really are. And the pathway to our future will open up.

Another thing that will happen in March is a deeper alignment with the path of our destiny. As we become increasingly truer to who we are, we will move into the groove of our cleared path, of what we came here to do. As this happens, we also move closer to those with whom we are to share this destiny. March is a time of deeper alignment into conscious Oneness for those who will be working together in the times to come.

These connections are beyond mere closeness or friendship. They are from the realm of interconnected threads consciously woven together. Communication between us is ever present and effortless. If we are aware of our place in the weaving, we will always feel the others woven near us. In fact, we will increasingly feel all those in the weaving.... All beings everywhere....

Since late December, many of us have been placed on full alert Earth Changes duty. This means that we are spending much time balancing and stabilizing the planetary energies. Much of this is taking place while we are asleep at night when we are free to roam throughout the planetary matrix and the tectonic plate system. Sometimes, this makes us quite tired in the mornings.

We are on the brink of huge changes....In March bigger waves will arrive on the shores of our beings. And there are yet bigger ones to come. March through June will see an escalating series of wave sets surging into our lives. Going through these changes will require huge amounts of courage and trust. But it will also be much fun.





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