Solara's May 2007 Surf Report

At the Crossroads

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At the Crossroads


The Quantum Surf came roaring in during the final days of April. The mammoth waves of this Quantum Surf hit us like a tsunami; they were so strong and came in so unexpectedly that they knocked many of us over. (Myself included.) We were totally flattened and felt like we had swallowed too much water and couldn't breathe. It took us several days of enforced quiet to recover and pick ourselves up.

This type of Quantum Surf with extremely choppy waves will be with us until the middle of May. So we might as well get used to being knocked over when we least expect it.

Major shifts are going on this month on the deepest levels. There's a convulsive energy of something huge that is dying away so that something even more huge can be born. This convulsive energy is causing contortions and distortions. It is creating miscommunication and temporary ruptures between people who are closely connected. These people know better, yet are being affected by the convulsion and swept along by it. It's vitally important that we try to bridge any miscommunication and heal any ruptures as soon as they happen.

The extremely Choppy Surf during the first two weeks of May is also churning up the waters and turning everything upside down. This brings distortion that we need to be constantly aware of. It's a time where unworthy people and causes are being honored while the most worthy people and causes are being dishonored. This will right itself and smooth out by the middle of the month.

Until then, we may well encounter moments of Left Field Shock when something totally unexpected knocks us off balance. These shocks don't come from directly in front of us and can never be seen in advance; they come from a direction that we weren't looking at or didn't know was there.

Left Field Shocks are temporarily devastating, yet they do serve the very important purpose of knocking us off our old established positions and into new ones. They don't just knock us off of balance, but they actually knock us INTO balance. They are correction mechanisms that put us onto a truer track. And during this time of major rerouting this is exactly what needs to happen.

With a series of forceful tsunami waves continually slamming onto our shore, it's almost impossible to concentrate on just one thing. Instead, we need to deal with multiple issues coming from multiple directions. Sometimes, we are required to change our viewpoint several times a day as new information is introduced and new understandings evolve. This is because everything is continually shifting and there is no longer any set position of UP or DOWN.

During this time, please don't take anything for granted. Don't take anything personally. Don't make any assumptions. Very little is as it appears. Be grateful for where you are and who you are becoming. Stay open and expanded at all times.

The magnitude of this Quantum Surf has so stretched out the fabric of time and space that there are small rips in it. These openings cause us to have unexpected flashbacks of people, events and objects from our past. Suddenly we will have a quick vision of a person we were once close to, but had forgotten they existed. Or we remember an experience that had been long forgotten. Or we remember an object that we used to own and cherish and wonder whatever happened to it? These flashbacks happen quickly and are over in an instant. Like bubbles that pop as soon as we hold them in our hands.

These fleeting glimpses into the past are actually releasing fragments of memories from our cells, for these memories are too fragmentary to hold onto anymore. As these bubbles pop, they create space within us for more of the New.

Our sleep is being profoundly affected by the Quantum Surf. Most of us are getting way less sleep than normal. When we finally do fall asleep, we spend our sleep time doing massive work on other levels, often waking up totally exhausted from our labors. We are working on planetary levels and beyond.

During our sleep we are also clearing out a backlog of expired residue. This is why many of our dreams are full of people and places from our past. We are sorting out various scattered fragments of memories and putting them into their new, rightful positions within the body of the One.

Due to the intensity of the Quantum Surf during the first half of May, many of us are keeping to ourselves as much as possible, avoiding any unnecessary interactions or activities in order to maintain our inner and outer equilibrium. Our drawbridges are up and our castle gates closed to almost all. In our enforced solitude we are undergoing our birthing labor in private, as we reorder our priorities yet again and endeavor to become ever more real and true.

Throughout this year, layers upon layers of long entrenched illusion are dissolving away. Veils suddenly part and we get a true glimpse of what is really happening. Each time this happens, it requires us to recalibrate our entire being.

We have now entered a new phase of Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. Many deep layers of our past are being stripped off us and the bridges linking us to the past are burning. As this happens, it often causes a temporary feeling of deep sadness. It's totally appropriate to grieve for what is dying away, not because we want it back, but because it played such a strong role in the times we are leaving behind.

But as soon as these burning bridges to our past are released, we experience an immediate burst of fresh energy. And the New has space to enter our lives.


Our Express Trains into the New which left the station in February have been going through a long tunnel. During this time, it wasn't possible to get a clear view of our destination. During May, our trains are going to emerge from the tunnel and approach a critical junction or crossroads where choices have to be made.

These decisions will have to be made quickly, on the spot, without time for deliberation. Situations are going to force us to make these quick decisions, whether we feel ready to or not. And often we will have no idea what we will decide until we stand at the crossroads and the words are coming out of our mouths.

As soon as they are made, these forced decisions send out gigantic ripples that have far reaching effects. They rearrange everything down to a core level. Their effect is massive, setting the course of our destiny. Once our decision is made, our course is set. There is a deep rumbling as our internal monoliths shift into a new patterning. This sudden movement takes our breath away and almost puts us into shock, for we know that from this point onwards nothing will ever be the same.

And what has happened to those who didn't get on the Express Trains last February? Many of them are still milling about the station, uncertain as what to do. Some are still mulling over their next step. Others are wearing themselves out with their continued denial and resistance to what they know to be true. Building walls of denial at this point in our evolution is such a waste of the brilliant opportunities being offered to us.

One area of mastery that needs to be developed has to do with Choosing our Battles. This isn't about fighting, but about where we put our energy. If we waste our energy by resisting what we know to be true, then our energy gets dispersed and we become depleted rather than focused. It's much easier to simply put our full being into doing what we really came here to do.

Not everyone is milling about the train station. Some have left the station and are rushing to the next stations so they can jump on the train. They are fully committed now and ready to leap onto the Express Trains.


May represents a major crossroads in our lives. This is hardball time and the game is for real. We truly are creating the templates for our future. We can leap forward or we can remain stuck in old ways of being.

Our future destination is not determined by anxiously thinking about it or by fervently hoping that it will come. We determine the path of our true destiny in each moment of every day with our actions, thoughts, feelings and responses. If these aren't set in a resonance of truth, integrity and honesty, if they aren't aligned with the Compass of our Heart; if we're not doing everything we can to fully inhabit the Greater Reality in the HERE and NOW, we not going to get where we most want to go. It's as simple as that. And anything less than that won't take us where we most want to go.

We need to realize that the time for living our lives solely for the gratification of our own desires is over. If we truly want to fulfill our Wildest Dreams, we must now move our full beings into the level where this is possible, the Greater Reality. We need to do everything possible to align our true core beings with our outer lives.

Once we get past our forced decisions, a major Turning Point is reached. Our Express Trains emerge from the long tunnel and speed up. The Quantum Surf will remain huge throughout the month, but the waves will become much smoother, enabling us to align ourselves with them, rather than being tossed about by them.

Aligning with the Quantum Surf strengthens our resolve and helps us to put our whole beings into what needs to be accomplished. Although we have a nearly impossible list of things to do, we will have boundless energy to get them done easily, efficiently and brilliantly.

By the end of the month, there will be massive revelations and lasting breakthroughs. Part of our new landscape will become more visible, although it will still be in the distance. Key pieces of our new lives will come pouring in with an unquestionable rightness. The scaffolding that has covered our beings all year will begin to be removed. Many things will absolutely click into position and we will surge forward with a sense of profound relief and a huge smile.


With Waves upon Waves of Lotus Heart Love,


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