MAY 2005
Quantum Deep

Updated MAY 1, 2005



April was a deeply transformational month. Much of what happened took place in the core of our beings. New sectors of our beings were opened up and activated. We expanded in many directions and became infinitely larger. Our purpose came to the forefront of our beings, becoming tangible.... daring us to grab onto it and step forward. Everything deepened and became more real. Veils dissolved and we saw further into the Unseen. The Greater Reality was all around us, tingling, tangible, anchored in the physical.... in the very air we breathe.

Each of us is like a multi-faceted crystal. As we go through life, we are given numerous experiences which polish different facets of our crystal and we become fuller, truer beings. In April we discovered many previously unavailable facets of ourselves. They were cleaned and polished, enabling us to shine brightly and become more whole.

Of course, whenever we noticeably expand our beings, this always brings up some of the layers which have previously been untouched. It's similar to dredging unexplored depths of the ocean's floor. Before, we could only explore predetermined depths. Suddenly, new equipment is invented which can take us into unexplored realms of our beings. This stirs up the areas containing the sediment of our core issues. All those elements which hold us back from truly being ourselves.

Once they have been scraped off the ocean floor, these unresolved issues, lingering emotional residue and old patterns which have limited us for so long rise to the surface to be healed and transformed. This must be done before we can fully move onto our new levels. Before we can truly inhabit the Greater Reality and live in Oneness all the time, no matter where we are; no matter what we are doing.

Since we have entered the BIG WAVES and since we are in Quantum Leap Mode, now is definitely the time when these old issues can and must be released from our systems. We can no longer carry them forward with us. We can no longer indulge ourselves by falling into sinkholes and black holes, losing our way, letting go of the Beam, forgetting that we are really One.

The Greater Reality is here; right now on the physical plane, all around us, and we don't want to miss it by clinging to old ways of being, reacting, perceiving and feeling separate and unworthy. A new world is unfolding, right in front of us. It's here, RIGHT NOW. All we need to do is to step into it with everything we are, with everything we've got.

It's an exciting time, but it's also woven with threads of utmost seriousness. It can be fun and wildly creative, but it also requires focused intent and total commitment.

Responsibility is also highlighted this month. It's time for us to take full responsibility... for our thoughts... for our actions.... for our emotions.... for our issues.... for our mastery. This isn't the old type of responsibility which brought with it a crushing weight. This is an empowering, liberating responsibility which actually frees us to embody who we are.

All of the elements of April will continue on through May, continuously delving deeper as the stakes are raised. May is also the month of our emergence. It's time to now demonstrate our mastery on all levels. To openly live who we are in every moment.... no matter where we are; no matter what we are doing; no matter who we are with.

At this time, the physical level is most highlighted. It's the area which is usually the last place for the Greater Reality to manifest. We can have great wisdom and understanding; we can feel what is the right thing to do; we can be filled with love and compassion. But often we don't bring it all the way through into the physical. And right now, this is essential. The physical is our main playing field and its where the Greater Reality is most needed.

Because of the immense deepening which started in April, we are starting to move into a new world. Our expanded beings are for this purpose. This enables us to see all situations with totally new eyes and to shift our perceptions and find new ways of doing almost everything.

We are still in the process of Repatterning our Past. This continues to be vitally important. And if we have been doing this since the beginning of the year, we are now reaching a place where we can see that by Repatterning our Past, we are also creating the Templates for our Future.

The New doesn't get born into a new place. We transform the old into a new place. And as our beings deepen and expand, as more facets of the crystals of our beings are activated and polished, we are able to move into deeper levels of Repatterning our Pasts. We do this by bringing our new self, (for some their future self; for others their present new self), into the old situations and doing things differently. We do this by recalibrating our physical surroundings so they resonate in accord with who we truly are. Suddenly, the Greater Reality is all around us.

Repatterning the Past brings tremendous freedom. We become liberated from personal karma. We become freed from any ingrained unconscious patterns which have limited us and kept us small. We step into our full beings and suddenly feel alive! There is a dramatic loosening of any ties and bonds which have kept us from living truly honestly and from being totally real.

Naturally, this will continue to have a profound effect on existing relationships, our careers and our physical locations. All are still in the process of either moving to new levels or being released. And it's not something to worry about. It's all unfolding perfectly, in the greatest Win -Win outcomes possible.

If your relationship falls apart, it is because you are preparing to be with your true life partner. If your job suddenly dries up, then it's time to find a career which is in more alignment with your being and which also serves the One. And if we get a strong call to relocate, it's because we have something important to do there. 2005 is the year when we have to stop living lies and half truths, once and for all.

In May, we may occasionally find ourselves in a new state of consciousness called Quantum Deep. Quantum Deep is an immersion into new levels of the Greater Reality. When this happens, a blanket of deep silence covers everything, just like a blanket of snow during a blizzard. Everything becomes extremely deep and still. It's easy to stop everything and lie down and dive into the Greater Reality. Then a deep sleep.....

I find that when I'm experiencing Quantum Deep, I need to eat every few hours. Just a little bit, not a lot; then I dive back in... It's probably providing ballast and grounding.

If you find yourselves in a state of Quantum Deep, it's important not to resist the pull into quiet and sleep. But it's essential that you remain conscious that Quantum Deep also contains the potential for shattering. After several hours or a full day of Quantum Deep, we need to be ultra aware and ultra sensitive in our communications with others. Otherwise, there can be a totally unexpected flaring up of old patterns which have been dredged up from the hitherto unexplored ocean depths. When these old patterns flare up and we are in an ultra sensitive place, it can be extremely shattering.

If you do experience a shattering, please know that while shattering is not a "pleasant" experience, it is very effective in highlighting and wiping out old patterns in an instant, just like an earthquake or volcano can dramatically alter a landscape in a minimum amount of time.

Throughout May, we are going to be dealt some more of the new Wild Cards, things like the Triple Kings and Quadruple Stars, that weren't in our previous decks. Whenever this happens, we will need to reshuffle everything and make a new beginning. These new Wild Cards will deepen and expand our beings as they fill out the gaps in our deck. And they will enable us to move into new, previously unseen, directions.

May is for clearing out the past, repatterning it so those patterns will never reoccur again. As the Roman Marcus Aurelius once said, "The best way to conquer your enemies is to turn them into friends." The same is true of our old patterns; we take the old patterns of duality and recalibrate them into new mandalas of Oneness.

At the same time, we are going to be stepping into the new. It's going to fun, deep, transforming... full of activity, Wild Cards and major surprises and possibly a few shocks. We are going to go where we haven't been before and it will feel like finally stepping into reality.





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